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Shri Bisnupriya Debi;


Shri, Bhu and Nila are three of the energies of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Shri Bisnupriyadebi is the manifestation of Krishna's Bhu sakti. She is also known to be the same as Satyabhama in Krishnalila. She has appeared with Shri Gaursundor to assist in the distribution of love of Godhead and His Holy Names.


There lived in Nabadwip one brahmana, Sanatan Misra by name, who was a great devotee of Lord Bisnu. He used to maintain many people, providing them with food and cloth and was also renowned as a great scholar (rajpandit).

In Dwaparyug he was the King Satrajit. As he was a great devotee of Lord Bisnu, from the fruits of his faithful worship of Him, he obtained a very beautiful jewel of a daughter endowed with all good qualities, by the name Shri Bisnupriya. From her very childhood she used to take bath in the Ganga two or three times a day and in imitation of her elders she would perform various worship ceremonies, vows and service to the Deity and Tulasi debi. When she would meet Sacimata at the bathing ghat of the Ganga, she used to offer her obeisances and Sacimata would in turn bless her saying, "Yogga pati hauk." (May you get a qualified husband).

Saci Mata used to think to herself that she would make a very fine daughter-in-law.


In the meantime Nimai was married to Lakkipriya, who after a short time passed on to the next world. Ma Saci was very aggrieved at this but the days passed on. Then she thought to get her son married again. All of her relatives and close friends all felt this would be a good idea. Shri Gaursundor didn't oppose His mother and gave his consent.

Sacimata sent one of the servants to call Kasinath Pandit, the match-maker. Receiving her summons, the Pandit immediately came to see Ma Saci, who brought up the point of Shri Gaursundor's marriage. Kasinath Pandit thought this was a very good idea, and urged that the marriage take place as soon as possible. When he inquired if she had any suitable bride in mind, Sacima replied, "Sanatan Misra's daughter, Bisnupriya."

Kasinath exclaimed, "Thakurani! I was also thinking to mention her name."

Ma Saci replied, "But I am very poor. Do you think he will want to present his daughter to us? You please discuss this matter with him."

Kasinath replied, "Thakurani, if Sanatan Misra doesn't give his daughter to such a beautiful boy and a qualified son as your Nimai, then who will he give her to?" Having spoken these consoling words he set out for Sanatan Misra's house.

Sanatan Misra, seeing that his daughter had attained marriageable age, was also looking for a suitable bridegroom. But in Nadiya there was no one more qualified than Nimai Pandit. He was the most handsome, had the best qualities and was still quite young. One would be considered very fortunate indeed to be able to give their daughter to such a qualified young man. Sanatan Misra was thinking like this, but was feeling shy to mention his plan to anyone. Simply in his mind he was praying to the Lord, "O my Lord, Oh Hari! If I have accumulated any pious merits in my previous lifetimes then let the result of those be that my daughter gets Nimai Pandit as her husband."

Finally he brought up the topic of their daughter's marriage with his wife. Just then who should appear at the door, but Kasinath Pandit.

Sanatan Misra got up to receive him and after having respectfully seated him brought some sweetmeats and water. As he thought to himself, "Certainly he has some news of a suitable bridegroom", he inquired, "Panditji, what is the news?"

Smiling broadly the Pandit replied, "You should give your daughter in marriage to Bishwambhar Pandit. After having considered the matter in every respect, this is the best decision. With this in mind I have come to see you. That excellent boy is the most qualified for your daughter, and your daughter, being extremely chaste, is the most suitable for him. As Shri Krishna and Rukmini debi are mutually compatible, so are Bisnupriya and Nimai Pandit."

When they heard this proposal, Sanatan Misra and his wife felt such joy that they forgot themselves. Sanatan Misra thought to himself, "The all-cognizant Supersoul has fulfilled my desires."

Sanatan Misra spoke to Kasinath, "In this regard, what can I say? If there is any good fortune in my family, then I have a hope to obtain such a son-in-law."

Some of the others present spoke up, "Unless one is highly fortunate, is it possible to get such a boy? If your daughter is lucky enough then certainly she will get such a husband."

Thereafter Misra Mahodoy discussed various matters in order to finalize the betrothal agreement. Having arranged everything suitably, Kasinath returned to Saci Mata's house and informed her of the proceedings.

Sacimata replied, "The Lord is looking out for me, because I have no one else to."

