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Shrila Shribas Pandit;


Shrila Brindaban das Thakur, the Byasdeb of Shri Gaursundor's pastimes, has sung the praises of Shribas Pandit in this way, "It was in Shribas Pandit's house that Shri Chaitanya enacted His pastimes of sankirtana. Those four brothers (Shribas, Shri Ram, Shripati and Shrinidhi) were continuously engaged in singing the names of Shri Krishna. They worshipped Shri Krishna and bathed in the Ganges thrice daily."


These four brothers previously lived in the district of Shri Hatta. Later on they came to reside on the banks of the Ganges. There they regularly used to attend the assembly of devotees who gathered at Shri Adwaita Acarja's house to hear the Shrimad Bhagavatam and engage in congregational chanting of the Holy Names. Gradually the brothers became very close friends of Shri Jagannath Misra, with whom they would chant and listen to the Bhagavatam.

In all matters Shribas was the leader of the four brothers. By the strength of his devotion, he could understand that Shri Krishna was going to appear in the house of Jagannath Misra.


Shribas Pandit, Shri Ram Pandit and Shri Candrasekhardeb are worshipful throughout the tree worlds. Along with Murari Gupta, a physician who was expert at curing the disease of material existence, all of these Baisnabs advented themselves at Shri Hatta. Shribas Pandit's wife's name was Shri Malinidebi. She was a very close friend of Shri Sacidebi and was always very helpful to her.


Seeing the wretched state of the fallen living entities in Kali yug, the devotees began to plaintively pray to the Lord for their deliverance. Krishna hears the call of His devotees. On the full moon day in tho month of Falgun, in the year 1407 (Christian era 1486), the Lord incarnated Himself. With His appearance there was the simultaneous dawning of all-auspiciousness within the world as it became filled with Harinam. Just as Shri Adwaita Acarja, from Santipur, could understand that the Lord had appeared, similarly, Shribas and some of the other devotees of Nabadwip also understood.


Since previously Malinidebi was engaged in attending upon Sacidebi, Shribas and Jagannath Misra came to her at this time and hinted that she was especially needed now.

As long as the Lord chooses not to reveal Himself, no one can possibly recognize Him. Therefore, even though from His childhood the Lord exhibited many supernatural abilities, still, due to His deluding potency, the devotees could not fully understand His true nature. Their hearts were simply filled with parental affection for Him, without a trace of awe or reverence. Shribas and Malini gave Sacidebi and Jagannath much advice how to raise their new son. Shribas and Malini were just like a mother and father to Shri Gaursundor.


Sometimes Nimai Pandit would ask fallacious questions in logic to the Pandit but Shribas, fearing the useless expenditure of false words, would flee away. Sometimes when the Baisnabs would go to the Ganga to discuss Krishna katha and take their baths, they would see Nimai Pandit sitting with his students in the distance. They would remark what a shame it was that someone who was endowed with such wonderful qualities as He, simply engaged Himself in the false pursuit of material knowledge. They all prayed to Krishna that He might become a devotee and by tasting the mellows of devotional service become mad for Krishna. Then they might be blessed to enjoy His association.

The omniscient Lord understood their hearts and so, whenever He would see Shribas or the others He used to offer His namaskar.


One day Prabhu was walking along the King's path accompanied by five or seven of his students. He was dressed in very fine cloths of yellow colour, appearing like another Krishna. His lips were stained red from chewing tambul (pan). By seeing His lotus face, more beautiful than ten million moons, the people would remark, "Is this the personification of Cupid?!"

His forehead was decorated with tilok and he held some books in his hands. Simply by seeing His lotus eyes all sins are destroyed. His nature was very fickle and restless as He approached, in the company of His students, swinging His arms as He strode on the path.

By chance Shribas Pandit happened to be coming the other way. When he saw Prabhu, he laughed cheerfully. Prabhu offered His namaskar to the Pandit to which the liberal Shribas replied, "May you live long!"

Still smiling Shribas asked Him, "Tell me, where are you going, Oh crest jewel of the vain and arrogant?! Without worshipping Krishna, just what do you expect to accomplish, passing the time as you do? How is it that day and night you are simply absorbed in this teaching profession? Why do people study? In order to know Krishna! If by scholarship one doesn't gain devotion to Shri Krishna, then how will that learning help him? It becomes simply a tedious endeavour which in the end is nothing but a waste of time. If you have actually learned something then begin your worship of Shri Krishna now. Make haste. This is the purpose of your life.? Please don't uselessly waste your time in these vain pursuits. You have studied so much. Now use your knowledge to worship Krishna."

The Lord smiled as He replied, "Hear me Pandit. By your mercy that most certainly will come to pass. If you are all kind enough to me, then definitely I'll attain devotion to Shri Krishna's lotus feet."

Saying this much He proceeded towards the banks of the Ganga in His light hearted mood, accompanied by His students.


Shortly thereafter Mahaprabhu journeyed to Gaya where He performed the pastimes of accepting initiation from Shri Isvar Puri. Thus gradually, He began to take up His real work of distributing loving devotion to Shri Krishna.


One day (now in the Madhya lila), after Prabhu's return from Gaya, Shribas Pandit came to Saci Mata's house. Prabhu attentively rose up and offered His namaskar. By seeing a devotee, Prabhu's devotional sentiments increased. His bodily hairs stood on end, tears flowed from His eyes and His body trembled. The appearance of these symptoms was now happening on an increasingly regular basis. A few days earlier, after coming to know of the devotees' sufferings due to misbehaviour of the infidels and atheists, Prabhu flew into a rage, roaring loudly, "I'll destroy them all! I am He! I am He!"

Sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, sometimes falling in a faint onto the floor, sometimes he even came at Lakkidebi as though He was going to beat her. Saci Mata became very worried thinking that He was being attacked by some (mental) disease.

Saci Mata knew no other emotion but love for her Nimai. Due to being greatly worried for His welfare, she spoke of His behaviour to everyone, hoping that they might be able to offer an explanation or even a remedy. "Providence took away my husband and my eldest son as well. The only thing remaining is this one son. And now, what is happening to his mind, I cannot understand. Sometimes he laughs; sometimes cries; sometimes he falls unconscious to the floor. He speaks out loud to Himself about what ever is going on in His mind. Sometimes He says, "I'll tear the heads off of those sinful atheists." Sometimes He climbs up in a tree and sits on a branch. Sitting there with His eyes closed, sometimes He falls to the earth. He gnashes His teeth and slaps His thighs as though He is getting ready for a wrestling match. While rolling on the ground He remains silent.

