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Shri Kasisvar Pandit Gosvami


In Kabi Karnapur's Gaur Ganoddesh Dipika, as well as Shrila Krishna das Kabiraj Gosvami's Shri Chaitanya Ganoddesh(?), there are two devotees with the name Kasisvar. One is referred to as Kasisvar Brahmacari and the other as Kasisvar Gosvami.


Shri Kasisvar Brahmacari


Kasisvar Brahmacari Was the disciple of Shri Isvar Puri. Towards the end of his life Isvar Puri Gosvami ordered Kasisvar and Govinda to go to Puri and serve Mahaprabhu.

Kasisvar used to clear a path through the crowds when Mahaprabhu would go to the temple to take darshan of Lord Jagannath. He and Govinda are described in Gaur Ganoddesh Dipika as being the servants of Krishna, Bhrngar and Bhangur, respectively.


Shri Kasisvar Gosvami


Kasisvar Gosvami, in pursuance of the order of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, established the Deity of Shri GaurGovinda within the temple of Shri Shri RadhaGovinda in Brindaban.


When Shrila Rupa Gosvami discovered the Shri Bigraha of Govinda Deb within the hill at Gomatila he immediately sent word to Mahaprabhu, Who was in Puri at the time. Mahaprabhu then requested Kasisvar to go to Brindaban to assist in the worship of Shri Govinda Deb.

Kasisvar replied, "Prabhu, to give up Your association will cause my heart to split in two. Please therefore consider how I can honour Your request without giving up my life at the same time (which would render Your request null and void)."

Shri Gaurhari could understand the heart of Kasisvar. He solved the problem by giving a Deity of Himself to Kasisvar. Then He sat down with that Deity to take His meal. Kasisvar was in complete ecstasy to see this. Prabhu told him that the name of this Deity is Shri GaurGovinda.

[Bhakti Ratna 2nd Taranga]

Kasisvar brought this Deity of Shri GaurGovinda and installed Him to the right of Shri Govinda Deb. This Deity is still present with Govinda Deb at His present residence in Jaipur. The disciple of Kasisvar Gosai, Govinda Gosai, was the very dear servant (pujari) of Shri Govinda Deb.

[C.C.Adi 8.66]

There is a very ancient temple in Catara, near Ballabhapur which is reputed to be the temple founded by Kasisvar Gosvami. Nearby is the temple of Shri Shri RadhaBallabhajiu, founded by Kasisvar's nephew, Shri Rudraram Pandit. Kamalakar Piplai's temple of Lord Jagannath is also very close by. All three of these temples are within a few minutes of the Shri Rampur railway station near Calcutta.

Kasisvar Gosvami was known in Braja as the sakhi, Sasi rekha.  [GGD 166]