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Murari Gupta


After the devotees had enjoyed themselves to the fullest by accepting their meals, they went before the Lord. Seeing Him seated very gracefully, His devoted followers sat down all around Him. When the Lord saw Murari Gupta seated before Him, He smiled slightly and addressed him, "My dear Gupta, please recite before us the verses which you have composed which describe the Personality of Godhead, Shri Raghavendra."

Murari was very pleased to receive this order from the Master of all the universes and so he began to recite those slokas, gradually becoming totally immersed in ecstatic love for his most worshipful Deity.

"I eternally worship the lotus feet of the Supreme Spiritual Preceptor of all the three worlds, Shri Ramacandra, in front of Whom is situated the best of the wielders of the bow, Whose bodily complexion is like molten gold; Who is continually absorbed in the service of His older brother, the very form of Shri Ananta Sesa, beautifully decorated with the finest ornaments, namely Shri Laxman.

I eternally worship the lotus feet of the Supreme Spiritual Preceptor of all the three worlds, Shri Ramacandra, Who very mercifully rid the Dandak forest of those polluted and defiling raksasas, Khar, Trisira and Kabandha, along with their families, and Who then formed an alliance and close comradeship with Sugriva after assassinating Bali."

In this way Murari recited those eight verses and in accordance with the Lord's order then began to explain them. "Birth after birth I worship the lotus feet of the Supreme Spiritual Preceptor, Shri Raghunandan, Whose bodily complexion is the colour of blades of grass. He is the Supreme Master of the Military sciences based on Archery, the all-yielding desire tree who fulfils the desires of His devotees beyond their utmost expectations, smilingly seated on a jewel encrusted throne, where seated on his left is the Divine Mother Shri Janakidebi. Standing before Him is His younger brother, the great wielder of the bow, Shri Laxmana, whose bodily effulgence is like that of molten gold and who is beautifully decorated with golden ornaments. Shri Ananta Himself has appeared as the younger brother of Ram, namely Shri Laxman, in order to render confidential service to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Shri Raghunandana.

On His two sides Bharat and Satrughna are fanning him with camaras, while the monkey chiefs assembled in the foreground sing the glories of His piety and heroic deeds. May I ever be absorbed in the chanting of the glorious character of He who bestowed His friendship even on the candala, Guha. Taking the order of His guru (father) on His head, He renounced His opulent kingdom to take to life in the forest, where He engaged Himself in activities for the benefit of the pious and saintly persons. After having firstly removed Bali, Shri Ramacandra bestowed the kingdom of Kishkindya on Sugriva, whose very intimate friend He remained out of His unlimited mercy. To the lotus feet of that most merciful Lord, the Preceptor of all the three worlds, Who is the deliverer of Ahalya, I offer my adoration."


NOTE: Ahalya was the first created woman, the primal beauty bestowed upon the sage Gautama by Lord Brahma. She was cursed by her husband to turn into stone after her seduction by Indra who had become infatuated with her beauty. When Gautama was somewhat pacified by learning that she was beguiled by Indra's trick of impersonating Gautam, he (Gautam) modified the curse by stating that when that stone would be touched by the lotus feet of Lord Rama then she would be delivered from the stone. At this time he also modified his curse against Indra by transforming the vaginas all over his body into eyes.


With Laxman as His companion, He crossed the impassable ocean filled with threatening waves and fierce aquatics, by engaging the monkey warriors in building a bridge across it. I worship the lotus feet of He Who exterminated Ravana along with his sinful sons, those who were unconquerable even by Lord Indra.

By Shri Ramacandra's mercy the virtuous Vibhisana became the King of Lanka, even though he was not inclined to accept this position. Even the barbarians listen with intent faith and respect to the narrations of the activities of Shri Raghavendra, Whose lotus feet I continually adore.

He was always vigilant with His bow in hand, to trample down all sorts of vicious villains, yet He remained always diligent to protect and maintain the citizens as though they were His own children. By His mercy, all of the residents of Ayodhya became the residents of Baikuntha, even in their self-same bodies.

The naked ascetic Maheswara remains continually absorbed in the nectarean mellows of His Holy Name. The Goddess of fortune Rama debi serves His lotus feet constantly, He whose glories are sung in the Vedas as `Param Brahma Jagannatha'. I adore the lotus feet of the Master of all masters, Shri Raghavendra Swami."

In this way Murari recited these eight slokas of his own composition, nectarean narrations of the glories of his worshipful Deity, Shri Ramacandra.

