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Shri Adwaita Acarja;


The foremost of all the Baisnabs who reside at Nabadwip is Shri Adwaita Acarja, whose virtuous presence has made all the worlds blessed. He is the most pre-eminent preceptor in all fields including knowledge, renunciation and devotion. In explaining Krishna bhakti he is like unto Lord Sankara himself, and whatever scriptures that exist within the three worlds he explains in the light of Krishna bhakti. With intense eagerness he continually worships Shri Krishna with Tulasi manajaris and Ganges water. By the momentum of his spiritual force, his loud shouts pierce the coverings of this universe and, resounding throughout Baikuntha, reach the ears of Shri Krishna. Hearing this loving summons saturated with devotion, Shri Krishna advents Himself.

On the seventh day of the bright fortnight in the month of Magh, the great ocean of ecstasy swelled to its limits, being forcibly attracted by the moon of Adwaita, Who appeared from the womb of Shri Nabhadebi as the moon appears in the autumn sky. His father, Shri Kuvera Pandit floated in the ocean of joy. In great happiness he gave many gifts in charity to the brahmanas (who voluntarily accept vows of poverty). Very quietly he approached the maternity room to get a glimpse of his newborn son. Then his own face began to shine by the reflected light of that moon like personage. The residents of Nabagram came running to see the child. Everyone remarked that they had never seen such a beautiful baby. What pious activities his father must have performed to get such a jewel of a son, even in his old age. Thus Ghanasyama sings of this auspicious occasion. [B.R.12.1759] The child was named Mongal and his other name was Kamalaksa.


Adwaita Acarja is the combined incarnation of Maha Bisnu and Sadasiva (who resides in Goloka). His two consorts, Sita and Shri are manifestations of Yoga Maya.


Once when Adwaita performed worship, whatever gods and demigods He was meditating on He saw, all gathered at Lord Chaitanya's lotus feet, offering prayers. Raising up his two hands, Adwaita exclaimed in great ecstasy, "Today all the days of my life have produced a successful result, as all my desires have been fulfilled. My birth and activities have finally born fruit. I have directly perceived Your two lotus feet, which are proclaimed throughout the four Vedas but are unattainable thereby. Now, by Your causeless mercy, You have revealed Yourself to Me." Mahaprabhu replied, "Acarja, now you should perform My worship."


First Adwaita Acarja washed the Lord's two lotus feet with water scented by flower petals and then with water scented with sandalwood. Next He placed on His lotus feet Tulasi manjaris dipped in sandalwood paste along with arghya [an auspicious offering of rice, durbagrass, yogurt etc.]. His eyes brimming with tears, he offered incense, ghee lamps, flowers, sandalwood paste, and some foodstuffs. After offering various prayers he loudly proclaimed the Lord's glories with auspicious shouts, "All glories to the Lord and Maintainer of the universe, the Lord of all that lives. All glories to Gaurachandra, the Ocean of Mercy. All glories to the most Munificent Incarnation of Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Whose Form is all-enchanting. All glories to He who is decorated with the ornaments of Shrivatsa and Kaustubha. All glories to He who has revealed the Hare Krishna Maha mantra. All glories to He who enjoys the pastimes of accepting devotion unto Himself. All glories to Mahaprabhu who reclines on the bed of Ananta Sesa. All glories to the Refuge of all living entities.

[C.B.Madhya 6.116]


Hearing Adwaita's prayers Mahaprabhu replied, "My dear Acarja, I am very pleased by your prayers. Now you can ask from me any benediction you like."

Adwaita requested, "My only request is that you distribute love of Krishna even to women, labourers and the ignorant fools as well. [C.B.Madhya 6.167]


A Nrsimha sila and Deities of Shri Shri Madan Gopal fashioned from a painting done by Shri Visakha debi, were worshipped by Adwaita Acarja and are still residing in Santipura at Madan Gopal Para. Santipur is a short distance from Krishnanagar by bus. The place on the banks of the Ganga where Adwaita Acarja worshipped salagram and called out to the Lord to please make His descent into this world, is known today as Babla. A temple has been built in memory of Adwaita Acarja's pastimes there. This place can be reached by rickshaw from Santipur.


There is no place in the universe like Nabadwip, where the Lord Chaitanya Gosai chose to advent Himself. Being aware that the Lord's descent was imminent, Providence bestowed full prosperity there. Who can describe the luxurious and thriving condition of Nabadwip? At each ghat along the Ganges River hundreds and thousands of people would come to take their baths. Young men, old men, as well as children, all were highly proficient in their knowledge of the scriptures. This was due to their having been favoured by the mercy of Sarasvati debi. Though the professors and lecturers were extremely puffed up by their accumulated knowledge, the young students were not afraid to vie with them in philosophical wrangling, hoping that they could defeat their own teachers. People from distant lands far and wide came to Nabadwip to imbibe the mellows of scholarly pursuits. From Mithila, they came to study the 'Nav nyaya' (new logic); from Varanasi the sannyasis and other savants came to peruse 'Vedanta darshan'; from Kanchi they came and from many other places as well. As there were thousands of professors only, one can just imagine how many students were present. Due to the merciful glance of Lakkidebi the inhabitants of Nabadwip were perfectly happy, but their accumulation of material knowledge and piety only served them in the capacity of making them expert in wasting time absorbed in the world of family, society and friends.

With the dawning of the age of Kali, the world became devoid of devotion to the two brothers Ram and Krishna, and so the nature of the people of this age is easily predictable. "Work is worship" becomes their slogan and all of their waking hours are spent praying to the goddess Mangal Candi for material prosperity. By worshipping the goddess Manasa, men become arrogant and conceited. After fashioning dolls to represent these goddesses, they spend vast amounts of wealth to perform their worship. Sometimes they perform marriages of cats, monkeys or dolls at great expense, what to speak of the attention and wealth they lavish on the marriages of their own sons and daughters. In this way the better part of their time is wasted in fruitless pursuits. The Bhattacarjas, Cakravartis and Misras, each being absorbed in their own specific department of learning, entirely miss the purport of the scriptures and preoccupy themselves only with gyan and karma (knowledge and pious work), not perceiving the essential prerequisite for all endeavour, namely bhakti (devotion).

After so much endeavour and application, the only result is that they fall into the noose of Jamraj and perish. No one is interested to hear descriptions of the fact that the religion of this age, the divine dispensation for this ocean of faults (Kali yuga) is Krishna kirtan (congregational chanting of the holy names of Krishna). They are too busy in discussing the faults of others and in trying to make even other's good qualities appear contemptible. Amongst even the so called renunciates who are so puffed up by their performance of penances and austerities, there is not one to be found whose mouth is decorated with the transcendental vibrations of the holy names of Hari. Only by some chance good fortune, some of them are habituated to take the names of Govinda and Pundarikaksa during their bath, though they consider it an offence to say the name of the Lord at other times. Those who explain the Gita and Bhagavat never do so in terms of devotion (bhakti).

When the devotees saw all these symptoms of the fallen souls of this age, they felt great distress and hopelessness for the lot of those unfortunate people. "How can they possibly be delivered? They are totally absorbed in gratifying their senses through association with material objects. We are hesitant to request them to celebrate the Name of Hari as they will simply make offences and hinder our devotional practices. We also know that even if they are requested they will never chant. Their constant engagement is to make dissertations concerning their vast learning and aristocratic lineage."

For this reason the devotees silently performed their devotional practices by worshipping the Deity in their homes, bathing in the Ganges and discussing Krishna katha; all the while praying for the descent of the Lord Krishnacandra, that He might come quickly in order to save the fallen souls by awarding them His blessings. In the midst of the scene thus described sat Adwaita Acarja, foremost of the Baisnabs, who was honoured by all. As the instructor of everyone, in terms of knowledge, devotion and renunciation, his eminent position was un eclipsed and in describing specific devotion to Shri Krishna he was as like Lord Siva himself. Whatever scriptures exist within the three worlds, he explains the essence of them all in terms of pure devotion to the lotus feet of Shri Krishna. He could interpret even the scriptures of the Mayavadis, like 'Yogavasistha,' in terms of devotion. With intense eagerness he continuously worships the Lord with offerings of Tulasi manjaris and Ganges water. The strength of his desire that Shri Krishna will advent Himself is so great that his loud cries pierce the covering of the universes and resound around within Baikuntha. When Shri Krishna hears the Acarja's loud calling He becomes submissive to such devotion and thus agrees to make His appearance.

Adwaita Acarja has come to be known as the pre-eminent chief of all the Baisnabs, due to the excellence of his rapport or communion with the Supreme Lord. Residing in Nabadwip however, surrounded by a world devoid of devotion, he felt great sadness. The people continued to remain totally engrossed in the mellows of mundane dealings, without the least desire to attain devotion to Lord Krishna through the performance of His worship. Rather they would worship Vashuli and other concocted demi goddesses with the articles meant for worship of the Supreme Lord. Even some of them would worship various yaksas with offerings of wine and flesh. The tumultuous uproar caused by their continuous revelry of dancing, singing and playing on musical instruments drowned out the only auspicious sound for them, namely the Holy Names of Shri Hari. Though these demented souls consider that they are performing pious activities meant to create an auspicious atmosphere, in reality the demigods who are capable of invoking material auspiciousness are not at all pleased by their activities, devoid as they are of any relationship with Shri Krishna. Since he could understand all of this, Adwaita was deeply troubled.

Adwaita had an extremely compassionate heart by nature and because of this sympathetic nature he deeply considered how these fallen souls might be delivered. "The only sure cure for such a diseased condition amongst the people will be if my Lord Himself makes His appearance. My name is 'Adwaita Simha', to advertise my self-aggrandisement and to indicate that I am non-different from the Lord (Maha Bisnu) Himself. However, this name will only be fulfilled if I can cause the appearance of He who gives pleasure to the inhabitants of Baikuntha. After bringing the Lord of Baikuntha here, we will dance and sing together, celebrating His appearance, and by seeing this alone the living entities will be saved from ruination!" With this resolute purpose as his aim, the Acarja would continuously worship the Lord Shri Krishna, with steadfast concentration of mind. The Lord Gaurasundar Himself has declared many times that the cause of His descent was non other than Shri Adwaita.

The devotees felt a great conflagration within themselves to see that the world had become devoid of devotion. Since no one was interested to hear Krishna katha, they would simply do kirtan, each of them alone and by this obtain a little happiness. In the early morning during the brahma muhurta, just before the sunrise, they would gather at Adwaita Acarja's house and while glorifying and discussing Shri Krishna they forgot all their distress. This was their only relief. Otherwise they simply sat alone and cried, seeing the world around them as a blazing fire. Adwaita could easilyl attract those who were Baisnabs to come into his association, but he was unable to make his message understood by those who passed their days as do ordinary animals.

"What is this sankirtan? Why should we chant Krishna's name, or dance in the ecstasy of that kirtan? What will be the benefit of that? Who is a Baisnab? We don't know (or care) about these things!" Thinking of nothing other than their hopes and aspirations for their sons and wealth, all these great atheists gather together to heckle and laugh at the Baisnabs. For this reason Adwaita was so sorrowful that he remained fasting while the other devotees breathed deep sighs.

In the evening Shrivas and his other three brothers would loudly chant the Holy Names of Hari within their house. At this the atheists remarked, "Oh no! This is very dangerous! They'll cause the destruction of our whole village. If the Mohammedan rulers get wind of this then it doesn't look good for us. As it is, they are by nature very cruel and harsh in their dealings with us. They won't like this kirtan at all." Someone else chimed in, "We should drive that brahmana (Shribas) out of our village by breaking his house and throwing it in the river. For the benefit of our village he should be driven out. Otherwise the Mohammedans will simply eradicate this village from the face of the earth."

When the devotees heard the impious heretics speaking in this way they simply cried while calling softly, "Krishna." The flames of Adwaita's anger raged so much that when he stood up he wasn't even aware that his outer cloth had fallen off.

"Hear me Shrivas, Ganga das and Suklambar! I am going to personally bring Shri Krishna Himself here, within the vision of these blasphemers and godless rogues. He will personally deliver them from their wicked existence by instructing all of us regarding devotion to Himself. If I am unable to do so then I will manifest my four arms which hold the conch, lotus, club and disc. With that disc I will separate these rogues' heads from their shoulders. Only then will I be sure that Krishna is my master and I His worthy servant.

This was Adwaita's incessant mood which he continuously expressed. With this resolute purpose in mind he worshipped the lotus feet of Shri Krishna. All of the devotees became of one mind and they also worshipped Krishna's lotus feet, bathing them with their tears.

They roamed throughout Nabadwip but nowhere could they find any mention of the goals of human life, namely devotion to the Supreme Lord. Some of the devotees were so afflicted that they wanted to give up their bodies, while some simply sighed and cried while saying, "Krishna." None of them had any taste for food and therefore they hardly ate anything. They were so distressed by the behaviour of the mass of people. They had given up any pretence of enjoyment and thus concentrated their entire energy on causing the descent of the Lord.

Due to the wicked inclination of the people in general, Adwaita and the other devotees continued to pass their days in shedding tears. Vishwarupa one day exclaimed in great sadness, "I don't want to have to see these people's faces any more. I will go to the forest. In the early morning hours of the dawn, Vishwarupa would take his bath in the Ganges and then come to attend the meeting of the Baisnabs at Adwaita Bhavan.


Because Viswarupa explained the scriptures exclusively in terms of devotion to the lotus feet of Shri Krishna, Adwaita was extremely pleased and roared loudly in jubilation. Though he was engaged in worshipping the Deity while Viswarupa was discoursing on the sastra, he was so happy to hear Viswarupa's explanations that he left his puja to come and embrace Viswarupa. At this the Baisnabs cheered in ecstatic jubilation, "Hari! Hari!" In the ecstasy of that moment the devotees entirely forgot their previous moroseness and roared loudly like lions. As the devotees were disinclined to leave the company of Viswarupa to return to their homes, Viswarupa was similarly not interested to leave the association of the devotees at Adwaita's house to return to his own house.


However, when Saci Mata had finished her cooking however, she would send Nimai to fetch his older brother from Adwaita's house. When Nimai came to Adwaita Bhavan he saw the devotees all seated together discussing Krishna katha. As He addressed His older brother, intimating that it was time to come home to take his meal, the devotees glanced in that direction to see who had come found their eyes irresistably attracted by the form of Viswarupa's younger brother. They continued to relish His enchanting appearance with unblinking eyes. Every limb of His body was graced with the limit of matchless loveliness, beauty and charm. The beauty of millions of moons can not even compare with the radiance of the nails of His lotus feet. His body naked and covered with dust from playing outside, He smiled very sweetly while addressing Viswarupa, "Brother! It is the time to take your meal now. Mother is calling." At this Viswarupa would take leave of the Baisnabs and after wrapping his chaddar around his shoulders, proceed towards his home with his younger brother Nimai. The devotees would remain staring after Them, having been mesmerized by the captivating beauty of Nimai. It was as though they were all in some kind of ecstatic trance. Even they had ceased to talk about Krishna. Of course it was only natural that they should become so fascinated by seeing Nimai. Even though they might not have been conscious at the time that He was their worshipful Lord, still their minds were captured by Him. This is the business of the Lord to steal His devotees' minds away. Others of course cannot understand this.

During the course of hearing the narration of the Brahma mohana lila from Sukadeb Gosvami, Pariksit Maharaja found it very wonderful to hear how the residents of Braja had more affection for Krishna than they did for their own sons. Sukadeb Goswami explained that without the presence of the Paramatma within living beings, no one has affection for their sons, wives or friends. Rather they very quickly remove them (the bodies) from the house as soon as the Paramatma is no longer present. The real object of affection is that Paramatma, who is none other than Shri Nandanandan. This of course applies only to devotees. Others, like Kamsa, feel no affection towards Krishna because of their offences. Sugar is naturally sweet, but to them who are diseased it may taste bitter. This however is not the fault of the sugar but rather the fault of their tongues. So it is that the supremely sweet Chaitanya Gosai was not recognized by anyone other than His devotees, whose minds He had captured in all respects and for all time. In this way, Baikuntha Ray Shri Biswambhar, took his older brother's hand and led him towards home, leaving the devotees at Adwaita Bhavan in a swoon of infatuation.

Adwaita Acarja thought to himself. "This is no ordinary child." To ascertain the feelings and perceptions of the other devotees (regarding this matter) he ventured to mention, "I am not sure just what kind of boy He is." To this everyone replied by praising Nimai's charming appearance.

Vishwarupa would immediately return to Adwaita's house after taking his meal. He was not interested in family life and preferred to continuously pass his time in the ecstasy of Krishna katha. What little time he passed at home was spent within the family temple of Lord Bisnu, where He engaged himself in worshipping and meditating on the form of Lord Bisnu (Salagram sila).

When Vishwarupa came to know that his mother and father were making preparations for his marriage he felt pained at heart and thought to himself, "Now I will have to renounce the world." In his mind he could find no other solution but to retreat to the forest. Thus the inevitable came to pass and Vishwarupa accepted sannyasa. The Supreme Controller Himself knows His own heart. He then came to be known in the world and "Sankararanya." Now the foremost of the Baisnabs set out on innumerable and unending paths.

When Mother Saci and Jagannatha Misra found out that Vishwarupa had left home never to return, their hearts were practically consumed by the flames of lamentation. In the company of the other family members and acquaintances they cried very loudly, while Shri Gaura Ray Himself fainted to the ground, feeling unbearable separation from His brother. It is impossible for me to properly describe their feelings of separation. Jagannath Misra's house became inundated with an ocean of tears. When Adwaita and the other devotees came to hear this news, they were thunderstruck and similarly began to shed tears. In fact all the gentlemen and ladies of Nadia were very sad when they heard that Vishwarupa had gone away.

Jagannath and Saci's hearts were rent asunder. They simply called out "Viswarupa! Viswarupa!" As Misra Candra became overwhelmed with grief at the loss of his son, his friends tried to console him by saying, "Misraji, calm yourself! You should not feel such sorrow. By your son's action he has liberated his entire family. Thirty million members of that dynasty in which someone accepts sannyasa, receive the benediction of residing in Baikuntha. By the action of your son it is to be understood that his culture of knowledge has born fruit and thus his education has been crowned with success. What could possibly be a greater cause for rejoicing!" In this way they tried to console him, catching hold of his hands and feet. "This ornament of your family, Biswambhar, will carry on your lineage as your descendant. So what do you have to lament about? What is the need of millions of sons, for one who has this one son as his own?" Though his friends tried to solace him in this way, still Jagannath Misra's anguish raged on unabated. Whenever he would somehow or other finally become composed, the next moment he would remember the good qualities of Vishwarupa and would again lose his patience. Misra Mahasoy confronted his friends, "Please tell me,, what proof do I have that this other son will remain at home? I feel in my heart that he might also go off to follow his elder brother." Krishna gave me Vishwarupa, and now He has taken him away. Whatever Shri Krishna Candra desires is bound to take place. Though the living entity has minute independence he has no power of his own to accomplish anything. My dear Lord, I surrender my body and senses to you!"

Gradually, by fixing his mind in transcendental knowledge, Jagannath Misra, who was very wise and serene by nature, was able to rein in his emotions and make himself calm and tranquil once again. So it came to pass that Shri Vishwarupa, who is non-different from Nityananda Swarup, accepted sannyasa and left his home for good. Whoever hears this narration of Vishwarupa's acceptance of sannyasa, receives the benediction of devotion to Krishna and the noose of karma around his neck is cut down from the gallows of material existence.

The devotees were simultaneously delighted and dejected by constantly contemplating Vishwarupa's acceptance of sannyasa. "We used to have such nice discussions of Krishna katha with Vishwarupa, but now Krishna has taken him away. Come, we shall also go to the forest. Let us not have to see the faces of these sinful rascals any more. Just how much longer can we tolerate these blasphemous rogues' sarcastic remarks. Everyone here is incessantly enamoured by the flickering waves of material enjoyment. We never get to hear the highly auspicious names of 'Krishna' from their mouths, rather we simply have to stand by helplessly and watch them drown themselves in temporary and false enjoyments. Even if we try to make them understand they still refuse to take the straight and narrow path which leads to Godhead. Rather, they are busy to increase their bondage by ridiculing us. They accost us so, "By worshipping Krishna what happiness are you getting? You have to eat by begging. Rather it seems your distress is simply increasing." The devotees decided that since these infidels are unfit to associate with, what is the point in living in their company? We should just go to the forest." Having spoken in this way they sighed deeply.

Adwaita Mahasoy tried to console them, "Just try to be patient. Great happiness is yet in store for us. I am sure of it. I am feeling such exalted ecstasy in my heart that I am sure Krishnacandra has advented Himself. If with a cheerful heart you all simply sing the name of Krishna then you will see Him here before you within a short number of days. That Krishna will perform His pastimes, taking all of you as His companions, and only then will Adwaita know that he is the pure devotee of the same Shri Krishna. Mercy as this is rarely achieved by such stalwarts as Sukadeb Goswami or Prahlad. Yet this mercy will be easily attained by such servants as all of you."

When the devotees heard these nectarean words of Adwaita, they cried out, "Hari! Hari!" In great ecstasy their emotions once again soared in the heavenly realm of blessed delight. The Lord Gaurasundar, Who was playing with his friends, heard their loud roaring and entered the house. At this they addressed Him, "Why have you come just now, our darling?"

Prabhu replied, "Why did you call Me?" Having said this much, He again ran outside to play with His friends. By the potency of His yogamaya none of the devotees could understand what was going on.                           [C.B. Adi 2]

Passing their days in sadness

Though the devotees remained absorbed in chanting the holy names of the Lord, the infidels who were not aware of any object in life other than the accumulation of wealth and sons, continued to taunt the Baisnabs. Whenever they heard the devotees engaged in harikirtan they would make cutting remarks in jest, "Oh let them go, they are just trying to fill up their bellies by posing as mendicant sadhus. By evading the culture of knowledge meant for ultimate liberation in Brahman, what do they possibly hope to accomplish by simply dancing in such a vain and arrogant fashion. What kind of behaviour is this? I have read the Bhagavatam but nowhere did I find any mention that one should dance like this and cry. Because of the chanting of Shrivas Pandit and his three brothers during the early morning, we are unable to sleep properly. Is there no piety in chanting softly to oneself? What is the necessity of dancing, singing and shouting so loudly?"

