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Sikhi Mahiti;


Sikhi Mahiti was previously Ragalekha in Brajalila.(GGD 189) He was one of the three and a half most intimate associates of Mahaprabhu.

When Prabhu first came to Sarbabhauma's house as a sannyasi, Sikhi and Murari Mahiti brought their sister along with them to see Mahaprabhu. At first sight Murari and his sister Madhabi could recognize Mahaprabhu as Shri Krishna, the frolicsome boy of Gokul. Thus they surrendered their lives at His lotus feet.

But Sikhi Mahiti was a bit more carefree in his observation. Eventually he came to argue with his brother and sister, "This newcomer sannyasi is in every way no doubt a great mahapurush (high-souled saintly person) but I cannot bring myself to say that he is the Supreme Personality of Godhead."

Murari and Madhabi were sorely afflicted by their brother's words. This dispute between them did not die out, rather, it simply gained momentum. Therefore Murari and Madhabi stopped talking to their brother. They avoided him completely lest they should have to hear some blasphemy from his mouth.

Then one night the two of them heard frightfully loud crying coming from their brother Sikhi's room. They ran there to see what was the matter but upon arriving there they saw there was no cause for alarm. These tears were the result of attaining the fifth goal of life (pancam purusartha)/ prema pumartho mahan.

This was simply a stream of love of God flowing from his eyes. As he caught hold of their necks they also began to cry. He confessed before them, "Oh my most fortunate brother and sister, you are the favourites of Shri Gauranga. By your mercy the Lord manifested Himself in the temple of my heart today."

The next day, in the company of his brother and sister, Sikhi Mahiti went to Lord Jagannath's temple and came to where the Lord was standing behind the Garur stambha. There he fell down, having sold his head at the lotus feet of Prabhu, for all time to come.

[Chaitanya Carit Mahakavya 13.89-109/ Kabi Karnapur Gosvami]


Madhabi Debi was previously the hand maiden of Radharani, Kalakeli. She is the half associate amongst the three-and-a-half most intimate associates of Mahaprabhu.