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Shri Raghunath Das Goswami;


Raghunatha das Gosvami used to reside on the banks of Shri Radhakunda. At that time Radhakunda was just a small pond of water, and therefore Raghunatha would sometimes meditate on enlarging the kund. Then he would chastise himself for desiring something which would require a large amount of money.

Around this time one very wealthy gentleman [Seth] underwent great austerity by walking to Badarikasrama in the Himalayas. After arriving there he very reverently worshipped Shri Badrinarayana and offered much wealth at His lotus feet. That night as he slept there, he had a dream in which Shri Badarinarayana instructed him to proceed to Braja, where he should present all his wealth to Shri Raghunath Das Gosvami, who was residing at Aritgram. "If he declines to accept it, then you can mention My name and remind him about renovating Radhakunda and Syamakunda."

Sethji was very happy to have seen such a wonderful dream. After returning to his home he very joyfully set out for Braja. There he met Raghunath das Gosvami and related all of these events to him. Das Gosvami was somewhat taken aback to hear this news, but he immediately gave his consent. Then Seth began the work of redigging the two kundas.


On the banks of Radhakunda, the five Pandavas were residing in the form of trees. As the work was proceeding it was decided that on the following day these trees would have to be cut down. That night however the five Pandavas appeared in a dream to Raghunath das and forbade the cutting of those trees. Today they are still residing there. When the work of beautifying the kundas was complete, the devotees' bliss knew no bounds.

Nearby the two kundas (Shyama kund & Radha kund), eight kundas and eight kunjas were also constructed for the eight gopis. Seeing all this, Raghunatha das forgot himself in ecstasy.

Raghunath das Gosvami lived on the banks of Radhakunda without any fixed residence, staying under a different tree every night. Sometimes he would stay on the banks of the Manasa Ganga. At that time these areas were jungles filled with ferocious animals. One day Sanatan Gosvami came to the banks of Manasa Ganga to meet Gopal Bhatta Gosvami. Before accepting his noon meal at Gopal Bhatta's bhajan kutir, he went to take bath at the Pavan ghat of Manasa Ganga. From there he saw two tigers come to the kund and after drinking some water saunter off. Just near that spot Raghunatha das Gosvami was sitting under a tree absorbed in his bhajan. Sanatan Gosvami was very startled to see this but even more so when he saw Shri Krishna standing at some distance observing everything. He then requested Raghunath to perform his bhajan within a small cottage (bhajan kutir).


On another occasion, Raghunath das, who still hadn't bothered to have a kutir constructed, was sitting in the noon day sun absorbed in his bhajan. Shrimati Radharani happened to pass that way at this time, and seeing that the sun was beating down on Raghunath's head, she stood behind him and held the end of her sari over his head to shield him from the suns' rays. Then one of the Gosvamis came along and saw this heart-rending scene, while profuse perspiration continued to flow from Shrimati Radharani's transcendental body. This time when he was again requested to do his bhajan within a kutir, he immediately agreed to comply.


In Braja, Krishna is served by Radharani and Candravali, Who each have unlimited maid servants. According to the mellows of paramour love, Shri Raghunath das Gosvami counted himself as a maidservant amongst the friends of Shrimati Radharani. As Candravali is the chief competitor of Radharani, Shri das Gosvami would never go to her kunja or talk with any of her sakhis. Thus he served the servants of Radharani in this way within his mind.

One Brajabasi known as Shri das Brijbasi used to bring Shri das Gosvami a leaf cup of buttermilk every day. Drinking this much only Raghunath das would engage in bhajan throughout the day.

One day Shri Das Brijbasi went to Candravali's kunja, known as `Sakhisthali', to herd his cows. There he saw a palash tree with very large leaves, so he collected some leaves to make leafcups.

The next day, in one of the new leafcups he brought some buttermilk to Das Gosvami. Raghunath das accepted the leafcup of buttermilk and inquired, "Shri dasji, where did you get these nice palash leaves?"

Shri dasji replied, "While I was pasturing the cows I came to Sakhisthali and found them there."

Simply hearing the word `Sakhisthali' Raghunath das flew into a rage and threw the leafcup of buttermilk away saying, "The followers of Shrimati Radharani never accept anything from that place."

To see the loyal devotion of Raghunath das for Shrimati Radharani, Shridasji was amazed.


Raghunath das Gosvami used to always serve Shri Shri RadhaGovinda within his mind. One day in his meditation he cooked sweet rice and offered it to Shri Shri Radha and Krishna. In great pleasure They accepted the offering and the other sakhis also relished this prasadam. Then Raghunath himself honoured the remnants of their prasadam and in great ecstasy, due to the pleasure of having been able to satisfy Shri Shri RadhaGovinda and Their loving attendants, he ate a little more than was his custom.

In the afternoon Raghunath das used to speak about Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. However, this day when the devotees came in the afternoon to hear him speak, they found that the door to his kutir was closed. They waited for some time but when it appeared that there was no movement inside they became a little anxious and called out, "Gosvamiji, are you all right?"

Shri das Gosvami answered, "My body is not well."

The devotees became concerned and immediately sent word to Sanatan Gosvami in Mathura. At that time Shri Sanatan Gosvami was staying with Shri Vallabhacarja's son Shri Vithalnathji, who immediately sent two physicians to Radhakunda to examine Shri das Gosvami. After checking his pulse, the doctors concluded that, "due to eating a combination of rice and milk his body is feeling very heavy." Hearing this diagnosis everyone was struck with wonder. That Raghunath das Gosvami, who subsisted on only a little buttermilk each day, should fall ill from eating too much sweet rice was astonishing, especially because it was eaten only in meditation.


There are various opinions on Shri Raghunath das Gosvami's identity in Krishnalila. Some have ascertained that he was Rasa Manjari, some that he was Rati Manjari, while still others that he was Bhanumoti.


The Govardhanasila given by Shriman Mahaprabhu to Raghunath das is still worshipped at Shri Gokulananda Mandir, in Vrindavan.

He compiled the following books: Stavavali, Dankelicintamoni(Danacarita), and Muktacarita.

When Shrila Rupa Gosvami gave Raghunath das his drama `LalitaMadhava natak' to read, Raghunath became totally immersed; actually he was on the point of drowning within the sea of separation, after reading the pathetic episodes described therein. Rupa Gosvami was really very worried what might eventually happen to Raghunath, so he composed `Dan keli kaumudi' which is full of humorous narrative describing Radha and Krishna's pastimes in union (as opposed to separation). Then he gave this book to Raghunath das on the pretence that Raghunath should proofread it for errors. Raghunath das Gosvami then got back his life and was in such ecstasy that he himself composed `Dan keli cintamoni' and `Mukta carit'.


Birth: 1428 (Sakabda)

Disappearance: 1504 on the 12th day of the bright fortnight in the month of Asvin.