Those sinful rogues had nothing favourable to say whenever they saw the Baisnabs. By hearing their remarks the devotees could not help but feel afflicted, if not for themselves then for the future of such godless hypocrites. Their only shelter was the most merciful Lord, Whose compassion they entreated by calling His name softly between sobs. They tried to reassure themselves with the hope that, "We only have to tolerate this a few more days, after which time the cause of all our distress will be entirely uprooted by the appearance in this world of Shri Krishna Candra.

When the devotees came to Adwaita Acarja's house that day they mentioned to him the remarks of the immoral rogues. Adwaita flew into a rage and began his tandava dance (that Lord Siva dances at the time of the annihilation of the universe) while roaring loudly, "I will destroy them all."

Then again he restrained himself, "No wait! My Lord, the bearer of the Sudarsan cakra is on His way here. When He arrives then we will see what happens in that place called Nadia. I will bring Krishna within the vision of everyone. Then only can I be called Adwaita (or non-duel; the same), the store of the Supreme Lord, Shri Krishna. My brothers you just have to wait a few more days before you will be able to perceive Him before you."

By listening intently to these consoling words of the Acarja, the devotees were able to forget their tribulations and so began a roaring kirtan. The supremely auspicious name of Krishna rose up out of the midst of their sorrow, like the sun ascending Mount Sumeru, totally dissipating their sadness. They became so overwhelmed that they completely forgot the searing words of those blasphemous heretics. In this way at least a small portion of the people of Nabadwip became so thrilled with rapture that they were transported out of material existence.                                              [C.B. Adi 11]

Adwaita's Dream

All glories to the friend of Nityananda who is the wealth of his life. All glories to the abode of love of Gadadhar and Adwaita. Finally Nimai Pandit journeyed to Gaya from where He returned a changed man. The devotees marvelled to see the ecstatic transformation of divine love in the person of Shri Gaurasundar. These incidents they very joyfully narrated to Shri Adwaita Acarja. By the force of his devotion Adwaita could ascertain that now the Lord was about to manifest His divinity. Still it was not possible to understand the true status of the Acarja. He tries to conceal his pre-eminent position whenever it is about to be revealed. Having received this news Adwaita became excited with delight and being completely absorbed in this moment he addressed the devotees, "My dear brothers, today I also have something very wonderful to relate to you. In the night I saw something after I had been contemplating some verses of Bhagavat gita, which I could not perfectly understand. Due to my bewilderment I was feeling uneasy and therefore remained without taking my evening meal.

In the night someone came to me and said, "Get up Acarja! Take your meal now. I am explaining those verses to you. Just take your meal and worship Me. Anyway why are you feeling upset? What you resolved to do has been successfully accomplished. All your fasting, your worship of Me, calling to Me with tears in your eyes. 'Krishna, Krishna!' With your two arms raised high in the sky, that Lord of yours Whom you promised to bring here, will reveal Himself to you now. In every house and village throughout the land the chanting of Krishna's holy names will go on incessantly. Pure devotion which is very difficult for even Lord Brahma to obtain, will by your mercy now be made available to all classes of men. All these devotees in Shrivasa's house will now be able to perceive what even the demigods headed by Lord Brahma cannot see. Now you take your meal; I am going. But I will return to see if you have eaten or not."

The mysteries of Krishna's merriment are beyond my comprehension. In which form will He reveal Himself and to whom? His older brother Vishwarupa would come to my house to give class on the Bhagavad gita and this child, with such a pleasant and beautiful appearance would come to my house also to call his elder brother. He would steal our minds away by His attractive features. I used to bless Him by saying, "May you attain devotion to the lotus feet of Shri Krishna." Then I would think, "He is the son of a well respected and aristocratic family. His grandfather is Nilambar Cakravarti. He is endowed with so many good qualities and is a great scholar. It will be very suitable if He can dedicate Himself to Shri Krishna."

Now that I have heard His proclamation, my happiness is uncontainable and I simply request Him to bestow His blessings on one and all. May Krishna become favourable to everyone and may the entire world become enlivened by the repetition of His Holy Name, "Krishna! Krishna! Krishna!" If all this is really true then I will know it when they all come here to my house in great ecstasy. Acarjaji roared very loudly and all of the Baisnabs joyfully cheered in return, "Joy! Joy! The names of "Hari! Hari!" resounded from their mouths while the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna manifested Himself in the incarnation of His Holy Names. Someone remarked, "Nimai Pandit has become a Baisnab! Now we will perform sankirtan like we never have before." The devotees offered their obeisances to the Acarja and departed on their way while chanting the holy names of Shri Hari.                                        [C.B. Adi 16]

The Prayers of the Devotee's are Answered

One day the Lord wanted to have some fun so he took Gadadhar with Him to  see Adwaita Acarja. When They arrived there They saw Adwaita engaged in worshipping Krishna with Ganga water and Tulasi leaves. Forcefully and repeatedly extending his arms in the air he made the heavens resound with the sounds of "Hari! Hari!" Sometimes he laughed and sometimes he cried, completely forgetting himself. By seeing his anger, manifested as loud roars, like those of an angry lion, one might have thought that Rudra had descended upon the earth. As soon as Shri Biswambhar saw Adwaita Acarja in that mood, He fainted dead away and fell to the ground. By the strength of his devotion, Adwaita was now fully aware of everything and so he exclaimed, "Once again I have met with the Lord of my life." He addressed Lord Biswambhar within his mind. "Now where will You go You thief. For so long you managed to keep Yourself hidden but today You happened to stray this way so I have caught You, because I am also a thief and it takes a thief to catch a thief. You cannot hide Yourself from Adwaita. Today I will rob the thief. By performing Your worship the truth will become manifest." Then Adwaita went to get the ingredients for worship.

Shortly he returned with padya (footwash), arghya (auspicious substances for greeting a guest), acamaniya (mouthwash), etc. Then Adwaita Gosai began to worship the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya Candra. He smeared sandalwood paste on His feet and then placed nice scented flowers on them. Then he offered incense and lamps. Offering his salutations he recited this verse over and over again:

namo brahmanya-debya go brahmana hitaya ca

jagaddhitaya Krishnaya govindaya namo namah

Having finally been able to recognize the Lord of his life, Adwaita shed tears of ecstasy with which he bathed Shri Biswambhar's feet. With his hands folded before his chest he fell down like a stick at the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu. Gadadhar smiled and after biting his tongue as a gesture of humility he submitted to the Acarja, "Gosai, if you behave so respectfully to someone who is so much your junior (in age), then is that appropriate?" Adwaita simply laughed and replied, "Gadadhar! How long will it take before you realise Who this really is?" Then Gadadhar became astonished and thoughtfully remarked, "Then am I to understand that the Supreme Lord has incarnated?"


After a short while Shri Biswambhar again became externally conscious, only to find Adwaita Acarja in a completely enraptured state. Wishing to keep His true self hidden, Prabhu Biswambhar began, with folded hands, to recite prayers to the Acarja. While offering his obeisances He took the dust of Adwaita's feet and thus surrendered His body to him fully.

"Oh most noble minded and magnanimous Sir, please bestow your favour upon Me. You should know with all certainty that I belong to you. Simply by seeing you I have become greatly fortunate. If you are merciful to me, then only will Krishna's name awaken within My mouth. You are able to sever one's bonds of material attachment. Krishna is always manifest in your heart.

The Lord knows how to magnify the good qualities of His devotees and so encourage them. As the devotee worships the Lord, the Lord also worships the devotee. (ye yatha mam parapadyante tams tathaiva bhajamy aham).

Adwaita thought to himself, "What is the use of Your honouring me now? I have already robbed You, You thief." Then he laughed and replied to Prabhu. "You are greater than all others to me, Biswambhar. I simply want to be able to incessantly see you and remain in the joyful excitement of Krishna katha. In fact all of the Baisnabs are desiring to see You and engage in harinam sankirtan in Your company." Prabhu was very pleased by Adwaita's words and consented with a nod of His head. Then He departed for His house.

Now Adwaita knew that the Lord had become revealed. Nevertheless, just in order to be sure of the validity of his perceptions he quickly set out for Santipur, going there unnoticed by anyone. "If He truly is my Lord, and I His servant, then undoubtedly He will bring me to His side and bind me there in transcendental love."

Who can understand the mind of Adwaita Gosai. By his potency Shri Chaitanya has descended to this world. Whosoever is not able to believe in all of these facts, will certainly and instantaneously meet with his own downfall.

[C.B. Madhya 2)


All glories, all glories to the Lord who is fully dependent on Adwaita and the other devotees. By the bestowal of devotion to His lotus feet He delivers the meek and wretched.

One day Mahaprabhu expressed His desire before Nityananda that they hold Vyasapuja. Nityananda understood his hint and suggested they observe this ceremony at Shrivas Pandit's house. Shrivas was happy to accept the responsibility of arranging this function and so they all went to Shrivasa's courtyard to observe the inaugural invocations which preceed the actual ceremony.

After bolting the door from the inside they began this adhivas ceremony preliminary function exectued on the eve of a festival). Mahaprabhu became absorbed in the mood of Baladeb, His ultimate purpose being to reveal the true identity of Nityananda Prabhu. After requesting Nityananda to place the plough in His hands, He began calling for varuni (honey). At first the devotees were perplexed as to what they should do but then they got the idea of bringing Ganges water in pots, which Mahaprabhu in His ecstasy, tasted as being non-different from honey. Then all the devotees began to recite prayers and hymns to Lord Balarama.

Now Mahaprabhu began calling out, "Nara! Nara! Nara!", which He repeated again and again while continuously rolling His head. However, no one could understand the hidden meaning of 'Nara'. Finally they asked him, "Prabhu! Who do you mean by Nara?"

To this He replied, "That person, due to whose loud shouting I have come here. It is due to Adwaita Acarja that I have descended upon this world. Nara has brought Me here from Baikuntha. Confident that he has accomplished his task he now sits complacently in the company of Haridas. During the commencement of sankirtan I have made My appearance and now I will preach the glories of Hari at every door. Those who are intoxicated by their limited learning, wealth, aristocracy, knowledge and renunciation, as well as those who are offenders to My devotees; to those despicable persons, I'll not give love of Godhead. Otherwise I have come to distribute that which is fit only for Lord Brahma and his associates, to even the most common of commoners. When the devotees heard these words of Mahaprabhu they began to float in an ocean of ecstasy.                                               [C.B. Madhya 5]

The Lord Calls Adwaita

All glories, all glories to the God of Gods, Who, causing the full moon of consciousness to rise, then instils in it the search for Shri Krishna. All glories, all glories to Shri Krishna Chaitanya Candra, who is the star of unlimited pastimes. All glories, all glories to His eternal and spotless fame. All glories, all glories to the Controller of all controllers, the Master of the world and the Form of pure consciousness. All glories, all glories to the dear devotees of Shri Gaurasundar and all glories to their ecstatic dancing. All glories to the life of this world, Shri Gaurachandra. Please bestow Your two lotus feet in my heart. All glories to the cause of auspiciousness for the universe, Shri Biswambhar. All glories to the loving servants of Shri Gaurachandra. All glories to the heart and soul of Shri Paramananda Puri and all glories to the darling of Swarup Damodar. All glories to He who is the beloved of Shri Rupa and Sanatana. All glories to the very heart and soul of Jagadish and Gopinath. All glories to the master of Govinda. My dear Lord, please bestow Your auspicious glance upon the living entities.

Thus did Shri Gaurachandra, in the company of Nityananda, begin to sport in the revelry of His sankirtan, taking His dear devotees with Him.

Now please hear of the arrival of Adwaita Acarja in Nabadwip, in the way it was revealed within the Madhya khanda.

One day Mahaprabhu, in His ecstatic mood as the Supreme Lord, called the younger brother of Shrivas Pandit and gave him an instruction which was full of nectar, being as it was the impetus for further ecstatic pastimes. "Ramai, go to Adwaita's house and inform him that I have disclosed Myself. 'He For Whom you have performed so much worship, for Whom you cried from the core of your heart and for Whom you underwent so many fasts and other austerities; that self-same Lord has now come and revealed Himself. He has come to distribute devotion to Himself. Come quickly and meet Him yourself."

You should also tell him privately about the arrival of Nityananda and whatever else you have personally witnessed that you find noteworthy. Tell him to come here without delay, bringing his wife and the articles for performing My worship."

Having accepted this order on his head, the younger brother of Shrivas, Ramai, immediately set out for Santipur while remembering the names of the Lord, "Hari! Hari!". However, he was so overwhelmed with ecstasy that he could not recognize the path. Nevertheless, he somehow or other arrived there, the order of Shri Chaitanya having carried him there by the sheer force of its momentum.

When he saw the Acarja he offered his obeisances but found he could not speak due to excessive ecstasy. By the potency of his pure devotion, Adwaita could understand that the Lord had sent for him. Even before Ramai could speak He looked at Ramai and while laughing addressed him, "I suppose the Lord has ordered you to bring me to Him."

Ramai replied with folded hands, "You are aware of everything today. Come! Let us go quickly."

Acarja Gosai then became so overwhelmed with joy that it was as though he forgot where he had kept his body. Who can understand the deep character of Adwaita Acarja? Though he was in knowledge of everything his mood again changed, "Now am I to understand that the Lord has manifested Himself through some human being? In which scripture is it stated that there is any incarnation in Nadiyanagar? Your brother Shrivas knows of my devotion, renunciation and transcendental knowledge. I am not asking these questions lightly."

Ramai was well acquainted with the disposition of Adwaita and therefore he simply smiled to himself and remained quiet, without giving any reply to Adwaita's inquiries. Adwaita's character was very deep and unfathomable.

Those who were pious souls, though they might not understand him, were profoundly attracted by his ways. The miscreant rascals however, found that he was a great hindrance to their way of life. Still possessed by ecstatic love, Adwaita now addressed Shrivasa's brother, "Now tell me Ramai. Why is it that you have come here so unexpectedly?"

Ramai could see that Acarjaji had made his mind peaceful in order to properly understand the full import of Mahaprabhu's message, so he again attempted to convey the Lord's order, this time with tears in his eyes. "For Whom you cried so long, for Whom you performed so much worship and for Whom you fasted so often; that Lord of yours has manifested Himself. He has come to distribute His own devotional service, and He is now calling you to come and dance with Him. Taking the six ingredients for performing His worship (water, seat, cloth, lamp, food and pan), the six articles for invoking auspiciousness (cow dung, cow urine, yogurt, milk, ghee and sugar cane), remembering the six items of bhajan (obeisances, hymns, acting only in devotional service, serving His lotus feet, remembering the same and hearing of His pastimes), as well as bringing other decorations, presents and your wife as well, you should now proceed there as per His order. Nityananda Swarup, Who is the Lord's other body and Who is dearer to you than your very life, has also arrived in Nabadwip. You know Them both very well; what shall I say further. My only interest in this is my own good fortune that will arise from seeing You all together."

Having listened carefully to these words of Ramai, Adwaita lifted up his two arms and began to cry in ecstatic love. The emotions that he was experiencing raced ahead and left his mind and body far behind, collapsed in a faint on the ground. When all those who were present saw this they became greatly amazed. After a few moments Adwaita regained his external consciousness and roared loudly, "I brought Him. I brought Him. My Lord has come. Hearing my call, He has left Baikuntha and come here." The tears sprinkled out of his eyes as he again fell to the ground. Now the Mother of the universe, the chaste wife of Adwaita, Sitadebi, also began to shed tears of ecstatic love, having heard the auspicious news of the Lord's appearance. His son Acyutananda also began to shed incessant tears of love. While the mother and her son cried together, all of the household attendants, who came to see what was the commotion, became caught up in the emotional scene and also began to cry. Who could pacify the other as everyone present had become affected by the intensity of that moment? In this way Adwaita's house became totally saturated with love of Krishna.

As soon as he would become composed, then again another wave of ecstatic emotion would carry him off. In the exuberance of these waves of ecstasy, his body rocked back and forth incessantly.

Adwaita asked Ramai, "What did Prabhu say to me?"

Ramai replied, "He said to come quickly!"

Adwaita accosted him, "Listen Ramai Pandit. He is my Lord, but I want to perceive this directly. If He reveals His opulences before me, then I will place His two lotus feet on my head. Then I will know that He is the Lord of my life. I am just speaking to you the truth of how I feel.

Ramai submitted, "My Lord what should I say? If I have any good fortune at all, then I hope to be able to witness what you have desired. Whatever you desire, He also desires the same. It is because of you that He has incarnated Himself."

Adwaita was pleased by Ramai's words and so finally made preparations to go there. He addressed his wife, "Quickly but carefully bring the items required for worship and let us proceed."

His chaste wife knew the truth regarding Lord Chaitanya and so she very devotedly began to collect whatever she could quickly. After various auspicious articles such as sandalwood, flowers, incense, various cloths, condensed milk, yogurt, cream, butter, camphor and pan(betel) had all been collected, Adwaita immediately set out in the company of his good wife. However he forbade Ramai to speak of his immanent arrival to anyone. "You tell Prabhu that Acarjaji didn't come." Let us see what our Lord says then. I will remain hiding in Nandan Acarja's house while you inform them that I didn't come."

As the Lord Biswambhar is seated in everyone's heart He could easily perceive this plan of Adwaita. When He saw in His mind's eye that Acarjaji had arrived, He Himself proceeded to Thakur Pandit's (Shrivasa's) house, where, by the desire of the Lord, practically all of His devotees happened to meet together at the same time. Everyone could understand that the Lord was in an enraptured state and therefore they were all apprehensively sitting very quietly.

Suddenly the Lord roared and then He, who is the master of 330 million demigods, sat down on the throne of Lord Bisnu. Calling again and again "Nara has come, Nara has come!", He announced, "Nara wants to see some manifestation of My divinity." Nityananda could understand the Lord's intention so he swiftly brought an umbrella and held it over His head. Gadadhar could understand what he was to do and thus brought some camphor and pan for offering to the Lord. All the various devotees took up their respective duties of rendering some favourable services.

In the midst of this scene: the Lord, seated on the throne of Lord Bisnu, being served by His loving devotees, with the chanting of hymns and prayers going on all around; Ramai enters and is noticed by all those present. The Lord signaled Ramai to remain silent and then addressed him, "Nara has sent you to test Me."

Then again while repeating, "Nara has come!" Prabhu gently rolled his head. "Though he knows Me quite well, still he thinks he has to induce Me to act. I know that he is at Nandan Acarja's house and has sent you to examine Me. Now go and bring him here immediately. I am pleased with him and now I want to see him."

Ramai then very joyfully returned and informed Adwaita of everything that had transpired. Floating in an ocean of ecstasy, Adwaita came before Mahaprabhu having accomplished what he set out to. From the distance, he offered Him dandabats and then along with his wife he approached the Lord, all the while reciting various prayers.

Having finally attained those lotus feet which bestow all fearlessness, he came before the Lord, Whom he now saw decorated very wonderfully, seated at the centre of unlimited universes. His charming loveliness defeated that of 10 million Cupids and a brilliant radiance emanated from His body, which appeared as molten gold. Like the worshipful Deity of 10 million moons, He looked compassionately on Adwaita with a propitious countenance. His two arms, which scintillated with the reflection from heavenly jewels, conquered the splendour of golden pillars from the celestial kingdom. His chest was adorned with Shrivatsa and the greatest of gems, the Kaustubha mani. From His ears dangled shark shaped pendants and a flower garland reached down to His knees, hung from His broad shoulders. A radiant brilliance shown all around, conquering the effulgence of 10 million expanded suns. At His lotus feet Rama debi was seated and Anantadeb stood at His head with an umbrella in his hand. It was not possible to distinguish His nails from splendiferous diamonds. Standing in the three-fold bending posture, He plays on His flute and smiles sweetly. The dazzling effulgence was so great that it was impossible to see anything but the Lord, His ornaments and His associates. The four headed Lord Brahma, the five headed Lord Siva and the six headed Karttikeya had their numerous heads bowed at His lotus feet, while Narada, Suka and the other rsis recited hymns in great awe and reverence. An exquisitely beautiful heavenly damsel, in appearance like Ganga debi, got down from a celestial chariot marked with the symbol of the shark (Capricorn) and offered her salutations at the lotus feet of the Lord. Lord Anantadeb with his thousands of mouths was chanting various prayers and hymns while brightly effulgent heavenly administrators (demigods) stood at attention in all directions. These demigods were continuously falling at the lotus feet of the Lord while repeating His name, 'Krishna''Krishna!'. Whatever demigods are known to be in existence, could all be seen bowing down in all directions at the lotus feet of the Lord. The Acarja saw them all get up and mount their various chariots, the flags of which were marked with the elephant, swan, horse, etc. The celestial pathways became almost choked as they all tried to depart simultaneously. Such an unprecedented sight was witnessed by Adwaita to his full satisfaction. Then he noticed great serpent kings, each with a hundred hoods, standing with their arms and hoods raised, reciting hymns, while tens of millions of their wives stood by with folded palms repeating the words, "Krishna! Krishna!" There was not a vacant spot anywhere within the sky or the earth. In all directions various rsis and munis were falling down to offer their obeisances. Having seen such an inconceivable display of the Lord's majestic opulence, the Acarja and his wife were completely awestruck and totally unable to speak a word.

The Lord Vishwambar's natural inclination is that He is supremely benevolent and compassionate. While gazing very mercifully upon Adwaita the Lord addressed him, "I have descended in order to fulfill your resolution, having become obliged to you due to your profuse worship of Me. I was lying down within the milk ocean, absorbed in yoga nidra, when My divine sleep was broken by your loud calls. You could not bear to see the living entities suffering and so you have brought Me here to deliver them. All of My associates who you just now saw surrounding Me, performing My worship and singing My praises, have also taken birth here in this earthly abode. This has all happened due to your will. My devotees, whose darshan is desired even by Lord Brahma and the other demigods, will now be within the vision of everyone.

When he heard these nectarean words of the Lord, Adwaita raised his two arms into the air and again began to shed tears along with his wife. "Today all the days of my life have become successful, along with my most cherished desire. My birth and all of my activities, everything is fulfilled now that I am directly perceiving Your two lotus feet. Even though one may study the four Vedas wherein the Supreme Lord is described, one still may not be able to see Him directly. However, by Your mercy, I am now seeing You standing before me. What power do I have to arouse Your causeless compassion. Other than Yourself, is there anyone else who is capable of delivering the fallen souls?" As he spoke of the Lord's qualities, Acarjaji began to float in an ocean of ecstasy.

