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Letter from Shrila Prabhupada, July 24, 1977


My dear Harikesa Maharaja,


Please accept my most humble obeisances. His Divine Grace Shrila Prabhupada has received your ecstatic BBT Trustee Report dated July 13th, 1977, and has instructed me to reply you.

I could not get very far, only the first two paragraphs, before Shrila Prabhupada stopped me, saying, "All the blessings of Bhaktisiddhanta SarasvatI Maharaja upon you. You are the most important grandson of Bhaktisiddhanta. Go on doing like this." When His Divine Grace began to hear the huge quantity of books which you are in the midst of printing, covering thirteen languages, he said, "This is tremendous. Do it very nicely. And scholarly, that will be complete..."

His Divine Grace concluded his ecstatic appreciation of your efforts by saying, "He is surpassing all BBTs. I want to go to Germany immediately but I am physically unfit. I like that place—the Schloss. It is a very nice place. Thank you very much."

Hoping this meets you in the best of Krsna conciousness.

Your servant,

Tamala Krsna Goswami

Secretary to Shrila Prabhupada


The author


Shrila Harikesa Swami was born on October 23, 1948. In Feb­ruary 1971 he joined ISKCON, and in July he became an initiated disciple of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. During the years that followed, he be­came Shrila Prabhupada's personal servant and secretary, trav­eling with him in India and around the world. The year 1976, however, marked a significant turning-point in Shrila Harikesa Swami's devotional career — Shrila Prabhupada ordered him to print his books in all the lan­guages of the world and to spread Krsna consciousness throughout the European and Soviet communist countries. That same year Harikes'a Swami was awarded sannydsa and immediately left for Europe to carry out the instructions of his spiritual master. In December he was appointed GBC and BBT Trustee for Eastern Europe and Germany; and in March 1977, GBC for Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Shortly thereafter, Shrila Prabhupada ordered him, along with ten other senior disciples, to accept the duties of an initiating guru.


One of the most important missions that Shrila Prabhu­pada left to his disciples is the development of Mayapur City. From the early days of the Puspa-samadhi Project, Harikesa Swami has worked to actualize Shrila Prabhupada's far-reach­ing vision of a wonderful temple and city in Mayapur. And his most recent contribution is a state-of-the-art multimedia presentation of ISKCON that will help raise funds for the Mayapur Project.

Over the years, a distinguishing feature of Harikesa Swami's mood of service to Shrila Prabhupada has been the focused understanding that book production and book distri-uution are uie neart ana soui 01 me sanKinana mission. Be­cause of his single-minded enthusiasm and dedication in this regard, the North European BBT has steadily increased its productivity and now prints approximately 10 million pieces of transcendental literature in forty languages every year. Aside from his other engagements, Harikes'a Swami is also writing books. The Varnasrama Manifesto for Social Sanity deals with the Vedic concept of social organization. His Bhagavad-gita lectures in Srldhama Mayapur have been pub­lished in a book entitled The Thirteenth Chapter, and a series of books elaborating on the other chapters of the Bhagavad-gita As It Is will be published in the years to come.


On yet another preaching front, Harikesa Swami has been reaching out to younger generations through his music since the late 1970s. His group RASA came out with nine LPs, and from the mid-1980s, his group BLISS has produced another ten tapes and CDs. From 1990 to 1992 he organized grand tours of the GAURANGA BHAJAN BAND, which was known for its impressive stage acts. At this band's concerts, thousands of people, especially in Eastern Europe, chanted the Hare Krsna mantra and danced in ecstasy. His latest success has been the best-selling techno CD Rising Sign by SRI HARI. Through this direct, appealing and modern me­dium, millions of people have heard the transcendental mes­sage of Krsna consciousness.