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íRi Murari Gupta Thakur;


"An expert physician by the name Murari Gupta could cure people of their disease of material existence. Along with many other Baisnabs, such as Adwaita Acarja, Sen Sibananda, Jagannath Misra and Nilambar Cakravarti, he also appeared in Shrihatta.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† [C.B.Adi 2.35]


Shribas Pandit, Candrasekhar Acarja and Shri Murari Gupta Thakur were all from Shrihatta (Sylhet). Murari Gupta came from there to live in Nabadwip, near the home of Jagannath Misra. He was a few years older than Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Murari Gupta, Kamalakanta and Shri Krishnananda all used to study together with Nimai Pandit.

Nimai used to like to debate on disputations in logical fallacy but no one could defeat him; rather he could defeat all of them put together. Finally, being exasperated by the keen and penetrating quality of His intelligence, Murari Gupta would resort to slinging mud, until finally they were all pushing one another back and forth as they came to the Ganges to take their bath. There arose such a hue and cry at the ghat that the ladies couldn't fill their water pots because the water had become so muddy. Neither the brahmanas could properly take their bath. In this way Shri Gaursundor would play with his friends on the banks of the Ganges.††††††††† ††††††††† ††† [C.B.Adi 8]


When they entered the school of Ganga Das Pandit, Nimai immediately became first in the class, having attained the highest marks. Then all of the other students were forced to accept defeat. Murari Gupta however would neither accept defeat, nor would he engage in logical debate. Therefore Nimai became angry and told him, "You are a doctor; what is the use of your studying these subjects? Your business is to collect leaves & creepers to heal the sick. Grammatical science is very abstruse. You won't find anything in it to help you in dealing with mucus, bile and dyspepsia."

Hearing this challenge, Murari was pricked and became angry within, but he didn't exhibit his anger. He simply gazed peacefully at Nimai. Nimai's divine form was so enchanting and the touch of his lotus soft hands so pacifying that no one became agitated by his dealings.


At that time, Nimai had just began his studies in grammar. Therefore Murari began to discuss rhetoric with Him, but he still could not defeat him. Completely astonished, he thought to himself, "Is it possible that such scholarship is found in ordinary mortals. He must be some kind of divine personage. Not one student in Nabadwip has been able to defeat him in argument."

Though they used to sometimes argue together, still they would go together in a friendly mood to take bath in Mother Ganges.


When Mahaprabhu returned from Gaya and began to manifest symptoms of ecstatic love, Murari Gupta became intensely devoted to Him. To see Mahaprabhu crying in ecstatic love at the house of Suklambar Pandit he became struck with wonder.


Shri Murari Gupta used to worship Shri Shri Sita Ram. One day, Mahaprabhu suddenly arrived st Murari Gupta's house. Roaring in the mood of Baraha Deb he picked up a water pot in His teeth, while Murari Gupta fell down on the floor to offer Him dandabats, being dumbstruck with wonder at seeing this divine form.

Mahaprabhu said, "Murari! Just sing some hymns in my praise."

Then Murari recited some slokas which pleased Mahaprabhu very much. He happily addressed him, "Murari! I am just speaking this truth to you. I am the essence of all scriptures. I have come to engage in Harinam sankirtan Myself, as well as to induce others also to chant My Holy Names. I cannot tolerate malice towards my devotee. If someone tries to harm my devotee, even if he is my son I will tear off his head. The proof of this is Narakasur."

After telling Murari so many secret things about Himself, Mahaprabhu then returned home.


During the time when Mahaprabhu exhibited for 21 hours His transcendental existence as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, He was calling His dearest devotees and bestowing various blessings on them.

He next called Murari, "Murari! For so many days you couldn't recognize who I am? Just see My divine form.

Then Murari saw Mahaprabhu as His most worshipful Deity, Lord Raghunath, Whose transcendental body was the colour of green grass. Sitting in the Birasan, His legs folded beneath His body, and holding a great bow in His hand, Lakkan and Janaki were seated on each side of Him. In all directions the chiefs of the monkeys were reciting prayers and hymns. Then when he saw himself amongst those monkeys in his original form, he fainted straight away.

Mahaprabhu called him, "Murari! Get up! Just see My divine form. Have you forgotten who set Rabana's Lanka on fire? It was you, Hanuman! Get up and gaze on the form of Lakkan, who is the very embodiment of your life. Offer your obeisances to that one for whose sadness you cried so much (Sita debi)."

Hearing Mahaprabhu's voice Murari regained his consciousness. When he saw that form again he repeatedly offered his dandabats while crying in ecstatic love. When the devotees saw this divine display of the Lord's infinite mercy towards Murari, they filled the sky with the sounds of "Hari! Hari!".


One evening, Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu were sitting in the courtyard of Shribas Pandit when Murari Gupta arrived there. First he offered his obeisances to Mahaprabhu and then to Nityananda Prabhu.

Mahaprabhu told him, "Murari! You have made a mistake. You offered your obeisances in the opposite order."

Murari, "Prabhu! As you have inspired me, so I have done."

Mahaprabhu, "Alright. Go home now and later you will be able to understand everything."