The Lord addressed him, "Now you should perform My worship."

Having received the order of the Lord, Adwaita began to worship the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya with intense devotion and with a jubilant mind. First he washed His feet with nicely scented water and then he covered them completely with sandalwood paste. Next he dipped Tulasi manjaris in sandalwood paste and then placed those on the top of His feet, along with arghya, (a collection of auspicious items such as rice, durba grass, flower petals, etc.) His eyes brimming with tears of love, he now offered incense and a five wicked ghee lamp, all the while reciting prayers and hymns. Finally he uttered various other praises (jay dhvani). In this way, Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was worshipped with the five ingredients and the sixteen ingredients.

After he had decorated Prabhu with various cloths, flower garlands and ornaments all according to the Pancaratriki viddhi, he recited one verse while offering his prostrated obeisances.

namo brahmanya debya go brahmana hitaya ca

jagat hitaya Krishnaya govindaya namo namah"

"Oh my Lord of the brahmanas, Oh You who cause good fortune to shine on the cows and brahmanas, I offer my obeisances to You. Oh Krishna, Oh Govinda, I offer my obeisances to You again and again."

First Acarjaji would recite this verse, and then he would offer his obeisances, performing both activities over and over again. Finally he recited other prayers and hymns from all the various scriptures.

All glories, all glories to the Lord of all living beings, of all life itself, Shri Biswambhar. All glories, all glories to the Ocean of Mercy, Shri Gaurachandra. All glories, all glories to He who makes the words of His devotees come true. All glories, all glories to Mahaprabhu, the source of all incarnations. All glories, all glories to He who is charmed by the beauty of Lakkidebi, who was born out of the ocean of nectar. All glories, all glories to He who is decorated with Shrivatsa and Kaustubha. All glories, all glories to He Who has revealed the 'Hare Krishna' maha mantra. All glories, all glories to He who has accepted the pastime of performing devotion to Himself, in order to teach the fallen souls about the same. All glories, all glories to Mahaprabhu who is non-different from Anantadeb, lying in the milk ocean. You are Krishna. You are Bisnu. You are Narayana, Matsya, Kurma, Varaha and Bamon. In every age you preserve the Vedas (principles of religion). You are the life of Janaki and the destroyer of the raksasa race headed by Ravana. You have bestowed Your benedictions even on Guha, who was a lowly candala , and it was You who gave liberation to Ahalya. In order to protect Your devotee, Prahlad, You appeared as Lord Nrsimhadeb and killed his demoniac father, Hiranyakasipu. You are the crest jewel of all the demigods and the king of the brahmanas.

In Nilacala You are eating 56 offerings a day, prepared by Your devotees there. The four Vedas ramble along trying to search You out, Who nevertheless remain in hiding there. But my Lord, how will You Who are so great and such a valiant hero, keep Yourself hidden? In any case Your devotees are able to catch You and bring You out. You have advented Yourself along with the appearance of the sankirtan movement, the congregational chanting of the Holy Names of Hari. Within the unlimited universes, there is nothing but Yourself. These two lotus feet of Yours are so soft; Gauri and Sankar are continuously absorbed in meditation on the nectar of these lotus feet. Ramadebi is single mindedly engaged in undivided devotional service to these lotus feet, whose glories and fame are sung by Anantadeb with his thousands of mouths. Your lotus feet are always worshipped by Lord Brahma and the Srutis, Smrtis and Puranas are simply narrations and descriptions concerning these two lotus feet. When the heavenly regions were conquered by one of Your lotus feet, at that time Bali Maharaja realised the limit of good fortune by offering his head as a resting place for the other of Your lotus feet. From this lotus foot Gangadebi makes her descent to this world, the tremendous velocity of her falling momentum being withstood by none other that the matted locks of Lord Siva."

The intellect of Adwaita Acarja is far greater than that of ten million Brhaspatis, as is evidenced by his complete understanding of the Absolute position of Shri Chaitanyadeb. His consciousness floating in the nectarean descriptions of those lotus feet, his body also took refuge there, falling down on the ground by their side. Then Shri Gauranga Ray, Who is the Supersoul dwelling within the hearts of all living entities, placed those lotus feet on the head of Adwaita Acarja. At that time the heavens resounded with the ecstatic vibrations of "Joy! Joy!"

At this point, during the climax of these unprecedented pastimes, the devotees simply went berserk with ecstatic love. A huge commotion ensued while some called out, "Hari! Hari!" and others rolled on the ground while experiencing ecstatic symptoms. Still others slapped their arms and thighs and tied their cloths as though they were preparing for a wrestling match. Some were unable to utter a sound, their voices being choked up due to excessive emotion, while others cried very loudly. Adwaita Acarja, in the company of his wife, now felt totally fulfilled, since his previously desired object of receiving the Lord's lotus feet on his head had now been crowned with success.

Then the Lord Biswambhar instructed Adwaita, "Nara! Just dance for Me while performing My kirtan." Adwaita Acarja gave vent to his rapture, now through the medium of dance, as he had received permission from the Lord to do so. The kirtan commenced and gradually brought everyone to the stage of complete enchantment, while Adwaita danced before Shri Gaurachandra. In his dancing, the mood of Adwaita would sometimes be expressed very intensely while at other times he would dance very gracefully and pleasantly like a soft summer breeze. Sometimes he would catch a bunch of grass in his teeth (personifying utter humility) and sometimes he would whirl around, and jump up only to fall on the ground and roll around. Sometimes he would sigh very heavily and then completely faint away. Whoever heard that kirtan could in no way remain patient and thus everyone began to dance in ecstasy. Finally, by the inconceivable potency of the Lord, everyone was moved towards sentiments of servatorship. Adwaita then ran to the Lord's side, but when he saw Nityananda Prabhu, he scowled and grimaced by knitting up his eyebrows, at which Nityananda Prabhu laughed in great delight. Then Adwaita also laughed and said, "Oh, good! Nitai has also come. For so many days I had been separated from you. Now that I have you in my grips, where will you go? I'll tie you up!" Sometimes he addressed Nityananda as Prabhu (My Lord) and sometimes as mataliya (a drunkard). These antics caused such great fun that Nityananda Ray, the self-same form of the Lord, expanded for the purpose of performing pastimes, laughed joyously.

As I have previously explained, the Lord Nityananda serves Shri Chaitanya in manifold ways and with unbounded and unending eagerness. In one of his forms he serves the Lord by praising His glories (Ananta) and in another of His forms He serves the Lord through meditation. He is both the umbrella as well as the couch of the Lord. As a cowherd boy his songs give Krishna great pleasure. You should know that there is no difference between Nityananda and Adwaita. Those who are blessed can understand this. Whatever contention appears to exist between Them, is an inconceivable demonstration of the fun loving propensity existing in the Absolute. The actual bond of affection that exists between Them is like that which exists between Ananta deb and Shankar. Both of Them are extremely dear to Shri Krishna Chaitanya. The fate of those who take sides, not understanding the apparent strife between them, criticizing one and praising the other, is simply to die needlessly.

Having witnessed the superb dancing of Adwaita, the assembled Baisnabs became overwhelmed by high waves in the ocean of ecstasy, and summarily drowned therein. Finally the Lord instructed Adwaita that he should now rest after so much ecstatic dancing. Adwaita immediately complied.

While placing the flower garland from His own neck around the neck of Adwaita, He smilingly requested him, "Ask some boon from Me!"

Adwaita remained silent however, and so the Lord Biswambhar again took him to task, "Ask! Go ahead, ask Me!"

This time Adwaita replied, "What more should I ask for? Whatever I had been desiring I have received in full. Now that I have been able to dance before You, I don't think there remains any other cherished object within my heart! Is there anything remaining, now that I have been able to see Your present incarnation? What didn't I want? You Yourself know that in desiring You I was desiring everything. Now I have received everything. Is there anything that can be left out, when one has had direct darshan of Your divine form?"

Prabhu Biswambhar rolled His head and replied, "I have become visible by reason of Your desire. Now I will broadcast the chanting of My holy Names (kirtan) from door to door, that the whole world might dance in My good name. What Brahma, Siva, Narada and the others undergo great austerities to attain, such devotion as that I will now distribute freely. Mark My words."

Adwaita now spoke up, "If You are going to distribute devotion to Yourself, then You will have to give it even to women, ordinary labourers and other ignorant fools. Except for those who are intoxicated by their learning, wealth, austerity and the like, as well as those who obstruct devotion to You and Your devotees; while those sinful wretches die a slow death in the fire of their envy, let everyone else, up to and including the candalas, dance in the ecstasy of singing Your glories."

The Lord roared loudly in appreciation of Adwaita's request, "I accept your proposal whole-heartedly."

The witness to the truth of the Lord's promise is the entire world, in which the lower classes and ignorant fools attained the mercy of the Lord. Even the dog eaters dance to the songs glorifying the Lord's magnanimous qualities. The high-class brahmanas like Bhattacarja and Misra and Cakravarti simply know how to criticize. Though externally they appear very exalted, studying the sastras with their cleanly shaven heads and big sikhas, their intelligence is factually ruined because they criticize Lord Nityananda and thus bring on their entire ruination.

By the potency of Shri Adwaita the world became drowned in the ocean of love of God. All this is being described from the Madhya khanda. Whatever words were spoken in pure love between Shri Chaitanyadeb and Adwaita Acarja are known to Sarasvati debi, the Mother of the universe. She can manifest her presence on the tongue of whomever she likes, and, like Anantadeb, she narrates the glorious qualities of Shri Chaitanyadeb continuously. What capacity do I have to say anything? I offer my obeisances at the feet of all Baisnabs. I pray that I have not committed any offence to anyone.

In this way Acarja Gosai and his wife enjoyed great ecstasy. Receiving the Lord's approval, they took up residence there in Nadiyanagar. Thus Brindaban das sings the glories of the lotus feet of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Nityanandacandra, who are his life and soul. [C.B. Madhya 6]


All glories, all glories to Shri Gaurasundar, the life of all that lives. All glories to Nityananda and Adwaita, the abodes of pure love. Taking Adwaita in their centre, the assembled Baisnabs made a tumultuous uproar of Krishna's Names, accompanied by dancing and singing.             [C.B. Madhya 7]

Sat prahariya Mahabhava / Adwaita's Dream

During the twenty-one hours when Mahaprabhu manifested His supremely transcendental divine nature, He granted various benedictions to His devotees, Shridhar, Haridas and Murari. Prabhu Vishvambhar seated on the throne of Lord Bisnu, was chewing pan while Nityananda held an umbrella over His head and an all effulgent radiance emanated in all directions. He looked towards Adwaita and smilingly began to narrate a topic known only to him.

"Acarja! Hear Me! Remember the time I came to you in the night when you were fasting and made you eat something? Before I had come, you underwent such severe penance to bring Me here.

While explaining Bhagavad gita, you do so only in terms of pure devotion. Who is there who can appreciate the subtleties of your intellect? When you couldn't explain one verse in the light of devotional service, without finding any fault with that verse, you instead decided to give up eating. Feeling very afflicted you laid down to fast. But then I came and forbade you to do that. I eat whatever My devotees offer Me. Therefore if you don't eat then I must also fast. If you feel any distress, even for half a moment, then that is also intolerable to Me.

Therefore I came to you in your dreams and said, "Get up! Get up! Acarja! I will explain to you the verse. You can know without a doubt, what is the proper meaning. Just get up and take your meal. There is no reason to fast. Later on I will reveal Myself to you. Now be content and get up and eat. Please mind carefully what I am speaking to you in this dream."

In this way, Adwaita heard directly from the Lord, through the medium of a dream, about that verse that had caused some doubts in his mind. How blessed is Adwaita whose devotion to the Lord is so glorious. What can I describe about the limits of his devotion?

The Lord addressed Adwaita, "I previously explained everything to you, but one thing that I didn't mention then, I will tell you today. This verse has been misinterpreted by those who have to adhere to the particular philosophy of their disciplic succession.

sarvatah panipadam tat sarvato' ksi-siro-mukham

sarvatah srutimal loke sarvam avrtya tisthati

The impersonalists take the word sarvatah to mean that the ultimate manifestation of the Supreme is some universal, formless, cosmic consciousness. However the actual meaning is sarvatra; the consciousness of the Supreme is manifested everywhere, in all beings, as the Supersoul. I have explained this secret meaning to you because other than you, who else is there who could grasp the significance of this explanation?"

In this way Acarja Gosai became the secret disciple of Shri Chaitanya, Who expounded all the universal truths to him. When Adwaita heard these sweet words of the Lord, which were descriptions of his thoughts, known only to him, then he forgot himself in ecstasy, having received a practical demonstration of the Lord's identity as the Supersoul. He addressed Shri Gaursundor, "What more should I say. My only credit is that You are my Lord." Acarja Gosai became so overwhelmed with ecstasy, due to the Lord's revealing all these previously hidden facts, that his external consciousness now ceased. Whoever doesn't believe in these words, will certainly fall to his own ruination. Of course, only great devotees (maha bhagavatas) can understand the explanations of Shri Adwaita Acarja, who was personally taught by Shri Chaitanya.

Just as in the Vedas some points are described from various different viewpoints, in the same way, the conclusions of the Acarja are very complicated and abstruse. Who is capable of understanding his words? Please remember that He is non-different from the Supreme Controller. Just as in the autumn season the clouds send only scattered thunderstorms, so also there should be no fault attributed to the Acarja. According to what will be most beneficial for a particular time and place, he might make various commentaries.                                                                                      vide[Bhag. 10.20.36]

Adwaita Acarja's only business is to serve the lotus feet of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The proof of this, is the society of devotees, who never disrespect him. However, if anyone disregards the other devotees' words and wants to exclusively serve only Adwaita, then that will not endear one to him. Those who are conscious that Shri Chaitanya, as the Supreme Controller of all secondary controllers, is the worshipful Deity of Adwaita, are the real devotees of Adwaita and he sells himself to them. Those who neglect Shri Gaurachandra however, as the Master of all masters, and who worship the Acarja separately, though that service is imperishable, their labour is simply futile. Though the ten headed Ravana was devoted to Lord Siva, because he neglected Shri Raghunath (Lord Rama), it was as though that devotion itself tore off his heads. When Ravana offended Lord Rama by taking away Sita, then Siva abandoned Ravana. However this was unknown to Ravana, who continued to serve Lord Siva fruitlessly, the only result being that he along with his family members burned in the fire of their own sins. Lord Siva, being on the paramahamsa, avadhuta platform, doesn't bother to counsel anyone on the good or bad points of their endeavours, being himself beyond conceptions of good and bad.

Whoever is endowed with intelligence, will understand in his heart what is necessary to be known by him. In a similar manner it happened that some so -called followers of Adwaita, could not understand his heart and eventually came to criticize Shri Chaitanyadeb Himself. In this instance Adwaita also did not say anything, as it was his nature not to do so. Because they were not reprimanded by the Acarja, they might have concluded that they were in the right and in this consciousness they died, since they were incapable of understanding the words of the Baisnabs. It is due to the mercy of Shri Chaitanya only that Adwaita is a perfected soul, but they know nothing of His supreme position. Now if all of this is explained to them, they will only come to beat us. Aho! Just see the potency of maya! What more should I say to them. They don't understand that Adwaita, the chief of the devotees, is nevertheless an ornament decorating the exclusively beautiful form of his Master, Shri Gaurachandra, Whom they don't accept. What I have narrated actually took place. Whoever disbelieves it will meet with his own destruction. Those whose faith increases by hearing more and more about these topics will come to realize that other than the service of Shri Chaitanyadeb there exists nothing else in this world. Whoever receives the benediction of the mercy of Nityananda Mahaprabhu becomes fortunate and begins to cultivate devotion.

Day and night Nityananda Thakur canvasses, "My brothers! All of you please see my Lord Gaurachandra." Adwaita Acarja Gosai, while thinking of Shri Chaitanya, cries continuously and can think of nothing else. If someone sees this but is nevertheless not moved to devotional service, then it is better not to even mention such people. By discussing them our own virtuous merit will waste away. Whoever glorifies Adwaita as the best among the Baisnabs, he himself is a Baisnab and will remain in the service of the lotus feet of Krishna, birth after birth. He is very dear to Adwaita. In essence this is also realized by his fallen servants, but too late. Whoever knows that Shri Gaurasundar is the Lord and master of everyone is treated with affection by Adwaita. These are his very own words. Don't doubt it for a minute.

After explaining to Adwaita the purport of the verse from Bhagavat Gita, the Lord Vishvambhar again went into hiding, by disguising Himself with the mood and sentiments of devotion to Krishna.

Adwaita and Nityananda

Hari das came to Adwaita and told him, "Prabhu has sent me out to preach with Nityananda. He is so restless! How am I supposed to keep up with Him? During the rainy season there are crocodiles in the Ganges. He jumps in and swims after them trying to catch them. I am left standing on the bank yelling at the top of my lungs for him to be careful, but He pays no heed. Rather he is content to simply float on His back in the midst of those crocodiles. Then when he comes out on the bank if He sees a young boy He beats him, and the children go away crying. Then the parents quickly arrive on the scene, the father carrying a club in his hand. It's me who has to pacify them. Only after I go to touch their feet am I able to send them away. Sometimes he manages to run off with the ghee and yoghurt in the cowherds' houses and then they come and catch me and want to beat me. Whatever He does He does without thinking at all. When he sees a young girl He asks her, "Will you marry me?" Sometimes He jumps on the back of a bull and says, "I am Mahesh!" And if he sees a cow in the field he goes and milks it and drinks the milk. When I try to instruct Him by saying that He will be rebuked if He behaves like this, He simply replies,

"What can your Adwaita do to Me? And if you threaten Me by saying that Chaitanya, Who is actually the Lord Himself, will come to chastise Me, then let Him come and let us see what He will do to Me."

Hari das continued, "But I don't say anything to Lord Chaitanya. Today by a stroke of luck I was able to escape with My life. There were these two drunkards lying in the path. So He began to instruct them in Krishna consciousness. Then they started shouting in anger and chased after us to beat us. Somehow my life was saved by Your mercy."

Adwaita replied laughing, "What a sight! Now if that drunkard with you should join up with those other two drunkards, then they could enjoy each others' company. After all, birds of a feather should flock together. Hari das, how can someone strict like you go around with a madman like Him? Nityananda will make everyone into drunkards. I know His character very well. Mark my words. Within two or three days he will have brought those two drunkards within our midst."

Now Adwaita got up in a fit of haughtiness, not conscious that His outer garment had dropped to the floor. "Now everyone will hear of the quality of Lord Chaitanya's devotion. Just see how he dances and chants the Holy Name. Just see His Divine potencies. Tomorrow you will see Him bring those two drunkards here, and He and Nityananda (Nimai Nitai) will cause them also to dance. Either those two will become like us, or we will become like them. Come on, let us flee from here before we lose our rank in society." Haridas laughed to see the mock anger and fear of Adwaita. Now the stage was set to deliver those two drunkards.

Who can understand the words of Adwaita Acarja. Haridas prabhu understands because he is of the same mentality. These sinful rascals however, who have taken the side of Adwaita only to criticize Gadadhar Pandit, will simply die in the fire of their offences. Whatever wicked and vile wretch allies himself with one Baisnab only to find out the faults of another, simply brings on his own demise.

NOTE: These remarks refer to some incidents which involve some of the sons of Adwaita Acarja. A certain class of followers of the Acarja seek to establish that He is Bisnutattva and they even try to say that Mahaprabhu is a manifestation of Shrimati Radharani. Acyutananda was a disciple of Gadadhar Pandit, but some of his brothers disrespected Pandit Goswami. After the disappearance of the Acarja they even went so far as to attack some of the followers of Pandit Goswami.

Prabhu asked Adwaita, "How do you see Me?"

Adwaita replied, "As Shri Gokulcandra (the Moon of Gokul)."

Then the Lord smiled, being pleased with the brilliant intelligence of the Acarja.

After delivering Jagai and Madhai, Mahaprabhu took them to His home and bolted the door. Then in the company of the internal associates of Mahaprabhu, they had an ecstatic kirtana. Afterwards they went to take bath in the Ganges. The Lord addressed the devotees, "Listen, all of you magnanimous and ecstatic devotees, let us now go to take shelter at the feet of Bhagirathi."

Prabhu Biswambhara, Who wears a garland of forest flowers, then jumped into the water of the Jahnavi, along with His companions. They remained continuously absorbed in the ecstasy of kirtana and were behaving like restless children. Even amongst those who were elderly and accustomed to behaving with very polished and gentle manners, the symptoms of childish behaviour became manifest. This was effected by the potency of their Bisnubhakti (devotion for Lord Bisnu). During this festival of batheing which took place after the kirtana, conceptions of Master and servant retired from their minds that were so intensely absorbed in ecstasy. Prabhu was splashing water at everyone. Though they tried to splash Him back they ultimately had to retreat in defeat. Sometimes Shri Gauranga and Adwaita would splash water on Nityananda and then Hari das and Shrivasa ganged up on Mukunda.

Unlimited numbers of Mahaprabhu's servants were present; Shri Garbha, Shri Sadasiva, Murari, Shriman, Purusottama, Mukunda, Sanjay, Buddhimanta Khan, Vidyanidhi, Gangadas, Jagadish, Gopinatha, Haridas, Garura, Shri Rama, Govinda, Shridhara, Krishnananda, Kasisvar, Jagadananda, Govindananda and Shri Suklambhara. How many names do I know? Later on Vedavyasa will enumerate them in full. While all of them were engaged in mock battle, some were victorious and some were defeated.

At one point Shri Shri Gadadhar Gouranga teamed up against Shri Shri Nityananda Adwaita. When they were defeated, Nityananda splashed water with the force of a hurricane into Adwaita's eyes. Adwaita could not open His eyes for a moment and in a violent mood began to abuse Nityananda verbally, "Aha re! This drunkard has blinded Me! Where did this drunkard come from anyway! Only because Shrivas Pandit actually has no caste has he dared to give this hermit shelter in his house. By His constant association now Shrivas has also become a thief."

Nityananda replied, "You are shameless. You have already been defeated in water sports, but instead of accepting defeat like a gentleman, again you are raising up your head to quarrel with Me. What is the use of that?"

