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Shri Kaliya Krishna Das Thakur


Kala Krishna das was born in a Brahman family in Rarhdesh. He was a very great devotee who was very devoted to Nityananda Prabhu. In fact he didn't know anything or anyone other than Nityananda. He was one of the twelve cowherd boys, previously known as Labanga sakha.


"Kaliya Krishna das is celebrated throughout the three worlds. One can attain the lotus feet of Shri Gaurcandra simply by remembering him."

[C.B.Antya 5.740]

Kala Krishna das's Shripat is at Akaihat, adjacent to the town of Katwa. Here he installed the Deities of Shri Shri RadhaBallabhji but They have since moved to Karui, about six miles from Akaihat. The ankle bracelet of Raghunandan Thakur is also being worshipped there at Karui.

There is a local legend that the ankle bracelet of Raghunandan Thakur came off as he was dancing with Abhiram Thakur at Bor Danga, just outside of Shri Khanda, a few miles distant from Akaihat. There is a pond now where the ankle bracelet is reputed to have landed, called Nupur kund. (Nupur means ankle bracelet).

Kala Krishna das used to perform his bhajan by the side of this pond. There is a very ancient Madhabi lata which is still growing there. The samadhi of Kala Krishna das is situated here.


Kala Krishna das was present at the disappearance festival of Das Gadadhar Prabhu which was held at Katwa.                                          [Bhakti Ratna 10.409]


Kala Krishna das once went on a preaching tour to Pabna (a district within the present country of Bangladesh). Here he established another Shripat at Sonatala. There he married and had a son named Mohan das. After his son was grown up he left him there and went with his wife to Brindaban. There another son was born to them and who was named Gauranga das (also known as Brindaban das).

Eventually Kala Krishna das sent him to join Mohan das in Sonatala. Kala Krishna das had a Deity made in the likeness of Govinda Deb Who was named Shri Kalacand. This Deity he also sent with Gauranga das.


The disappearance festival of Kala Krishna das is held at Akaihat on the twelfth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Caitra and in Sonatala on the twelfth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Agrahayon.


There are different opinions regarding whether or not this is the same Kala Krishna das who accompanied Mahaprabhu to South India or not.