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  & The Art of Transcendental Book Distribution

By Harikesha Dasa Prabhu and Devotees (Previously Swami)
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The Sankirtana Tradition 

Worshiping Sankirtana Devotees Is a Tradition  

The Birth of the Sankirtana Movement   

Bolo Krsna Bhaje Krsna Koro Krsna-s'iksa   



If You Ever Get Money   

Taking Up the Mission   

Law Books for the Next Ten Thousand Years   

Symptoms of a Sadhu   

The Tradition Continues   

An Echo Throughout the Universe


CHAPTER      2

The Life of All Transcendental Knowledge  

Planting the Seed of Bhakti   

The Literary Incarnation   

Putting Srlla Prabhupada in the Center   

.How to Please the Spiritual Master   

Books Are the Basis   

Close Down the Temple

Don't Get Out of Balance 

The Vedanta of ISKCON 


"You Are Brainwashed!"   

The Words of a Pure Devotee Are Always True   

The Purpose of the Krsna Consciousness Movement  

Sarikirtana-yajna Is the Yuga-dharma 

The Service Is the Reward  

Paramatma Is Also a Sanklrtana Devotee

Sanklrtana Pleases Srlmati Radharanl

Street Samadhi



Print Books


The Original Book Production Marathon

Srlla Prabhupada's Request

Wake Up! Make Books!

Print Books and Everything Will Be a Success 

Pile Up the Books  

We Have No Other Mood

How Srlla Prabhupada Appears 


CHAPTER      4

Sanklrtana Management


Sanklrtana Devotees Are Especially Dear

Srlla Prabhupada's Economic Scheme  

Back to the Basics 

The Best Business

Preaching Against Book Distribution Is Insanity  

Creating a Sanklrtana Atmosphere 

Old Distributors Never Die 

Special Delivery  

Fresh Blood 

The Bhakta Program 

The Sanklrtana Leader 

Congregational Preaching

Book Production 


Distribution Zones 

Legalizing Sanklrtana Spots 

Traveling Sanklrtana  

Sanklrtana from the Temple 

Marathon Management Strategy 


Homogeneous Preaching 

Book Distribution and Mayapur   


CHAPTER      5

The Qualities of a Sanklrtana Devotee


A Well-rounded Person 

Beaming with Transcendental Consciousness 

Material Qualifications Are Not Enough 

Only Devotees Can Sell These Books 

Sanklrtana Identification 

Transcendental Knowledge

Absolute Determination 

Devotees Are Kind  

The Flame of Compassion 

The Dog of a Vaisnava 

The Meaning of Surrender  


Book Distribution Is Nobody's Nature 

Doubters Have No Potency 

To Stop Distributing Is Spiritual Death 


CHAPTER      6

   Sanklrtana in Practice 


Report to Sri Sri Radha-Madhava

Books Are the Greatest Weapons

 The Highest Welfare Work for Humanity

We Have to Beat Maya

Give One Hundred Percent 

Determining Your Pace 

Books Are the Solution

Marathon Is Nothing for the Body 

Think Positive 

Distributing in the City 


Real Unity  

Detachment from Fruitive Mentality 

You Cannot Cheat on the Street 

Creating Enthusiasm  

Distributing for the Proper Price 

Respecting the Books  

Straightforward Presentation 

Recognizing the Nature of Others 

Push Yourself  

Pray to Krsna and Try 

Don't Become Fried 

Mandira Ma, Marga Gama 


CHAPTER      7

Sanklrtana Forum  


Intense Desire

The Basis of Compassion 



Sanklrtana Is Transcendental 

Becoming Steady  

Krsna Helps in Many Ways  

Fruitive Desire    Those Who Have Life Can Preach  

How Straightforward Should a Preacher Be? 

Awakening Desire 

Dealing with Demons 

Practical Questions 

Sankirtana for Life   


CHAPTER      8

The Effects of Sankirtana


Fulfilling Krsna's Plan 

Lord Caitanya's Prediction  

Krsna's Propaganda Network  

These Books Stop Wars  

As the Material World Falls Apart  

A Systematic Attack on Maya  

Double It and Break the Camel's Back 

Literature for Paramaharhsas  

Valuable Gems  

If There Were a Proper King  

The Visible Effects 

"Crack" Goes This Rotten Civilization  


CHAPTER      9

 The Topmost Preaching


I'm a Fanatic 

The Big Bang of Books  

It Is Possible  

Making the Spiritual Master's Order Your Order 

Think Big 

Pick a Fight with the Asuras 

We Are Ready for Sariklrtana-samadhi 

Make Book Distribution Your Lifelong Mission 

Following Srlla Prabhupada Throughout the Universe  



CHAPTER      10

Excerpts from Letters


A Gift of Love 


 The Higher Taste

 The Perfection of Life 

 Depend on Krsna 

Throw Away the Crutches

 Don't Be Fruitive 

 Steadily Going On


Develop Compassion

Do the Needful  

New Devotees


Do Not Worry

Utility Is the Principle 

Real Renunciation

Farm Sankirtana

Dedication to the Mission 

How to Preach Sankirtana

            The Real Medicine 


CHAPTER      11

Marathon Inspiration Letters


Mad Ecstasy Marathon Message

Letter of May 13,1988 

Letter of December 12,1990

Letter of December 15,1991 

Letter of December 12,1992 

 Letter of January 6,1993

Letter of December 12, 1994 

On the Occasion of the Middle of the Sankirtana Marathon, December 1995 






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