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Shri Lokanath Goswami;


"I worship Shri Lokanath Prabhu, the son of Shri Padmanabh, who possesses great wealth of devotion to Shri Shri RadhaBinod and always engaged in Their service."

Shrila Lokanath Gosvami was born in the village of Talkhari, within the district of Jessore, Bangladesh, as the son of Shri Padmanabh Bhattacarja and his wife, Shri Sita debi. Talkhari can be reached from Sonakhali and Khejura.

Shri Padmanabh was a devoted follower (most probably the initiated disciple) of Shri Adwaita Acarja, who was very fond of him. The younger brother of Lokanath was Pragalbha Bhattacarja. His descendants are still residing at Talkhari.


From his childhood Lokanath was disinterested in worldly affairs. He decided to leave his home and came to Nabadwip to have darshan of Mahaprabhu. Shri Gaursundor very lovingly embraced Lokanath and instructed him to go to Brindaban as soon as possible.

Lokanath could understand that Mahaprabhu would renounce His family life and accept sannyasa within a few days. When he considered how Prabhu's near and dear ones would react to see His head shorn of its beautiful locks of curly hair, he felt very aggrieved and began to cry. Mahaprabhu consoled him and told him that they would meet again in Brindaban. With tears flowing from his eyes Lokanath offered his obeisances to Mahaprabhu, the all-omniscient Lord, Who lovingly embraced him. After explaining some hidden truths to him, He instructed him to go to Brindaban. Thus Lokanath, after surrendering his self at the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu, set out for Brindaban in the company of Bhugarbha.

Lokanath never returned home. Being afflicted greatly by separation from the Lord, he set out to tour the holy places, and then finally came to Brindaban.


Meanwhile, Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu accepted sannyas and departed Nadiya for Nilacal. After some time, when Mahaprabhu set out on His tour of South India, Lokanath also journeyed there after having received this news. From the South Mahaprabhu came to Brindaban and Lokanath followed Him there. But by the time he reached Brajabhumi, Mahaprabhu had already left for Prayag. Lokanath was extremely sad. Again having missed darshan of his Prabhu, He decided to leave the next morning for Prayag. In a dream however, Prabhu came to console Lokanath and requested him to stay in Brindaban. Not wanting to neglect the order of Mahaprabhu, Lokanath remained at Brajadham.

After some days he and Bhugarbha Gosvami met the dear disciples of Mahaprabhu, Shri Rupa, Shri Sanatan, Shri Gopal Bhatta and Subuddhi Ray amongst others. Only Subuddhi Ray had come to Brindaban before Lokanath and Bhugarbha. They were all very affectionate to one another; especially Bhugarbha had a very intimate relationship with Lokanath. Only there was some bodily difference between them, otherwise they were one. Amongst the Goswamis, Lokanath was the eldest. He had reached the outermost boundaries of the realm of renunciation and was thus always intensely absorbed in loving ecstatic mellows.

In the mangalacaran of Shri Baisnab Toshani we find the following verse: "I worship Shrimat Kasisvar, Lokanath and Shri Krishnadas (Kabiraj), who have taken shelter at the lotus feet of Shri Gobinda and who are very dear to Shri Brindaban." Similarly in the mangalacaran (invocation of auspiciousness) of Shri Hari Bhakti Vilas," May Kasisvar, Shri Krishnadas and Lokanath continue to reside in Brindaban (Krishna ban) and attain to the full limits of beauty and splendour."


Lokanath Goswami used to visit the many places of Krishna's pastimes within Brajadham and in this way he was always absorbed in intense ecstasy. Once Lokanath came to the banks of Kisori kund within the village of Umrao, by the side of Chatrabon, and remained there for a few days. He wanted very much to be able to worship the Deity form of the Lord, so Shri Krishna, Who is within the heart of everyone, accepted another form and arrived there with just such a suitable Deity in His possession. He presented the Deity to Lokanath, telling him, "This Deity's name is RadhaBinod. Then Krishna went away.

Lokanath received the Deity and looked up to see who had brought Him, but seeing no one present he began to reflect on the mystery of His appearance. Seeing Lokanath deep in thought, RadhaBinod laughed, "Who would have brought Me here! I have come Myself! I live here on the banks of Kisorikund and this is My village, Umrao. Now please give me some thing to eat."

Lokanath was beside himself with bliss. Immersed in that ecstasy, he prepared some foodstuffs and offered them to RadhaBinod. Then he made a bed of flowers and laid the Deity down to take rest. He fanned the Deity with some leaves and meditated on massaging the lotus feet of his Lord. Having surrendered his body, mind and very life itself, he was totally absorbed as though drinking a flow of honey-like nectar.


Lokanath Goswami had no permanent abode. Some Brajabasi villagers wanted to build a little hut for him but he wasn't interested. He preferred to take shelter under the trees.


He made a cloth satchel for RadhaBinod which he kept around his neck. RadhaBinod were like a rare gem suspended on a necklace round the neck of Lokanath. His activities represented the crest jewel of asceticism and the other Goswamis managed to keep him in their company only by great endeavour. It is very difficult to describe the character of Lokanath Goswami, who was so dear to Mahaprabhu. When Mahaprabhu and some of the other Goswamis began their pastimes of disappearance, Lokanath maintained his life only due to the desire of Mahaprabhu.

[Bhakti Ratna 1st Taranga]

Lokanath Gosvami was quite adamant not to accept any disciples, since the worship they might offer him could be a disturbance to his mood of devotional service. 'Raj Kumar' Narottam however, had a similar determination to accept Lokanath as his guru .

 It is not possible to describe the care with which Narottam Thakur served his guru. In the early morning he would clean the place where his guru used to answer the calls of nature. Shri Lokanath Goswami finally conceded to initiate Narottam das Thakur Mahasoy with the divine mantra. There is no mention anywhere of any other disciple of his.


Lokanath Goswami, having become quite advanced in years, entered into his eternal pastimes while residing at Khadir bon (Khoyra gram). On the banks of a large lake there, called Shri Jugalkund, his samadhi has been established.

His worshipful Deities Shri Shri RadhaBinod are at present being worshipped in Jaipur, Rajasthan. His puspasamadhi is within the courtyard of Shri Gokulananda Mandir in Brindaban.

It is said that Shrila Krishna das Kabiraj Goswami approached Lokanath Goswami for his blessings and any information that he might be able to provide for the compilation of  Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita. At that time, Lokanath forbade Kabiraj Goswami to mention his name or describe anything about him. In order to honour the request of this great Baisnab, Kabiraj Gosvami therefore didn't write anything about him.


His identity in Braja lila is Lilamanjari. His disappearance is on the eighth day of the bright fortnight in the month of Srabon.


Shri Narottam das Thakur Mahasoy has prayed at the lotus feet of his guru as follows, "Oh My Lord, Lokanath! Please keep me at your feet, and if it pleases you, please let your glance of mercy fall upon me. I have a great longing that my innermost desires might be fulfilled. Wherever one gets the association of Lord Chaitanya, there also he gets the association of Shri Shri RadhaKrishna. If you are not merciful to me, then who will be? This time, please fulfill my heart's desires. In the three worlds I have no one other than you. Please keep me near your lotus feet, where I might hear, day and night, the songs describing the lila of Shri Shri Radha and Krishna. Without you, this desire of Narottam cannot be fulfilled."