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Don't Be Fruitive


Your spiritual progress is not exactly attached to the number of books that you are distributing. You can go on making progress,even if the number of books that you distribute is changing. Sometimes it is like that, one day you do more and then you do less. It will change also throughout the year, some months better and some worse. Especially the marathons will be better. If you just go on sankirtana and dedicate yourself to this service, then you will be happy and satisfied. This determination to engage in sankirtana is developed when you dedicate your life to the mission of the spiritual master. When you see his mission as your mission and you understand that the satisfaction of the spiritual master is the main goal in life, then you can dedicate yourself fully to this sankirtana mission (May 30,1991) Please do not be in anxiety. Krsna consciousness is not meant tor Demg m anxiety, out rattier tor peacetulness and tranquillity. Of course, Arjuna was neither peaceful nor tran­quil on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra, but when he wasn't fighting he was peaceful. So maybe when you are on the san­kirtana battlefield, the streets, you may not always be peaceful, but sometimes a kind of calm peace also settles into your life on the streets due to the mercy of the Supreme Lord.


Please do not think that I only care about you when you are doing big on sankirtana. I am concerned about your ad­vancement whether you are doing big or not so big. The real point is that you should develop your love for Krsna and sur­render to Him more and more. Please do not be so fruitive; it is not good for your spiritual life. Fruitive action is only seemingly beneficial for a short while, but in the long run it binds us to the material world. You should act only for the sake of pleasing Krsna and the spiritual master. When the spiritual master and Krsna see that you are going out on sankirtana every week year after year, naturally they become very compassionate toward you and give you their mercy. This is the main point that you should remember: The spiritual master and Krsna are most impressed with your steadiness of service. So please be steady and determined to surrender to the Lord and you certainly will achieve the desired goal. (January 4, 1991) There is nothing wrong with steadily doing the same thing  .this is the symptom of steadiness. You should be satisfied that you are doing steadily, and then you should go out and do what you can do without worrying about the results. The results are not up to you; they are up to Krsna. If you are only capable of doing thirty books a day, then so be it and be satisfied. If you can only do ten books a day, then do that and be satisfied. I am satisfied that you are every day going out and trying hard, so you should be satisfied that I am satisfied, because that means that Krsna is satisfied and that is good.


Sometimes you will feel better and sometimes you will fee! worse. That is the nature of the material world. In this world, one goes up and down all the time. That is natural in this material world, bo go on with your devotional service despite the ups and downs of the material world and you will remain happy all the time. This is spiritual happiness. You may not be materially happy, but if you are satisfying your spiritual mas­ter, then that is spiritual happiness and that is eternal. Just go on with your sankirtana program and do not lament for the ups and downs of the material world. Try to surrender to Krsna more and more; engage yourself in devotional service more and more; and be happy in this service. It is happiness just to be engaged in devotional service. (June 19, 1991) It is not required that you be first on the marathons. You may be whatever position you can be in, that does not matter. What matters is that you are going on and serving the spiri­tual master and Krsna and that this service is gradually getting better and better and that your love for Krsna is increasing. The results are up to Krsna and not up to us. You just do as best you can and that is good enough. If you come in first, that is the Lord's mercy, and if you come in third, that is the Lord's mercy. But no lower than third. (June 27, 1991)


The next time you find yourself attached to the results of your work, and thus creating a disturbance in your distribu­tion, you should think as follows: "I shall not be attached to the fruits of my labor. I shall not see the people as merely another statistic. I shall look at the next person I meet as a spirit soul requiring my help. I do not even care if he takes .. book oi nut. . ,Hi!) tan. that In. is helped aumehwu I > iiu*. I know that it is best for him to take a book, but it might not be possible due to my contaminated consciousness at present. I pray to Krsna that the living entities will take these books for their own benefit." While praying like this, think of how Krsna and the spiritual master are pleased when you hand the people these books. Picture how the person will become enlightened by taking home this book and reading it. Thinking like this, you will surely give up the fruitive mentality.[April 19,1989]


Maya is also a good warrior in her own right, bhe creates the fruitive mentality among our sankirtana heroes, so that rhev start rhinkinp that rhev are the doers of action, which are in actuality carried out either by the material nature or the spiritual nature, depending on the consciousness of the performer; never are these actions created by ourselves alone. During the "normal" year of distribution, you can clearly see that you are not the doer and you are glad to allow Krsna to lead people to you. However, during the marathon times you become fruitive and forget Krsna and think that you are a very strong and able sankirtana devotee; therefore, why can't you do more? I would suggest that you just forget the fact that it is marathon and just go out as you normally do. The marathon aspect should be taken up by others and not by yourself. You are always on marathon. You are always working at peak efficiency—more or less; I mean, you know that you are not giving one hundred percent, but the ninety-five percent that you are giving is quite acceptable. Since you are always engaged nicely in this service, if you try to arti­ficially do more than what you can, you will fall apart and fall in mdyd. This is very dangerous, and therefore you should carefully avoid all pretensions and just accept that you can only do what you can and no more, so long as the Lord is not sanctioning your increase. In other words, when Krsna wants that you increase, you will, automatically, whether it is marathon or not. Then you will understand that this service is really only depending on Krsna and not on you. When you see things like that, you can go on marathon and simplv expect that Krsna wants you to do more, and therefore, He will arrange that in the same way that He sends people during the "normal" sankirtana times. In other words, just place your­self in the arms of Krsna and He will arrange everything. That means that you should still endeavor by going out and meet­ing the people, but for the results, you should simply surrender to Krsna and see what He wants from you. (March 23,1989)