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Shri Bhagavat Acarja;


Shri Raghunatha Bhattacarja resided at Baraha nagar. When Mahaprabhu was journeying to Nilacala after taking sannyasa, He came to Baraha nagar after passing through Kumar Hatta and Panihati. "Mahaprabhu came to Baraha nagar, to the house of one brahmana who had attained the limits of good fortune. This brahmana was very learned in ShrimadBhagavatam and upon seeing Mahaprabhu he began to recite various slokas. Hearing these slokas, which described the excellence of the path of devotion (Bhakti yoga), GaurangaNarayana became overwhelmed with ecstatic love, saying again and again, "Speak on, speak on!" As Prabhu began to roar continuously the brahmana continued his recitation, himself now absorbed in intense ecstasy. To hear the glories of devotional service the Lord now began to dance, but due to the total absence of any external consciousness He often fell down which caused great alarm amongst the devotees assembled there. In this way the Treasure House of wonderful Qualities danced late into the night while listening to recitations from Shrimad Bhagavatam.

When His external consciousness was somewhat revived Shri Sacinandan sat down after embracing that brahmana in full satisfaction. Prabhu told him, "I have never herd anyone recite the Bhagavatam so beautifully. From now on your name is `Bhagavatacarja', and other than reciting Shrimad Bhagavatam you should have no other business. The devotees cheered loudly, "Hari! Hari!", to hear that the pious brahmana had been awarded this title by the Lord. [C.B. Antya 5]


In Shri Krishnaprem tarangini, Bhagavatacarja has introduced himself as the disciple of Shri Gadadhar Pandit. "Pandit Gosai's (Shri Gadadhar Pandit's) glories are sung throughout the three worlds. He has so mercifully descended on this mortal soil to deliver numberless wicked souls. He is the pleasure potency of the Hero of Baikuntha, Shri Krishna Chaitanya, and is thus non-different from Him. He is my most worshipful Lord, my Gurudeb, and His lotus feet are the shelter of my body, words and mind."


Shri Bhagavatacarja had just began to compose Shri Krishnaprem tarangini when he first met Shri Gaursundor. Throughout this work, in many places extremely beautiful descriptions of Mahaprabhu can thus be found. Just north of Calcutta on the banks of the Ganga within Mali para palli, of Barahanagar, can be found at Shri Bhagavatacarja's Shripat. Handwritten copies of his compositions are still kept very carefully there, as well as many manuscripts of other Baisnab writers. In fact there is an entire museum containing many of the personal effects of the Pancatattva and Their associates. This place, now known as Pat Bari, is managed by the followers of Rama das Babaji. It can easily be reached by bus from Shyam bazaar. Mahaprabhu first visited Shri Bhagavatacarja on the 12th day of the dark fortnight of Caitra.

In Krishnalila Bhagavatacarja is Sveta Manjari.


"All glories to the source of the total manifestations of Brahman, Shri Krishna, Who has variegated pastimes. All glories to Lord Jagannath, the incarnation of Nilacala, and all glories to Shri Gauranga, the form of consciousness (Chaitanya). Listen carefully about the incarnation of Kaliyuga, Who inaugurated the yuga dharma of sankirtan, with every step and every word, saying, "Krishna, Krishna, Krishna." Know that this name Shri Krishna Chaitanya is the divine dispensation for this age. The incarnation of Krishna who is not Krishna (blackish) but whose complexion is like molten gold, is Gauranga and His appearance is a known fact predicted by the scriptures. With His associates who are His various limbs and weapons, He enjoys the ecstasy of sankirtan as Lord Gauranga. All glories to Gaurachandra, whose divine pastimes are fully imbued with consciousness. He is the life and soul of the devotees, and He Himself is an incarnation of His devotee. In the company of Shri Adwaita, Shrinibas and Hari das, and with Nityananda by his side, He enjoys the pastimes of sankirtan. He is the Lord of the life of Gadadhar and the Lord of His eternal associates, the assembled devotees, the Master of the world in the form of His own devotee."

[Shri Krishnaprematarangini]