Here Shri Gaurachandra interrupted, "One confrontation is not sufficient. Whoever gets the best out of three should actually be considered the victor and the other the loser."

So again they began a mock fight. In the eagerness of Their sporting they attained one body which remained situated in two places. This time in the mock battle, neither of the two could consecutively stand up against the other. After winning a round, the next time he would lose. Nityananda got an opening and very forcefully splashed water into Adwaita's eyes. Adwaita was pained and exclaimed, "You drunkard! Are you trying to become a sannyasi by killing a brahmana!? You have come from where, nobody knows, to wander around our country house to house, eating rice wherever they will feed You. Your birth, caste and lineage all remain a mystery. Who is Your father, Your mother, Your guru? As You have no identity, You exhibit Yourself as an avadhuta and thus induce others to maintain You."

Actually, under the pretext of rebuking Him, Adwaita praised Nityananda. Thereafter Nityananda and the other devotees laughed to hear His words. This time, exhibiting even greater anger, Acarja Gosai sputtered, "I will destroy everyone, and it won't be My fault!"

The devotees laughed even harder to see his anger, and made remarks to taunt him even further. Those who can't understand the loving mellows concealed within this mock fighting, and who criticize one and praise the other, simply add another log to their funeral pyre. Only those who are blessed with the mercy of Shri Nityananda and Gaurachandra can understand the cryptic words of the Baisnabs.

After sporting with each other very enthusiastically, finally Nityananda and Adwaita embraced each other very lovingly. They had simply been behaving like madmen due to being influenced by the intoxicating mellows of Shri Gaurachandra's association.

In this way, every night the Lord would take all of His devotees for bathing in the Ganges after kirtan, and Nityananda would float on his back in the middle of the river. However, ordinary mortals weren't able to view these pastimes. Only the demigods used to watch from their hiding places. After bathing the devotees came out of the water and, climbing up the bank, chanted very loudly, "Hari! Hari!" The Lord placed garlands from His own neck on the necks of Jagai and Madhai. There is no beginning nor end to these pastimes. `Appearance' and `disappearance' are only words used in the scriptures.

Adwaita's Special Relationship With the Lord Gaurachandra

One day when the Lord was dancing in kirtana, He was not able to feel any ecstasy. While looking this way and that He exclaimed, "Why am I not getting any pleasure from kirtan today? Perhaps I have committed some offence to someone?"

Acarja Gosai (Adwaita Acarja) was unable to think of Himself as anyone other than a servant and devotee of Lord Chaitanya. When the Lord Biswambhara would manifest His divine opulences while sitting on the throne of Lord Bisnu, by placing His lotus feet on the heads of His devotees, then Adwaita would find Himself floating in an ocean of ecstasy. When the Lord would address Him, "Aha re? Nara! You are My servant," then Adwaita would feel very satisfied and exalted.

But who can understand the inconceivable truths about Lord Chaitanya? Then the next moment He would be falling at the feet of His devotees. With a blade of grass in His teeth He cried very piteously, "Ohe Krishna! My darling! You are My life, My everything."

The mood evoked by His crying was capable of fracturing stone. Completely forgetting His identity as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, His mood now swung to the other side of the spectrum, feeling Himself in utter submission, as a surrendered servant of the Lord. He would imploringly ask the devotees, "Have I been behaving in any peculiar or restless fashion? If I have then please tell Me. Then if I happen to do so again I hope I will die on the spot. Krishna is the wealth of My life, My darling. He is My religion, the guiding principle of My life. And you are all My brothers, dear friends and companions, birth after birth. The only purpose in life is to surrender oneself to Krishna and serve Him sincerely. If you see Me acting in any way contrary to this principle, then please fulfill your duty as My friends and make Me aware of My erring ways."

The devotees felt some hesitation and apprehension and for that reason no one among them found it within himself to say anything. So it happened that when He gave His consent, all the devotees felt the greatest happiness and satisfaction by being able to touch His lotus feet. But when He was in the mood of servitorship, then He used to touch their feet, which caused them to feel very sorrowful. The Lord could sense their distress, and so He would simply embrace them.

When the Lord was obsessed with the sentiments of humility and submission, He used to think of Adwaita Acarja as His guru, for which reason Adwaita felt great tribulation in His heart. Not only was He bereft of the chance to serve His Lord, but on top of that the Lord Himself would come to touch Adwaita's feet. Those two feet upon which He meditated so intensely were now before Him and His only desire was to remain under their cooling shade. But during these moods if He attempted to secure His place there the Lord would make a show of anger. Still, sometimes He would secretly steal some of the pollen-like dust from the Lord's lotus feet when the Lord had fainted during a moment of excessive rapture. Adwaita would fall down like a stick at the Lord's lotus feet and wash them with His tears. Sometimes He would put the Lord's lotus feet on His head and sometimes He would worship them with different ingredients. Only Adwaita was able to behave in this way, as He was such a recipient of the Lord's mercy. Therefore He is called Adwaita (non-different), Whom the devotees respect as the most distinguished among them, "Adwaita is so fortunate and blessed." This exalted position occupied by Adwaita Simha is unknown only to the vicious and vile miscreants who are bereft of the Lord's mercy.

One day while Mahaprabhu Biswambhar was dancing, Adwaita very ecstatically followed Him from behind. When the Lord fell into a fit of ecstatic love, Adwaita inconspicuously took the dust of His lotus feet and began to smear it all over His own body. Prabhu Gaura Ray could understand Adwaita's tricks. When He got up and began to dance again He exclaimed, "Why am I feeling constrained?" No doubt there has been some offence on My part and therefore I am not feeling any happiness. Which thief has stolen something from Me? Due to being implicated in this offence I cannot dance. Whoever has taken the dust from My feet, you please tell Me. Don't be anxious about it, I just want to know."

When the devotees heard these words of the indwelling Supersoul Who resides within everyone's heart (Antaryami), they all felt some trepidation and therefore remained silent. Everyone was thinking, "If I tell Him, then what will Adwaita think of me? If I don't say anything, then it is better I die on the spot."

Adwaita could understand everyone's plight and so with folded hands He addressed His Lord, "Please hear me Bap, (Bap is an affectionate form of address which is difficult to render in English as it can mean father or child), if You are determined to know who the thief is, even though You could not catch anyone in the act itself, then I am confessing to the crime. Please forgive Me. I promise not to do it again if it causes You any displeasure."

Prabhu Biswambhar became very angry. Under the pretence of chastising Adwaita He began to glorify His good qualities. "You have destroyed the whole world yet you don't feel the slightest remorse, neither do you think how to remedy this dire situation which You have caused. I am one of the few survivors, so now You have come to destroy Me also, and thus enjoy happiness by doing so. You have finished off some of the finest; great renunciates, sannyasis, yogis and the best of wise men. They approach You in order to make their lives successful and in return You destroy them by catching hold of their feet. That nice devotee from Mathura came to see You. Having heard of Your glories, he came here thinking that by seeing You his devotion to Lord Bisnu would increase. However, instead You brought about his ruin and loss of his long standing merit by taking the dust of his lotus feet. You are supremely merciless when it comes to annihilating someone. Whatever opportunities and facilities to attain the Lord through worship of Him that are existing within the unlimited universes, Krishna has given to You alone. Yet still You have to become a thief and also try to steal what limited merits might be available from this insignificant soul. There is not an ounce of compassion in Your mind, otherwise How is it You are prepared to destroy such a trifling and trivial person as Myself? You are a great gangster and the greatest of thieves. As far as loving dealings go, however, You have made Me very happy by Your stealing."

In this way, the Lord enumerated the wonderful qualities of Adwaita under the pretence of criticizing Him, and so brought great joy to the assembled devotees."

Anyway, if You are prepared to commit such thefts, then what am I also not capable of? Just see, today I will steal from the greatest thief Himself." As He spoke these words, Mahaprabhu caught Adwaita and recklessly plundered the dust of His feet, laughing loudly all the while. Shri Gaura Simha was very powerful and Adwaita was no match for Him. Shri Gaursundor forcibly caught His feet and rubbed them on His head. Then, while holding Adwaita's feet to His chest He cried, "See! You thief! Today I have You in My lap, in retaliation for Your numerous petty thefts. I will now take everything You have."

Adwaita replied, "You have spoken the truth. What can I say? But how will You steal what has already been given to You? My intelligence, mind, body and my very life itself I have already surrendered to You. Now if You want to destroy all of these then who can prevent You? You are the bestower of happiness and of suffering as well. If you want to punish anyone then whose father will come to protect him? Narada and the other sages came to Dvaraka to see Your lotus feet which are their wealth and life. At that time it is seen that You take the dust of their feet. How is that, My Lord? Are we to understand that You bring on the ruination of your servants in this way, without considering what is beneficial for them or not? Anyway, let us leave this matter of taking the dust of others' feet. The main point here is this: Is there anyone who can defy Your mandate? It does not befit Your Divine position to behave like this. Moreover, it means my destruction, which it appears You are very eager to accomplish. Anyway, this body of mine belongs to You, so You can do with it as You see fit. If You want to protect it or destroy it, that depends on You. You can do as You wish."

Biswambhara replied, "You are the keeper of the storehouse of devotion. For that reason I wish to serve Your feet. If one takes the dust of Your feet and smears it on his body, then he finds himself floating in the mellows of love of Krishna. If You don't bestow devotion on one, then no one is able to attain it. At all times and places and under all circumstances You should always remember that I am Yours. Wherever You want to sell Me, then and there I am sold. Please know that I have now spoken to You the full truth of the matter."

When the devotees saw the extraordinary extent of the Lord's mercy upon Adwaita they all began to deeply reflect on the matter within themselves. "The Lord has rightly served this saintly prophet."

"If ten million souls were to become liberated, this could not compare with even a particle of the mercy bestowed upon Shri Adwaita Gosai."

"I think that Lord Siva himself has only received a fraction of the mercy that Shri Gauranga Ray has awarded to Adwaita."

"If we are also actually fortunate, then in the association of devotees we also expect to be able to smear the dust of His feet all over our bodies."

While the devotees were delightfully glorifying Adwaita in this way, the sinful miscreants felt pained in their hearts due to the fault of their bad activities. Whatever the devotees spoke was totally imbued with the Absolute Truth, but those who are not inclined to regard the words of the Baisnabs, decay away and thus consume themselves.

Prabhu Biswambhar got up, while causing the heavens to resound with the vibrations, "Hari Bol! Hari Bol!" Immediately He was surrounded by His devoted followers who began to sing sweetly. Adwaita Acarja, obsessed with intense ecstasy, began to dance, forgetting everything else. Putting His hand to His beard He stormed and raged while scowling and grimacing. In this way the Lord of Santipur dances to the accompaniment of the devotees' songs "Jay Krishna Gopal Govinda Vanamali."                                      [CB Madhya 13]

Transcendental Punishment of Adwaita

All glories, all glories to Mahaprabhu, Shri Gaursundor. All glories to Nityananda, Whose transcendental body is worshipful by everyone. These pastimes of the Madhya Khanda are like so many pots of nectar. By hearing these pastimes the wickedness within the heart is dispelled. Thus the Lord Biswambhar continuously performed His pastimes of sankirtan in Nabadwip, nevertheless keeping His real identity covered. When the Lord would wander about the town, the inhabitants thought that Madana (Cupid) himself had descended to the planet. By His behaviour and dealings however, the Lord appeared very arrogant, and even the staunch atheists were afraid of Him due to the force of His scholarship and learning. The class of scholars who taught grammar were called Bhattacarja. They received the highest respect, because without their assistance one could not master the Sanskrit language, which is very abstruse and the repository of all branches of knowledge. Shri Gaursundor however, being fully confident in His own scholastic abilities, gave these scholars no more importance that He gave to blades of grass. While touring about the town the Lord enjoyed His own concealed pastimes in the company of His associates and servants.

When the impious rogues would spot Him approaching, they used to call out, "Nimai Pandit! The Mohammedan ruler is looking for You. We heard that just today he has sent an order to bring You before him. Under the cover of night You perform Your kirtan which nevertheless disturbs the people who curse You constantly. We're not joking. Really, some people just told us a little while ago. Because we are Your friends, we're telling You that the king's men are coming for You."

Prabhu replied, "Well, I hope you are speaking the truth because actually I was hoping to be able to see the king. Though I have mastered all the scriptures at a very young age, because of My youth I am not that well known and therefore no students come to learn from Me. As of yet I haven't heard that anyone is eager to meet Me, so if there is such a person then I am also eager to meet him." The infidels then taunted Him further by saying, "But this king is a Mohammedan. He doesn't study the scriptures. We think he is more interested to hear Your kirtana."

The Lord couldn't even attribute to these villains as much importance as He did to blades of grass, and so, without replying any further to their taunts, He instead returned to His house. Having arrived there He said, "So that was our reception by the atheist rogues today. Let us have kirtan and thus forget the sadness in our hearts produced by their words."

Then the Lord of Baikuntha began to dance, surrounded on all sides by His companions who began to sing. After a short while, He stopped and stood still, exclaiming, "Aha re! My brothers! Why am I not feeling any love in My heart today? Is it because of the words of those infidels in the town that love is not able to manifest itself, or perhaps I have disgraced all of you. If so please forgive Me and by so doing, save My life."

Now Adwaita Mahapatra began to dance. While knitting His eyebrows He remarked, "How can there be love? Nara is lying down. I haven't received this treasure of divine love and neither has Shrivas. Rather we see that the oilmen and gardeners (tili and mala, two lower castes) are Your companions now, in Your dalliance with divine love. The avadhuta Nityananda has now become the servant of Your love, while Shrivas and I remain on the outside looking in. I suppose we are just not qualified to receive this love now that the avadhuta has become the keeper of the storehouse of love of God. Oh Gosai, if You don't extend any opportunity to Me to receive this divine love, then I will arrange to plunder the whole storehouse by some means or other; by extortion if necessary! Who will blame Me?"

In the madness of ecstatic love for Lord Chaitanya, Acarja Gosai didn't remember what He was saying or doing. In these pastimes of the Lord, Shri Chaitanya's aim was to magnify the glories of His devotees. He is prepared to be sold wherever His devotees sell Him. Now that person, who is able by the force of his devotion to sell Shri Krishna, what can we understand from the strange yet wonderful things he says. In this way Shri Gaurasundar glorifies His devotees. Who can understand the compassion present in His chastising words? Due to dejection, the Lord was cheated of the happiness of divine love while Adwaita clapped and danced in His own frolicsome way.

This time Prabhu Biswambhar replied, not by saying anything, but instead He ran out of the house, practically knocking the door off its hinges. Nityananda and Haridas were in hot pursuit but the Lord's momentum was very intense due to the force of His mood. While considering the futility of maintaining His body which was now devoid of ecstatic love, He plunged deep into the waters of the Jahnava (Mother Ganges). Nityananda and Haridas quickly followed suit, and within a moment Nityananda had caught hold of the Lord's hair while Haridas had His lotus feet. Then they carefully brought Him to the bank. Coming out of the water, Mahaprabhu exclaimed, "Why have you brought Me back? What is the use of a life devoid of love? Why did you bring Me back?"

Both Nityananda and Haridas were trembling severely as they thought to themselves, "What has happened today?"

Shri Gaurachandra looked at Nityananda as He spoke to Him, "How is it that You caught hold of My hair?"

Nityananda replied, "Why are You trying to harm Yourself?"

Prabhu answered, "You are not so insensitive. You know perfectly well why."

"My Lord, please excuse everything that has happened. You are fully capable to punish any wrongdoers. Just because of whatever happened today, You are going to give up Your body?" Feeling very sensitive and hurt, Nityananda and Haridas told Him, "Because, if You do, please remember that You will also be taking the lives of Your servants who won't be able to live without You."

Nityananda, Whose friend, wealth and very life force itself is Chaitanya, became carried away by the waters of His tears of distress which flowed forcefully due to excessive love for the Lord. The Lord addressed them, "Hear Me, Nityananda and Haridas. If you tell anyone where I am, you will never see Me again. By My order you must say that you don't know where I am. I will remain in hiding here. If you tell anyone where I am, then remember; whatever happens after that will not be any fault of Mine. I have given you sufficient warning." Having given them this ultimatum, the Lord went into Nandan Acarja's house. Nityananda and Haridas had no other choice but to make a firm resolve to honour the Lord's request.

Without Mahaprabhu the devotees became filled with an intense sadness. Feeling the pangs of intense separation, they cried incessantly while remembering Shri Krishna. No one spoke a word, and their minds felt as though they were on fire. It was just as if they had been struck by lightning. The Lord of Santipur now considered that He had become a great offender. Being bitten by severe pangs of separation and languishing in longing to be able to see once again His Lord and Master, Mahaprabhu, He retired to His house where He remained fasting. All of the devotees were afflicted by intense sorrow and distraught by terrible anxiety. Since no one was unaffected and thus able to console another, they each went to their respective houses, taking with them the only desirable thing left in this world, the lotus feet of Shri Gauranga within their hearts.

The Lord came to Nandan Acarja's house and sat down upon the throne of Lord Bisnu. Nandan Acarja saw that he had been graced with the ultimate auspiciousness. While feeling intense love he fell down on the ground to offer his prostrated obeisances. He immediately brought some new cloth for the Lord to wear, and helped Him out of His wet clothes.

He worshipped Shri Sacinan dan with the prasad remnants of Lord Bisnu: sandalwood paste, flower garlands, arghya and scents. After decorating His body with sandalwood paste, he brought pan with camphor and placed it within the Lord's mouth. The Lord very happily eats the things offered by His devotees, and so He forgot His previous anguish. Nandan Acarja had now realized the extreme limits of pious activities by supplying the Lord with pan.      

The Lord addressed him, "Please hear what I have to say, Nandan. Today you should keep Me here secretly."

Nandan replied, "My Lord, this won't be easy. Is there any place in the world where we can keep You hidden? You cannot remain concealed within the hearts of everyone, because Your devotees find You out even there. If You could not remain hidden within the ocean of milk, then how will we hide you within the insignificant elements of this material world, of which You are the Creator and Controller?"

The Lord laughed to hear these sweet statements of Nandan, who had realized the final limits of good fortune. The two of them spent the entire night, which passed almost as though in an instant, in the nectarean ocean of topics of Shri Krishna, and thus in this way cheated the night. When the Lord saw that a new day was beginning, He thought that since Adwaita has been sufficiently punished, He should now bestow His full favour upon Him.


Lord Chaitanya told Nandan Acarja, "Go and bring Shrivas Pandit here alone." Nandan quickly returned with Shrivas and when Prabhu saw him He began to cry in ecstatic love.

Prabhu told him, "Don't harbour any anxiety in your mind." With intense compassion welling up inside Him He then asked Shrivas, "What is the news of Adwaita? Is He doing well?"

Shrivas replied, "You want more news? Well, Adwaita was fasting all day yesterday. All of the devotees are there, still alive, but in name only. That is, their bodies are there, but where they are is not known to me. Please make their lives worth living by giving them Your darshan. What to speak of us, even the others are suffering greatly. So how do You expect us to tolerate this separation? You are the current of our lives, which have been dedicated wholly and solely to You. Without You our lives have now come to a standstill. In Your absence everyone passed the day yesterday in misery and lamentation. So now You know the truth of it. As You have punished everyone accordingly, now You should come out of hiding and manifest Your mercy in the form of Yourself standing before them."

The supremely merciful Lord listened to the words of Shrivas attentively and then proceeded to bestow His favour upon Adwaita. When He arrived at Adwaita's house and saw him lying down, the Lord fell into a faint, considering Himself to be a great offender. Feeling very self-conscious, He became obsessed by feelings of compassion and thus went to the bedside of the Acarja. While caressing Adwaita's body affectionately, He saw that it was trembling slightly. This was because He had been fasting and also as a result of being reprimanded by the Lord. Seeing Adwaita in this lamentable condition, Prabhu very mercifully spoke to Him.

"Get up, Acarja. See! It is I, Vishvambhar!" Adwaita felt very shy and was unable to say anything. He simply thought of the Lord's lotus feet in intense love.

Again the Lord spoke to him, "Come on. Get up, Acarja. Don't be in anxiety. Just get up and perform Your duties."

This time Adwaita replied, "Prabhu, You have engaged Me in My duty. Whatever You say to Me is all external, and simply bolsters my false ego, instilling in me a perverted inclination. If I think Myself to be someone special as a result of the respect that is shown to Me by You, I pave my path to hell. You have bestowed upon everyone the most cherishable position as Your eternal servant, whereas I have been allocated the position of a proud and irritable old man. Thus I am held punishable for whatever misdeeds I have performed, which are nothing more that the direct result of this perverted mentality which has been instilled in Me by Yourself. You speak one way externally, but I can understand that You think in another way. Though socially I am offered respect by You, I now know that internally You think very little of Me. You are My life, My wealth, My body and My mind, as these have their only existence in You. I have surrendered everything to You. Still You give Me suffering. I can only guess that these are Your divine pastimes. My only request is that You make Me Your servant and give Me a place at Your lotus feet. Treat Me just as a king would treat the son of his maidservant."

Shri Gaursundor, after carefully listening to the words of the Acarja, now replied to Him in front of all the other Baisnabs.     

"Listen to Me, Acarja. Now I will speak the truth of this whole matter before You. Just consider My point in the light of an example similar to the one you have given."

"When the chief officer of the king approaches the king's chambers, the doorkeepers and guards request him to bring their salaries from the king in order that they might properly maintain their families. He is endowed, by the order of the king, with full authority to settle their wages. If he commits some offence however, the same hand that previously conferred upon Him the wages for disbursement, now holds the rod of chastisement above the head of that very officer himself. In the same way, Shri Krishna is the King of kings and Lord Brahma and Lord Siva are His servants, endowed with the specific duties of creation and destruction. Though He has conferred upon them very great power, if He chooses to chastise them, they will not raise any protest or try to defend themselves in any way. Lakkidebi and Lord Siva themselves are subject to Shri Krishna's chastisement, but the Lord is very compassionate by nature and is always ready to forgive their faults. Whoever is so fortunate as to be able to be punished by the Lord, is undoubtedly an eternal servant birth after birth. I myself am telling You this, that You may no longer have any doubts about it. Now get up and take Your bath. Then after performing Your daily worship accept Your meal."