Murari Gupta went to his house and had his meal. Then he lay down to take rest.

That night he saw in his dream the chief of the Mahabhagawats, Lord Nityananda, his cloth tied in the fashion of a wrestler, walking along majestically with the gait of an elephant. Above his head was a great, many-headed serpent. In his hands were a plow and club. Nityananda Prabhu appeared just as Balaram. Following behind, with a peacock feather on his head, was Shri Bishwambhar.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††† [C.B.Mad.20.14]

Lord Nityananda is none other than Haladhar, the manifestation of Anantadeb, and the greatest devotee.

Now Murari could understand Who is greater. Smiling sweetly, Mahaprabhu called him, "Murari! Now have you understood? If you breach proper conduct, then how does it look?"

From the depth of his dream, with tears in his eyes, Murari began to call out, "Nityananda! Nityananda!"

This somewhat alarmed his wife who, callig out, "Krishna! Krishna!" then woke him up. Now Murari Gupta could understand the greatness of Nityananda Prabhu's position. It is He Who reveals Lord Gauranga. Without His mercy one cannot get the mercy of Lord Chaitanya.


On another day, Murari Gupta came to Shribas's courtyard where he saw Mahaprabhu seated very regally on a decorated sitting place, being served by his various devotees. Gadadhar was offering pan and betel nuts that Mahaprabhu chewed very happily, while Narahari fanned Him with a camara. Murari Gupta offered his obeisances and Prabhu offered him some of the remnants of the chewed betel. This Murari placed in his mouth and then wiped his hand on his head.

Mahaprabhu told him, "Murari! My orts has touched your body!"

Murari replied, "Today my entire body has become purified."


The prasadam of the Lord is completely non-material. His self, His name, His prasadam, all are non-different. If anyone thinks that His prasadam has become offal, by being in contact with His mouth, then this is a great aparadh. The mouths of ordinary human beings are considered unclean but this doesn't apply to the supremely pure Personality of Godhead.


Having received the tambul (pan and betel) prasad of Mahaprabhu, Murari became intoxicated with love of Godhead and arrived at his house in this condition. His devoted wife, seeing that her husband had returned home, spread an asan on the floor and seated him. Then she brought a plate of prasadam and placed it before him.

Murari, who was still in an ecstatic mood, was forming the rice in his hand into a ball and saying, "Eat! Eat!" This continued for some time untill there were quite a few of these balls of rice around him on the ground.

His wife could understand what was going on and thus requested her husband, "Swamin! That's enough! Don't give (Him) any more, now you eat something."

So Murari, still under the influence of ecstatic love, ate a little and then lay down to take rest.


In the morning Mahaprabhu came to Murari's house and began to call him.

Murari answered, "Krishna! Krishna!" and quickly got up from bed. Coming to the door he saw his worshipful friend, Bishwambhar. After offering his obeisances he inquired as to what had brought the Lord to his house so early in the morning.

Mahaprabhu replied, "Murari! You forgot already?

Last night, all the while saying, "Eat! Eat!" you fed Me so much rice with ghee. If you offer me, then how can I refuse? But eating rice with so much ghee I have gotten indigestion. Now give me some medicine!"

Murari felt very sorry to hear this, but Mahaprabhu immediately told him, "Murari! By eating your nice rice I got indigestion. The medicine for that is your water."†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††† [C.B.Mad.20.69]

Seeing a lota of water which was sitting there, Mahaprabhu began to drink it up.

Murari exclaimed, "Prabhu! I am a fallen, low-class person. The water in my house is not fit for You."

(Generally at that time, brahmanas would not accept water or foodstuffs from the houses of non-brahmanas). However the Lord is known as Bhakta Batsal, Who is very affectionate to His devotees. He accepts foodstuffs in the house of His devotee. Submissive to their love for Him, He is happy to remain in whatever condition they keep Him. Whatever they feed Him, He accepts very happily. Whatever they like, He likes. In this way the Lord enacted so many pastimes with His dear devotee, Hanuman (or Garur (the bird carrier of Lord Bisnu), according to the opinion of some others).


One day Murari Gupta began to reflect, "If I can leave my body in the Lord's presence then that will be very good."

For this purpose he fashioned a large dagger and hid it in his house. But the Supreme Lord Shri Chaitanya, Who is totally omniscient, immediately came to his house and called him, "Murari!, I have so many pastimes to complete in your company. If you go away then how will I go on? I know everything."

Murari caught hold of the Lord's feet and began to cry. Mahaprabhu consoled him and after explaining to him many things He returned to His own house.

Murari Gupta was present with the Lord during all of his pastimes in Nadiya Nagar.


Every year when the devotees went to Puri, Murari Gupta would go along with his wife. They used to take many preparations of foodstuffs to offer to the Lord.

"This was brought by Basudeb Datta and this by Murari Gupta! This was brought by Buddhimanta Khan. Just see all these various preparations!"

[C.C.Antya lila]

There has been a temple constructed by Gauriya Math, in memory of Murari Gupta Thakur, near Ballal dighi in Shridham Mayapur.