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Shri Bamsibadanananda Thakur;


Shri Bamsibadanananda Thakur appeared on the full moon day of the month of Caitra in the year 1416 (Saka).


Within Kuliya exist the villages of Teghari, Beciyara, Bedrapara and Cinedanga. The sons of Shrikar Cattopadhyay moved from Bilbagram (Patuli) to Beciyaragram. Shri Judhisthir Cattopadhyay, the son of Shrikar Cattopadhyay had three sons, Madhab das (Cha Kari Cattopadhyay), Shri Hari das (Tin Kari) and Shri Krishna Sampati (Dui Kari).

When Mahaprabhu came from Puri to have darshan of His Mother and the river Ganges He stayed for seven days in the house of Madhab das at Kuliya. At this time he excused Debananda Pandit along with all of the offences of everyone else. Therefore the place came to be known as Aparadh Banjan Pat.

Shri Bamsi Thakur appeared in the home of Shri Madhab das. His mother's name was Shrimati Candrakala Debi. Bamsibadanananda is the incarnation of Shri Krishna's flute.


On the day of his birth Mahaprabhu was present in the house of Shri Madhab das, along with Shri Adwaita Acarja. Madhab was very devoted to Mahaprabhu and Prabhu was also very affectionate to him and his son Bamsi. After taking sannyas Mahaprabhu entrusted Bamsi das with the responsibility of looking after His mother, Saci Mata and Bisnupriya debi. Bamsi das was present at Nabadwip when (Shrinibas) Acarja Prabhu came there. Bamsi Thakur was engaged in the service of Bisnupriya and was the receptacle of her unlimited mercy.


One time Bisnupriya debi and Bamsi Thakur decided to give up taking food and water, there not being any point in maintaining their bodies which were so racked with the pain of separation from Mahaprabhu. Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, however, didn't approve of this and manifested Himself before them. He requested them not to behave so rashly, and then instructed them both to worship His Deity form in order to mitigate their feelings of separation.

After Bisnupriya's disappearance Bamsibadan brought this Deity of Mahaprabhu from Mayapur to Kuliya. This Deity of Mahaprabhu is very beautiful and is still being worshipped in the present town of Nabadwip. The name of the temple and Deity is Dhameswar. It is said that the name Bamsibadan is carved into the wood underneath the base of the Deity.


By the mercy of Jahnava Mata, Bamsi Thakur's descendant, Ramacandra Gosvami came to live at BaghnaPara. Then the worship of Dhamesvar Mahaprabhu passed into the hands of the residents of Malancha.


There was a Deity of Gopinath at Kuliya worshipped by Bamsi's ancestors and he also personally installed a Deity of Pranballabh at their home in Kuliya. Where the Deity of Shri Gopinath is at present is unknown but Shri Shri Pranballabh are presently residing at Baghnapara.


Bamsi Thakur resided at Bilbagram for some time with his relatives there. He had two sons, Shri Chaitanya das and Shri Nityananda das. The two sons of Chaitanya das were Shri Ramacandra and Shri Sacinandan. Ramacandra was the adopted son and disciple of Jahnava Mata. He established the worship of Shri Shri KanaiBalai at BaghnaPara. As he never married the worship passed on to his brother Sacinandan whose descendants are the resident Gosvamis there.


Shri Bamsibadanananda was a poet and composer of songs. He composed one song about the Lord's acceptance of sannyas based on the lamentations of Shri Sacimata and Shri Bisnupriya.

Some say that RamaiGosai (Ramacandra Gosvami), the son of Chaitanya das (Bamsi Thakur's son) was an incarnation of Bamsi Thakur.


Premdas, who was the fourth in disciplic succession from Ramcandra Gosvami, composed one book called Bamsi Sikka, which contains some information about Shri Bamsibadanananda Thakur.