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Depend on Krsna


It is wonderful that you are going on sankirtana. You should just distribute as much as you can and depend on Krsna fully for the results. In this way, you will never be frustrated with the results. However, you should learn from other advanced sankirtana devotees and learn from them how to distribute more and more. You should distribute perhaps fifty books a day and then you should increase more and more. If you are only doing less per day, that is also all right, but try to do more by learning the technique from other advanced sankirtana devotees. This will help you more and more. Always try to increase your distribution as this is required in sankirtana. Then, when you get to a certain level where it is very hard to do better, you can just keep on distributing at that level for a long time. (June 6, 1992)


Everything is happening because of the will of the Supreme Lord. He is the controller of all events and He is the enjoyer of the results. Krsna is the Absolute Truth, and we must learn to surrender unto Him alone. You are presently too attached to the fruits of your results; therefore, you are unable to distrib­ute much. Perhaps also you do not have the required qualities to be a good distributor.You will have to learn the art of distribution from other devotees who are already expert at distributing these Krsna conscious books. Learn from them humbly, follow in their footsteps, and become expert in this way. You have to learn the art of surrendering yourself to the sankirtana mission. This is not so easy to do when one is not so expert at distribu­tion First ^T°u have '"o learn* all the ^chni^ues of book dis,'ri-bution and then you have to learn the art ot surrendering to the mission with all your heart and soul. It is not something that can be done auicklv or from one dav to the next, but it is something that will build up over longer periods of time, day by day. Therefore, just try to distribute with a straw in your mouth, being very humble and submissive to the will of the Lord, and you will gradually develop your ability more and more. (November 4, 1989)


I can try to give you a small example of what it means to depend on Krsna. You might be standing at a distribution place, and there are no people, or you are between people. At that time, you might be praying to the Lord in the heart to help you say just what the people need to hear in order to take a book. A person approaches, and you go to him. As you approach him, you think of Krsna — almost as a cry at first, and later, when you are more advanced, as a friend. As your mouth opens to speak, some inspiration might be there and vou pick up on it — it might be just what the person needs to hear. Other times you start almost blindly, but with iaith that Krsna will force you to start speaking the right words. You have to feel His presence through your faith. In other words, you start speaking because you have to, and then you feel inspired to speak in a certain way, you pick up on that inspiration, and continue to speak. If you have the proper faith, you will speak in just the right way, and the Supersoul in his heart will help him understand. But please remember that the ultimate choice is his; he might reject all this help from the transcendental Lord, or he might accept it, for what­ever reason ot his own. In any case we remain hxed in our duty, without attachment to success or failure. For us, that contact with Krsna through our service is completely satis­fying. Later, when your desire to help these people intensifies, your conviction can force them to take a book, although they might not have wanted to. That is the best platform. A power­ful preacher can inject Krsna consciousness into the hearts of the fallen souls by his own spiritual potency, of course derived from the mercy of his spiritual master and Krsna. (April 15, 1983)


I am sorry that you arc not feeling strong enough to di; tribute full time. Sometimes some devotees are not as strong as other devotees, and there often is not much that can be done about this. You simply have to go on with your sankirtana service with as much determination as you can. You should pray to Krsna that He will increase your determination, and then when you endeavor He will help you. It is said, "God helps those who help themselves." So you should depend on Krsna fully and try your very best to engage in the sankirtana movement. Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Krsna is listening to us, and if our prayers are helpful for our ad­vancement in Krsna consciousness, He always answers them. So depend on Krsna and try your best. You can do nothing more than that. Then it might be possible that you go out for a longer time each day and in this way increase your results. (June 3, 1991).