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Shri Jagadish Pandit


"Shri Jagadish Pandit is the saviour of the world. He distributes the nectar of love of Krishna just like a dense mass of dark clouds in the sky distributes rainfall."                                                                             [C.C.Adi11.30]


Shri Jagadish Bhatta took his birth in the region of Gaihati. His father's name was Shri Kamalaksa Bhatta, who was the son of Bhatta Narayana, of Goyghar Bandyaghat. Both the mother and father of Jagadish were very devoted Bisnubhaktas. After his parents passed away he came with his wife to live on the banks of the Ganges. His wife's name was Dukhini debi. (His younger brother Mahesh also came with him to reside on the banks of the Ganga.) They built their house near the home of Jagannath Misra.


Shri Gaursundor instructed Jagadish to preach Hari Nam at Nilacal. Thus it came to pass that he took shelter of the lotus feet of Lord Jagannath. At that time he prayed at the feet of Lord Jagannath and was rewarded by obtaining a Deity of the Lotus eyed One. This Deity was carried by suspending Him from a staff, all the way from Jagannath Puri to the village of Jasora, on the banks of the Ganga near Cakdaha. This staff is also still being worshipped in the temple of Lord Jagannath at Jasora.

This temple is presently under the charge of Shri Gauriya Math, and is a rickshaw ride away from Cakdaha railway station, on the Sealdah-Krishnanagar line. Lord Chaitanya and Lord Nityananda sometimes used to go to Jasora to have festivals of sankirtan.


In the temple are Deities of Shri Jagannath Deb, Shri RadhaBallabhjiu

and Shri GaurGopal. It is said that the GaurGopal Deity was established by Shri Duhkhini Debi. The Deity is a very beautiful golden colour.

After Lord Chaitanya conducted a sankirtan festival at the home of Jagadish Pandit, He planned to go to Nilacal. Duhkhini however, could understand the Lord's mind and was thus very distressed by feelings of impending separation. Her heart was the home of very intense feelings of motherly affection (Batsalya Ras) towards Shri Gaursundor. At that time Mahaprabhu gave her this Deity and said, "I will eternally remain in your house in this form of GaurGopal." From that day this Deity of GaurGopal is being worshipped here.


Jagadish Pandit, who was an ecstatic dancer in Gaura lila, is described in Gaur Ganoddesh Dipika as being Candrahasa, an accomplished dancer in Krishna lila. He went every year to Puri and was also present at the (Ciradoy) Danda Mahotsab at Panihati. He had a son, Shri Ramabhadra Gosvami, but their line has presently died out. Some of their descendants previously lived in the village of Dhubariya, near Jaforganj, within the District of Dhaka.

His disappearance is on the third day of the bright fortnight in the month of Paush.


In Chaitanya Charitamrita there are two Jagadish Pandits mentioned. One is listed amongst the associates of Shri Chaitanya [C.C.Adi 10.70-71], and the other is counted amongst the followers of Nityananda Prabhu.[C.C.Adi 11.30]

According to the opinion of Ananda das, fifth in the line of disciplic succession from Jagadish Pandit and author of Jagadish Caritra, these two Jagadish's are one and the same person. However, he has also mentioned Jagadish Pandit's identity in Braja lila as Kalabati.


On one Ekadashi day, the young Shri Gaurahari was crying incessantly. His parents told him, "First tell us what you want! We'll bring it but please don't cry."

He replied, "If you don't want me to die, then immediately go to the house of two brahmans by the names of Jagadish and Hiranya, with whom I am very pleased. They are both fasting for Ekadashi but they have prepared rice and many other preparations for offering to Lord Bisnu. If you can obtain some of that Bisnuprasad then I'll recover my health and be able to move about. If I can eat that then I'll be alright.

Hearing this impossible request of her son, Saci Mata put her hand to her head and began to lament. The neighbours laughed in amazement, "How is it that such a young child as this is aware that today is Ekadashi? Even more astonishing is that he knows that two brahmanas who live two miles away from here have prepared special offerings for Lord Bisnu today." Then the ladies told Him, "Bap Nimai, don't cry any more, we'll bring what you have requested."

When the two brahmanas heard of the child's request they were very pleased. Both of them were very intimate friends of Jagannath Misra and they were well aware that the Supreme Personality of Godhead Shri Hari had appeared in his house. Therefore, whatever they had prepared for Lord Hari they brought before Shri Gaurahari and told Him, "Bap, Biswambhar! We have brought everything which You requested. Now please eat it in great happiness and don't cry any more."

Bhagavan Shri Gaursundor, along with His friends, then enjoyed that feast. While doing so, He showed His transcendental BalGopal form to Jagadish and Hiranya.

His bodily lustre appearing like a fresh rain cloud, with a peacock feather adorning His head, the splendour of His beauty was reflected in the faces of the other boys in whose company He was enjoying this feast. Such a charming and beautiful sight was revealed before the eyes of Jagadish and Hiranya. Seeing this scene, the two brahmanas loudly chanted, "Hari! Hari!"

[C.B.Adi 6 & Gauranga Campu 9.20]


In Gaur ganoddesh dipika it is revealed that Jagadish and Hiranya were wives of the Vedic brahmanas in Krishna lila.