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New Devotees


Also you can train the bhaktas in the temple for two months and then, when they are ready, send them out on full time traveling sankirtana or out from the temple selling books. Every new devotee can go out and sell books, after a training program of a few months in the temple, learning in a bhakta program. So make a nice bhakta program and engage the new people accordingly. (January 24,1991)


Generally most new devotees should stay in the temple at least two months before attempting to go out on sankirtana with books. Of course, they can go out on the chanting party from the first day in the temple, since that is blissful. They should start book distribution gradually, going out with an older devotee every day troin the temple and iearmng what to do. Then after a few days of learning, they can do it on their own near an older devotee. Then when they can stand on their own two feet, they are ready for traveling sankirtana. This is the general rule, but there are of course exceptions; some may be faster and some may be slower to go out on sankirtana. (May 15, 1990) 1 am also glad that you are doing better on sankirtana. Do not be attached to the results. Just go out every day and try the best you can. Every bhakta and bhaktin should do sankirtana for purification for at ieast two vears I hen, if vnii have nc surrendered to it by then, you can do other services that are also needed. But for now, just surrender to the sankirtana r.:;:,;or. and jojL Jw 1l titij day sieaJiiy. u does not matter whether you are doing big one day and bad another; what counts is that you are serving with love and devotion. So just go out and do not worry about the results. The results will depend on Krsna and He will grant you the results as He desires. (July 13, 1991)