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Dedication to the Mission


It is essential that you attract people to this movement not by tricks or by the force of your so-called intellect but by your pure and dedicated example. One sincere preacher is worth a hundred jnanls. Please dedicate your life to spreading this movement more and more. Never forget that the goal of this movement is to produce and distribute Shrila Prabhupada's books. Practically this is our most important work. Phis requires manpower, not just some­one to fill up the bhakta pants, but someone who is dedicated to the mission of his spiritual master. To attract such a high quality of man, you have to yourself be the same quality. This is difficult, but well worth the struggle. (October 10, 1984)


Some devotees lose their taste for book distribution, be­cause they have allowed their material desires to overwhelm them and they have decided to enjoy some material facility instead. This comes sometimes with age as well. When one gets older, he wants to have more material facilities. This is called material attachment. One has to conquer that with spiritual detachment attained through knowledge of dew, tional service as it is given by Shrila Prabhupada in his books. You should not push or force anyone to act in Krsna con­sciousness, but rather convince them through the philosophy. Proper preaching about book distribution should be enough to persuade them to surrender to it nicely. You can inspire others to distribute books by doing it yourself and being happy about it. This is the best way that you can serve book distri­bution. If you are on sankirtana and every day attending the morn­ing programs, it is not always required that you attend the evening programs in the temple and it is probably better that you read as you have suggested. You must read Shrila Prabhu-pada's books and learn our philosophy completely. (March 19, 1992)