Everyone became very jubilant to hear that Nimai Pandit's wedding was to take place. His disciples began to discuss among themselves, "We'll all donate some things for Panditji's wedding."

Buddhimanta Khan, who was quite wealthy spoke up, "I will bear all the costs of the wedding."

To this Mahaprabhu's friends Mukunda and Sanjoy replied, "Our dear brother, won't you even share some of the expenses with us. This wedding has to be so gorgeous, that no prince has ever seen the likes of it".


News spread throughout the whole of Nabadwip about the upcoming marriage of Nimai Pandit, and gradually the preparations for the wedding began. First a huge canopy was suspended above the place where the marriage ceremony would take place. On the ground various floral and other auspicious designs were painted with rice flour and then the pavilion was decorated with banana trees, water pots, mango leaves, lamps, paddy, yogurt and other auspicious articles. All the Baisnabs, brahmanas and other noble and virtuous gentlemen who lived in Nabadwip at that time were invited to the invocation ceremony preceding the wedding.

On the evening of that day the musicians began to play on their instruments, while the courtyard of Saci's house began to fill up with relatives and friends. First the worship of the Lord was performed, followed by arati and the offering of foodstuffs, all conducted with great pomp and gaiety. Then the preliminary ceremonies to be performed by Shri Gaura before the wedding were smoothly executed. Within the inner apartments of the house, the ladies contributed their efforts to the ceremony by yodelling and blowing conchshells, while the Baisnabs filled the sky with the vibrations of the Lord's Holy Names, "Hari! Hari!"

In all directions an ocean of happiness began to swell, in anticipation of the Supreme Lord's marriage ceremony. Following this preliminary ceremony, sweet preparations of betel nuts and pan leaves were served, as many as anyone wanted. Gaursundor personally applied sandalwood paste and garlanded with flower garlands all those Baisnabs and brahmanas who attended the function. In turn they very cheerfully offered their blessings. No one had ever before seen such a pleasant adhibas ceremony (the function preceding the major ceremony). Nadiyanagar began to float in the midst of an ocean of bliss.

On the next day a very vast arrangement began to take place in preparation for the actual wedding ceremony. In the afternoon Shri Gaursundor put on an excellent dhuti and upper garments and then after first making salutations at the feet of His mother and other Baisnabs present, He ascended the palanquin and took his seat within. First they came to the banks of the Ganges where Shri Gauranga got down out of the palanquin to offer His obeisances to Shrimati Ganga Debi. Then after again getting into the palanquin, to the accompaniment of the playing of instruments and auspicious shouting of "Joy! Joy!", which filled up the sky in all directions, the party began to again proceed along the banks of the Ganga. Thousands and thousands of lamps were glittering in the evening like so many little stars coming out. The musicians played their various instruments while some engaged in singing and dancing.

During the Godhuli lagna (the time when the cows return home from the pasture and the dust from their hoofs fills the air), the bridegroom and his party entered the courtyard of Shri Sanatan Misra's house. Sanatan Misra and his wife presented various articles of worship before the bridegroom, thus welcoming him and at the same time offering their blessings.

Meanwhile the new bride had been decorated with various ornaments and she was now brought out of the house and into the wedding pavilion. The Supreme Goddess of Fortune, after seven times having circumambulated her eternal consort, Shri Gaura Narayan, offered her entire being at His lotus feet. Shri Gaura Ray, after having seated His eternal consort on his left side, then exchanged flower garlands with her.

"First of all the Goddess of Fortune, the Mother of the Universe, kneeling before the lotus feet of the Lord, placed a flower garland around His neck, thus surrendering herself to Him. Then Shri Gaurcandra, smiling slightly, placed a flower garland around Shri Bisnupriyadebi's neck. Thus having exchanged flower garlands Shri Shri LakkiNarayan began Their divine sports."

Shri Sanatan Misra felt himself crowned with success in having presented his daughter to Shri Gaursundor with a large dowry. As JanakaRaj presented Sitadebi to Ramacandra, as Bhismaka Raja presented Rukmini to Shri Krishna, so Sanatan Misra presented Bisnupriya debi to Shri Gaursundor. After the wedding ceremony, the bride and bridegroom entered Their bridal suite and lay down on a bed of flowers.

That night the bliss of Baikuntha made its appearance within the house of Shri Sanatan Misra. Practically the entire night the musicians played on their instruments while others sang and danced. In the early morning, Shri Gaursundor and his wife Lakkidebi, got up from Their bed, and after having washed Their hands and mouths they completed Their morning bhajan. Shri Sanatan Misra, along with his family and relatives, having had arranged this grand festival, enjoyed such pleasure as is not possible to describe.