Shri Gaursundar became so pleased by hearing these verses that He placed His lotus feet on the head of Murari Gupta. "Hear Me Oh Gupta! By My mercy you may receive the benediction of being the servant of Lord Rama, birth after birth, without any opposition whatsoever. Whoever takes shelter of you for even a moment, will certainly attain shelter at the lotus feet of Shri Rama.

Hearing this benediction of Lord Chaitanya upon Murari Gupta, the devotees began to roar in ecstatic love, causing the heavens to tremble. Thus Shri Gaursimha enjoys joyful pastimes in the company of his devotees, who hover about the nectar of His lotus feet, like so many intoxicated bumblebees.

Gopal Capal arrives at Adwaita Bhavan

Just at this time one leper entered and came before Prabhu. While offering his prostrated obeisances he began to cry piteously. Raising up his two arms with visible discomfort he continued his heart rending cry, sunk in the depths of despair and grief.

He addressed Prabhu, "You are the Incarnation of Compassion, come to deliver this world. Your appearance here is like the rising sun. It is Your nature to feel distress upon seeing the suffering of others and therefore I have come before You. I am being tortured by leprosy and in this fire I am dying a slow death. Please tell me how I can be delivered from this affliction?

After quietly allowing the leper to finish his supplication Mahaprabhu exploded in a rage and storm of anger. "Get rid of this sinful wretch! Get him out of my sight! Simply by seeing you others become infected by sinful reaction. Even a very pious, religious gentleman, by seeing your face will undoubtedly have to suffer some sorrow on that very day itself. You are the blasphemer of Baisnabs, a depraved and sinful wretch. This is the root cause of all your sufferings. But don't think this is the end of it. There is much more in store for you, you evil wretch. If you can't even tolerate this, then how will you fare in Kumbhipaka (one of the divisions of hell)?

The world becomes purified when the name of a Baisnab is uttered. Lord Brahma and the other demigods sing the praises of the glorious character of the Baisnabs. By worshipping a Baisnab one can attain the unattainable, inconceivable Personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna Himself. In fact there is no worship higher than the worship of Baisnabs. They are produced directly from the bodies of Ananta Sesa, Lakki debi (Rama), Lord Siva and Lord Brahma; and as stated in the Bhagavatam there is no one more dear to Krishna than the Baisnabs.

"My Dear Uddhava, even my son Brahma, my self-same form Lord Siva, my brother Sankarshan and even my wife Lakkidebi are not as dear to Me as you (My devotee). In fact My own body is not as dear to Me as you are."

[Bhag. 11.14.15]

Whoever abuses a Baisnab must certainly suffer in birth, death and throughout his life. Though such a person may even be endowed with the opulences of learning, birth in an aristocratic family and religious penance, they will all be rendered futile by his profligate and malicious habit of speaking ill of Baisnabs. Even if he offers worship to the Supreme Lord, Krishna never accepts the offerings of such a vile and wicked wretch.

The earth becomes honoured when the Baisnabs dance upon her surface. By raising their arms while dancing, even inauspiciousness in the heavenly planets is dispelled. Simply by the sight of a Baisnab sins are destroyed in all the ten directions.

The character of such a saintly devotee as Shrivas Pandit was maligned by such a sinful wretch, namely you. This slight inconvenience you are experiencing (leprosy) is nothing. Your real punishment awaits you in the court of Jamraj. Your face is not fit to be seen by Me. Now go from here! I can do nothing to alleviate your suffering. You fully deserve every bit of this."

Upon hearing this reply from Mahaprabhu, the leper was extremely distressed. Taking a straw in his teeth he very reluctantly submitted his case once again. "Because I am a fool and don't know anything I have rushed into a place where angels dare to tread. Now my future is very dark. Due to my wanton foolishness I committed the offence of blaspheming a Baisnab and now I have rightly received the proper punishment. You are the Supreme Controller. It is the nature of saintly persons that they always desire that the distressed might be delivered. Therefore who is more qualified than Yourself to at least consider what possible path might benefit me at least to some extent. Saintly persons show their mercy even to sinful criminals like myself. I have taken shelter of You. If You neglect me then who will help me? No one! You are in knowledge of whatever possible process of atonement there might be. Please tell me how I might atone for my offence. Oh You Who are the Father of everyone! I have been fittingly punished for my mistake.

Prabhu replied, "Oh is that so?! Where is it written that if one commits Baisnab apaRadha he becomes stricken with leprosy? For the time being you are just getting a taste. Your real torture will begin in the hands of the servants of Jamraj. There are thousands of different grades of tortures which the inhabitants of the hellish region are waiting to inflict upon the blasphemers of Baisnabs. Again and again you will be able to relish such suffering.

