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Excerpts from Letters


A Gift of love


Shrila Prabhupada has given us the gift of love of Godhead along with the glorious mission of distributing it to others. Let us increase the effort to distribute his books more and more, thus forever glorifying his name and fame! (July 31, 1989) My mission is Prabhupada's mission. He wants to produce and distribute his books throughout the world and 1 want to do that too. I also want to make the Mayapur Project, and that is his desire. His main desires are my main desires. I have consciously developed my desires in that way. This is an act of the intelligence and the heart. When there is love for the spiritual master then there is a real desire to please him, and this is the best way to please him. So consciously make your desires the same as the desire of your spiritual master and become advanced in Krsna consciousness. (June 6, 1992)


I have made my life's direction under the order of Shrila Prabhupada to produce and distribute his books in every lan­guage of the world. I am at least trying to do that in my zone and hope that I can encourage others to do it as well. Please also make your life completely dedicated to Shrila Prabhupada's mission and you will become Krsna conscious and completely happy in this life. (April 22,1992) This book distribution mission is the highest form of wel­fare work for the people of this world. All other forms of wel­fare work miss the mark, for they ultimately are meant to satisfy the senses of certain vested interests. Even if someone is actually sincere in performing welfare work, he doe« if for his own extended self-interest, such as "my nation," "my com­munity," or even "my humanity." No one is pure in their motivation anymore and no one performs chanty in the moue of goodness with the aim of purification. Therefore, our book distributors are the most magnanimous souls, because they are giving people the most precious gift—books about the Su­preme Personality of Godhead Krsna — and taking from them some laksml, which is then utilized to print more books and to maintain our wonderful temples wherein the Lord is wor­shiped and glorified. They cannot do any other activity with their laksml that is better than this act of purchasing a book.


Of all of Shrila Prabhupada's books, he was most pleased when the big books were distributed. He always wanted big books sold in large quantities, for these big books were spe­cifically written by Shrila Prabhupada for creating a revolution in the hearts of misguided humanity. Therefore, you are doing the most important service there in Ireland by distributing the big books of Shrila Prabhupada. You are leading the way with your good example and determination. This example is going to affect the other devotees there as well, and they will also ultimately take up this process of distributing big books. Therefore, please stay there in Inishrath and continue to dis­tribute big books and inspire the other distributors to do this as well. This will very much please Shrila Prabhupada and the entire disciplic succession. Know it for certain that there is no better way to preach Krsna consciousness than through the distribution of Shrila Prabhupada's books. Your service is very valuable. You should  remain fixed that service for a long time and become qualified to realize the Supreme Lord and His eternal pastimes even while you are still in this material body. This is the ultimate result of surrendering one's very life and soul to the book distribution mission of the Lord. You have a great opportunity there and a good field for distribution. Please make it successful and continue there with great enthusiasm. (March .30, 1992) I think your prayer to the Lord to recover His city for Him is fine. Now please always think in that way, and by your loving devotion you will be able to rake over rhe rirv tor rhe sake of the Lord. I also think that if you just go on distrib­uting Shrila Prabhupada's books, especially Shri Isopanisad and me onagaiaa gnu, then definite!) you will feci very hdpp> and satisfied. Here we are making a real sankirtana revolution. We are distributing all the books for twice the BBT price and thus supporting all the activities of the movement in this way. It is a great struggle and requires great preaching efforts, but we are getting many names and addresses and following them up with full set distribution. It is extremely encouraging. Over four hundred sets were sold in two months. The devotees are determined to try, although their results have gone way down at the start. I am sure that later on the results will be bigger than ever before, but we must be patient. (February 9, 1985)


You have distributed many books, and this is very nice. By-doing this, you are pleasing Shrila Prabhupada in the very best way. It is understood that the father is strict with the children, but the grandfather i>- lenient and spoils the chil­dren. Therefore, you are receiving unrestrictedly the mercy of Shrila Prabhupada, because you are distributing his transcen­dental literature. There is something very special about distributing on the subways or the platforms in N.Y. I would suppose it is because it is so hellish there. I also did this service and it was always very ecstatic. One can conquer the whole city by distributing prasadam in the subways and platforms. If you also give the people you distribute to some prasadam, they will never forget you.The last place they expect to find it is on those platforms. Even if they don't take a book then, the prasadam will impress them so much that they will take a book later.I am very pleased with you. By your sincerity I am being maintained. (May 30, 1986)