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Shri Saranga Murari Thakur;


Shri Saranga Murari Thakur used to reside at Modadrumadwip (Mamgachi), where his Deities of Shri Shri RadhaGopinath are still present. There is also a Bakul tree there which is existing since the time of Saranga Thakur. There is a local legend concerning this tree which is as follows.


One day when Mahaprabhu came there, He noticed that the Bakul tree in the courtyard of Saranga's temple was dying. So he asked, "Saranga! This Bakul tree is dying! What are you going to do?"

Saranga Thakur replied, "Other than Your mercy Prabhu, I don't see any hope for this tree, or for any of the rest of us for that matter."

Then Mahaprabhu embraced that tree, which has remained healthy to this day and is now very immense.


Saranga Thakur had resolved that he would not accept any disciples. However, once when Mahaprabhu was returning home with Shribas Pandit after chastising Debananda Pandit, He passed by Saranga Deb and inquired from him, "Saranga! Why don't you accept any disciples?"

Saranga replied, "I haven't found any one qualified."

Prabhu told him, "Whoever you accept will automatically become qualified."

Saranga, "Since You are requesting me, then the first person I see tomorrow I will accept as my disciple.

In the early morning of the next day he went to take his bath in the Ganges when, by chance, a dead body came and touched his feet as he entered the water. Picking up this body he said, "Who are you? Get up."

Mahaprabhu, Who is the witness of everything, called out, "Saranga! Say the mantra in his ear!"

Then when Saranga said the mantra into the ear of that dead child, the body became conscious. He said, "My name is Murari. I am your servant. Please bestow your mercy upon me."

On the day when this boy was to be invested with the sacred thread he was by chance bitten by a snake and died. As he was only a boy, the custom was not to burn the body but rather to place it on a raft of banana trees and float it down the Ganga.

When his parents received the news that their child was alive, they came there to take him home. But Murari declined to accompany them to his former home. He told them, "I will remain in the service of he who has given me my life again, for I am indebted to him."


Brindaban das Thakur has described the disciple of Saranga Thakur, Murari Chaitanya das, as follows: "There was no external consciousness present in Chaitanya das's transcendental body. He would enter into the forest just to chase tigers. Sometimes he would jump on the back of a tiger, who by his influence remained inert. At other times he would put a python on his lap and play with it in great delight. It was by the mercy of Avadhut Mahasay (Nityananda Prabhu) that he was able to play in this way with tigers and snakes. Shri Nityananda Ray is very affectionate to his servants, and thus by a simple wink of his eye they are able to enjoy mellows which are not even accessible to Lord Brahma.

"Chaitanya was constantly in forgetfulness of himself. He would continually speak his mind out loud while in great ecstasy. Sometimes he would remain within the water for two or three days without suffering any bodily inconveniences. He appeared to be almost insentient and therefore his activities were imperceptible. Such was the fierce intensity of his immeasurable prowess. How much can I describe of the interminable transformations of his devotional sentiments?"            [C.B.Antya 5.426-434]

The descendants of Murari's family are still residing at Sargram in Barddhaman district.


According to Gaur Ganoddesh Dipika Saranga Thakur was previously Nandi Mukhi, in Braja lila. His appearance is on the 14th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Asar. His disappearance is on the 13th day of the dark fortnight in the month Agrahayon.


The temple of Saranga Thakur and his worshipful Deities, Shri Shri RadhaGopinath are still to be found at Mamgachi (Jahannagar), just North of the present town of Nabadwip.

The worshipful Deities of Basudeb Datta Thakur, Shri Shri RadhaMadanGopal are also residing there. One can go there by rickshaw or train from Nabadwip town. By train one should go north towards Katwa and get down at the first stop after Bisnupriya halt, Bhandar tikuri.