Adwaita became very joyful to hear that He was the Lord's servant. With a big smile on His face He now regarded His chastisement as a source of infinite pleasure. He shouted out, "Now! Now finally I am able to proclaim Your divine mastership over Myself!" He danced in a very joyful mood while clapping His hands. By the Lord's consolation and assurance, He could now completely forget the pangs of separation that he previously felt. All of the Baisnabs were plunged into the ocean of pleasure as evinced by the smiles on the faces of Nityananda and Haridas. Only those who are terribly unfortunate cannot relish the ecstatic mellows welling forth from these descriptions of the Lord's pastimes.

The Transcendental Position of a Devotee

Even though Shri Adwaita Ray is such a great recipient of the Lord's love, by the power of maya some people try to paint an insignificant picture of His position. Because they are desirous of becoming themselves controllers, they minimize the position of a servant of the Lord, not realizing that such a benediction is conferred on one only after realizing the full limit of the Lord's mercy. Only after attaining complete emancipation from all material attachments is one eligible to become the servant of Krishna. It is the opinion of all the great acarjas, that only from the liberated position is one qualified to hear and understand the narratives of the pastimes of the Lord. All of the servants of the Lord are especially empowered with His specific energies, but at the same time if they misuse their conferred powers then they are subject to His reproach also. Some disciples who are Krishna's devotees in name only are forced by their limited understanding to spend their time in forming factions and quarrelling among themselves. You should know with all certainty that they are the victims of the greatest misfortune. Therefore, those who are really serious to remain true Baisnabs should always remain vigilant to view everything with equal vision, and not allow themselves to become biased or prejudiced, which will cause them to act with partiality. The devotion of those who have doubts that Shri Gaurachandra is the Supreme Personality of Godhead is impaired and thus they are doomed to depravity. In the company of their foolish disciples who are like asses and jackals, some rascals declare themselves to be Raghunath, (Ramacandra, the Supreme Personality of Godhead).

There cannot possibly be a greater or more powerful position than that of being the servant of Shri Chaitanya. Such a person has the conferred capacity for creation, maintenance and destruction. Prabhu Balaram, Who holds up all of the unlimited universes, is none other than the servant of the Lord and considers Himself to be just that. All glories, all glories to Shri Haladhar, Nityananda Ray, by Whose mercy the kirtan or glorification of Shri Chaitanya springs up from the heart and showers nectar upon the ears of those who are eager to receive it. By His favour one can develop attachment to Lord Chaitanya. Every word I speak is also an expression of His conferred energy upon me. My continuous hope and assurance is that the Master of my Master is Shri Gaurachandra. The two Lords Shri Chaitanya and Nityananda Candra are my life and soul. Brindaban das is simply trying to describe a fraction of the glories of Their lotus feet.                                      [C.B. Madhya 17]

The Lila Continues

All glories, all glories to the Maintainer of the universe, the Lord of all the Baisnabs. By His own devotion, He forcibly attracts the living entities to Himself. Prabhu Biswambhar continued to enjoy His loving pastimes with His devotees, beyond the perception of the mundane conditioned souls. In the company of Nityananda and Gadadhar He Himself is very pleased to visit the devotees in their homes in order to relish their association, and their pleasure is even greater, that the Lord has come to bless their home with the dust of His lotus feet. When their own ecstasy increases upon seeing the Lord's pleasure, they then perceive that there exists in the world nothing other than Krishna and consciousness of Him. In this way their external consciousness ceases, and the sole engagement of their senses become Shri Krishna sankirtan.

Adwaita Gosai was the most divinely intoxicated of them all. Indeed His character was so unfathomable that no one could properly understand Him. Only by the mercy of Shri Chaitanya, some persons have come to know that the great devotee of Chaitanya is Santipur Ray.

In pursuance of social formality and Baisnab etiquette Shri Biswambhar offered His respects to the devotees, especially to Adwaita. The Lord of Santipur, however, was very much saddened by this. Though externally He could do nothing, in his mind he thundered and roared, feeling a total lack of satisfaction by that relationship.

"This thief is continually harassing me. Having given up His position as Master, He comes to take the dust of My feet. Because He is Supremely powerful and independent, I can say nothing. Only by the power of devotion is there some recourse for Me. Without devotion there is no hope for Me to understand how to reciprocate with the Lord. Anyway, since people call me 'Adwaita simha', I hope that ultimately I will be able to prevail over this maya. This thief Who was able to defeat Brghu Muni has now become over-confident. Like Brghu, I also have hundreds of disciples, but this time it is not My arrogance that will become exposed. I will cause such a fire of anger to well up in His body that He will come to beat Me with His own hand. The Lord has appeared to propound the doctrine of pure devotion. Therefore I will disregard these principles of devotion and cause the Lord to forget Himself in anger. He will be forced to personally come and punish Me, grabbing Me by the hair.

Adwaita enjoyed great ecstasy while contemplating what He would do, and having thus made His plan, He set out for Santipur in the company of Haridas Thakur. Under the pretext of some false excuse He took leave of Mahaprabhu so that He could come to His house. After arriving there He immediately began to hold discourses in which He explained the sutras of Vasistha that propound the doctrine of gyan.

"Devotion to Bisnu which has no foundation in gyan is of less consequence, therefore it is knowledge that is ultimately powerful and thus the real life for everyone. Those who cannot understand the pre-eminent position of gyan are like those who lose the wealth situated in their own house and go out to the forest to search for riches. Bisnu bhakti is like a mirror and gyan is compared to the eye. If one has no eyes then what will he do with a mirror? I have studied the scriptures from beginning to end, and I have understood that gyan, knowledge, is the be-all and end-all, the ultimate goal of all the sastras."

Haridas was so well acquainted with Adwaita Acarja that when he heard these comments made by the Acarja he began to laugh very loudly. The character of Adwaita Acarja is unfathomable. Those who had sufficient merit of pious activities understood from Him the excellency of devotion but those who were sinful were not so fortunate and thus the goal of life remained unattainable for them. Prabhu Biswambhar is a wish-fulfilling desire tree Who came within the perception of mankind only due to the fixed determination of Adwaita.

One day, the Lord went out in the company of Nityananda for a stroll through Nadiyanagar. While viewing His creation, Lord Brahma took notice of this and thought to himself, "The Lord is pleased with my work."     

In this way he considered that he had been blessed by the Lord's glance of mercy. So it appeared that two moons, Gaurachandra and Nityanandacandra, were simultaneously moving together. In proportion to the individual degree of their devotion, the people could view the glories of the two Prabhus as They came and went. Meanwhile the demigods also watched These Two beautiful moons from their vantage point in the heavens, and began to praise Their glories amongst themselves. At that time the demigods thought that they must be residing on the earth, and the realm they were viewing must be heaven. By seeing these two Moons they thought themselves to be ordinary mortals while considering that the residents of that realm must be demigods. Their ultimate conclusion however, was that, "Not even in the heavens have we seen two moons simultaneously present together." Thus they began to comment amongst themselves, "One is the original moon and the other is a reflection." Another offered his opinion that, "One of them is Narayan, Who has been brought together with the moon by the arrangement of Lord Brahma." Another suggested, "As the son takes on the characteristics of the father, the other one must be the son of the moon, Budh."

Not even from the Vedas can the form of the Lord be ascertained, therefore it is not so surprising that the demigods were thrown into illusion by seeing these magnificent forms of the two Lords. In this way Nityananda and the son of Jagannath Misra wandered about the town. Finally Biswambhar addressed Nityananda saying, "Let's go to Santipur, to Adwaita's house!" And so it came to pass that the two Lords, Who are very restless by nature and Who were in a very playful mood, set out on the path to the Acarja's house.

A Short Diversion

When they were halfway there, they came upon a village on the banks of the Ganges, named Lalita pur. In that village lived a sannyasa couple whose house was between the path and the Jahnavi (Ganga). Prabhu asked Nityananda, "Who lives here?"

Nityananda replied, "Prabhu, this is the house of some sannyasis."

Then the Lord replied, "Let's go see and see them, if such good fortune is ours?"

While laughing together, the two Prabhus went to that house, and Biswambhar immediately offered His obeisances. When that sannyasi saw such an enchanting form, the son of a brahmana, His bodily limbs so beautifully constructed, and with such a bright and cheerful face, he was very satisfied and blessed the Lord, "May You attain wealth, a beautiful wife, many descendants and vast knowledge."

The Lord replied, "Gosai, these are not blessings! Rather you should say, "May you get the mercy of Krishna". The benediction of devotion to Bisnu is immutable and imperishable. As you are a Gosai, the words which you uttered do not seem appropriate."

The sannyasi chuckled to himself, "What we had previously heard about, today we are seeing first hand. While speaking favourable words, others take up clubs and run at the speaker to attack him. This son of a brahmana seems to be engaged in this profession. Since I was most satisfied with you, I have conferred upon You the greatest benediction, namely the attainment of wealth. Not only has he declined to accept this benediction but moreover now I am at fault."

Now he directly addressed Prabhu, "Please hear me, o son of a brahmana. Why have you criticized the boon I have conferred upon you. Whoever has taken birth in this world but who has not enjoyed wanton sports, who has not experienced the pleasure of having a beautiful damsel by his side, who has not accumulated any wealth; what is the purpose of his having taken birth then?! Yet you become shamed to accept such a boon?! Even if you have attained devotion to Lord Bisnu, if you have no wealth then what will you eat? Please explain this to me."

Upon hearing the words of this sannyasi, Prabhu put his hand to His forehead and laughed. In all circumstances, even by some artifice, Mahaprabhu had only one teaching to disseminate. That applied to everyone and at all times, namely that no one should desire anything in life other than pure devotion.

"Now please hear me, Sannyasi Gosai, foodstuffs come of their own accord, as a result of being engaged in one's occupational duties. We desire to enter household life in order that our wealth and family members will increase. Then why is it that nevertheless the wealth and family members die out? No one desires that he should get a fever, still sometimes the body is oppressed by fever. Now, my dear Gosai, please hear the reason behind this. Everything is due to our karma (activities). Many men are praised as being highly advanced in knowledge but who has understood this mystery? A major portion of the Vedas has been dedicated to the foolish masses by propagating the glories of the heavenly regions and how to be promoted there. Those who are supposedly successful in life have only one thought-, how to enjoy material happiness. So if the Vedas try to uplift their consciousness beginning from that stage, then what is the fault in that. By hearing that they can be blessed with wealth and sons by taking bath in the Ganges and chanting Hari nam, the common men follow blindly. Then by becoming enamoured with their desired objects they neglect to receive the real treasure of bhakti (devotion). Thus the foolish masses cannot understand the real purpose of the Vedas, and so, giving up their constitutional position of rendering devotional service to Krishna, they become immersed in sense gratification. So you see my dear Gosai, in considering the ultimate good and ultimate bad, there is no other real benediction but Krishnabhakti."

Under the pretext of instructing that sannyasi, the Supreme instructing spiritual Master, enumerated the glories of Bhakti yoga, giving evidences from the Vedas. Whoever utters the name 'Chaitanya Candra' is in truth a sincere person. The sinful wretches whose only business is to criticize others, are unable to vibrate this sound.

After that sannyasi had heard this supreme instruction from the lotus mouth of the Lord, he laughed and then exclaimed, "I suppose this young brahmana's mind has been deranged by the effect of some evil mantras. Most probably this sannyasi who is with him (Nityananda), has instilled these wild ideas within his mind, and having made him forgetful of the real purpose of life has now induced him to travel along with him. What are the times bringing? In front of this child I now know nothing, though I have travelled throughout the world. I have been to Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya, Badarikashram, Gujarat, Kasi, Gaya, Vijoy nagari, Simhal and as many other holy places as there are. Still I could not find out what is the ultimate good and therefore my body has become useless. Now this lad who is still drinking his mothers milk has come here today to instruct me."

Now Nityananda laughingly replied to that sannyasi, "Please hear me Gosai. You are in such a superior position that you shouldn't feel obliged to deliberate with this child. Please excuse whatever has been said up till now, by my humble request."

When that sannyasi heard himself being praised he became very pleased. Now he was very happy to extend them an invitation to accept some foodstuffs in his house.

Nityananda replied, "We have some urgent work for which reason we must proceed now. We'll take bath in Mother Ganges and then get something to eat along the way."

Still that sannyasi requested him, "You can take Your bath here. Then, after eating a little something you will be refreshed and then you can continue your journey."

Since the two Prabhus had descended to the world to deliver the sinful wretches here, they agreed to halt their journey for a while at that sannyasi's house. The fatigue of their journey was washed off in the Jahnavi (Ganges) and then they sat down to accept some fruits.

After offering milk, mangoes, jackfruits and the like to Shri Krishna, They then began to accept that prasadam, while the sannyasi looked on.

That sannyasi was accustomed to taking intoxicating beverages and thus by signs and gestures he tried to induce Nityananda to accept some of the same. "Please hear me Shripad! Shall I bring you some 'ananda'. It isn't often that I get such a guest as you to entertain."

As Nityananda had similarly travelled far and wide, He was familiar with the customs of various classes of people and so He could immediately understand that this sannyasi was a boozer.

The sannyasi again and again requested, "Shall I bring some 'ananda'?"

Nityananda finally replied, "That will simply put me into a fighting mood!"

Meanwhile that sannyasi's wife had been watching what was going on. By seeing the enchanting forms of those two Prabhus, like two new Cupids, her mind was entranced in meditation. But by seeing her husband's behaviour, she now prevented him, saying, "Why do you want to disturb their meal by introducing your incongruous activities?!"

Now Mahaprabhu inquired, "What 'ananda' is this sannyasi talking about?"

Nityananda replied, "He means liquor."

Prabhu Biswambhar then fixed His mind on the lotus feet of Lord Bisnu and after saying acaman, (rinsing His mouth) he immediately left that sannyasi's house. The two restless Lords then jumped into the Ganges and floated down the river to Santipur.

The Lord is prepared to show his favour to a henpecked drunkard but even though one may be a follower of the Vedas, if he is blasphemous to the Lord's devotees, then his only fate is to be destroyed. Even though that sannyasi was a drunkard, addicted to cohabitation with women, the Lord went to his house, where he held some conversation with him, took rest and finally even took some foodstuffs. As a result of this, though that sannyasi may not have much hope of advancement in this life, in his next life he is assured of a better start. But there is no question of associating with the blasphemous mayavadi sannyasis, who are totally antagonistic to the principles of devotion. The proof of this was demonstrated when the Lord visited Kasi dham.

In the final stage of His life when the Lord went to Kasi, the resident sannyasis became very happy to know that another sannyasi had arrived there, and they were very eager to meet that new sannyasi known as 'Chaitanya'. They were all learned in the Vedanta, renounced, lifelong residents of Kasi and had achieved quite a name for themselves. But because of one fault, all of their good qualities and the strength of their tapasya was rendered null and void. Though they studied Vedanta, they never described anything in terms of devotion to Bisnu. Since Shri Gaursimha is the indwelling Antaryami (Supersoul), He was aware of everything. Therefore, though He was present in Kasi, He didn't reveal His presence to those Mayavadis. Instead He remained hidden within the monastery of Ramcandra Puri during His two months stay in Kasi. Actually, Mahaprabhu resided at Candrasekhar Vaidya's house, but He let it be known among the people that He was residing at Ramcandra Puri's math, so that they would not be as likely to commit the offence of gossiping as to why he was living so long at some householder's house. When there were only two days remaining until ViswarupKaur (the authorized day, half way through caturmasya, when the sannyasis can shave their head without fear of breaking the vow of caturmasya), Mahaprabhu stealthily left Kasi, unbeknown to anyone.

Later on the other sannyasis came to know that 'Chaitanya' had gone away and thus they were cheated of His darshan. Simply as a result of one offence one's entire intelligence becomes lost, and therefore none of those sannyasis could even feel any distress at not having been able to see Shri Chaitanya. Rather they continued to commit offences by saying, "We were all previously householders; why has he left without saying anything to us. There were only two days remaining until 'ViswarupKaur'. Yet he has given up his prescribed duties and thus transgressed his sannyasa dharma."

Those who are devoid of devotion have just such intelligence. Though they worshipped Lord Siva, because they were offenders and blasphemers it is highly doubtful that Lord Siva accepted their worship. Rather it is Lord Siva Himself, who will punish them due to their criticism of Lord Chaitanya. Because they are offenders, the treasure of Bisnubhakti will always remain far from their reach. Lord Chaitanya's mission is to deliver all the fallen souls. Nevertheless, the malicious fault finders have escaped His mercy. Whoever is unafraid of the rod of chastisement of Lord Chaitanya has to suffer the punishment of Lord Yama, birth after birth. Shri Gaurachandra, is incessantly praised by Lord Brahma, Lord Siva, Shri Ananta deb and the divine Mother Lakkidebi. If one is unable to develop any attachment for Him, then his sannyasa and study of Vedanta is all useless.

So it came to pass that the two Prabhus were floating in the ecstasy of their own happiness, being carried by the waves of the Jahnavi (Ganges). Mahaprabhu Biswambhar roared loudly, again and again, "I am He! I am Him! That Nara disturbed me from My rest (yoganidra) to bring Me here, and now he is preaching the glories of gyan and keeping the jewel of bhakti hidden? Today you will see directly how I will punish him fittingly. Let us see how he preserves the position of gyan yog today."

While roaring and thundering in this way Mahaprabhu floated on the current of the Ganga. Lord Nityananda however, remained silent, simply laughing within his mind. The two Prabhus appeared like Mukunda and Shri Ananta deb in the milk ocean, as they floated on the surface of the Ganga.

The Acarja's Plan Fructifies

Adwaita Acarja, by his prowess in bhaktiyoga, could understand that his desire was about to be fulfilled. Coming to know that the Lord is approaching with a fiery anger, he became intently absorbed in describing the super-excellence of gyan yoga. Who can understand the transcendental lilas between the Lord and His devotees. At this moment the two Lords arrived there, carried by the current of the Ganges. Shri Biswambhar, in the company of Nityananda, wore a fiery appearance as he gazed upon Adwaita, seated in the midst of an assembly, very zealously and happily propagating the bliss of cultivating knowledge.

When Haridas saw that Prabhu had arrived, he fell down to offer his prostrated obeisances. The son of Adwaita Acarja, Acyutananda also offered his salutations and Adwaita's wife offered her namaskars within her mind, but at the same time became perplexed by seeing the fiery appearance of the Lord.

Actually everyone became fearful to see Shri Biswambhar at this moment, glowing as though with the fire of 10 million suns. Finally He spoke to Adwaita, "Hey you! Nara! I want to ask you a question! Let's see what you have to say. Now which is more powerful, bhakti or gyan?"

Adwaita replied, "Gyan is always in a superior position because without gyan, what will be the effect of bhakti?"

When Shri SaciNandan heard the reply, 'gyan', He completely forgot Himself due to intense anger. Dragging Adwaita down off the wooden seat upon which he was seated and into the courtyard He began to vigorously beat him with His own hands. Though the chaste and devoted wife of Adwaita, the Mother of the universe, Shri Sita debi was in knowledge of everything, still she became anxious and began to call out, "He is an old brahmana, please don't finish him off! From where have you learned to be this contemptuous?! What do you want to do to such an old brahmana? If something happens (if he dies) then you won't easily escape the reaction."

When Nityananda heard these words spoken by Adwaita's devoted wife he laughed loudly, but Haridas felt greatly fearful and remained fixed in chanting 'Krishna's' Name. Prabhu however, was in such a fit of anger that He didn't even hear the remonstrations of Adwaita's devoted wife. Roaring and thundering, He haughtily addressed 'Nara', "I was lying peacefully in the ocean of milk when you came to disturb My rest. You wanted to bring Me here to reveal the glories of bhakti in this world, so I agreed. Now you are trying to keep that jewel of devotion hidden and have taken to preaching the super-excellent position of knowledge (gyan)?! If you have now decided to keep My pure devotional service hidden again, then what was your purpose in bringing Me here? I cannot see any purpose in your activities. You always want to harass Me!"

Now He finally gave up beating Adwaita and sat down in the doorway. He still continued to roar loudly however, this time revealing the truth about Himself.

"Humph! I am the one who beat Kamsa! You know this very well. Lord Brahma, Lord Siva, Ananta Sesa and Rama debi (Lakki) are always engaged in My devotional service. It was by My cakra (disk) that that jackal who called himself Vasudeb met his end. The whole of Baranasi was consumed by the flames emanating from My cakra and it was by My arms that Ravana breathed his last. The thousand arms of Bana were cut off by My cakra and it was the same cakra that finished off Narakasur. I am the one who lifted up Girigovardhan with My left hand and I am also the one who brought the parijat flower to this earth from Indra's abode. It was I who tricked Bali Maharaj but in the end bestowed My complete mercy on him. In order to protect My dear devotee Prahlad, I ripped apart the beast Hiranyakasipu."

In this way the Lord revealed His personal opulences while Adwaita began to float in an ocean of ecstatic love. Adwaita was totally immersed in ecstasy at having been punished by the Lord, Shri Gaursundor. He began to express his humility while clapping his hands at the same time.

"I have been fittingly reprimanded according to the nature of my offence. Actually, Prabhu let me off lightly in correcting my debiant nature. Now I have fully understood Your divine nature and am fully at peace, having been rectified of my errant ways. The consciousness of that prabhu (myself) becomes enlivened by knowing himself to be Your servant [not by being treated as a master (prabhu)]."

'Santipur Ray' thus danced in great happiness while revealing his innermost thoughts to his Prabhu. He knitted his eyebrows as he leapt and bounded throughout the courtyard, pouring out the emotion in his heart, "What has happened to those hymns that were sung to me by Yourself? Where has the respect gone that You had previously shown to me?! Perhaps You have mistaken me for Durvasa Muni, the remnants of whose food You smeared on Your own body. But I am not. Neither am I Bhrgu Muni, the dust of whose feet You have sportively accepted on Your chest and which has become renowned as 'Shri vatsa'. My name is Adwaita, and I am no one but a surrendered servant of Yours. Life after life I have no other desire but to accept the remnants of Your foodstuffs. By the power of these remnants I will be freed from the control of Maya. So, You have punished me deservingly; now please bestow upon me the shade of Your lotus feet."