In the afternoon, Shri Gaursundor, along with His new bride, proceeded to His own house, being accompanied by the party of musicians, singers and dancers. As they passed through the town of Nadiya, along the banks of the Ganga, the local inhabitants gazed at the unprecedented beauty of Shri Shri BisnupriyaGauranga and began to comment, "This highly fortunate girl must have served Lakki and Parvati for many lifetimes." (in order to get such a husband).

Someone else said, "They look like Haragauri(Lord Siva and Gauri)," as some one else commented, "I think they must be Lakki and Shri Hari."

"No they must be Kamadeb (Cupid) and Rati," while someone else offered, "I think they look like Lord Indra and Saci."

Another suggested, "They must be Ramacandra and Sita."

In this way the pious ladies of Nadiya made various remarks as the procession passed their houses.

Even after executing penances and austerities for many lifetimes, the yogis are still unqualified to see the divine pastimes of the Lord, but the ordinary inhabitants of Nadiya, down to the very lowest, were able to have darshan of this divine pastime of the Lord. Therefore He is called Dinanath. The brahmanas and family members were presented with valuable cloths and all of the dancers, performers (panegyrists) and beggars who were present were also presented gifts of cloth and money by Shri Gaursundor. Thus they went on their way feeling quite happy. Then the Lord Bishwambhar lovingly embraced Buddhimanta Khan who had born all of the expenses of the wedding.                                                                               [C.B.Adi 15]


Hereafter Shri Brindaban das Thakur only occasionally mentions Shri Bisnupriya debi in Chaitanya Bhagavat. When Lord Chaitanya returned from Gaya dham, Shri Bisnupriya, who had been suffering great separation, became again very happy. But Mahaprabhu was a completely changed person.

Sacimata thought that perhaps he had become afflicted with some disease. She worshipped Mother Ganges and Lord Bisnu for the welfare of her child and brought Shri Bisnupriya and sat her down before her husband. However, Mahaprabhu, even though looking in her direction, didn't even see her. He simply used to call out "Krishna! Krishna!", all the while crying.

Another time His mother brought His meal, placing the plate before Him as she also sat down in front of Him. Meanwhile Bisnupriya was watching everything from within the other room.

Mahaprabhu was always absorbed in various ecstatic moods. He had come to hear of some oppressive behaviour by some atheist miscreants and exclaimed, "I will destroy them!"

Sacimata couldn't understand what was going on and told Bisnupriya to go and sit next to Him. Seeing Bisnupriya Mahaprabhu started to beat her. But then He regained His external consciousness and felt embarrassed.


One day Sacimata and Shri Gaursundor were sitting in the room talking, while Bisnupriya was quietly sitting outside listening. Sacimata told Gaursundor, "Early this morning, I saw a dream in which You and Nityananda were playing with our Deities, Ram and Krishna. Then the four of You sat down to take some food and ultimately ended up fighting with one another. In this way I saw so many of your sports!"

Gaursundor replied, "Such a wonderful dream, Mother! But don't tell anyone. Ram and Krishna are personally living in our house. So many days I saw that someone is stealing and eating their prasad. I used to doubt your daughter-in-law. But now I don't have this doubt any more. (i.e. Balaram and Krishna are directly eating what is offered to them).

Sacimata exclaimed, "Baba, You shouldn't speak like that."

Then Bisnupriya who was overhearing everything began to laugh.


Another day, the Lord Biswambhar was sitting with Lakkidebi (Bisnupriya) in His room. Lakkidebi was feeling such happiness in being able to serve her husband by giving Him  tambul (pan and betel nut) that she wasn't aware whether it was night or day. Whenever Lakki would stay by Biswambhar's side, Saci felt very content.

The Lord GaurNarayan eternally engages in His divine lila with Lakki (Bisnupriya) in Nadiya. He feels very happy to taste the tambul which Bisnupriya supplies Him. She, by her husband's happiness, then forgets whether it is day or night. This is the subject of meditation for the eternal worshipper of Shri Shri GaurBisnupriya.

When Mahaprabhu played the part of Rukmini debi in a drama enacted at the house of Shri Candrasekhar Acarja, Bisnupriya accompanied Sacimata when she went to see that performance.

