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Do the Needful

I become enlivened just by hearing of your sankirtana results. This makes me most inspired. It is nice to see how much every devotee is doing. This is the best way to please the Lord and get the mercy of the dust of His lotus feet. I think though that you must rest each Sunday and somehow get together to chant and feast with as many others as you can. It is wonderful to hear that the people (at least some of them) are interested to hear about Krsna and the soul. This is because tbey are naturally His servanrs. otherwise whv would they have this interest? I would also be happy if you would devote yourself to full-time sankirtana, but then how would everything go on? You can do the needful, whatever is re­quired to be done, whenever you get a chance. But the sankirtana is the most important mission. (July 6, 1985)


Krsna is pleased with a manager who does the needful and He always protects such a devotee. Krsna will be pleased with you, and also I am pleased that Krsna is pleased, when you are doing the service that must be done in a nice way. It is not that only book production or distribution pleases me; any service done with faith and love and devotion pleases me. I am pleased with the temple managers, who take care of things even though there are so many problems. It is much harder to be a temple president than to be a sankirtana devo­tee, and therefore, the temple president gets a lot of mercy from the spiritual master and Krsna when he does his job nicely. (September 8, 1990) It is all right if you cannot do sankirtana. You can still sur­render to the Lord and become Krsna conscious doing pujarl work. Please do it with devotion. You may also serve the sankirtana devotees by cooking and cleaning for them and helping them. Not everyone is qualified to do sankirtana and some, after trying it for a long time, cannot succeed. So then take up some other work and be happy with that work for Krsna. Krsna accepts all work, although the sankirtana work satisfies Him quickly and very quickly brings His mercy to you. But you will also get His mercy in due course of time by serving Him nicely on the altar. So do ir nicelv and be happy. May 15,1992.;


I think it is fine that you are cooking and then one week a month going out on sankirtana. Both services are very much needed, and it is wonderful that you are able to get away at least one week a month and go on sankirtana. I do not think that there is any need to change these services in any way, unless of course the circumstances dictate that a change should be there. You should not create any more changes in your service. Yes, cooking or doing anyrbing in rbe temple is difficult, since it is easier to be attacked by mayd in the temple where everything is so nice and easier than on the street. On the street one is more peaceful from the material desires than in the temple. But on the street there is another form of aus­terity, and the temple has its own form of austerity, so you should surrender to your service in the kitchen. Perform it as an austerity and make greater advancement doing that service. And for a relief you will go out on sankirtana one week a month. That is very nice. I do not think that you have anything to worry about. (September 15,1991)