The Lord of Santipur (Santipur Nath) then fell down at the lotus feet of the Lord and placed them on his head. Shri Biswambhar however respectfully lifted him up and embraced him to His chest, crying all the while. Meanwhile, Nityananda Ray, Who had been following this pastime from the beginning, began to shed tears like a river, at having witnessed the unparalleled devotion of Adwaita. Haridas was so moved that he fell down on the ground crying. Adwaita's wives were crying and the son of Adwaita, Acyutananda was also crying. In fact everyone who was present there was crying. In this way, Adwaita Bhavan became super-saturated with Krishnaprema.

Shri Biswambhar now felt very embarrassed that He had beat Adwaita the way He did. He decided to award Adwaita a boon, being very pleased by his devotion.

"Whoever takes shelter of You, if only for the space of half a moment, even though they may be in the body of an insect, worm, a beast or a bird, and even though they may have committed hundreds of offences to Me, still I will be bound to award them My mercy."

Adwaita Mahasoy now began to cry, after having heard this wonderful benediction conferred upon him by his most worshipful Lord. He caught hold of the Lord's lotus feet and humbly entreated Him, "What You have once uttered will never be false. Now hear my solemn vow. 'If anyone, while not showing regard for Your lotus feet, offers their devotional service to me, then that devotion will be the cause of his destruction. Whosoever has not worshipped Your lotus feet and who has no respect for You can never be counted amongst my followers. Whoever worships You; he is the source of my life. I cannot tolerate anyone who tries to transgress Your transcendental position. Though one may be my very own son or servant, if he is a Baisnab aparadhi, then I cannot even acknowledge his existence, what to speak of see his face. Having overstepped You, even though one may worship millions of demigods, those demigods will nevertheless destroy that worshipper by some pretext. I cannot say where this is described in the Vedas but there is a proof in the Puranas, concerning the death of Sudakkhin.

The Story of Sudakkhin

Sudakkin was the son of the King of Kasi. Once, after having entered into a deep meditational trance he began to worship Lord Siva. Lord Siva was very satisfied with his worship and ordered him to request his desired boon. "You will attain the object of Your desire; now perform the required incantations and sacrifices. However, if you in any way insult any devotees of Bisnu, this sacrifice will consume Your own life air."

Though Lord Siva explained this fact to Sudakkin he couldn't understand properly. When he began the sacrifice, as per the instructions of Lord Siva, a terrifying being came out of the fire, possessing three heads, three hands and three legs. Slapping his thighs to announce his presence and readiness to carry out his assigned task he thundered, "What boon is it you want?"

The reply came, "Burn Dvaraka to the ground!"

This servant of Siva became very sad upon hearing these words and immediately understood that such a request could never be fulfilled. Still, as he was requested, he proceed to Dwaraka. When he came within the vicinity of Dwaraka however, Shri Krishna's Sudarshan cakra came out to drive him away. Though he fled in great fear there was no chance to escape the Supremely Powerful weapon of Lord Krishna. Finally he had to fall at the feet of Sudarshan and pray for His mercy.

"As Durvasa could not escape from Your wrath, neither could Lord Brahma, Lord Siva nor the gods and goddesses of the 10 directions offer him any security or shelter; similarly I have also fallen within the fiery grace of a great Baisnab, namely Yourself, Sudarshan cakra. Where will I flee to my Lord? Rather You can do with me as You please. All glories, all glories to my Prabhu, of the name Sudarshan. Even the fiery energy of Lord Shankar is second to His might. All glories to the abode of Lord Krishna. All glories to the great Cakra, the foremost of the Baisnabs. All glories to He Who is personified death to the miscreants, the deliverer of the gentle."

Sudarshan became very pleased by hearing these praises uttered by that 'Shaiva murti' and so He instructed him to return to where that prince was seated and burn him to a crisp. At this point the fearful demon, his arms flailing the sky, came back to where the son of the King of Kasi was, and disintegrated his body into ashes.

Thus we see that whoever tries to neglect You, while worshipping even Lord Siva, has simply to die in his own sacrifice. Therefore I am bound to inform that person who transgresses Your authority, that if he tries to worship me separately, then I will beat him and burn him into ashes. You are the Lord of my life, my only wealth. You are my Mother, my Father and my Friends. Whoever steps over You to offer his namaskar to me gets his head cut off by me. This is my only recourse. The King Satrajit achieved the direct darshan of the Sun god Surjadeb, who was pleased to offer him a boon and which made him famous throughout the world. But because he declined to follow Your order, he and his brother both died, while Surjadeb looked on in happiness. Though Duryodhana considered himself the disciple of Baladeb, as a result of transgressing Your authority, he had to die along with his entire dynasty. Hiranyakasipu, though he had received a benediction from Lord Brahma nevertheless had to give up his life due to animosity towards You. The ten-headed Ravana, though he worshipped Lord Siva by cutting off his heads and offering them into the fire, still had to die along with his family members for violating Your authority. You are the source of all the debs (demigods), the Master and Controller of everyone. All others, seen or unseen, are Your servants. If anyone trespasses against You, while worshipping any of Your servants, then those servants (demigods), along with devouring the offerings of that devotee, devour the devotee also. Whoever worships Lord Siva and the other demigods while infringing against You, first cuts the root of the tree and then goes to worship the leaves and twigs. You are the origin of the Vedas, the brahmanas, sacrifices and religion itself. I can never be worshipful by anyone who neglects Your worship."

Having heard these exalted truths spoken by Adwaita, the Lord Shri Sacinandan roared very loudly. "Now everyone listen carefully to My words of truth. Whoever worships Me but transgresses against My servants, is nothing but a despicable wretch who I will cut into pieces. The worship that he offers Me burns My body like fire. If anyone criticizes the all-auspicious activities of My devotees, then, since one of My names is 'Kalpatavi' (a desire tree), I am therefore bound to deliver the fruit of such an action, namely, I destroy that person. Within all of the unlimited universes, there exists no one other than My servants. Therefore if anyone is envious of another, he simply destroys himself. You are more important to Me than My own body. If anyone oversteps You, it is not easily tolerated by Providence. Even if a sannyasi blasphemes a non-envious person then he becomes fallen and his religious activities cease to exist."

Raising His two hands high in the air, Gauradham (the abode of Gaur) declares to the world, "Becoming free from the bad habit of censuring others, chant Krishna's name! Whoever chants in this way, free from offences, will surely be delivered by Me. There is no doubt about it."

Transcendental Merriment

When Mahaprabhu uttered these words all of the devotees sent up a joyful roar of, "Jay! Jay! Jay!" Adwaita caught hold of the Lords lotus feet and began to cry while Prabhu picked him up and embraced him to His chest, bathing him with His tears of love.

The entire world is bathed in the divine love possessed by Adwaita. His pastimes are the subject for deep reflections. Who can understand his transcendental words? You should know for a fact that He is non-different (Adwaita) from the Supreme Controller.

Nityananda and Adwaita then engaged in their regular ecstasy of bandying absurd words with one another. The words and activities of Lord Bisnu and His Baisnabs are incomprehensible. Only by His favour can one penetrate into the inner meaning. Those who understood enjoyed the greatest happiness.

In this way, whatever other discussions took place between Nityananda, Adwaita, and Mahaprabhu and His followers can only be understood by Balarama, Who with his thousands of mouths sings Their glories.

For a moment Shri Biswambhar displayed some external consciousness, when he smilingly asked Adwaita, "Have I been saying or doing anything childish?"

To this Adwaita replied, "Not especially!"

Then Prabhu addressed Nityananda, "Hear Me Sir. If I have been acting restlessly in any way then please forgive Me."

Nityananda, Chaitanya, Adwaita and Haridas all looked at one another and laughed. Now Biswambhar Mahaprabhu addressed the chaste and devoted wife of Adwaita, telling her, "Quickly go and cook now. After making the offering to Krishna, I will accept His prasad."

Then in the company of Nityananda, Haridas and Adwaita, Shri Biswambhar went in a very happy mood to take His bath in the Ganga. The ecstasy They experienced there will be described in the Vedas. After returning to the house Mahaprabhu Biswambhar washed His two lotus feet and then offered His prostrated obeisances to Shri Krishna. Adwaita similarly fell down at the feet of Shri Biswambhar and Haridas fell down at the feet of Adwaita. Nityananda seeing this great fun, laughed and exclaimed, "These three appear to be a bridge, which can carry one across the material ocean of nescience.

When the Lord got up and saw Adwaita lying with his head at His feet, He quickly moved away while repeating the words "Bisnu, Bisnu!" Nityananda took hold of Adwaita's hand and moved towards the dining room in the happiness of Shri Biswambhar's association. The three Prabhus, Biswambhar, Nityananda and Adwaita Gosai, sat down together on one side of the room. All three of them were by nature very restless in ecstatic love and especially Nityananda would often behave like a child. Haridas sat by the door where he could be seen by all. Mahamati Yogeswari Sita Thakurani, the wife of Adwaita, began to distribute the prasad, all the while uttering "Hari! Hari!" In this way the three Prabhus honoured those divine foodstuffs, consisting of rice, ghee, milk and sweet rice.

When Nityananda Ray looked at Adwaita he laughed joyfully. These Two, (Nityananda and Adwaita) are One; they have become two in order to manifest Krishna's pastimes. When they were almost finished and only a little prasad remained on their plates, Nityananda began to behave like a little boy. While laughing ecstatically he threw rice throughout the room. Prabhu called out, "Ah Hah! What are you doing?", while Hari das simply laughed. Adwaita however, appeared as though burning with anger.

Under the guise of this assumed anger he began to praise the glories of Nityananda, "Ah re! This Nityananda will ruin my caste. Who knows where he has come from today, or in the company of which drunkards? Though he doesn't even have a guru he advertises himself as a sannyasi, having accepted a sannyasi name. No one seems to know where his birthplace is or what his caste is. In fact no one knows anything about him except that he wanders around like a drunken and maddened elephant. He has come from the west (this implies that Nityananda had come from an area where there was intermingling between Hindus and Mohammedans, whereas Adwaita was from the east and was thus more conscious of the prestige of his caste) where he would go from house to house, eating others rice, and he has come here today in the company of one brahmana for that purpose also. Alas! Nityananda has been ruined by that drunkard at whose home he tarried today! Please believe me Haridas. This is the truth. Honest!"

Adwaita was in such a huff that he failed to notice that his outer cloth had become loose. When he got up quickly, he was thus without it. Laughing loudly, he began to dance around the room, while clapping his hands. Shri Gaura Ray laughed heartily to see the behaviour of Adwaita while Nityananda also laughed, showing his two fingers. The anger of Adwaita was purely a matter of amusement in which old and young alike found much merriment. Temporarily They regained some external consciousness and then washed their mouths. In great ecstasy They each embraced each other, Nityananda and Adwaita, feeling great ecstatic love in doing so.

Nityananda and Adwaita were like two hands of the Lord and thus there could not exist anything other than pure affection in their mutual dealings. What ever apparent quarrels took place between them were simply a display of Their pastimes. The pastimes of Lord Bisnu with the Baisnabs very much resembles the play of a young boy. In this way Mahaprabhu revelled in the various moods brought on by His own personal ecstasies, while engaging in His pastimes of Krishnakirtan at the temple of Shri Adwaita Acarja. Other than Prabhu Balarama, no one else is capable to understand the Lord's activities, neither does He reveal this wealth of transcendental qualities to others. Rather, by Shri Balaram's mercy, Sarasvati debi comes to know something of this storehouse of nectar, and she recites these glories while residing on the tongue of the pure in heart.

Personally, I cannot understand anything about the sequence of these transcendental events, rather I am just trying to describe the prowess and valour of Krishna in what ever way I can, and it is due to His power only that I am able to do that much. I can only offer my obeisances at the most dear lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya and at the feet of those who are very dear to those lotus feet and who hold those lotus feet to be their dearmost object of affection. I can only pray that they will forgive whatever offences I have committed in my humble attempt to complete this work.

After causing this shower of transcendental Mercy to rain in Adwaita's house for some days, finally Prabhu set out for Nabadwip in the company of His three companions, Nityananda, Adwaita and Hari das. When They arrived at Prabhu's house, the news spread fast, "Aila Thakur! Thakur has come! The Lord has come!" Thus in great ecstasy the Baisnabs all ran there as fast as they could.

By seeing His moon-like face the burning fire in their hearts was dissipated and so they wanted to reciprocate by bathing His lotus feet with their tears. Shri Gaurachandra Mahaprabhu, Who was the life of His devotees, then returned their love by embracing each one of them. These Baisnabs were not ordinary persons, their bodily features were similar to those of the Lord and they were all highly magnanimous and liberal, the best of the Bhagavatas (devotees). They all offered their namaskars to Adwaita, by the power of whose devotion Shri Chaitanya had deigned to descend to this material world. They all became as though mad, in the ecstasy of rousing a ruckus of Krishna's Names in the company of their 'Prabhu'. Sacimata began to float in an ocean of bliss, seeing that her son had returned. In the company of His wife He was making their house a virtual ocean of auspiciousness by worshipping Shri Govinda.

The only one able to describe this is He who has thousands of mouths, the Lord Who is my life birth after birth. The difference that is inherent between the words, dvija, vipra and brahmana, is the same inherent difference between 'Nityananda' and 'Baladeb'. Whoever hears of the playful pastimes performed by the Lord at Adwaita's house becomes eligible to enter into those pastimes.

Brindaban das is simply trying to describe a particle of the lotus feet of Shri KrishnaChaitanya and Nityananda Candra, Who are more beloved by him than his own life.                                                                                  [C.B. Madhya 19]

The Seriousness of Committing Baisnab ApaRadha

In the twenty first chapter of the Madhyalila, Shri Gaursundor delineated the dangers of committing an offence at the feet of a Baisnab in connection with the activities of Debnanda Pandit. Now in this twenty second chapter He is again stressing that even a slight offence at the feet of a pure devotee can disqualify one from obtaining the jewel of pure loving devotion to the Lord's lotus feet.

One day Shri Gaursundor sat down on the couch of Lord Bisnu within the temple of Shrivas Pandit and with His own divine lips began to enumerate His glories. He took His own Deity and the salagrama silas in His lap and announced, "I am Krishna, in the Kali yuga; I am Narayana. I am Rama, Who tamed the wild ocean and made Varuna submit to My will. I was lying in the ocean of milk, when my divine sleep (yoganidra) was broken by the loud calls of this 'Nara'. I have come to distribute loving devotion to Myself. Ah! Hah! Nara! Just ask Me for whatever boon you desire. Shrivas! Just say what it is and it will be yours!"

Nityananda and Gadadhar stood on each side of the Lord and served Him in various ways, while the Lord satisfied the innermost desires of His devotees. Finally Shrivas Pandit requested Shri Gaurachandra to now benedict His mother, Shri Sacidebi, with divine love. However, Mahaprabhu replied that His mother was unqualified to receive it as she was guilty of Baisnab apaRadha at the feet of a pure devotee. When Shrivas requested Him to forgive that offence, Shri Biswambhar explained by describing the incident of an offence committed against Ambarish Maharaja. In that narration he explained that an offence at the feet of a Baisnab can only be forgiven by that Baisnab himself. Lord Bisnu Himself is powerless to interfere in any way.

"As she has committed an offence at the feet of 'Nara', only if he forgives her can she get My mercy. If she takes the dust of Adwaita's lotus feet on her head, only then will I benedict her with prembhakti.

Immediately all of the devotees went to Adwaita's house and informed him of the whole affair. As soon as Adwaita had grasped the situation he immediately thought of Lord Bisnu and exclaimed, "You want to take my life!? In whose womb my Lord has caused Himself to appear, who is my Mother, and I her son; Now she is to become the recipient of the dust of my feet?! I cannot comprehend even a fraction of her potency and glory. She is the personification of devotion to Lord Bisnu. She is the Mother of the universe. How is it that you all have dared to utter such words as I heard you speak just now? Though the word 'ai' (mother) is a material sound vibration, still, simply by vibrating this sound (when it is used to indicate Shri Saci debi) one's material miseries disappear. She, who is the Mother Ganges is this same personality, there is no difference between them. Who is mother Debki? Who is Mother Yasoda? This is her."

By speaking of the glories of Lord Chaitanya's mother, Acarja Gosai became so emotionally enraptured that he fell into a faint and his external consciousness receded far within. Saci Mata understood that now was her chance, so she came from outside the room and took some of the dust from the Acarja's feet and placed it on her head.

Lord Chaitanya's Mother was a param vaisnavi, the very personification of the Lords energy. Just try to imagine the personal prowess of one who can contain the Supreme Lord within her womb. When she placed the dust of the lotus feet of the Acarja on her head, she became totally enraptured and all awareness of what was happening externally was also lost to her. Those devotees who were present caused the heavens to vibrate with the sounds "Jay! Jay! Hari!!", and thus a great uproar ensued as their ecstasy mounted. By the mutual exchange of their perceptions of the wonderful qualities of Shri Saci Mata, Adwaita Acarja and Shri Viswambhar's unlimited mercy upon them, each increased the other's ecstatic love to the n'th degree."

The Acarja had fallen in a faint, having become overwhelmed by the wonderful influence of 'Aai' (Lord Chaitanya's mother). Similarly, by the influence of the ecstatic love of Adwaita, Aai (Saci Mata) has also lost her external consciousness. Due to their mutual influence upon one another both of them became totally absorbed in ecstatic love, "Hari! Hari!! Hari! Hari!!"

Prabhu Biswambhar now laughed as He sat on the throne of Lord Bisnu. He was now totally satisfied by His mothers pure devotion and told her, "Now the priceless jewel of devotion to Lord Bisnu has become yours. Your offence to Adwaita is completely obliterated." The assembled Baisnabs again filled the sky with the sounds of "Jay! Jay! Hari!", to hear the Lords pronouncement of His divine favour upon Shri Saci Mata.

Under the pretext of chastising His Mother, the Supreme Lord, as the Supreme Instructing Spiritual Master, is cautioning everyone of the dangers of committing Baisnab apaRadha. Criticizing or blaspheming a Baisnab is as dangerous as the trident held in the hand of Lord Siva. All of the scriptures declare that such an act only harms the performer, in fact it will totally destroy him. Whoever is not prepared to accept this and who condemns or reproaches the pure in heart, will be put to his death, birth after birth, due to his great misfortune. Just consider what is our situation; if Shri Gaura Simha's Mother herself has been counted amongst the offenders. Actually if we consider these points minutely, we will see that there was no offence on her part at all, nevertheless the Lord Himself has stated that His mother was guilty of 'Baisnab apaRadha'.

"Why do people call him Adwaita? [Non different from the Lord]. Feeling terribly displeased at heart, 'Ai' instead said that he should be called 'Dvaita' (different). I will now describe the incidents leading up to this, so please hear me very carefully. In this connection the wonderful qualities of Shri Viswarupa will also be described.

The Personality of Vishvarupa

Viswarupa Mahasoy, was the elder brother of the Lord. He had a very dignified appearance and in fact, such a handsome young man as this is very rare within this world. He was an extremely erudite scholar but at the same time he was gentle and patient. He was actually a plenary portion of Nityananda and therefore non-different from Him. Though his explanations of the scriptures were so scholarly that there was hardly a person in Nabadwip who could understand him, still, in front of other boys his own age, he appeared to be just one of them.

One day, Jagannath Misra was going to attend a meeting, and Viswarupa also went along. When he arrived at the assembly of those Bhattacarjas in the company of Viswarupa, everyone there was very interested in the person of Viswarupa. Being a manifestation of Nityananda Prabhu, he was very beautiful to look at, and thus he stole away the minds of all those present by his all powerful presence.

One Bhattacarja asked him, "How far have you progressed in Your studies, my boy?"

Viswarupa replied, "I am basically familiar with many various subjects."

As they then assumed that he was just a neophyte, no one asked him any further questions. Misra was very hurt to see that his son was so self- conscious and so, on the pretext of having some work to do, he returned home.

On the way he gave Viswarupa a slap, "You dunce! Instead of telling them which particular manuscript you are studying at present, what nonsense was it you said?! Everyone considered you to be a fool, and thus I have also become embarrassed and insulted." Jagannath Misra was extremely liberal minded, but now he felt very displeased with his son and returned home without paying him any further attention.

Viswarupa decided that he should return to that assembly. After having arrived there he smilingly addressed those Bhattacarjas who were assembled there, "My father has chastised me for my inadequate reply to your question, so if you have any further questions, this time I will do my best to give a proper reply."

One of those present laughed as he addressed Biswambhar, "Listen my son. Just give us a brief explanation of whatever it is you were studying today."

Viswarupa, Who is none other than a plenary expansion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sankarshan, then explained to them one aphorism in such a way that they were all satisfied by the proofs mentioned in his arguments.

They all commented, "Yes, you have explained that sutra very well!"

Viswarupa replied, "Actually I have kept the real meaning from you. In accepting my first explanation you have revealed your incomplete understanding of this sutra."

Now Viswarupa proceeded to refute everything he had previously stated and thus he established a different explanation. At this everyone present there became very much astonished. However, he again refuted that explanation and this time established his original premise but with still newer arguments. With an intellect that was unfathomable by any of those Bhattacarjas he explained that sutra in every possible way, but those Bhattacarjas who were influenced by the illusion of Bisnumaya couldn't understand the depth of his explanations. Though they praised him as being very intelligent, factually they were not capable of perceiving more that a brief glimpse of his unlimited intellect.

In this way Viswarupa passed his days in Nabadwip, beyond the ken of common men. Those who were devoid of devotion could not appreciate his subtle qualities, being themselves in the grip of gross ignorance. The whole world was intoxicated with the wine of consuming themselves in the fire of sensual satiation. None of them could consider the auspicious qualities and glorious position of Baisnabs. Rather, their only consideration was to waste their wealth on festivals held in honour of their sons and other family members. They could care less about the worship of Shri Krishna and the religion which is dedicated to serving His lotus feet. Many renowned professors and pandits were present in Nadiya at that time, but they too knew nothing other than hair-splitting arguments. Devotion to Krishna and worship of Him, were beyond the limited realm of their mundane knowledge. Even if they would sometimes teach others from the Bhagavatam or Bhagavad Gita, they wouldn't explain anything in terms of devotion. They knew only some dry logic, which means they knew nothing.