The common people who knew nothing of ecstatic transformations brought on by advanced states of Krishna consciousness, suspected that His life airs were disturbed and suggested to His mother that she bind Him up. Those who, after hearing Saci Ma's description of the situation came to see for themselves, ended up running away but nevertheless laughing at Biswambhar's uncommon behaviour. Then they ran back to get Mother Saci and bring her to safety.

"His life airs have become disoriented. Thakurani, I can't even understand why you are asking. Why it is obvious! His nervous system has become morbidly affected (insanity). You should bind his two feet and keep him in the house. Feed him only coconut water so that the madness in him won't get any strength."

Another remarked, "This disease won't be cured by any ordinary medicine. If you apply Siva ghee then the bad airs will be driven out. Apply Bisnu oil and Narayan oil on his head and then bathe him. He'll get back his normal consciousness as soon as the tempest within him is calmed.

Sacidebi, the Mother of the universe, is extremely liberal. She accepted whatever she was told. Due to being gravely worried she was in a great dilemma as to what to do, but finally resolved that her only shelter was the lotus feet of Gobinda. Therein she now took shelter with her body, mind and words. She sent someone to inform Shribas and the other Baisnabs.

Seeing Shribas, Prabhu once again became overpowered by ecstatic emotions. When Shribas entered Prabhu was circumambulating Tulasi Debi but upon seeing Shribas He fainted to the floor. After getting back His consciousness He began to cry and His body shook severely. He couldn't regain His composure.

Shribas was astounded and thought to himself, "These are the symptoms of intense devotion. Who has described this as insanity?"

Finally Prabhu managed to calm Himself enough to ask, "What do you think Pandit? What has happened to Me? Some say that I have become mad and should be tied up. Pandit! What does your heart say concerning my situation?"

Shribas laughed, "This is a very good disease. I wish I could be attacked by this disease. I see nothing in your physical state but the symptoms of deep devotion. This is the sign that Krishna has bestowed His mercy on You."

When Prabhu heard these words of Shribasa's He became very happy and embraced him. "Everyone was saying that I have become mad, but now you have completely reassured Me. Today My life has become successful. If you would have told that I was mad, then I would have entered deep into the waters of the Ganga this very day."

Shribas replied, "The communion that you are experiencing with Krishna through intense devotion, is highly sought after by Lord Brahma, Lord Siva and the four Kumaras. Now we will all sit down together and perform kirtan. Whoever refuses to chant will then be recognized as the madman, sinful rascal that he is."

Shrinibas then addressed Mother Saci, "Whatever distress you were feeling can now be completely forgotten. This has nothing to do with madness or disturbed life airs but is rather a manifestation of deep devotion for Lord Krishna. I have told you the truth of this matter but you should also know that others won't be able to understand this. Therefore don't speak of this to outsiders if you wish to see some further mysteries of Shri Krishna."

Having spoken thus, Shribas set out for his own home while Saci Mata basked in relief from knowing that her son wasn't mad. Still, she was somewhat worried lest he should leave home. In the back of her mind this was always a source of great fear.


These four brothers (Shribas, ShriRam, Shripati and Shri Nidhi) continuously engaged in the chanting of Krishna's Holy Names. Three times a day they would bathe in the Ganga and worship Shri Krishna. Beginning every evening they would loudly sing Krishna kirtan on into the night. At this their atheistic neighbours would complain, "Have they gone mad or are they simply intoxicated? This brahman (Shribas Pandit) will be the cause of the destruction of this village. We also can't even sleep at night after taking our meals. If the Mohammedan ruler, who is a very harsh and violent person, comes to hear of this then it will simply spell out calamity for Nadiya. We should break this brahman's house and drive him out from here, throwing him into the river. If we can remove him then it will be very auspicious for this village. Otherwise the Mohammedans will swallow us all up.


Every evening the devotees used to come to Prabhu's house to hear Krishna katha and listen to kirtan. Mukunda began to recite some verses about the excellence of devotion in his exceptionally sweet voice. At this the crest jewel of the brahmanas became overwhelmed by ecstatic love. Roaring loudly, "Hari bol boli!" He began to behave as though highly intoxicated, falling down again and again. No one was able to hold Him steady. Sometimes He panicked as though in great fear, sometimes He laughed in a carefree mood, while His body trembled violently, perspiring heavily. His bodily hairs stood on end as He continued to roar loudly. All of the various ecstatic emotions made their appearance simultaneously in His transcendental body. The devotees had never before seen such an unprecedented display of ecstatic devotion and thus they sang out in great jubilation. There was no checking the intensity of love which the Supreme Lord was now experiencing. In this way the whole night passed as though in the twinkling of an eye.

With the appearance of morning Prabhu regained His external consciousness. In this way Shri Sacinandan continuously performed kirtan in His house and thus began the sacrifice for the dispensation of this age. At the same time the distress that the devotees were previously undergoing was now destroyed at the root. Shri Sacinandan called out, "Hari bol boli!" to the delight of everyone, except the atheists who now could not sleep at night.

At this, those averse and cursed, unfortunate souls became very angry that one of their most dear preoccupations (namely sleep) was now being hindered. They cursed to themselves, "What is this new mania which is obsessing everyone. We cannot even sleep at night. This loud chanting will simply make Gosai (the Supreme Lord) angry. They'll simply get themselves into trouble by these tricks."

Another ranted, "They have given up the pursuit of knowledge as the path to liberation, simply to become a bunch of impudent upstarts. Who knows what this chanting is all about! This trouble was begun by Shribas and those other brahmanas. Those four brothers, for the purpose of begging some food, cry out "Krishna! Krishna!" as though they have become obsessed. Is there no piety in chanting silently to oneself? Why do they have to shout so loudly?"

Someone else objected, "My brother! This is the beginning of the end! By the madness of this Shribas, our country will be destroyed. I heard everything at the chief justice's office. The king has ordered that two boats be sent here. Having heard of this special kind of kirtan going on in Nadiya, the king has ordered to put a stop to it and seize the offenders. If Shribas and his followers, in the process of fleeing away, happen to come into our house, then we'll also be implicated. I told you before that we should throw his house into the Ganga but you thought I was just being talkative and took my words in a joking mood. Now you will see the end because it is just in sight."

Another nonsense retorted, "Why should we be put into jeopardy?! If that Shribas comes here I'll tie him up and turn him over to whatever authorities come to get him."

