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Shri Sundorananda Thakur;


"Sundorananda is one of the twelve Gopals, the associates of Shri Nityananda Prabhu. He was Lord Nityananda's most intimate servant. Lord Nityananda perceived the life of Brajabhumi in his company."


His Shripat was in Maheshpur, which is within the present district of Jessore, Bangladesh. Nowadays only his birthplace can be seen there. The Deities of Shri Shri RadhaBallabh which he originally installed here have been taken to Saidabad, near Barhampur in Murshidabad. He never married but the descendants of his brother and disciples are still residing in Maheshpur. Descendants of his family also live at Mangal Dihi in Birbhum. Sundorananda was an ocean of mellows of love for Krishna. He is one of the main associates of Lord Nityananda.


His disappearance is on the Kartik purnima. His samadhi is in Brindaban and his worshipful Deity, Shri Kalacand, now resides in the new Govindaji Mandir.

In Krishnalila he was the gopal Sudama.