Listen leper! Go to Shrivas Pandit's house and immediately fall down at his feet. The offence which you have committed was directed against him. Only by his mercy can you be pardoned. Wherever the thorn enters, there it remains. If a thorn goes in your foot does it come out your shoulder?"


NOTE: As a thorn is used to remove another thorn from one's foot, similarly only an act of submission to the one that has been offended can remove the offence committed against him.


"So now I have told you the means for your deliverance. If Shrivas forgives you then your distress will be mitigated. His intellect is highly purified so if you go to him he will surely forgive everything you have done. Just as surely as the plow follows the oxen to which it is yoked."

When the devotees heard these words of eternal truth from Prabhu, they began to roar in ecstasy. The leper offered his prostrated obeisances and went immediately to Shrivas Pandit's house. There the mercy of Shrivas Thakur was bestowed upon him and he became free from his offences. Thus the injury resulting from Baisnab apaRadha was fully described by the Lord of Baikuntha himself (Shri Baikuntha Raj). Therefore whoever commits blasphemy at the feet of a Baisnab will most definitely be punished by Shri Chaitanya Narayana Himself.

Whoever, upon seeing some Baisnabs mutually abusing one another, thinks that it is some ordinary argument does not understand the real nature of their altercation, which is that it is produced from the desire to satisfy Shri Krishna. Therefore even Krishna becomes curious and is attracted by their dispute. Just as in the case with Satyabhama and Rukmini. Whenever they would exchange reproachful words there would remain, in the highest interest, complete harmony, because their ultimate aim was one, namely to please Krishna. Only externally there appears to be some difference. Similarly, two Baisnabs may appear to be having some difference of opinion but this difference is actually generated by Chaitanya Gosai Himself. Now if anyone takes the side of one, and criticizes the others then such a one simply causes his own end.

If one serves the Lord with one hand and gives Him grief with the other, then will this bring happiness to Him? The devotees are the bodily limbs of the Lord but only those who are endowed with great forbearance and wisdom can understand this. Worship Krishna and the Baisnabs alike, without seeing any difference between them! Whoever worships the lotus feet of Krishna becomes delivered from the ocean of material existence. Whoever sings the glories of Krishna and His devotees and whoever listens to these virtuous narrations; both of them remain completely free from the tendency to commit Baisnab apaRadha.

While in Santipur, Shri Gaursundar thus continued to enjoy ecstatic mellows in the company of His associates while staying at the temple of Shri Adwaita Acarja.

Madhavendra Puri's Festival

Now it happened by Providential chance that the worshipful appearance day of Shri Madhavendra Puri was fast approaching. Though there is actually no distinction between Adwaita and Madhavendra, still Adwaita Gosai is known as the disciple of Shri Madhavendra Puri.

Shri Gaursundor was present in the body of Madhavendra Puri. Really it is the Absolute Truth that He continually sports there. Madhavendra Puri's devotion to Lord Bisnu is beyond description. By the mercy of Krishna he was always imbued with the complete potencies of the Lord. Now please hear, with full attention, the auspicious narration of how Adwaita became the disciple of Madhavendra Puri.

During the period before the advent of Shri Chaitanya, the world was completely devoid of devotion to Lord Bisnu. Even at that time however, Shri Madhavendra continually floated in the ocean of happiness of Love of God, by the special mercy of Shri Chaitanya. The ecstatic symptoms of horripilation (hair standing on end), tears, trembling, loud roaring, thundering, ecstatic laughter and perspiration were incessantly present in his body. His mind remained always absorbed in meditation on Shri Govind deb and thus his external consciousness was so withdrawn that he was not even aware of himself or what he was doing. During his travels he would move along the path automatically, his mind simply absorbed in the supreme ecstasies of dancing and loudly calling out the names of Hari. Sometimes he would fall down in a faint of ecstatic trance and for six to nine hours there would not remain even a trace of external consciousness in his body. During feelings of extreme separation he would sometimes cry intensely as though the Ganges river herself was flowing from his eyes. At these times he would say very strange and marvellous things. Sometimes, due to being absorbed in the mellows of ecstatic love, he would laugh very loudly and for a moment he would not notice that his outer garment had fallen off. In this way the ecstatic Madhavendra sukhi passed his days in the happiness of Krishna consciousness. But at the same time he was very sad to see that the mass of people in general were devoid of devotion. By continually considering what could possibly bring about their ultimate welfare, he concluded that Shri Krishna Himself would have to appear.