In this way the rumours spread that the King's boats were going to be sent to capture the Baisnabs. When these rumours reached the society of Baisnabs, they checked their fear by remembering Gobinda. "Whatever Krishnacandra desires to happen will be the best for everyone. As long as He is our protector then who is that faithless, despicable wretch who has anything to fear?!"

Shribas was extremely open minded. When he heard those rumours he considered that they might be true. Shri Gaurachandra, Who knew the hearts of His devotees, could understand that in some of their minds there was a slight appearance of fear due to the fact that the Jabanas (Mohammedans) were in charge of the government. The devotees were as yet unaware that He had incarnated Himself, so Shri Sacinandan decided to let some of them know.

He continued to wander about completely undaunted, like the most beautiful Cupid, unequaled anywhere within the three worlds. Sweetly scented sandalwood paste was smeared all over His body. His lips were pinkish from chewing pan like the early morning sky during the sunrise. His eyes were very beautiful like the petals of a lotus flower. His beautiful moonlike face was framed by locks of curly hair. The sacred thread which hung from His shoulder complemented His captivating form, which was dressed in excellent garments. In a sporting mood He headed towards the banks of the Bhagirathi (Ganga). To see Him the pious people felt very joyful.

The atheists however became very morose and displeased. They were astonished by His behaviour. "Though He has naturally heard all of the rumours, still He wanders around so boldly, like a rajkumar (prince)".

Another protested, "My brother, don't worry. I have understood the situation. Whatever you are seeing is simply an artifice, part of their plan to flee away."

Shri Biswambhar simply gazed at the lovely scene by the banks of the Ganga, watching Her waters flowing along peacefully. He saw a group of cows grazing on the fresh green grass which was growing on the banks of the river. They made the sounds, "Hamba!" as they came down to drink the waters of the Ganga. Some of the younger calves ran hither and thither their tails raised in the air. Some of them fought with each other, some simply lay on the ground peacefully chewing their cud, while others went to drink water. Seeing this idyllic scene Prabhu began to thunder and roar, "I am Him!! I am Him!"

While repeating this over and over He ran to Shribasa's house. With a menacing shout He challenged, "What are you doing Shribasiya?!"

He began to kick again and again at the door of the room in which Shribas was worshipping Lord Nrsimhadeb. "Who are you worshipping? Who are you meditating on?! He whom you are worshipping you can now see present before you!"

Shribas saw a fire blazing and thus his meditation was broken. As he began to look in all directions he finally spotted Shri Biswambhar seated in the birasan (seated on His haunches). In His four hands He held the conchshell, disc, club and lotus flower. He continued to roar exactly like a mad lion, while slapping His side under His left armpit. Shribas began to tremble at this terrific scene and he became stunned, unable to express anything.

Prabhu called to him, "A re (Oh he) Shrinibas. After so long still you couldn't understand that I have appeared?! Due to your loud kirtan and Nara's (Adwaita's) loud roaring I have given up Baikuntha, and come here along with my family members. You are sitting here unconcerned, as though you don't know Me and that Nara has run off to Santipur to avoid Me. I have come to deliver the pious and annihilate the miscreants. You have nothing to worry about. Just recite some hymns to Me!"

Shrinibas began to cry in ecstatic love at seeing his Prabhu (Lord). All the fear in his heart was dispelled and he was now assured and in complete confidence. His body was thrilled with joy as he stood with his palms folded ready to offer prayers. Because Shribas Pandit was naturally a very great devotee he took full advantage of this opportunity to glorify the Lord. He began by reciting from the Bhagavatam, from the prayers offered by Lord Brahma after he had become bewildered and stolen Krishna's cows and cowherd boyfriends.

"My eternally worshipful Lord and Master. Your bodily complexion is the colour of a new rain cloud and Your yellow garments appear like lightning. Your face is so beautifully decorated with earrings made from gunja berries and a peacock feather adorns Your head as a crown. Around Your neck is a garland of forest flowers and in Your hand is a ball of rice moistened with yogurt. You carry a cane horn and flute, sometimes in Your hands and sometimes tucked into Your belt. All of these transcendental attributes of Yours reciprocally enhances and are enhanced by Your personal beauty to unlimited degrees. Your two lotus feet are so soft. You are the son of the king of the cowherds Shri Nanda Baba. I offer my salutations to You.

My salutations at the feet of Shri Biswambhar.

My salutations at the feet of Shri Sacinandan.

My salutations at the feet of the disciple of Ganga das.

My salutations at the feet of the son of Jagannath Misra, the beauty of Whose face defeats the simultaneous presence of ten million moons. You are non-different from that cowherd boy carrying a lump of foodstuffs in His hand; Whose glories are proclaimed throughout the Bedas, the same Nanda kumar. I offer my salutations at Your lotus feet.

You are Bisnu, You are Krishna and You are Jaggeswar as well. The chief of all holy tirthas namely Shrimati Ganga debi, is the water which washes Your lotus feet. You are the life of Janaki, You are Narasimha. Lord Brahma, Lord Siva and the other demigods and goddesses are as bees hovering at your lotus feet. You are what is to be known by the Bedas, You are that same Narayan. You are the one Who came to trick Bali, taking the form of a dwarf brahmana. You are Hayagriva; You are the life of the universe. You are Nilacal Candra (Lord Jagannath), the cause of everything. Who is there who is not defeated by Your maya. Kamala (Lakki) does not fully know You, though she is with You constantly. Your associates, friends, brothers and He Who serves You in all ways, Shri Ananta deb, all have to obey Your power of illusion (maya), what to speak of anyone else. You had lulled me from the truth by this false disguise as a householder and thus without recognizing You my life was about to be lost through negligence. By so many tricks of your maya You tried to cheat me. but I am not afraid of that. Hear me PranNath (Lord of my life), at last You have revealed Your true self before me. Today all my sorrows have been destroyed.

Today my day has come. Today my birth and all of my activities have been crowned with success. Today the picture of my future prosperity looks very bright. Today my previous ancestors have all been delivered. Today my place of residence has been blessed. Today there is no estimating the good fortune of my eyes. He Who I am now seeing standing before me; His lotus feet are served by the Goddess of Fortune, Ramadebi.


As he continued, Pandit Shribas became overwhelmed with ecstatic love and let go with a deep sigh as he raised his two arms in the air. He began to roll on the ground unable to contain his delight at having seen such an unprecedented manifestation of the glories of Shri Gaurcandra. What an uncommon and strange delight had taken possession of his body. This best of the brahmanas was now drowning in the ocean of ecstasy.

