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Shri Paramesvari Das Thakur;


Shri Paramesvari das Thakur appeared in a family of physicians. His Shripat is at Atpur. Direct bus service is available from Howrah station. It is about a two hour journey from there. Atpur was previously known as Visakhala. Shri Shri RadhaGopinath are still residing here. In front of the temple are two gigantic Bakul trees and in between them is Paramesvari Thakur's Samadhi mandir.

Shri Krishna das Kabiraj Gosvami has written, "Shri Nityananda Prabhu is the only shelter of Paramesvar das. Whoever remembers him gets devotion to Shri Krishna."                                                                                                 [C.C.Adi 11.29]


Shri Kabi Karnapur Gosvami has written,

namnarjunah sakha prag yo dasah paramesvarah

"Paramesvari das Thakur was previously the cowherd friend of Shri Krishna named Arjuna."                                                                        [Gaur Ganoddesh Dipika]


Shri Brindaban das Thakur has written,

nityananda jiban paramesvar das jahar bigrahe nityananda bilas |

krishna das paramesvar das dui jon gopbhabe hoi hoi kore sarvakkon  ||

"Paramesvar is the life of Lord Nityananda and his body is the place of Nityananda Prabhu's pastimes. Krishna das and Paramesvar are always raising a wild commotion. They are always in the mood of cowherd boys."

[C.B.Antya 5.240;732]


When Jahnava Mata attended the festival at Kheturi, Paramesvar accompanied her and went to Brindaban with her as well. He installed Shri Shri RadhaGopinath at Atpur in accordance with the desire of Shri Jahnavadebi, who was personally present during the installation celebration.


One day, near Shri Rampur at Akna Mahesh (the Shripat of Kamalakar Piplai), there was a festival of namsankirtan going on within the temple of Lord Jagannath there. Paramesvar was present and was dancing in a completely God-intoxicated state.

At that time some miscreants were passing by there. Seeing a dead fox lying on the road, they picked it up and threw it into the midst of the sankirtan party.

The highly exalted Baisnabs present didn't feel any anger towards those ignorant fools, but Paramesvar felt sad to see the unfortunate condition of the poor fox. By his merciful glance he brought it back to life.

The fox was quite surprised to find himself alive and in the middle of a roaring kirtan at that. He ran out of the natmandir (kirtan hall) towards those miscreants, who were utterly bewildered and so immediately fled from the spot.


Paramesvar das Thakur accompanied the Deity of Radharani that Shri Jahnavadebi sent to Brindaban for Shri Gopinath. They travelled all the way from Bengal to Brindaban by boat.

He was the very dear servant of Shri Jahnava Mata. When Shri Narottam Thakur Mahasoy came to Khardaha, Paramesvari Thakur very carefully and in great detail described to him the path to Puri.


During the disappearance celebration of Paramesvari das, the khunti  that he used in sankirtan is placed next to his samadhi mandir.

His disappearance is on the full moon day of the month of Baisakh.