Vishvarupa used to wander about the town, but he was very sad that he couldn't hear the glories of Bhaktiyoga from any of the people there. Only in the person of Adwaita Simha was he able to find a compatible companion. Vishvarupa could perceive the plenary potencies of Shri Krishna present in his person. Adwaita could explain even the Jog vasistha in terms of devotion. Who was there who could understand Adwaita's profound dissertations? He was the foremost of all the Baisnabs in Nadiya at that time.

Everywhere Vishvarupa went he only felt afflicted by various mental agonies. At Adwaita's however, everyone obtained the highest ecstatic happiness of divine love. Therefore Vishvarupa remained continually in the association of Adwaita, Who shared with him this happiness of enjoying the mellows of devotion.

Shri Gaursundor, in the prime of His youth, His moon-like face surrounded by curling locks of black hair, was dressed in such a way as to capture the minds of everyone. His mother would tell him, "Vishvambhar! Run quickly and call Your older brother to come home."

Vishvambhar, like a very obedient son, ran off to Adwaita's house where he arrived very quickly. There he saw Adwaita seated in the midst of all the Baisnabs, beginning with Shrivas Thakur and the others. Vishvambhar addressed Vishvarupa, "Brother, it is time for your meal now. Don't be late!", He said smilingly, his charming appearance totally captivating all those present.

Shri Vishvambhar stole away the mind of all those devotees by His enchanting form, which was perceived by them as that of an extremely beautiful child. Adwaita Acarja remained gazing at Him as though charmed by a magic spell, while the eyes of all those present remained riveted in the same direction, having totally forgotten about whatever they had been previously saying or doing. Everyday Shri Vishvambhar used to come there in this way, to call His elder brother, Vishvarup.

Adwaita remained deep in deliberation, "By seeing this child Vishvambhar, my mind has been completely stolen away. How is it possible that anyone else but Him can capture my mind like that?" This must be my Lord (Prabhu) Who has fascinated my mind like this."

The Lord Vishvambhar, Who resides within the heart of all living entities, could understand what Adwaita was thinking and so He immediately ran back home. Vishvarup thus remained continually in the association of Adwaita, having given up all traces of the propensity to enjoy worldly happiness, and instead passed his time in the happiness of ecstatic love.

The wonderful and innumerable qualities of Vishwarup have been elaborately discussed in the Adikhanda. {He Who is a manifestation of the body of Nityananda}. The Supreme Mover alone can comprehend His own desires and so it came to pass that Vishvarupa accepted sannyasa. He then became known in the world as Shri Shankararanya, and this foremost of Baisnabs began to wander on the innumerable paths of this world, in order to deliver the fallen souls.

By acceptance of the staff of a renunciant however, his Mother's heart was terribly afflicted and almost on the point of splitting in two. When she could calm herself enough to think, she considered in her mind: "It is by Adwaita's influence that my son has gone away, never to return."

Still, she was afraid of committing any Baisnab apaRadha, and so she spoke of this to no one, somehow or other containing her grief within. Only by seeing her darling Biswambhar was she able to forget her sadness and He was always diligent to please His Mother and try to make her happy.

Eventually however the plan of Providence began to unfold itself and the Lord's ecstatic pastimes in the company of Adwaita with it. Having relinquished the pleasure of family life and consequently the company of His wife Lakkidebi, Prabhu Biswambhar began to spend most of His time at Adwaita's house. When Sacimata now saw that her only remaining son had also given up the comforts of His home, she exclaimed, "Now Acarja Gosai has taken my other son also."

Sacimata's Offence

As she was feeling very distressed she even went so far to say, "Who says he is Adwaita? Rather, to me the Gosai is nothing more than a great 'Dwaita'. He caused my one son, who lit up my life like the moon lights up the night, to go away, never to return, and this son also he is causing to become a madman. I have no one to look after me. No one shows any favour or even feels any sympathy for me. In the world he may be known as Adwaita (non-dual), but to me he is Dwaita maya, the illusion of dualism, because he has caused me to be implicated in the web of maya, by entangling me even further in familial affections, which have increased disproportionately due to the fire of separation."

This was the extent of her offence and nothing more. For this reason the Lord chose not to bestow upon her the treasure of His own devotional service (bhakti).

Now, due to all of these affairs, it may come to pass that someone might think, "One is a greater Baisnab than another. But don't be troubled. Whoever thinks so will understand the truth very soon. Using His own Mother as an example, the Supreme Instructing Guru, the Lord Himself, has cautioned us of the dangers of committing Baisnab apaRadha. Simply by the poor excuse of not understanding what is criticism or blasphemy of a Baisnab, one nevertheless circumvents the order of Shri Chaitanya Simha and therefore becomes unavoidably implicated in the dire consequence.

The Plan of the Omniscient Lord

Now please give your full attention to the words I am about to speak, which describe the original cause or reason why Shri Gaurachandra spoke these words and enacted these pastimes.

Shri Sacinandan is the knower of past, present and future. He was aware of the worship which the so-called followers of Adwaita would perform in the future, in which they would describe Adwaita as being non-different from Shri Krishna, and which is a direct affront to the conclusions of all of the Baisnabs present at that time. Whoever would reply to their wild assumptions, by saying that Adwaita was a 'param Baisnab' (great devotee), was surrounded by those sinful miscreants only to be lambasted by their verbal attacks. What's more, they can never bring Adwaita himself around to their way of thinking. They have not the power to do that. If they could have, then their arguments might carry some weight. But that day will never come. The crest jewel of all omniscience, Shri Biswambhar, was fully aware that these various and sundry philosophies and opinions would crop up. Therefore He punished His own mother and kept Adwaita and the other devotees as witnesses of this.

Whosoever takes it upon himself to criticize a Baisnab, no matter whose follower he might be; his master has not the power to protect him. Rather, the question comes, whether or not that person whose followers constitute blasphemous rogues, has the astuteness to avoid being implicated in his disciples' offences. If he is sufficiently qualified he might succeed in avoiding the result of their actions, but if he is not then his own followers drag him down with them. Who can understand the chastisement inflicted by the Supreme Lord Himself, which in this case was directed at His own Mother, though it was meant for everyone. Then again, if anyone refers to Adwaita as a 'Baisnab', while intending to deprecate him or belittle his position, then he too will die very wonderfully.

The Master of everyone, Shri Gauranga Sundor, Who is the Supreme Controller Maheswar, has however gone so far as to glorify one of His followers by referring to him also as an 'Iswar' (God). In all sincerity, He has addressed Shri Nityananda Swarup in this way. By the mercy of that Nityananda one can know Shri Gaurachandra and by the mercy of that Nityananda, one can recognize who is a Baisnab. By the mercy of Nityananda, one gives up the bad habit of criticizing others. And by the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu one becomes imbued with devotion to Lord Bisnu. The servants of Nityananda Prabhu never criticize anyone, for their mouths are filled night and day with the praises of Shri Chaitanya. While experiencing that happiness there is no room for any other words there. The devotees of Nityananda are at all times and in every way extremely careful, because the servant of Nityananda does not want to lose the wealth of his life, namely Shri Chaitanya. It is not a matter of small fortune to become one of the servants of Nityananda, as they are entrusted with revealing the greatness of Shri Gaurachandra to others.

Whoever hears this narration about Vishwarupa becomes a servant of Ananta, and the life and soul of Nityananda. Nityananda and Vishwarup are non-different. Saci Mata knows this but it may be that no one else knows of it.

The Glories of Nityananda

All glories to Nityananda the refuge and protector of Shri Gaurachandra. All glories, all glories to Nityananda, who has thousands and thousands and thousands of mouths. All glories, to the Lord of Gaurdesh, Shri Nityananda Ray. Who can get the association of Lord Chaitanya without Your mercy? Whoever misses the opportunity of having such a master as Nityananda, for him there can be no happiness, anywhere in his life. Will the day ever come when I will be able to see Shri Shri ChaitanyaNitai Together, in the company of Their transcendental associates. The Lord of my Lord is Shri Gauranga Sundor. In this fact lies all my hope and confidence. Let me offer my obeisances at the feet of Shri Adwaita. May I always be favourably inclined to those who are dear to him. Brindaban das is simply trying to sing something of the glories of the lotus feet of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Shri Nityananda Candra, who are his life and soul.                 [C.B. Madhya 22]

Vishwarup Darshan

All glories, all glories, all glories to Shri Gaur Simha, Who is the most grave and composed personality, unperturbed by any possible or impossible occurrence. All glories, all glories to He who is the protector of the wellbehaved and righteous but Who is the Conqueror of the wicked. All glories to the son of Jagannath and Saci. All glories, all glories all glories to the most supremely pious activity of hearing and chanting His glories. All glories, all glories to the life of the bliss of the universe. All glories to the life and wealth of Haridas and Kasiswar. All glories, all glories to the Ocean of Mercy, the Friend of the fallen, the Supreme Father of everyone. May You become the Master of those who say "Your" Lord. In other words, may You also become the Lord of those that accept You are the Lord of others, though they may not have accepted You personally as their Master.

Absorbed in various ecstasies while engaged in His pastimes of sankirtan, Shri Biswambhar Ray happily passed His days in Nabadwip, continuously absorbed in ecstatic dancing and chanting. In fact it used to happen that wherever He was, whenever He would simply hear Krishna's Name uttered during kirtan, He used to fall down on the ground in a stupor. Whether in the town somewhere, or in someone's courtyard or even in the water or the woods, at that time a continuous flow of water used to come from His eyes. For this reason His friends and associates used to accompany Him at all times, in order to protect Him from any calamities since He was always susceptible to becoming overwhelmed by intense mellows of devotion. Even if for any reason someone happened to say the word 'Hari'; upon hearing this the Lord would fall down on the ground completely forgetting His own bodily existence. His body trembled, tears flowed from His eyes, and the hairs all over His body stood on end.

In great ecstasy He would roll on the ground in the roads of the town. To witness these ecstatic transformations even once, Lord Brahma would be counted amongst the greatly fortunate, yet the common populace of Nadiya nagar was blessed to see such manifestations of divine love, again and again. Finally, when His ecstatic emotions would reach the point that He became totally unconscious, His devoted servants would gather round Him, and after having isolated Him from the cause of His ecstatic madness, they would take Him back to His residence. While holding kirtan, people sometimes closed the doors to their houses, thinking to avoid haphazardlly plunging anyone into ecstatic emotions. Still, unlimited universes overflowed with the joy produced by that sound vibration. Whatever emotions are in existence and even those that cannot properly be described by words, all of them were felt by the Lord. How can I understand by what particular mellows He was becoming overwhelmed.

Sometimes He would say, "I am that same Madan Gopal", but then at other times He would say, "I am the eternal servant of Krishna." In this way He tempted the Mayavadi self-worshippers with a taste much higher than thinking oneself to be the Supreme, namely considering oneself as the servant of the Supreme.

Some days He would sit quietly muttering the words "Gopi, Gopi, Gopi." At this time if He heard anyone say Krishna's name, He would become very angry and retort, "Who is this, your Krishna?! He is nothing but a great robber. He is so sly and crooked but at the same time very arrogant and audacious. I tell you, His only business is engaging in shameless and deceitful behaviour. He is the greatest of all cheats and liars. Who will worship such a person? Having been conquered by women what does He do? He finds one and cuts off her nose and ears. And just like a lowclass hunter he took the life of Bali. What benefit of mine is there in listening to the words of that thief? Whoever takes the name of Krishna should be chased away and beaten up."

Sometimes He would simply repeat over and over again, "Gokul, Gokul", while on other days He would repeat, "Brindaban, Brindaban." On yet another day He was chanting, "Mathura, Mathura", in great happiness. But then one day he sat and drew on the ground with His nails. As He gazed intently on the threefold bending form which He had drawn in the dust, the tears from His eyes fell in torrents until the earth upon which He was sitting began to float in that inundation? Sometimes He told, "I see a great forest which is maintaining various lions, tigers and bears." He would call the night day and the day night. In this way He became charmed and and at the same time subjugated by His own intense devotion.

While witnessing these trances of affection and ecstatic emotions exhibited by their Prabhu, the assembled devotees would catch each other by the necks and shed excessive tears. Lord Brahma intensely desires to have the darshan of such divine rapture, but it was the assembled Baisnabs of Nabadwip to whom befell this divine delight. Prabhu Biswambhar had given up residing in His own house and had now taken to continuously remaining in the homes of the Baisnabs. Whenever He engaged Himself in any external activities He did so only for the purpose of pleasing His Mother. The devotees were filled with an incessant happiness, the ecstacies of which were produced by their engagement in Krishna sankirtan.

(The mad lion) Nityananda Matta simha wandered throughout Nadiya from one house to the next, engaged in His many pastimes. Gadadhar remained a constant companion of the Lord, while Adwaita was always engaged by the devotees in discussing Krishnakatha.

One day, while the devotees were immersed in waves of affectionate love while chanting the Holy Names, Adwaita began to dance in the mood of the gopis. His dancing was simply the external manifestation of his intense, internal longing for the Lord of his life. Repeatedly taking bunches of grass in his teeth he fell down and rolled on the ground, overpowered by the mellows of love, while in all directions the devotees continued to sing in great jubilation. Even after having remained continuously dancing for six hours, he didn't show any signs of winding down his ecstacies, though the other devotees were evidently becoming tired. At that time they all tried to calm him down and sat down in a circle surrounding him. Finally when it appeared that he had become somewhat composed, Shrivas, Ramai and the others went to take bath. In the meantime however, Adwaita's internal longing began to again increase until he was again rolling on the ground in Shrivasa's courtyard.

At this moment Shri Biswambhar, Who was busy doing something at His own house, became aware of the situation with Adwaita. The Lord, Who is always Himself gladdened by fulfilling the desires of His devotees, came to that place where Adwaita was rolling on the ground. When He noticed the intense longing that had taken possession of Adwaita, He caught him by the hands and took him into the Deity room within the temple of Bisnu by the side of Shrivasa's courtyard. Bolting the door behind them He sat Adwaita down and spoke to him, "Listen to Me, Acarja! Just what do you want? Tell Me what you want Me to do?!"

Adwaita replied, "You are the essence of all of the Vedas. I want only You. What else could I possibly desire?"

Smiling, Prabhu told him, "I am right here in front of you. Just tell Me what you want!"

Adwaita replied, "My Lord, You have spoken the Truth. You are the Supreme Truth of all the Vedas. Nevertheless, I wish to see something of Your divine opulences."

The Lord then continued to encourage him, saying, "Just tell Me, what is your desire?!"

Adwaita, "Prabhu, previously that form which You had shown to Arjuna, that form I now have a great desire to see."

As soon as he had uttered these words, Adwaita saw before him now a chariot, surrounded on all sides by many phalanxes of soldiers who were preparing to engage in a great battle. Seated upon that chariot he saw a Beautiful Blackish Complexioned Person, with four hands holding the conchshell, disc, club and lotus flower. Then in the next instant he saw the forms of unlimited universes, the moon, the sun, great oceans, mountains, rivers and forests. He saw tens of millions of eyes, arms and faces surrounding him on all sides. Then in front of him he saw Arjuna himself, offering prayers and hymns. It was as though a great fire emanated from the mouths of those unlimited faces, into which countless wicked and sinful creatures were being forcibly attracted like insects which fly into the flame of a candle. Those sinful wretches who criticize others and bear malice towards others were being wholly and solely consumed by the intense flames emanating from the mouth of Shri Chaitanya. By the mercy of his worshipful Lord, Acarja Gosai was able to see that form that none else had the power to see.

In the ecstasy of love, Adwaita cried in affection, taking straws in his teeth and begging again and again to be counted as a servant of his Prabhu. Prabhu Nityananda Ray was at this moment very happily engaged in wandering throughout the town of Nadiya. He now became aware of the Lords transcendental manifestation; of the exhibition of His universal form. Immediately He came to that place and began to roar loudly outside the door. Biswambhar could understand that Nityananda had arrived and thus quickly moved to open the door. When Nityananda beheld that form in which unlimited universes could be seen, he fell like a rod to the earth while closing his eyes.

Prabhu addressed him, "Rise up Nityananda! You are as dear to Me as My life. You already know everything about Me. Whoever is affectionate to You; I truly belong to him. No one is more dear to Myself than Yourself. Whoever sees any difference between You and Adwaita knows nothing of the actual facts concerning My incarnations."

While gazing upon His beloved Nityananda and Adwaita, Shri Biswambhar began to dance within the temple of Bisnu. Roaring loudly, Shri Sacinandan, called to them again and again, "Just see! Just see!", while they both recited prayers and hymns to Him saying, "Prabhu! Prabhu!" In this way they had darshan of that Vishwarup (Universal Form), their minds filled with wonder and ecstasy. All of this fun took place within Shrivasa's house, but no one else had the power to see it.

The narration of all of these events came directly from the lotus mouth of Shri Adwaita himself. Whoever is inclined not to believe it is condemned to remain a sinful criminal. Whoever finds difficulty in declaring Shri Gaurachandra to be 'Sarva Maheswar' the 'Supreme Controller of all controllers', is a sinful wretch who will eternally remain invisible to the Baisnabs. The Lord of my Lord is Shri Gaursundor . This is my eternal hope and shelter and the source of my whole existence. Thus it happened that such miraculous events took place in Nabadwip, but only the devotees came to know of this.

Engagement in devotion, engagement in devotion, engagement in devotional service, this is the only real wealth. And what is the substance of this devotion? That by remembering Krishna's Name, tears flow from one's eyes. Whoever cries while saying 'Krishna', has actually made some connection with Krishna's Name. Though one may take birth in a materially affluent family, this is actually the sum total of so many zeros if there is no worship of Krishna's Name. But whoever hears this narration of the Lord's Vishwarup darshan can find out the real wealth of Krishnaconsciousness. Thus the Lord concluded this pastime and proceeded to His own house in the company of His devotees.

Meanwhile, Adwaita and Nityananda remained in a state of extreme ecstasy after having had darshan of the Lord's universal form. Neither of them had returned to external consciousness and in fact they were thoroughly intoxicated by having seen those divine opulences. Sometimes they rolled in the dust of the courtyard and sometimes one would dance while the other would sing and clap his hands. In this way these two Powerful Personalities careened and staggered around in their state of divine intoxication.

Finally, as a fitting end to a day of sportive enjoyment, they began to abuse one another verbally. Adwaita first accosted Nityananda, "Hey you drunken avadhuta, who called you to come here anyway!? And why did you have to break the door down to come in here? Is it true that some people call you a sannyasi!? I think there isn't a member of any of the castes in whose home you don't take your meal. In fact, is there anyone who will vouch for your caste? How has such a drunkard like you managed to be counted amongst our society of Baisnabs? If you don't immediately get out of here then, well, it won't be good for you."

Nityananda now took his turn, "Aha re, Nara! I am not going anywhere! You think you're capable of beating me!? You had better be careful! I am just warning you of my prowess! Who's going to be afraid of you anyway, you old brahmana. I am the mad avadhuta, the Lord's own brother. Whereas you are just some ordinary householder with a wife and children, I am fit to tread the path of paramhamsas. If I beat you, you won't be able to say a thing. For no reason at all you are displaying this arrogant behaviour with me in boasting of your greatness before me."

When Adwaita heard this, his anger flared up like the flames of a fire. He jumped up so quickly that his outer garment came off as he began another tirade of abuse, "Though you eat fish and meat, still you think you are a sannyasi because you go around without any clothes on. Where are your father and mother and where is your country of origin? Who can say?! Come on! Let's hear what you have to say about this. Just like a thief who breaks in someone's house and cooks so many preparations. Then if anyone comes he says, "I will eat this, I will swallow it up, I will completely devour it! Don't anybody touch anything." A real sannyasi is he who doesn't bother anyone for anything. But this self-styled sannyasi is busy eating at least three times a day in the houses of the householders. Shrivas Pandit has lost his caste now, after having given shelter to this avadhuta of questionable background. Actually this avadhuta is ruining everyone's caste. Where did this drunkard come from anyway?"

Intoxicated by the pure mellows of love of Krishna, These Two continued to abuse each other all the while. In this matter, if anyone takes sides with the one and criticizes the other, then such a person will himself be destroyed. Those who cannot understand the real import of this loving quarrel, and who thus criticize one while praising the other, must perish in the fire of the Lord's wrath. If someone, while taking the side of Adwaita, criticizes Gadadhar, then it is to be understood that such a wretch is not a real servant of Adwaita. Only one Who is an Iswar is a fit personage to strive with another Iswar. Who can understand the pastimes of the Lord Bisnu and the Baisnabs. Lord Bisnu and Baisnabs are on the same transcendental platform. However, the atheist blasphemers understand the reverse. One should see no difference between any Baisnabs. Whoever worships Krishna's lotus feet is able to cross over the ocean of material existence. Thus sings Brindaban das of the glories of the lotus feet of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Nityananda Candra, who are his life and soul.

[C.B.Madhya 24]

After Sannyasa

When the Lord instructed Candrasekhar to return to Nabadwip to inform all of the other devotees there of the news of His acceptance of sannyasa Candrasekhara fainted away in the farewell embrace of his beloved Prabhu. But upon regaining his consciousness he immediately proceeded towards Nabadwip. Arriving there he broke the news to everyone, "Prabhu has gone to the forest."

When the devotees heard these words from the mouth of Candrasekhar they were deeply afflicted and cried in pain. Even with 10 million mouths it is not possible to describe their agony and remorse.

Adwaita exclaimed, "On my life, please leave me."

Even stone and wood became rent asunder by the sound of his crying. But it didn't matter for he soon fainted away, unable to bear the pain of separation. As there was no longer any life in his body, it only remained for that body to fall on the ground.

Sacidebi remained totally inert as though she had become a lifeless doll, due to her unbearable grief. The devoted wife of the Lord as well as the other devoted wives of the Baisnabs all fell to the ground, their breasts heaving between sobs.

Adwaita regained his consciousness and thought out loud, "So what else is there to be done in this life, now that such a person as He was has left me. Today I will enter the Ganges, but I had better do it at night when there won't be anyone around to prevent me."

All of the devotees were plunged into intense anxiety brought about by feelings of separation from their Prabhu. When there was no way that they could retain their mental equilibrium they only thought how they might give up their bodies. Though they were all by nature very equipoised personalities, no one was capable of consoling another at this point.

As they were all seriously and certainly contemplating relinquishing their material bodies, a voice from the sky came to solace them, "Adwaita! All of you there! Please don't let yourselves be drowned by these fierce waves of distress. Worship your Lord Krishna Candra with a happy mind. The Lord of your lives will return to you within two to four days. Forget this idea of giving up your bodies. You will be able to enjoy sporting pastimes with the Lord, just as before."