Prabhu smiled to hear Shribasa's prayers and thus wanted to bestow His grace upon him. "Let your wife, sons and whoever else is within your house see My Divine Form. Bring them here and with your wife, worship My lotus feet and ask any benediction that your mind desires.

Having received this order from the Lord, Shribas went to quickly bring his family members. Whatever flowers were there for the purpose of worshipping Lord Bisnu, he brought and placed at the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu. Then he worshipped those two lotus feet with sandalwood paste, flowers, incense and lamps and shed tears of ecstasy along with his wife. In the company of his brothers, their wives, servants and maidservants, Shribas fell at those two lotus feet and plaintively entreated the Lord's mercy.

Prabhu Biswambhar then very affectionately placed His two lotus feet on the head of His most dear Shribas. He imperceptibly stroked everyone's head and laughed while pronouncing this benediction, "May your minds and hearts reside in Me."

Then while roaring very loudly Shri Biswambhar addressed Shribas, "Ohe Shrinibas! Are you feeling some fear? I have heard that the king has sent his boats to apprehend you? Every living entity in the universe has been sent here by Me alone, in order that they might try to fulfill their desires. If I inspire the king from within his heart to capture anyone, then he will give the order to do so. Otherwise, if he tries to act independently and instructs anyone to apprehend the Baisnabs, then I know how to deal with him. I will be the first one to get in the boat and in this way I will be brought before the king. Then do you think the king will be able to remain on his throne after seeing Me? I'll make him so bewildered that he'll fall off his throne. Even if that doesn't happen and he asks Me some questions, then you know what I'll do?

I'll tell him, "Listen to Me, Oh king! Do you know what is truth and what is falsity? Bring your religious preceptors, all the mullahs and kajis you can find; bring them all here. Bring your elephants, horses and whatever other animals and birds you can find. Then you order those kajis (religious leaders) to speak from your sastras (Koran) and make everyone cry. If they cannot do as such, then I will perform a pastime to reveal Myself to the king. You wish to prohibit sankirtan as per the kajis advice, but now you have seen how far they are capable. (They couldn't arouse anyone's emotions). Now, feast your eyes on what I am about to do."

Saying this I will catch hold of one mad elephant and bring him there. Then I will also bring other elephants, horses, deers and birds and assemble them all together. By repeating "Krishna! Krishna!" I will then make all of them cry. All of the kings men and the king himself will all be drenched in their own tears by the time I am finished chanting the Holy Names of "Krishna!"

Now you might be doubting the practically of My words. So just see before you this young girl who is your niece."

Present there was the daughter of one of Shribasa's brothers, Narayani. She is well known even today throughout Baisnab society as Narayani, who received the remnants of Mahaprabhu's prasadam. Shri GaurangaCandra, Who is within the hearts of everyone told her, "Narayani! Chant Krishna's name and cry!"

That little girl of only four years then became wild as though intoxicated. As if in a delirious frenzy she began to cry out, "Ha Krishna! Ha Krishna!", as tears coursed down her body. Her consciousness gradually receded until she fell into the lap of Mother Earth, the ground all around her having become soaked by her tears.

Seeing little Narayani totally agitated in ecstatic love, Shribasa's wife and even the household servants also began to shed tears of love. The courtyard of Shribas took on a very beautiful appearance, being decorated with ecstatic love for Krishna.

Prabhu Biswambhar laughed, "So have your fears been dispelled or not?!"

The eloquent Shribas, who was aware of all the truths, flapped his arms and replied, "When in Your form as Eternal Time (Kala), You bring about the destruction of all that You had previously created, at that time I feel no fear by chanting Your Holy Names, so what should I fear now, while You are present in my house?!" Saying this much he became overwhelmed with ecstatic love.


He, Whose darshan is searched for throughout the four Bedas was personally seen by Shribas Pandit, along with his family members, including the servants and maidservants. What more can I say about the extremely liberal character of Shribas Pandit, by the dust of whose feet the world is purified. As Krishna appeared in Basudeb's house but performed His pastimes in the house of Nanda Baba, similarly this incarnation took place in Jagannath Misra's house, but his pastimes are performed in the house of Shribas Pandit.

Pandit Shribas was very dear to all the Baisnabs. Whoever came to his house felt very joyful. By serving the Baisnabs one certainly becomes qualified to see Krishna by their mercy.

Prabhu Biswambhar forbade Shribas to speak of any of these incidents to anyone. Regaining His external consciousness he felt somewhat ashamed and so went to His house after consoling Shribas. Whoever hears these prayers offered by Shribas to Mahaprabhu, will easily become Krishna das, the servant of Krishna.


One day, in an ecstatic mood, Lord Gauranga entered Shribasa's house asking, "Shribas, whom do you worship? Whom do you meditate upon? Now with your own two eyes, see that person standing before you."

Saying this, Mahaprabhu entered the Deity room within Shribasa's home temple and sat down on the simhasan of Lord Bisnu, revealing His own four armed form, holding the conch, disc, club and lotus flower. Seeing this form, Shribas was totally stupefied.

Shri Gaursundor then said, "Due to being called by your sankirtan and the loud roaring of Shri Adwaita Acarja, I have left Baikuntha and have descended upon this mortal world, accompanied by My eternal associates. I will destroy the miscreants and deliver the pious. Now, without fear, you can chant my glories."

Hearing these words of His Lord, which dispelled all fear, Shribas fell on the ground, offering his obeisances.

Then he began to recite hymns in praise of the Lord. "My obeisances at the lotus feet of the support of the entire universe, Biswambhar, Whose bodily colour is like that of a newly arrived rain cloud and Whose garments are the colour of a thunderbolt. My obeisances at the lotus feet of the Son of Saci, who is bedecked with ornaments of peacock feathers and a garland of red beads (gunja). My obeisances at the lotus feet of the pupil of Ganga das, the beauty of whose lotus face conquers that of ten million moons. My obeisances at Your lotus feet, You who carry a buffalo horn, stick and flute. The four Bedas have proclaimed You to be the son of Nanda. Unto You my dear Lord, my obeisances I offer again and again."

"Today my birth, my activities, my everything has become successful. Today my very existence has been crowned with the greatest auspiciousness. Today the race of my forefathers has finally born fruit, and my house, which was also their house, has become blessed. Today the great fortune of my eyes is completely beyond calculation, because I have been able to see that person whose lotus feet are served by the goddess of fortune, Lakkidebi".