His constant travels to the places connected with Krishna's pastimes and his absorption in Krishna sankirtan, day and night, were beyond the understanding of the common man. The ordinary people whose only business was Dharma and Karma, knew of no other religious engagement but staying up at night and reciting Mangal Candi Giti (Songs and prayers to goddess Durga). The only gods they knew were Sasthi, a female deity presiding over children's welfare and Bishari, (goddess Manasa), whom they worshipped with great confidence and arrogance. Their innermost cherished desires were that their wealth and family descendants would simply go on increasing. To realize these ends some were even prepared to worship demons with offerings of meat and wine. If any travelling minstrels came to sing songs glorifying the deeds of heroic kings and others whose goal of life was material enjoyment, then the people would be in ecstasy and would stay up the whole night to hear these songs. The only source of their real piety was that during the time of bathing they would utter Govinda and Pundarikaksa. Their conception was that only at this time, during the ritual purity of their bath, were they permitted to utter these names. At any other time, to take the name of Krishna they considered to be an offence.

Who is a Baisnab? What is sankirtan? Why should one dance for the pleasure of Krishna and why do those who do so, cry so much? All of these matters where completely beyond them due to having been subjugated by Bisnu maya (the external potency of the Lord).

The whole world was as though bound in the depths of the darkness of ignorance. Seeing this situation, Shri Madhab Puri was very sad and would not speak with those materialists, not even for half a moment. Then if he were to engage in conversation with the (Mayavadi) sannyasis he found that they referred to themselves as `Narayana'. He therefore avoided conversations with them also, feeling sadness for their miserable predicament. In actuality he could find no place where discussions took place on pure devotional service to the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna. Amongst those spiritualists who had achieved some renown either as yogis, jnanis, renunciants or ascetics, there was also a dearth of discussions on the glories of being a servant of Shri Krishna.

The learned and scholarly professors of the day simply raised hair splitting arguments in their explanations of the sastras. None of them had any faith in or affection for the personal conception of the Supreme Godhead, Shri Krishna. Having seen and heard these symptoms of the present godless age, Shri Madhav Puri retreated to the forest where he took up his residence.

He thought to himself, "Why am I wandering about amongst all of these people in search of some other Baisnabs? Especially when I haven't heard the name of any Baisnab within this world at the present moment. Therefore, the best thing is to give up the world and go to the forest, where I won't have to see all of these people. In any case the forest is definitely better than this; at least there I won't have to associate with any non-Baisnabs."

As his mind was absorbed in these anxieties and afflictions, he happened, by the will of the Supreme Lord, to meet with Adwaita Acarja. The Acarja was also in a state of great sorrow, having seen the world to be devoid of devotional service to the Supreme Lord. Nevertheless, as a result of having been blessed with the mercy of Krishna, Shri Adwaita Simha was steadfast in his attempts to preach the glories of devotional service to the Supreme Lord, at all times and places.

He continuously engaged himself in explaining the imports of the sastras according to devotional service; the Bhagavatam and Bhagavad Gita as they are, without any interpretation or word jugglery. While Adwaita was occupied in this way, Madhabendra Mahasoy appeared at the door of his house. When Adwaita saw within the transcendental body of Puri Mahasoy the symptoms of a Baisnab, he immediately fell to the ground to offer his prostrated obeisances. Madhavendra in turn picked him up and embraced him to his chest, sprinkling him with tears of ecstatic love. Then the both of them became so absorbed in the mellows of Krishna Katha that they forgot the existence of even their own bodies.

The ecstatic transformations which took place within the body of Shri Madhav Puri are not susceptible to verbal description. Simply upon seeing a dark rain cloud he would immediately fall unconscious. Whenever he would happen to hear Krishna's Name he would roar loudly while within the space of only a moment thousands of Krishna's different forms and pastimes manifested themselves before him. Adwaita Mahasoy was extremely delighted to behold the prosperous condition of Shri Puripad's devotion to Lord Bisnu and thus he approached him for receiving instructions regarding devotional service. In this way the meeting of Adwaita and Madhavendra took place.


