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Develop Compassion


It is not good to be so mental on sankirtana. Sankirtana is a service that mainly utilizes the heart. One has to feel the sankirtana mood and desire greatly to help people, otherwise he cannot do sankirtana in the proper spirit. Even just doing it to please the spiritual master is not the complete motivation for performing sankirtana; it is a necessary prerequisite of course, but it is not sufficient. One must have compassion upon all the fallen souls. That is important.You have to feel for them and want to help them as well, then your mood on sankirtana will be complete. All your moods and mental problems come from not developing this ideal mentality. You may even want to become a "nothing," as you put it, because you are trying to avoid your duty to be compassionate to the people you are meeting. So try to see them as objects of your mercy and the mercv of Shrila Prabhu­pada, and this mentality will nicely help you ovetcome ihe modes of material nature. (September 5, 1991)


To properly go on sankirtana, there must be a certain peace and balance in the sankirtana devotee. This can be attained over longer periods when one is advancing in devotional ser­vice. Sometimes a devotee is immature and when he goes on sankirtana it is difficult for him. But when a devotee is mature, then he can easily approach people and naturally be compas­sionate toward them and give them Shrila Prabhupada's books. When you understand that the distribution of Shrila Prabhu­pada's books is the means to change the world and make a revolution in the hearts of the misguided mankind, then you can distribute with determination. If you have that revolu­tionary fervor to change the world and make it a better place to live in, then you become eager to distribute our books. These books are the key to success in spiritual life; therefore, you should be eager to get them in the hands of the materi­alistic people who have no understanding of spiritual life. This understanding can grow in you as you advance and mature in devotional service. So please advance more and more in Krsna consciousness; then gradually, your appreciation of sankirtana will increase and you will become a mature and advanced devotee. This may take some time, so just go on and naturally it will come. (July 8,1992)