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Do Not Worry


So you have your ups and downs on sankirtana] So you are not a pure devotee yet? So you sometimes have a falldown?  So what to do? I do not really understand the problem. Do  you think that anyone is free from problems? As long as you are in the material world there will be problems. You are no exception. We have to tolerate. Toleration is the key to suc­cess— tarns titiksasva bhdrata. Tolerate and gradually you will

develop your Krsna consciousness and not fall down. Do not get discouraged because you are sometimes weak; just keep trying and this will give strength over longer periods of time. Stop trying to be a perfected devotee immediately. Just serve and gradually you will become perfected. (February 5, 1988) It is not "wrong" to ask why you are having problems on sankirtana. It is not against any Krsna conscious principle. Yuu may ask; however, asking might not be the most advantageous way to solve the problem. Even if you know that you are having a particular problem, the solution to all problems is the same; that is, you should surrender fully to Krsna and pray to Him for His mercy, so that you can overcome the problem. Therefore, when there are problems it is advised to immediately go to the point of depending on Krsna and asking Him to help you, instead of wasting time in deep psychoanaly­sis, trying to find out the various ins and outs of the particular problem you are presently experiencing.


Sometimes it might help if you understood your problem better, so that you can avoid in the future going down the same path that put you in the same problematic situation in the first place. From that point of view, it is important to know why you have falldowns and why you become disturbed. If you know why these things happen to you, then you will avoid doing those same things in the future, and this will help your spiritual life. In conclusion, it is sometimes good to know why some bad thing is happening to you, but not all the time, and basically on sankirtana one should just depend on Krsna all the time and pray for His mercy And don't forget that all the anarthas in our hearts are the real cause for loss of enthusiasm, because as we become enthusiastic for material life we lose our enthusiasm for spiritual life. (June 14, 1992) Sankirtana is sometimes difficult. Sometimes one does really well, especially in the beginning, but then, as the time goes on, it gets harder. This is a test from Krsna to see '.'> determined ).j^ arc. Evci> sunkirtui iu. Ji~\oicc has gone through this test. It always comes at one point. Therefore, you should remain on sankirtana and do it with great deter­mination. Do not give up. Just try harder and harder to get the books into the hands of the people to save them from the miserable condition of material life. Only the devotees can save them, yet they are so foolish that they do not know that. Thetefore, you are doing the greatest welfare work. You should never think that there is some other service that vnn should do. There ic nothing more important than this sankirtana movement.


Please continue it with determination, even if sometimes vou do not do so manv books. We are nor after fruirive results: we simply want to do our best to serve the spiritual master and Krsna. So please do the best you can and everyone will be satisfied. You should just fix your mind on this service. And if there is something grossly wrong, then we can repair that later on. (September 11, 1992) You may not be able to continue on sankirtana if you are materially engrossed. But this is a temporary state and can be quickly changed by taking a little vacation for a few days, hearing, chanting, and serving within the protected envi­ronment of the temple. If this is necessary, it should be done (not whimsically, however, for that will make us weaker and sicker if overused). Then when the raging senses calm down, then we can again battle maya with strength. It is not easy to continue on sankirtana like this without having the reali­zation that we are doing a service that is most pleasing to the Supreme Lord, most important for the saving of the fallen souls, and the only means of even continuing our own de­votional advancement. No one can continue in Krsna con­sciousness without having the preaching spirit. Unless we are concerned with the spiritual advancement of others and work to help them spiritually, we will not have the energy, will, or strength to continue ourselves. Therefore, the most advanced devotees never relax or give up their preaching services; they have made it their life's work. (July 10, 1981)


It is sometimes true that one may temporarily have trouble owing to the nature ot the material body. Our bodies are lusty and lazy; therefore, there are troubles to go out and do things for the sake of others. Sankirtana is a completely selfless ser­vice and one that is best done by those without any personal motivation. Of course, it is also possible that one can do sankirtana with personal motivation, but it is not so blissful. If you are truly having problems to do that service, then you can also make a vacation by taking over the cooking duties from those in the temple, for example, and let them go out on sankirtana. (September 2,1985) Your problem is a typical one. It xt-ms that you neea a little break from sankirtana for a while. I have seen other devotees in the past, who wanted to do sankirtana and are enthusiastic, but sometimes they just break down and require a break for some time. After they take their break, they can continue sankirtana with determination again. So please take a short break, perhaps two to four weeks, stay in the temple and surrender to Krsna there. Read Prabhupada's books every day for a minimum of two hours (ABSOLUTELY!) and engage the rest of the day in devo­tional service, according to the advice of the temple president. This will help you. Then, when the break is over, again take up this sankirtana service with determination. I think that this should take care of the problem nicely. Do not worry. It happens to quite a few devotees periodically. (September 29, 1991)


If you require more rest after marathons, then take it. Prabhupada used to say, "If you are tired, take rest; if you are hungiy, eat." In this way, we satisfy the demands of the body, but not overly. After you have worked so hard to satisfy Krsna during the marathon times, you deserve some break and a rest. Do not feel guilty in taking it. However, this should not go on forever, since it will degrade into the mode of ignorance. You must learn to judge for yourself how long you require to rest and then break it off when it is becoming sense gratification. I think that you can do this. If you require more reading, better chanting, and a little more rest, then you can, as you suggest, also do that in the tampele for some. time. This will save you irum having to live up to some artificial standard in the sankirtana van. It is important that you take care of yourself, otherwise you will burn out prematurely and be useless for all purposes. I also do not know where the line is between taking care of the body for service, and just serving like a madman with no consideration. I am the worst person to ask. This is how I get into trouble all the time. But I am also learning in the school of hard knocks how to take care of the body more and more, so that it will go on functioning without breaking down.

In cases like these, the best thing is to just depend on Krsna and ask Him to help us regulate our lives in the best possible manner. There is no other solution than depending fully on Krsna in these cases. After all, we are limited and He is un­limited. Being unlimited, He can help us limited souls in an unlimited manner. So just ask Krsna to help you understand what is the best thing to do, and surely He will help you as you require. (February 25, 1990) If you are having troubles with the girls in your group, then it is good to change the group to lessen the troubles. When I was managing the sankirtana in Germany personally, it was my weekly duty to change the groups, so that the devotees could be peaceful without interpersonal conflicts. So it is authorized to change the group members when required.


Sometimes it is difficult to continue sankirtana. This is the influence of mdya trying to force us to give up our service, because it is such a powerful kick in the face of mdya. Maya cannot tolerate all this sankirtana; therefore, she tries to stop the sankirtana devotees from within by making them weak and afraid. Therefore, you have to directly counteract this mdya by carefully engaging in the sankirtana mission despite this disturbance. You have to tolerate these disturbing condi­tions and become very fixed in the sankirtana mission. Please continue with this sankirtana under all circumstances and you will certainly attain the mercy of the Lord.Sometimes we have to take a little time off from the sankirtana. Maybe a break of a week might be good for you, so that you can read and chant nicely and do some Deity uoisni^ ui suiiK.niiif; like mat ioi one week. Then return to the sankirtana service with renewed enthusiasm. If you don't really need a break, then don't take it, but if you do, then take it and return later refreshed. Do not overendeavor and push yourself too far. Do what you can and be peaceful in your service. In this way, you will never "burn out." (October 20,1992)