By the actions of Divine destiny it came to pass that the highly auspicious and worshipful day celebrating the appearance in this world of Shri Madhavendra Puri was now at hand. Taking note of this Adwaita Acarja very jubilantly dedicated everything and everyone present in his house for this happy occasion. He was extremely satisfied that this auspicious day had graced them at this very auspicious time (when Mahaprabhu was present in his house) and so he began to prepare and arrange everything so that this function might be observed with great pomp and eclat. When Shri Gaursundar and His associates came to know of the appearance of this pious day, They became very, very happy. In order to properly observe this special day, Adwaita collected an endless number of articles with which to perform the puja. All of these ingredients began to pour in from all directions. No one could understand who had brought what or from where. The devotees were all eager to express their gratitude and affection to Shri Madhavendra Puri and thus they all accepted a task of service to perform which was fitting and appropriate for themselves. Sacimata accepted charge of the kitchen and the other Baisnab ladies present all came into help her.

Nityananda Prabhu Himself was very pleased to accept the task of performing the puja. One devotee exclaimed, "I'll grind the sandalwood paste," while another offered, "I'll string flower garlands." Someone else said, "My duty will be to bring water." Another said, "My responsibility will be to clean the puja area." Then one devotee very enthusiastically announced that, "My service will be to wash the feet of all the Baisnabs."

Someone began to make flags while others hung a canopy overhead. Someone took charge of the store room and supplied whatever was needed to the other devotees. A number of devotees began a melodious kirtan while others joined in by dancing. During the kirtan, some devotees would interject, "Hari! Hari!" while others blew on conchshells and played gongs. Many devotees were engaged in the worship services which were to be performed while others gave directions on what was to be done when. In this way, all the devotees became absorbed in the ecstasy of that auspicious day, by accepting some devotional service, according to their individual inclinations.

In all directions a great tumult arose as the sounds of the Holy Names of Hari combined with other sounds such as, "Eat this! Drink this! Try some of this prasad! Give me some!", filling the air to the exclusion of any other sound vibration. The sound of the kirtan grew to immense proportions as the devotees joined in with mrdangas, kartals, gongs and conchshells. In great ecstasy the devotees completely lost external consciousness as Adwaita Bhavan became transformed into Shri Baikuntha Dham.

Shri Gaurcandra was extremely pleased to see what a great arrangement had been made as He joyfully walked around to see the great quantity of materials which had been collected for the festival. At one place He saw rice enough to fill two to four rooms full. Wood (for cooking) had been stacked row upon row until it resembled in appearance a mountain. Five rooms had been filled with earthen pots and dishes for cooking while another two to four rooms were filled with mugh dahl. He saw another five to seven rooms filled with a variety of cloths, and in another place ten to twelve rooms filled with banana leaves. About two to four rooms were filled with flat rice and there must have been a few thousand bunches of bananas. Its hard to say just how many coconut, betel nuts and pan leaves had been amassed.

"Where had it all come from?!!" There was no limit to the rooms full of portals, eggplants, banana stems, potatoes, spinach and man kachu. Thousands and thousands of pots were filled with milk and joghurt. Condensed milk, sugar cane, sprouted mugh dahl, oil, salt, ghee, water pots Prabhu saw everything though it was unlimited. Yet how much can I write down?! In His heart Prabhu was totally amazed to see such an extraordinary collection of so many ingredients and therefore He remarked, "This is not the property of any ordinary human being. Rather I think that this `Acarja' must be none other than `Mahesh' (Lord Siva) Himself. Is it possible for any ordinary man to possess such wealth? These riches are most probably the possessions of Mahadeb. Now I have understood that the Acarja is an incarnation of Mahesh."

In this way the Lord carried on, laughing as He spoke. Mahaprabhu was speaking the real truth concerning Adwaita Acarja, while alluding to another external pretext. Those who were endowed with sufficient pious activities very ecstatically accepted these truths. To those however who heeded these words with disregard and a want of confidence, Adwaita appeared as an incarnation of fire. The soothing and cooling effect of Adwaita's association was like that of ten million moons, yet those who were adverse to Shri Chaitanya perceived him as the universal conflagration at the end of the world.

If, due to sufficient accumulation of piety one says the name Siva, without even knowledge of the real truth concerning the personality of Siva, still the name itself is such that the person immediately becomes purified of his sinful reactions. In the Vedic scriptures and the Bhagavat, this truth has been delineated. If however, someone feels distress upon hearing the name `Siva' then he is said to be floating in an ocean of inauspiciousness. [Bhag. 4.4.14] If, simply in the course of conversing one happens to vibrate the two syllables, Siva, only once, then all kinds of sins of mankind become very quickly destroyed. His (Lord Siva's) authority is inviolable, His glories are supremely pure yet you bear enmity towards the very personification of auspiciousness itself, Lord Siva. Alas, you are none other than the personification of inauspiciousness. Shri Krishna Himself has stated, "That person who neglects the worship of Siva!? Why does he then worship Me? Lord Siva is very dear to Me! Therefore, how can such a person who is irreverent to him, possibly attain bhakti to Me? How can the sinful rascal who is spiteful towards Baisnabs; who refuses to duly perform the worship of My dear devotee Lord Siva, possibly attain devotion to Me?" Therefore one should first of all worship Lord Krishna and then with His prasadam one should affectionately worship Lord Siva. By doing so, all the demigods are worshipped.

