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Shri Nayanananda Thakur;


Shri Nayanananda Thakur is the nephew and dear disciple of Shri Gadadhar Pandit. Gadadhar Pandit's younger brother Shri Baninath Misra (Bipra Baninath) had two sons whose names were Nayanananda and Hrdayananda. The descendants of Nayanananda are still living at Bharatpur, near Kandi, within the district of Murshidabad.

There is a legend that one wealthy king of Bharatpur, Surasena by name, brought Gadadhar from East Bengal to Murshidabad. The legend has it that Shri Madhab Misra (the father of Gadadhar) was a pandit in the court of the said king and that he had a house here where his other son Baninath

lived with him. Eventually however Baninath came to live at Campahati where his worshipful Deities, Shri Shri GadaiGauranga still reside. In any case, a Shripat still exists here in the name of Shri Gadadhar Pandit Goswami and Nayanananda Thakur.

Shrimati Radharani, after having suffered deeply the pangs of separation from Her Beloved Shri Krishna, was determined that this time, that would not be the case and thus she came as Shri Gadadhar Pandit. Gadadhar could not tolerate separation from Krishna (or Lord Chaitanya). He always remained with Lord Chaitanya in his youth and also later on in Jagannath Puri. It was only with great difficulty that Mahaprabhu convinced him to return to Puri when he was attempting to accompany Mahaprabhu to Brindaban. In order to help mitigate these feelings of separation he used to always keep a small Deity of Gopinath (Meyo (Met)(small) Krishna) just near his heart, suspended from his neck. This Deity of Gopinath and a Bhagavad Gita, written in his own hand, were presented to Nayanananda Thakur and are still being worshipped at Bharatpur, by the descendants of Nayanananda Thakur.

The legend goes that one day Shri Gaursundor came to see Gadadhar while he was writing down the verses of Bhagavad Gita. At this time Prabhu Himself also copied down one verse onto the leaves upon which Gadadhar was writing.  This manuscript is also still preserved here at Bharatpur. This legend is confirmed in the Prem Vilas of Nityananda das, a disciple of Shri Jahnava Mata.

The verse attributed to the hand of Mahaprabhu states that there are 745 verses in Bhagavad Gita and gives a breakdown of how many verses were spoken by Krishna, Arjuna, Sanjoy and Dhrtarastra. The present Gita which we are familiar with contains only 700 verses however.


To reach Bharatpur, one can take a train from Katwa, north to Salar and then proceed to Bharatpur from Salar by bus. Getting down from the bus at Bharatpur one can ask directions to Gosvami Para where the temple of Gopinath is located.


Once, when Gadadhar was dancing very ecstatically during a kirtan in Puri, one of his teeth fell out. This tooth was brought by Nayanananda to Brindaban and installed in a samadhi there. This has come to be known as Danta samaj and is near the Vansi Gopal temple where Shrila Prabhupada used to stay.

Nayanananda is mentioned in ChaitanyaCharitamrita as Misra Nayan. He was present during the Kheturi festival. In Braja lila his name was Nitya Manjari.


The principal festival in Bharatpur is the celebration of the appearance day of Gadadhar Pandit, which they celebrate on the amabasya which falls in the month of Jyestha (May-June).