[C.B.Madhya 2]

At this time Shri Gaursundor began His lila as the yugavatar, at the house of Shribas Pandit. Having been reunited with Shri Nityananda Prabhu He started congregational chanting of the Lord's Holy Names in the courtyard of Shribasa's house. Nityananda Prabhu took up His residence there also at that time.


Shri Malinidebi served Nityananda as though He were her own son. Shri Nityananda was actually Shri Baladeb Himself, and in His pastimes as Lord Nityananda He behaved somewhat like a madman. He was always overwhelmed by love of Krishna, and was not aware of the state of His outward dress or ornaments.

Nityananda remained in Shribas Thakur's house, continually absorbed in his mood of boyhood pastimes. When taking His meal He didn't lift His hand to put the food in His mouth, rather Malini fed Him with her own hand. Shribas Pandit's chaste wife could understand Nityananda's position and thus she served Him as though she was His mother and He her son.


One day Prabhu sat down together with Shribas and began to discuss Krishna katha with him. Prabhu Biswambhar examined the Pandit, "Why are you letting that abadhut stay in your house for so long? No one knows his family lineage or in which dynasty He is coming. In My opinion you are being extremely liberal in this matter. If you wish to maintain your own family heritage and your position in society, then you had better get rid of that abadhut as soon as possible."

Shribas smiled slightly, "Prabhu, why are you testing me like this. Whoever worships You even for one day only; that person is as dear to me as my own life! Nityananda is non-different from You. He is Your body. I have proof of this. If Nityananda keeps companionship with a drunken Muhammadan woman and in this way spoils my good reputation, my wealth, even my life; still I won't think about Him otherwise. This is my honest opinion."

When Prabhu heard these words of Shribas He roared loudly and climbed on his chest. "What are you saying Pandit?! You have this much faith in Nityananda?! How is it you have understood the confidential position of My Nityananda?! You have pleased Me so much. Now I must give you a boon. If the Goddess of Fortune, Lakkidebi, goes begging throughout the town, still there won't be a trace of poverty in your house. Everyone in your house, including the cat and dog, will be blessed with firm devotion to Me. I have entrusted Nityananda to you. Take care of Him and serve Him nicely!

Prabhu then returned to His home while Nityananda wandered around Nadiya nagar.                                                                                          [C.B.Madhya 8]


Prabhu Biswambhar used to tour around the town every day in the company of His devoted followers. One day, taking Thakur Pandit (Shribas) with Him, Bishwambhar Gaura Hari set out for His daily stroll. As they approached one edge of town where the wine makers lived, the scent of freshly prepared wine entered Prabhu Biswambhar's two nostrils. By that scent He was reminded of Baruni beverage and by that stimulation in ecstatic love the Son of Saci took on the mood and characteristics of Balaram. Losing external consciousness He began to roar loudly, "Come on! Let's go!"

Again and again He requested, "Shribas!? Come on! Let's go!"

Shribas however caught hold of His lotus feet to prevent Him from going.

Prabhu retaliated, "Shribas! Do I have to follow these prohibitions?!"

Still Shribas restricted Him from going. Shribas replied, "You are the Father of the universe. If You become worn out then who will protect us?! Whoever criticizes You, not understanding Your pastimes, will have nothing to look forward to but death, after suffering life after life. You are the personification of religion for all time, the eternal Master. Who will be able to understand this pastime of Yours? If You go into those wine makers' homes, then I will enter into the waters of the Ganges."

The Lord doesn't infringe upon the resolve of His devotees. Therefore He smiled to hear Shribasa's words and replied, "That which you do not desire is not capable of being performed by me. I don't want to make your words false." He was forced to check His mood as Balaram and therefore slowly proceeded along the main road.

Those winemakers who were living there had by this time of day already consumed a sizeable quantity of their liquor and were therefore quite plastered. Seeing Shri Biswambhar they began to call, "Hari! Hari!"

Someone remarked, "Nimai Pandit! Have you heard him sing?! He really gets high sometimes and then can he dance!"

Another one began to clap his hands and chant, "Hari! Hari!" while dancing. The other ones proceeded behind him in great hilarity and jubilation. "Hari bol! Hari bol! Joy Narayan!" they chanted in ecstasy as they danced along the road. This is the effect of having darsan of Bisnu and the Baisnabs, that the sky became filled with the transcendental vibrations of the Holy Names.

Shri Biswambhar laughed to see the activities of those drunkards while Shribas began to shed tears of ecstatic love, moved as he was by the influence of Lord Chaitanya. Whoever has been so fortunate to see the incarnation of Shri Chaitanya Candra, whether he be a drunkard or whatever, I offer my salutations to him.

Thus bestowing His merciful glance upon those winemakers, Shri Biswambhar proceeded along the high road (king's path).


All glories, all glories to Shri Krishna Chaitanya, the treasure house of all good qualities. All glories to Shri Biswambhar. All glories to the Prime Dispenser of Destiny for those in material existence. All glories, all glories to Nityananda, the dearest of the King of the Brahmanas. All glories, all glories to the society of devotees of Shri Chaitanya.


Thus did Shri Biswambhar exhibit His sporting pastimes in Nabadwip, but not everyone was able to perceive him. Daily the ecstasy increased in Nabadwip Puri, as the Hero of Baikuntha Shri Biswambhar danced in delight with His dearmost, Nityananda, and enjoyed, within the society of His devotees, the nectar of His Holy Names.

Every evening sankirtan would be held but only devotees were granted entrance therein. The potencies of Biswambhar were so extensive that no one was able to find any limit wherein they might make some transgression.

At a distance, five or ten people would congregate to find fault with the activities of the devotees, thus paving their path to Jamraja's house.

Someone remarked, "What kind of Baisnabs do we find in Kali yug? Just see, their only business is to fill their bellies!"

Another chimed in, "The only solution to this affliction is to bind their bands and feet and throw them in the river."

Another said, "My brothers! Know this for certain. Nimai Pandit has spoiled this village of ours!"

They tried to induce fear in the devotees as an artifice to gain entrance to the kirtan, but for those whose fortune is lacking no amount of cleverness will suffice. Prabhu Saci Nandan performed sankirtan and thus purified the consciousness of this universe. Those who were not allowed to view these wonderful pastimes were left to regret their unfortunate position. Breathing heavy sighs they lamented their wretchedness.

