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Shri Joydeb Goswami


Shri Joydeb Gosvami was the chief pandit in the court of the king Shri Lakkon Sen. His father's name was Bhojadeb and his mothers name was Bama debi. He made his appearance at Kendubilvagram within the district of Birhum, during the 11th century.


Shri Joydeb's wife's name was Shri Paddabati. During the time that he was engaged as the chief pandit of Raja Lakkon Sen, he resided at Nabadwip on the banks of the Ganga. Also present with him were three other pandits whose names he has mentioned in Shri GitaGovinda: Shri Umapati Dhar, Acarja Shri Govardhan and Kabi Ksamapati, who were his close friends.

Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu used to especially relish hearing the Gita Govinda, as well as the works of Candidas, Bidyapati, Ramananda Ray and the Krishnakarnamrta by Bilvamangal Thakur. Shri Gita Govinda is full of the intimate pastimes of Shri Shri Radha Govinda and is therefore meant for those who have accumulated sufficient spiritual piety.


"For those who relish the remembrance of the pastimes of Shri Hari and who are always anxious to hear those transcendental divine narrations, these verses, sweet as honey, have been composed by Joydeb with the blessings of Mother Sarasvati."                                                                                    [Gita Govinda]


In the Gita Govinda, while writing about the pastimes of Radharani as She repented after Krishna had gone away, Joydeb became lost in thought. Not being able to decide whether or not he should write a particular verse, he decided to first take his bath, and return to his writing later. While taking his bath, Krishna Himself personally appeared in the form of Joydeb, took his meal and then wrote down that very verse with His own hand. Then, while Paddabati was accepting her meal Joydeb returned from taking his bath in the Ganga. Paddabati was completely startled to see her husband, and Joydeb as well was very surprised to see that his wife was accepting her meal before him (which is never done by Hindu wives). Finally she explained that he had already returned from taking his bath once, taken his meal, and then gone to his room. Joydeb went to where he had been writing and saw the verse that he had been considering whether to write or not, now composed in golden letters. Dehi pada pallava mudaram.

With tears in his eyes and voice choked up he called out to his wife, "Paddabati! You are so fortunate! You had darshan of the Supreme Lord!"


Bhaktivinod Thakur has commented that even though Shri Gauranga Deb hadn't revealed his internal pastimes at that time, within the heart of Shri Joydeb, Shri Bilvamangal, Shri Candi das and Shri Biddapati, the transcendental mood of Mahaprabhu was awakened even before He Himself actually made His appearance.

Joydeb Gosvami also composed a book named Candraloka. His disappearance is on Paush sankranti. His worshipful Deities, Shri Shri RadhaMadhab, are being worshipped in the former temple of RadhaGovinda just outside the present city of Jaipur.