Hereafter, in the descriptions of the Lord's acceptance of the sannyas order, Shri Brindaban Das Thakur hasn't mentioned Bisnupriya's name anywhere. Shrila Krishna das Kabiraj Goswami has only briefly described her marriage with Shri Gaursundar in the 8th chapter of the Adi lila of Chaitanya Charitamrita.


Locan das Thakur, however, in his Chaitanya Mangal, has given the following narration about the instructions that Mahaprabhu gave to Shri Bisnupriya on the night of His departure for the acceptance of sannyas.


Mahaprabhu is speaking to Bisnupriya, "You can write this down. Everything that you see in this universe is completely false. The only reality is Bhagavan and His devotees. Everything else is for nothing and this is fit to be sung in song.

Sons, husbands and friends, all of these family relationships are false. In the end no one belongs to anyone else. Other than the lotus feet of Shri Krishna, we have no other refuge. Krishna is the Husband (Master) of everyone and other than Him, everything else is His energy. But no one understands this. Your name is Bisnupriya. If you worship Shri Bisnu, then your name has been given substance. Don't feel any sorrow needlessly. I am explaining to you the genuine Truth. Just fix your mind at the lotus feet of Shri Krishna."

Bisnupriya replied, "You are the Supreme Controller, therefore please withdraw Your illusory energy. Then Bisnupriya can be cheerful."

Bisnupriya then felt her sadness and affliction leave her and her heart full of ecstasy, she found herself gazing at the four armed form of the Lord. Nevertheless, she couldn't give up thinking of the Lord as her Lord (husband) and falling at His lotus feet, she told Him, "I just have one thing to say. I have come into this world, a completely vile and abominable wretch, but you are my life, my Lord. My worth is that I am Your servant. Now for what reason am I condemned to become a useless nothing again?"

Mahaprabhu replied, "Please hear me, Debi Bisnupriya. I am telling you this. Whenever and wherever you think of Me, I will immediately come to be with you. Please know this to be a firm fact."

Hearing the order of her Lord, Shri Krishna, Bisnupriya thought to herself, "You are the Supreme, independent Lord. Whatever makes You happy, You should dothat. Who will try to obstruct You? Therefore I have no further reply."


In the middle of the night, leaving the side of Bisnupriya, Mahaprabhu came before his Mother's door and offered His salutations to her. After revealing some of His transcendental opulences He left her in a bewildered state and crossed the Ganges by swimming. Now He set off in the direction of Katwa.

Shri Basu Ghosh Thakur has described Bisnupriya's and Sacimata's condition when they woke up at the end of the night.

Bisnupriya, thinking that Shri Gaursundor was lying by her side, put her hand out to touch Him, but found simply emptiness beside her. Touching that empty space, a thunderbolt fell on her head. "Alas! Providence has cheated me."

Crying very piteously, she went to Sacimata's room without binding her hair. Bisnupriya's crying was rending the very earth itself and the birds, beasts, creepers and trees, even the rocks, were also crying.

"Oh why is it that, being such a sinful person my life is not leaving this body?!" Falling down and rolling on the ground, her piteous wail caused her breath to come in gasps. Her mouth dried up and her body was trembling. Feeling such intense separation from Mahaprabhu, sleep renounced the eyes of Shri Bisnupriya. If sometimes she might sleep for a little while, then she would lie down on the ground. Though her bodily radiance could defeat that of gold, now she appeared very pallid, like a jewel covered with dirt. Her body was as thin as the moon on the fourteenth day of the dark fortnight. She would count the chanting of Harinam with the aid of grains of rice, and however much rice would accumulate, that she would cook and offer to Mahaprabhu. Then a small amount of that she would accept as prasadam. No one could understand how it was that she was maintaining her life.


In the diary of Murari Gupta is a description of the appearance of Mahaprabhu's Deity and Shri Bisnupriya debi's worship of that murti. Mahaprabhu's very own expansion, in the form of His Deity, was present before Shri Bisnupriya. He intimated to her, "Shri Krishna is present in this form."

Lakki debi, (as Bisnupriya) engaged in the worship of this Deity. This Deity is at present being worshipped in the town of Nabadwip as Dhameshwar (the Isvar of the Dham). After Mahaprabhu went away from Nadiya, Isana Thakur (a servant in the house of Sacimata) used to look after Bisnupriya and Sacimata. Shri Bamsibadan Thakur also used to stay with them.

Shrinibas Acarja Prabhu received the darshan of Bisnupriya when he went to Nabadwip.