When they heard these words from the sky they decided to give up their plans for suicide. Instead they all surrounded Mother Saci and remained continuously absorbed in chanting the glorious qualities of Shri Gaursundor.

Their Lives Restored

When Adwaita saw that Prabhu had arrived at his home, he fell down like a staff at the Lord's lotus feet. Shedding tears of ecstasy he firmly grasped Prabhu's lotus feet with his hands and would not let go. With his tears he then bathed those two lotus feet. Prabhu slowly lifted Adwaita up with His two lotus arms and embraced him to His chest. Adwaita Acarja was now floating in the waters of the Lord's tears of love. Unable to bear such ecstasy he again fell in a swoon at the Lords lotus feet. After some time the Lord composed Himself and sat down.

Now waves upon waves of supreme ecstasy mounted within Adwaita Bhavan. The son of Adwaita, whose name was Acyutananda, was shining with effulgence, clothed only by the four directions. By some inconceivable influence he was supremely learned, even as an infant, and was thus a competent and greatly fortunate son of the Acarja. As he could understand that the Lord had arrived, he moved towards the Lord's lotus feet, smiling all the while very radiantly. When the Lord saw the child at His lotus feet, though his body was covered with dust He picked up Acyuta and placed him in his lap. Prabhu addressed him, "Acyuta. Acarjaji is my father, so that makes you and I brothers."

Acyuta replied, "According to the Will of Providence You are the friend of all living entities and according to the words of the Vedas You are the Father of everyone."

The Lord and the devotees laughed to hear his words, but everyone was amazed that such words could come from such a small child. "We don't know who this transcendental personality might be!"

Just then Nityananda arrived from Nabadwip with Sacimata and the other devotees. Then the Lord began to dance while the devotees began to sing. "Chant! Chant!" the Lord roared like a great thunder cloud.

Nityananda caught hold of Adwaita and began to wander around while Adwaita stealthily took the dust of Nityananda's lotus feet. Tears, shivering, shaking, trembling, horripilation, hairs standing on end, loud roaring, louder laughter, and the unprecedented postures and poses which became manifested at that time defy description. What a sweet movement of so many feet; what a glorious movement of so many hands. How can I possibly put into words the honeylike mellows that dripped from the desire tree of love of Krishna. In great ecstasy arms were upraised to the roar of "Hari! Hari!" The devotees were drowning in uttermost ecstasy to see the unprecedented dancing of the Lord, imbued fully with the mellows of devotion.

They had lost their Prabhu, but now such a Lord as He had returned to them. Due to intense ecstasy no one was externally conscious of anything. In great jubilation they surrounded the Lord and continued to dance in ecstasy. Somebody fell on top of another while someone else caught hold of him. One caught hold of the others neck and cried while somebody said something to someone else. Yet no one could understand anything of what was going on other than that a great flood of love of God was inundating Adwaita Bhavan.

The Lord of Baikuntha was dancing with His associates, which was an unprecedented event on this planet earth. The only sound that could be distinguished was, "Hari bol! Hari bol Bhai! Chant the holy names my brothers!" Only the thousandheaded Ananta (Nityananda Prabhu), could fully understand the import of what was going on. The Lord Himself caught hold of everyone and embraced them in great love. Having been embraced by the Lord of Baikuntha the devotees were going mad with ecstasy. Again and again they roared liked lions, "Hari! Hari!"; their madness increasing more and more.

Basumati debi (the earth) began to quake due to the movements of the dancing feet of the Lord of Baikuntha and His associates. The impetuous and reckless Nityananda began to dance in front of the Lord, his body dazzling with effulgence. Adwaita was also dancing in ecstasy and roared very loudly while the devotees caught hold of the feet of whomever they could. The same bliss that was previously manifest at Nabadwip, the same dancing, singing and sporting pastimes were again manifest this day at Adwaita Bhavan.

After some time Shri Gaursundor sat down on the throne of Lord Bisnu while under the influence of His own emotions. All the devotees surrounded Him on all sides with their palms folded as the Lord began to reveal some truths about Himself: "I am Krishna, I am Ram, I am Narayan. I am Matsya, Kurma, Varaha and Bamon. I am Buddha, Kalki, Yama; I am Haladhar. I am Prisnigarbha, Hayagriva and Maheswara. I am Nilacala Candra, Kapil and Nrsimha. Whatever seen or unseen is a bumblebee at My lotus feet. My fame and qualities are sung throughout the Vedas. Unlimited universes exist in order to serve Me. I am eternal time in the absence of My devotees. All difficulties become destroyed by remembrance of Me. I rescued Draupadi from the disgrace of being shamed and it was I who delivered the Pandavas from the burning house of lac. I protected Shankar by destroying Brkasura and it was I Who delivered My servant Rajendra. I came to save Prahlad and I also protected the cowherds of Vrndaban. It was I who churned the ocean into nectar and Who then cheated the asuras and preserved the debs. I killed the oppressor of My devotees Kamsa, and I also destroyed that Ravana and left him without any descendants. It was I Who lifted up Govardhan hill with My left hand and Myself also Who punished Kaliyanag.

In Satya yuga I preach the religion of tapasya (austerities) and in Treta yuga I advent Myself for the propagation of sacrifice. In Dwapara yuga I incarnate to teach the process of puja (Deity worship). Even the Vedas do not know of all of My incarnations. At present I have come for the purpose of kirtan. I have incarnated at the inception of this kirtan in order to display My topmost pastimes of loving devotion. All of the Vedas and Puranas wish to take shelter of Me, but I continuously reside in the homes of My devotees. But for My devotees there is no one to be found who is comparable to Me. Devotees are My mothers, fathers, friends, sons and brothers. Even though I am totally independent and act without depending on anyone, still it is My nature to become subjugated by My devotees. All of you are present with Me birth after birth, and it is for you only that I incarnate Myself. I never remain without your association, not even for the space of half-a-moment. You should all know this to be the Absolute Truth.

In this way the Lord very mercifully revealed the Truth to them, which made the devotees cry in ecstasy. Again and again they fell down to offer their dandavats, rose up to offer their supplications and again fell down, all the while crying. The ecstatic emotions that flowed in everyone's heart that day at Adwaita Bhavan were the same as they had previously experienced in Nabadwip. All the devotees' desires were fulfilled and their grief was completely annulled. The Lord knows how to destroy the distress of His devotees. How is it that those who are suffering are not prepared to worship such a Lord as Gaurachandra Mahasoy, Who is an Ocean of Compassion. He doesn't see the faults of His devotees but accepts only their good qualities.

After a short while the Hero of everyone concealed His divine opulences. Regaining His external consciousness He remained tranquil. Now the Lord went to bathe in the Ganges and in the company of His devotees enjoyed sporting pastimes in the waters of the Jahnavi. After finishing His bath He returned with the devotees to Adwaita's house. First He circumambulated and watered Tulasi debi and then circumambulated the temple of Bisnu and paid His obeisances. After that He sat down to take prasad with His devotees.

Prabhu sat in the middle with Nityananda and all of the devotees sat surrounding Them in great jubilation. The Lord looked very beautiful, His body besmeared with candan and His face blossoming like a lotus flower. With the devotees accepting prasad all in a big circle around the two Lords, the scene reminded one of Rama and Krishna, having a picnic with Their cowherd boyfriends. The Lord reminded everyone of this and continued to accept prasad, smiling very happily all the while.

Who has the power to describe these pastimes. Only by His mercy is one able to convey something of these transcendental events to another. As soon as Prabhu got up to wash His hands the devotees plundered the remnants of His prasadam. Even elderly, well-behaved and courteous gentlemen were now behaving like impetuous children. By the power of devotion to Bisnu one becomes thus transformed. Whatever pious and fortunate persons hear these narrations are blessed with the association of the Supreme Lord, Shri Gaurachandra.

Again the devotees were reunited with their Prabhu, again the Lord exhibited His transcendental opulence during sankirtan and again the Lord took prasad in the company of His devotees. Whoever hears of this procures the supreme wealth of devotion. Thus Brindaban das sings the glories of the lotus feet of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Nityananda Candra, Who are his life and soul.                                                                                                [C.B. Antya 1]

Adwaita Bhavan Revisted

From Adwaita Bhavan the Lord proceeded gradually towards Purusottam Ksetra, Shri Nilacala. There He delivered Sarvabhauma Bhattacarja and also had some pastimes with Paramananda Puri.

While going to Brindaban he stopped at Ramakeli where his plans were changed and so began the return journey to Jagannath Puri. On the way He again came to Santipur, to Adwaita Bhavan. Mahaprabhu arrived there just after Acyutananda had corrected his father regarding the relationship between Mahaprabhu and Keshava Bharati. Adwaita was thoroughly overwhelmed by contemplating the glories of his glorious son and so the atmosphere was pervaded by this supreme satisfaction. At this very auspicious moment Shri Gaursundor, along with His associates, advented Himself in the midst of this transcendental scene at Adwaita Bhavan.

As soon as Adwaita saw his most worshipful Deity and the Lord of his life, he fell down on the ground to offer his obeisances. He roared very loudly, "Hari! Hari!", while forgeting entirely his own bodily existence, having been completely carried away by the ecstasy of this moment.

All of the ladies present began to yodel, raising a hue and cry to exclaim that a joyous tidal wave of ananda was breaking at the shore of Adwaita Bhavan. Prabhu came forward to embrace Adwaita and bathed him with His tears of love. Acarja Gosai took the Lord's lotus feet and held them to his chest, all the while crying in such ecstasy that his external consciousness receded far away. In all directions the devotees began to drown in their own tears of ecstasy. What astonishing love and affection they felt for each other cannot possibly be described in words. Adwaita managed to compose himself long enough to humbly offer the Lord a sitting place. The Lord looked very beautiful, sitting on that first-class asana, surrounded by His transcendental associates. Nityananda and Adwaita embraced one another, both of them feeling supreme delight to see one another again. Then all of the devotees offered their namaskaras to Adwaita while he in turn embraced them all in great loving affection. This churning of the ocean of ecstasy that took place at this time cannot possibly be described by anyone other than Vedavyasa himself.

After a few moments Adwaita's son Acyutananda came to offer his obeisances at the Lotus feet of the Lord. Prabhu took him in His lap and bathed his body with tears of affection. He could not release Acyutananda from His embrace and thus Acyuta entered into the body of the Lord. When the devotees saw this display of ultimate mercy on Acyutananda, they all began to shed tears of ecstasy. There was not one amongst the associates of Mahaprabhu to whom Acyutananda was not 'the apple of their eye'. To Nityananda Svarup he was non-different from His own life air and his relationship with Gadadhar was that he was his most predominant disciple. These are the glories of the most highly qualified Adwaitanandan. As was the father, so was the son; so it was only fitting that the two of them should come together.

In this way Adwaita, in the company of the other devotees, drowned himself in ecstasy, having gotten back the Lord of his life once again. For a few days the Lord satisfied the desires of Adwaita by remaining at his home, absorbed in His pastimes of kirtan. Adwaita was in such a fit of ecstasy by having his own Prabhu in his own home that he couldn't even understand himself, how much and from which quarter that ecstasy was coming.

As soon as he could compose himself a little, the high-souled and magnanimous Adwaita immediately sent some devotees along with a palanquin to bring Lord Chaitanya's mother. They subsequently arrived in Nabadwip and narrated to Saci Mata the auspicious news of the day, proposing at the same time that she get ready to go as soon as possible.

The Glories of Shri Saci Mata

Shri Sacimata however, was totally immersed in the ocean of the mellows of loving devotion. She was not aware of whatever she said or heard. She saw some people standing before her and so she asked them, "Tell me something of what is going on in Mathura. How are Ram and Krishna doing there? And what worldly affairs is that sinful rascal Kamsa at present preoccupied with? What is that thief Akrura up to? Do you know that he came here and stole my Rama and Krishna? I heard that that sinful wretch Kamsa has finally died. Is it true that the king of Mathura has again become Ugrasena?"

Sometimes she would call out, "Rama! Krishna! Come and milk the cows right away. I am going out for selling the milk now." She took a stick in her hands and ran very quickly this way and that. "Catch him! Catch him! That butter thief is getting away. No! No, don't run away. Today I won't bind you up."

In these totally enraptured states she would speak and even run about in this way. Sometimes when she would see someone before her she would tell them, "Come on, let's go to take bath in the Yamuna." Sometimes she used to cry very loudly, the sound of which would melt one's heart. A relentless shower of tears fell from her two eyes and the sound of her voice, made worse by her piteous and pleading tones, was enough to split wood and stones. Sometimes in her meditation she would see Krishna directly before her and then she laughed very loudly, forgetting herself in happiness. Such was her astonishing laughter, an expression of the highest and greatest ecstatic happiness, which would go on unabated for 2 prahars (6 hours). Sometimes she would faint in her ecstasies and for a period of 3 hours there wasn't even a hint of movement or expression in her body. Sometimes her body would quake violently, as though the earth had fallen down violently. There is no comparison in the matter of how she would become totally absorbed in Shri Krishna. In fact there is no one else in which such unbounded love can be found. As much love and devotion as Lord Gaurachandra Himself had for the transcendental Form of the Lord, He has also bestowed upon His mother. Therefore, who can possibly describe her ecstatic transformations. Such were the ways in which Lord Chaitanya's Mother floated in the waves of ecstatic love, day and night, in the greatest of happiness. Whenever she would obtain a few moments of external consciousness, she utilized that time to worship Lord Bisnu. Thus it was that Sacimata was in the thralls of remembrance of Shri Krishna when this auspicious news reached her ears.

"Shri Gaursundor has arrived at Santipur. Our dear Mother, please come with us quickly and you can see Him just now." When Lord Chaitanya's Mother heard this exciting news she became very satisfied, in fact it is not possible to describe the limits of her happiness at that moment. When this news was also heard by the other devotees of Nabadwip, their minds became filled with ecstatic love. Ganga das Pandit, who was very dear to the Lord, then brought the Lords Mother along with him at that very moment. Shri Murari Gupta and the other dear devotees of Lord Chaitanya also accompanied Saci Mata on her journey to Santipur. Within a very short space of time she arrived at the home of Adwaita Acarja and this news was immediately conveyed to Shri Gaursundor. As soon as Prabhu Shri Gaursundor saw His Mother, He fell down on the ground from some distance, in order to offer His dandavats.

Again and again He circumambulated her and then again offered His dandavats while reciting some slokas: "You are the Mother of the universe, fully imbued with single-minded devotion. I speak of your eternal, real nature, completely unaffected by any material qualities. If your auspicious glance falls on any living entity then that soul, with all his inclinations and propensities, becomes firmly attached to Krishna. You are the personification of devotion to Bisnu, and you are the supreme power from which everything is manifested. You are Ganga, Debki, Yasoda and Debhuti. You are Prsni, Anasuya, Kausalya and Aditi. Whatever I see has had its birth from you, you are the Maintainer and eventually everything merges into you. Who is competent to say anything regarding your potency and influence. The hearts of all living beings is your sitting place."

In this way the Lord recited hymns and prayers while falling down on the ground to offer His dandavats, thus personally demonstrating what is the eternal religion. Other than the Supreme Lord Himself, who else is able to accommodate such feelings of devotion to one's father, mother and guru. His whole body became wet from the tears coursing down from His eyes, as he recited another verse, offering His salutations with great esteem. Sacimata however, upon seeing the face of her beloved Gauranga, remained in supreme ecstasy, as though totally inert. She appeared to be an artificial doll, so the Lord of Baikuntha continued to eagerly offer His hymns of praise.

"Whatever devotion to Krishna I possess is only and solely due to your mercy. Tens of millions of your servants and maidservants are more dear to Me than My own life. Whoever remembers you only once, will never be implicated within the confines of material attachments. The water of the Ganges and Tulasi purify everything, but even they become blessed by your touch. It is not within my power to repay the love with which you reared Me in My infancy and childhood, even as you continue to do so now. The only retribution for the heaps of affection you shower upon me at every moment, is your own virtuous qualities." In this way the Lord praised His mother to His full satisfaction and the Baisnabs who were listening floated in the ocean of ecstasy.

Lord Chaitanya's mother knew that He was an incarnation of Narayana and that he could speak in any way He pleased, whenever and wherever He was inspired to do so. After having remained silent for so long, finally she simply remarked, "Who is there who is sufficiently qualified to understand Your words? Just as a lifeless body floating in the ocean is compelled to go wherever the current carries it, so also the living entities in this ocean of material existence are found to act as Your illusory potency causes them to act. I have only this to say in response to Your statements. Your opinion and Your perception or way of seeing things is the ultimate and perfect reality. If You want to offer prayers, circumambulate or offer Your obeisances (to me), still I can only understand whatever You desire me to (understand)."

The devotees now began to roar with ecstasy at hearing these words of wisdom from Shri Saci Mata. Who can possibly trace out the limits of devotion in her from whose abdomen Lord Shri Gaurachandra incarnated Himself.

Though the word for mother, Ai, (pronounced, `I') is a material sound vibration, if anyone utters this word while referring to the mother of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, then he will find that by the power and influence of that utterance all his material sufferings diminish to nil. The Lord saw that His Mother was now totally contented, and by the influence of her mood the devotees were also in complete ecstasy, without a trace of external consciousness.

Actually, it is beyond the ability of ordinary mortals to describe the multitude of ecstacies and heaps of happiness that continued to build one upon another. Nityananda Prabhu, upon perceiving the peaceful and propitiated state of Mother Saci, became himself maddened with ecstatic love which caused him to throw himself into an ocean of happiness where he floated, full of joy. Acarja Gosai began to recite hymns and prayers from the Bhagavatam while continuously offering his dandavats to her. Haridas, Murari, Shri Garbha, Narayan, Jagadish, Gopinath and the other devotees became as though merged in one, the boundaries of their consciousness having been dissolved by ecstatic emotions which were produced from the pleasure they perceived within Saci Mata. Whoever reads or hears of these loving exchanges between Aai and Nimai (Lord Chaitanya's Mother and Lord Chaitanya) will undoubtedly obtain the great treasure of Krishnaprem.

Adwaita humbly approached Prabhu and asked Him if it would be alright with Him if His mother offered Him alms for this day, "The greatly fortunate Aai, would cook for You today." Confident of His reply she was already happily on her way to the kitchen. Carried on waves of love for her most worshipful Deity, Shri GaurachandraNarayana, she cooked such a multitude of vegetable preparations; things which we don't even know the names of. As she knew that Prabhu is very fond of sak (green leafy vegetables), she cooked at least twenty varieties of sak. She knew ten to twenty different ways to prepare each vegetable alone and so it was with great expertise and her heart full of happiness that she prepared within such a short time a great multitude of vegetables, which she now carried in and placed in the dining area. After placing tulasi manjaris on top of all the preparations she arranged them around a very beautiful asana which was placed in the middle. Mahaprabhu came in accompanied by His associates to honour the prasad, and when He saw the rice and vegetables arranged so artistically around that asana He fell down to offer His obeisances like a golden pillar toppled to the ground.

Rising up He exclaimed, "It isn't even necessary to eat the prasad, simply by looking at it one becomes liberated from material existence. To describe this cooking is very easy, `By simply smelling the flavour of this rice one attains devotion to the lotus feet of Shri Krishna. I can understand that the family members of Krishna, taking Him in their midst, have all accepted these transcendental foodstuffs."

While speaking in this way He circumambulated the prasad and then sat down in its midst to accept some of it. Taking permission first from Shri Gauranga Narahari, all the devotees sat down around Him on all sides, in order to have darshan of His meal. While the King of Baikuntha accepted His meal His fortunate mother looked on, her eyes filled to the brim with the merriment of that moment. The Lord tried each and every one of those vegetable preparations to His great delight, but in this instance the most fortunate ones of all were those very vegetables themselves, which Prabhu again and again accepted into Himself. Seeing His great affection for green leafy vegetables (sak), the Lord's followers smiled satisfactorily.

Prabhu also smiled and in between bites began to proclaim the glories of sak to the assembled devotees, "This sak is called `Acyuta', by eating which one gets attachment to Krishna. By eating `Patal', `Bastuk' and `Kal' sak, one gets the association of Baisnabs birth after birth. By eating `Salinea' and `Helanca' sak one becomes freed from diseases and ultimately attains Krishna bhakti. While honouring and glorifying that prasad the Lord's bodily hairs stood on end. The ecstasy that was experienced this day while the Lord took His meal is known by the Lord of a thousand faces. The glories of the Supreme Lord are ceaselessly vibrated by his thousands of tongues. Thus the original expansion of the Supreme Being Ananta deb sings these glories since time immemorial. Shri Anantadeb has appeared in Kaliyuga as `Avadhuta Ray' (Shri Nityananda Prabhu) and by his order I have been engaged in summarily describing these eternal pastimes. Not only myself but many munis and sages, the foremost of which is Shri Vedavyasa, have been describing these pastimes since the previous ages. Whoever hears or reads these descriptions becomes released from the bondage of ignorance, the fetters of which are not easily loosened.

Thus it was with great merriment and delight that Mahaprabhu accepted His meal that day in the home of Adwaita Acarja. After washing His hands and mouth He went and seated Himself. As soon as the Lord was seated the devotees dove at the mahamaha prasad, the remnants of Prabhu's meal.

Someone exclaimed, "What claim do brahmanas have here? I am a sudra; these remnants are befitting to be accepted by me."

Then the remark came, "I am not a brahmana."

While this discussion was going on others would just grab something and bolt. Then came the challenge, "Actually sudras are not eligible to accept these remnants (bhagavat prasad). Just try to understand which of these conclusions is correct by consulting the sastras."

Another devotee chimed in, "I don't want any remnants, I just want the banana leaf," which remark brought the response, "I'm the one who always throws the banana leaves away, you all are simply trying to 'lord it over' here, without considering your respective positions. [Because I have already eaten from this and because I am a sudra, this has become the remnants of a sudra, which everyone knows are not fit for brahmanas to accept. So please don't harass me any further to give you any of this.]

In this way the devotees bantered about, enjoying ecstatic excitement while trying to taste the nectar of the Supreme Lord's lotus lips. Who could not but become greedy to obtain some of Sacimata's cooking, especially after it had been tasted by Shri Gaursundor.