Some of these poor souls would approach the devotees and beg for help to gain admittance. The Lord's servants however knew that Prabhu was all knowing and therefore they were afraid to bring any unwanted persons there.

One brahmacari resided in Nabadwip, who was very renounced and a great saint, uninjurious to anyone. He subsisted only on milk, without taking any other foodstuff.

Prabhu would begin kirtan only after first bolting the door, so that no non-devotees could enter there. That brahmana however, would everyday request Shribas Thakur that he might see the ecstatic dancing of the Lord.

"If you would be merciful to me only once, and admit me inside, then I could see the Pandit's dancing. Let this be the success of my eyes and my life as well." In this way he would express his longings.

Finally one day Shribas told him, "I know that you have always led a pious life; that you properly practice brahmacarja and take only fruits as your foodstuffs. I don't know of any sin whatsoever within your body. You are entitled to see, I think. However it is not the order of the Lord that just anyone can go there, so you can just remain in hiding. This is the best advice I can give you." So he took that brahmana with him and concealed him behind a screen.

The Lord of the fourteen worlds danced, His most fortunate associates surrounding Him on all sides. "Krishna Ram Mukunda Murari Banamali!", they all sang together in great eagerness. Nityananda caught hold of Gadadhar and danced around the courtyard while Adwaita Simha ran in all directions in great ecstasy. They were all so absorbed in the joy of this pleasure that none of them were externally conscious of anything other than the dancing of the Hero of Baikuntha. Other than the sounds of "Hari bol! Hari bol! Hari bol!", nothing else could be heard in any direction. Tears, trembling, deep roaring, horripilation; who can describe the ecstatic transformations which took place in Shri Biswambhar's body.

However the crest jewel of all omniscience could understand that that particular brahmana had been concealed in hiding. Prabhu Biswambhar stopped the kirtan and exclaimed, "Why is it that today ecstatic love has not come to give us its shelter. I suspect that some outsider has come within our midst. I can't understand fully what is going on here so please let me know the truth of this matter."

Shribas became somewhat fearful and offered his reply, "Prabhu! No atheists have come here. Only there is one brahmacari who is a very qualified brahman. He drinks only milk and is a sinless person. He has great esteem for You and was very eager to see Your dancing. He is remaining here concealed from sight. This You may know to be the confirmed truth of the matter.

Having heard this reply Biswambhar exploded in anger, "Out! Out! Take him out right this minute! What capacity has been bestowed upon him to see My dancing? Simply by drinking milk one attains devotion to Me?!"

Prabhu raised up His two arms and pointing His finger exclaimed, "By drinking milk one will never be able to attain Me! If the keeper of a crematorium takes shelter of Me then I am his, and he is Mine. Know this for certain. If even a sannyasi has no dependence on Me, then he is not Mine! This is the simple truth. What austerities were performed by Gajendra, Hanuman and the Gopas of Braja!? Please tell Me this! (Nothing) Then how did they attain Me?! Even demons undergo austerities! What is that?! Unless one takes shelter of Me, then he cannot cross over the ocean of material existence. By drinking milk one cannot attain Me! I will pulverize everyone. Just prepare yourselves to see this here and now!

That brahmacari became very afraid to hear all of this and so he came out from his hiding place. He reflected within himself on the situation at hand, being as he was of an equipoised nature. "My fortune is inestimable considering what I have just seen. And in addition to that I have also been chastised fittingly according to my offence. What wonderful dancing I have seen today! What a fantastic kirtan!

One who is actually a servant thinks in this way. He easily tolerates misfortune and even the direct punishment of the Lord, knowing that he deserves even worse due to past sinful activities. He never feels enmity towards the Lord as a result of being reprimanded. As he was thinking this over he proceeded towards the door, accepting his fate, whatever it may be.

Prabhu Biswambhar, Who is the indwelling Supersoul, could understand the heart of that brahmana and so the Ocean of Compassion called him to come near Him. Placing His two lotus feet on the brahmanas head He addressed him, "Don't simply rely on tapasya as your means of perfection. You should know that devotion to Bisnu is the topmost and the only means of true perfection."

The brahmana cried tears of ecstasy while constantly remembering the all merciful and compassionate nature of the Lord. The devotees all became very pleased to see this charming sight and while roaring loudly, "Hari! Hari!" they fell to the ground like golden sticks, offering their dandabats. Whoever faithfully listens to these pastimes of pleasantry will undoubtedly meet with Prabhu Gaurachandra.

Thus having bestowed His mercy on that brahmacari, the Lord became again absorbed in His ecstatic pastimes of dancing. I offer my obeisances to the feet of that brahmana who had the intelligence to accept the chastisement of Shri Chaitanya.                                                                                   [C.B.Madhya 23]


After the Lord's ecstatic dancing He would sometimes go to bathe in the Ganga and at other times the devotees would bathe Him within the courtyard of Shribasa's house.

There was a maidservant in Shribas Thakur's house named Duhkhi, who as long as the Lord danced would continue to fetch water from the Ganga. Sometimes she would stop for awhile and watch the Lord's ecstatic dancing, her eyes filled with tears, and then she would go to bring more Ganges water which was stored in rows of pots. When Shri Sacinandan saw these he became very pleased.

One day He inquired from Shribas, "Who brings this water every day?" Shribas replied, "Prabhu! Duhkhi brings this water."

Prabhu replied, "From today she will be called Sukhi. This name Duhkhi is not fitting for one who is a source of continuous happiness for Me."

[NOTE: Duhkhi means sadness, whereas Sukhi means happiness.]

Thus the Lord indicated that those who serve the Lord and the Lord's devotees are not duhkhi (sad); rather, they are sukhi (happy).

The devotees then began to cry in ecstatic love, having heard these words of kindness and compassion from the Lord's lotus mouth. Everyone then began to call her Sukhi, as per the Lord's instructions and Shribas no longer thought of her as a maidservant, but as a devotee. If one serves the Lord in love, then he can receive Krishna. Not simply by shaving one's head does he avoid the punishment of Jamraj. One's aristocratic birth, handsome physical appearance, wealth or education are no consideration. Krishna is satisfied if someone worships Him with love. Whatever truths have been described in the Bedas and Bhagavat, Shri Gaursundor Himself personally demonstrated directly before the eyes of His devotees. The mercy of Mahaprabhu which Duhkhi received due to her activities as a maidservant, is never even glimpsed by those who are vainly proud.

How can I possibly describe the glories and great fortune of Shribas Thakur, the good fortune of whose servants and maidservants is without limit.


One evening, Shri Gaursundor, accompanied by His associates, was engaged in chanting and dancing at the house of Shribas Thakur when one of Shribas Thakur's sons passed away after having suffered the effects of some disease.

Within the inner apartment of his house, the women began to wail in lamentation at the boy's untimely death. Shribas Pandit, who was outside in the courtyard, understood some tragedy must have taken place. He quickly entered the house only to find that his son had passed on to the next world.

As he was a very grave devotee and completely conversant in the science of the Absolute Truth, he was able to console the women in their grief.

"You are all aware of Krishna's glories, so please restrain yourselves and don't cry. Whoever during his last moment hears the Lord's Holy Name, even though he might be the greatest sinner, attains Krishna's abode. And that incomparably wonderful Lord, He whose glories are sung by all His servants up to and including Lord Brahma, is now personally dancing in the courtyard of your house. At this auspicious moment if someone leaves for the next world, then what could there possibly be lamentable in this? This moment is so auspicious that it is sure this boy has successfully completed his journey from this world. Is there anything to be lamented at in this? His good fortune is completely assured. I can understand that whatever part I have played in this is also crowned with success."

If you can't restrain your emotions due to familial affection then at least wait for some time before you cry your eyes out for the one you love. At least for the present, so that no one comes to hear of this, lest the ecstasy that the Lord is experiencing from dancing becomes broken. The Supreme Lord of Gokul Himself, Shri Gaursundor, is performing sankirtan accompanied by His devotees in this house.

If, due to your wailing, the Lord's external consciousness is aroused and the happiness that He is experiencing from dancing in ecstasy during sankirtan is disturbed, then I will just this minute jump into the Ganges and thus give up my own life.

Not a blade of grass moves unless by Krishna's will. To see in this happiness or distress, or knowledge or ignorance is simply imagination. Know that whatever Krishna wills is good, and so, giving up your own selfish desires, become free from confusion and unnecessary botheration. Krishna is giving and Krishna is taking away, and it is Krishna alone Who is maintaining everyone. Someone He protects and someone He destroys, all according to His will. If someone contemplates something contrary to Krishna's will, then as a result of His desire He gets only torment. Giving up all lamentation, simply hear Krishna's name, and thus pass through all difficulties feeling great happiness. Then your desires will actually be fulfilled."

At these words of Shribas everyone regained their composure, while Shribas returned to Prabhu's kirtan. As he joined in the ecstasy of sankirtan his joy increased moment upon moment. This is the greatness of Shrinibas Pandit and is one limit of the glories of Lord Chaitanya's associates.

The women also, leaving the dead body, came to hear the kirtan of Mahaprabhu. Shri Gaurachandra danced according to His own feelings of happiness and then gradually brought the kirtan to a close. The devotees came to know by succession that Shribasa's son had made his departure for Baikuntha. Therefore they felt sad within themselves but none of them expressed this externally.

When everyone was at last leaving to take rest, the crest jewel of all-omniscience, Shri Gaursundor then enquired amongst them, "Today I am feeling somewhat strange, as though some great sorrow has overtaken the Pandit's house."

The pandit replied, "What possible unhappiness could there be in that person's house where Your divinely blissful countenance is seen?"

"Shribas! Why wasn't I feeling bliss in kirtan today? What inauspicious thing transpired in your house?"

Shribas answered, "My Lord, You are Yourself all auspicious. Where You are present, no sorrow can be found anywhere!"

The other devotees however then informed the Lord of the death of Shribasa's son.


Hearing this news, Gaura Raya cried out, "Alas, what a tragic event. Why didn't you tell me of this unfortunate news before?"

"Shribas was afraid of disturbing Your ecstatic mood and therefore didn't reveal this news to anyone. It has now been seven and a half hours, so if You give the order we can perform the necessary ceremonies just now.

"I will explain," Shribas Pandit replied. "I couldn't tolerate disturbing You while You were enjoying sankirtan. If one of my sons dies, what sorrow is there in that for me? If we all die while seeing You, that would actually be a matter of great happiness. On the other hand, if You would have to stop dancing, then perhaps I would have died. My Lord, this was the danger that I feared, and thus I didn't tell you at the time."

Having heard this surprising narration of the miraculous nature of Shribas, Prabhu could only reply, "Govinda! Govinda! How will I ever be able to give up such association?", as He began to cry. "Due to infatuation of love for Me, he didn't even lament the death of his own son! How can I give up such association as this?!" The Lord continued to cry, and the devotees began to worry within, having heard Him speak of leaving them.

Saying this much He continued to cry. The devotees however were plunged into thought about the meaning of these words. "Because of this why should He have to give up anyone's association? There's no telling what calamity might occur at any time!"

When the devotees saw that the Lord had regained His composure they took Him with them to perform the last rites of the deceased child. Prabhu then addressed the dead child, "What is the reason for your sudden departure from Shribasa's house?"

The child replied, "Prabhu. Whatever has been foreordained by You must take place. Who has the power to do otherwise?"

The devotees stared in total astonishment to hear the dead child speaking to Mahaprabhu. The child continued, "As many days as I was predestined to enjoy life in this body have been completed. Now that the law has been served I am unable to remain any longer. I must proceed on towards the fulfilment of the next decree (ordinance) which is now incumbent upon me. My Lord, I have taken birth and died repeatedly. But this time, at the time of death, I passed away quite happily, having taken darshan of Your beautiful face. Please bless me that I won't forget you. Prabhu! Who is the father of anyone and who is the son? Everyone must enjoy or suffer the results of his own activities. I had the good fortune to remain in Shribasa's house for this long. Now however, my destiny has come to carry me on to my next destination. I offer my obeisances at Your lotus feet and as well at the feet of Your associates." Thereafter the body of that child again became silent. Such are the interesting activities of Shri Gauranga Ray.

Having heard the wonderful and uncommon words of the dead child, the devotees floated in the ocean of bliss. The lamentation and affliction which were previously felt by the family members of Shribas had now retreated far away. Becoming agitated by the symptoms of ecstatic love Shribas along with his family members caught hold of the Lord's lotus feet and began to cry tears of happiness.

"Birth after birth You are our Father, Mother, son and Master. Please let us never forget your lotus feet. Wherever we might take birth, may our loving devotion for You remain." Thus the four brothers offered these plaintive words at the Lord's lotus feet while the other devotees cried very loudly.

Prabhu said, "Hear Me Shribas Pandit! You are aware of the ins and outs of this material world. What power does material grief due to familial ties have over you? Those who see you as an ordinary family man however, are not so fortunate. Myself and Nityananda are your two sons. Therefore there is no reason for you to feel any more pain in your heart."

The devotees shook the skies with their loud shouts of happiness at having heard these compassionate words of the Lord. Proving the statements of sastra, Their Lordships GauraNityananda became deeply indebted to Shribas due to his great love for and service to Them.

They began kirtan as they accompanied the Lord to the banks of the Ganga, where He had brought the boy to perform his last rites. Then they all took their baths and departed each for his own house, all the while chanting Krishna's Names. By this time Shribas and his family members were totally overwhelmed by everything that had happened.

Whoever hears the narration of these profound pastimes of Shri Chaitanya will certainly obtain the greatest treasure of love for Krishna. May my obeisances remain at the feet of Shribas Thakur whose two sons are Gaurachandra and Nityananda.                                                                                              [C.B.Madhya 25]


After Mahaprabhu took sannyas, Shribas Pandit came to live at Kumarhatta. Every year he would go with His brothers to see Mahaprabhu at Puri. He also regularly came to see Shri Sacimata in Nabadwip and would spend a few days there during those times.

Mahaprabhu came from Nilacal to see His mother and the river Ganges. After celebrating the festival in honour of Madhabendra Puripad at Adwaita Acarja's house, Prabhu also came to see Shribas Pandit at his house in Kumar Hatta.

Shribas was absorbed in trance during his worship of Shri Krishna when the object of his meditation suddenly arrived there before his eyes. He fell down on the ground to offer his dandabats and then placed the Lord's lotus feet on his chest all the while crying very loudly and heaving deep sighs.

Shri Gaursundor embraced Shribas to His chest and shed tears of love which fell on Shribasa's body as his other family members arrived on the scene, their arms raised and crying tears of happiness.

Shribas brought a first-class seat on his head for the lotus eyed Lord to sit on. The chaste ladies made sounds of jubilation and rejoicing as the others engaged in kirtan. Shribas Bhavan became saturated with the ecstasy of Krishna Prem.

Purandor Acarja, Basudeb Datta, Sivananda Sen and the other devotees now arrived with tears in their eyes and the Lord affectionately embraced them. Then the Lord of Baikuntha began to dance in ecstasy while celebrating the qualities of Basudeb Datta, Shribas and his brother Ramai, who were His very dear devotees.


One day as Prabhu was seated with Shribas in a solitary place, He asked him, "I see that you never go out anywhere. How do you make ends meet?"

Shribas replied, "Prabhu! My heart is not inspired to go anywhere. This is the only answer I have for You!"

Prabhu inquired, "But you have a very large family. How will they carry on?"

Shribas replied, "Whatever one is destined to receive he gets, by some means or other."

Prabhu continued, "Have you taken up the renounced order (sannyas)?!"

Shribas, "No. I am not capable of doing that."

Prabhu, "You won't take sannyas, neither will you go to anyone for receiving charity. I don't understand your words or how you are to maintain your family members? These days if you don't go anywhere then not even a farthing will come your way. In that predicament if I come to your house, then what will you do?"

Shribas replied as he clapped his hands, "One. Two. Three."

Prabhu, "What is the meaning of this and the clapping of your hands?"

Shribas, "I am firm in my conviction, that if after three days of fasting still nothing is there to eat, then I will bind a water pot to my neck and enter the waters of Mother Ganges."

When SaciNandan heard this reply He roared loudly and stood up, "What have you uttered Pandit Shribas?! Will such a thing ever come to pass?! Even if it is ever seen that Lakkidebi, the Goddess of Fortune, ever goes out begging, still there will never even be a chance of there being any poverty in your house. Have you forgotten Shribas, what I myself have stated in Bhagavad Gita?!

"Whoever thinks of Me exclusively, I bring whatever he needs, carrying the articles on My own head. Whoever thinks of Me doesn't have to go to anyone's door. Rather all perfections come to him of their own accord. Religion, economic development, sense gratification and liberation come to him automatically. But My servant doesn't want these things neither does he accept them. My servants are protected by My sudarshan cakra. Even the final debstation cannot affect them in the least.                        [Gita 9.22]

Those who think of my servants are also supported and maintained by Me. The servants of My servants are most dear to Me. They very easily attain Me. This you can be sure of. Why should those who are directly supported and maintained by Me, waste time in worrying where their foodstuffs and clothing will come from. Simply remain in the happiness of your home Shribas. Whatever you require will come to your door of its own accord.

I have bestowed My benediction on both Adwaita Acarja and your good self that neither of you will become afflicted by the infirmities of old age.

Shri Gaursundor called Ram pandit (Ramai), "Hear Me Ram! This is My decision. You should always serve your older brother Shribas, knowing him to be as good as the Supreme Lord Himself. This is My order to you. You belong to Me Shri Ram Pandit; your very life force belongs to Me. Never, at any time should you give up the service of Shribas."

ShriRam and Shribas were overjoyed to hear these words of Prabhu, and thus all of their desires were fulfilled.

What can I say about the liberal character of Shribas Thakur? Simply by remembering him all the three worlds become purified. In this way Shri Gauranga Ray performed His pastimes within the temple of Shrinibas, and remained there according to his wishes. Shribas and his family members were floating in the ocean of ecstasy to see the Lord present in their house.


Shribas Pandit, along with his three brothers, eternally serve Shri Gaursundor. He is the incarnation of Narada Muni and accompanied Mahaprabhu in all of His Nabadwip lilas.

Across the Ganges from Halisahar (the present name of the village of Kumarhatta), there is a town of the name Chuchura. Located here are some very beautiful Deities of Shri Shri NitaiGauranga. At present the seb puja is being carried on by Debnanda Gauriya Matha. But originally this temple was called Shribas Mahaprabhu Mandir. There is therefore a strong possibility that these are the worshipful Deities of Shribas Pandit. The temple is at present named Uddharan Gauriya Math. It is near Chaumatha , close to the Ghori Mor intersection where the town clock stands. There is a rail station at Chuchura (Chinsura) on the Bandel-Nabadwip line. Chuchura may also be reached by ferry from Halisahar on the other side of the Ganga, where Chaitanya Doba, the birthplace of Shri Isvar Puri, is located.