"First of all one should worship the Cause of all causes, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna and then one should worship the best of the debs, Mahesvara. Thereafter it is proper to worship, with great devotion, the other various demigods."[Skanda Puran]

In pursuance of these hints given by Shri Chaitanya Candra, the saintly persons have indicated Adwaita to be such a one as Lord Siva himself. Those who are stupid and foolish try to argue this point. Unable to penetrate the illusory potency of Adwaita, their only recourse is to die.

How much can I write about? Having seen this quantity of collected ingredients, Prabhu was very delighted and continued to praise the Acarja incessantly. After having seen all that had been collected together there, Prabhu came once again to the place where sankirtan was being held. As soon as He arrived there, all the devotees were transported into the highest ecstasy. I cannot say who danced and who sang and who played what instruments. I don't know who ran in which direction, being moved by intense ecstasy. All I can say is that they all made a loud uproar of the glories of the Holy Names of Hari. I can't hear anything else but, "Bol Bol, Bolo Hari Bol!!" All of those Baisnabs were decorated with sandalwood pulp and their beautiful chests were filled with flower garlands. All of them were the chief associates of Prabhu, and thus all of them danced and chanted in ecstasy before Him. In intense bliss the sounds of Shri Hari Sankirtan rose up in the sky; the sound vibration which purifies unlimited universes.

Nityananda who is very robust and strong, was totally immersed in the ecstasy of happiness. Thus He danced very excessively in the mood of a young child. Acarja Gosai had become so completely absorbed in ecstatic love that he danced on and on, without any stopping. Thakur Haridas also danced as much as anyone else, moved as he was to exalted rapture.

Now Mahaprabhu Shri Gaursundar danced, as no one else had, in unlimited and very special ways. First He made all of them dance, and then He also finally danced with them. The devotees made a circle dance with Mahaprabhu Shri Sacinandan dancing in the middle. After dancing and singing away the whole day in this way, Mahaprabhu finally sat down with His devotees. Then Adwaita Acarja begged permission to serve prasad and immediately made all arrangements to do so.

Mahaprabhu sat down to take prasad in the middle of the courtyard, with His devotees surrounding Him on all sides. The devotees were so many stars, with Prabhu rising up amongst them like the light of ten million moons.

Excellent rice with a great variety of vegetables and cakes and puddings had been prepared by Sacimata for the worship of Madhavendra Puri, and now Mahaprabhu along with His devotees would honour the prasadam while discussing the glories of Shri Madhab Puri between mouthfuls.

Prabhu said, "By respecting maha prasad on this auspicious day honouring Madhavendra Puri, one will certainly get devotion to Govinda." After the Lord had enjoyed great fun accepting mahaprasad with His devotees He got up to wash His hands. Then Adwaita came before Him with first class flower garlands and celestial smelling sandalwood pulp. But Prabhu very affectionately presented these articles first of all to Nityananda Swarup and then to each and all of the other devotees present there. Having received the prasadam of the Lord from His own hand, the devotees' minds became filled with the highest happiness and they very loudly chanted the Holy Names of Hari.

I don't know how to describe the ecstatic happiness of that moment. There was no limit to the ecstasy of Adwaita, who had the Lord of Baikuntha present in his own house. How much competence does a mortal man have to describe these pastimes of the Lord? Who can possibly describe, in even ten million years, the pastimes in only one day of Shri Chaitanya. Just as a bird finds no end to the sky but can fly only as far as it has the strength to, similarly, there is no end to the glorious fame of Shri Chaitanya. As much as He has empowered me, to that extant I am singing of His glories. Just as a puppeteer causes wooden dolls to dance, so in the same way, Shri Gaurachandra causes me to speak. I am not sure of the sequence or succession of these events; when they took place in the calendar year. I am simply trying to describe Shri Chaitanya's glories; somehow or other, by fair means or foul. I offer my obeisances to the feet of all of the Baisnabs, pleading that there might not be any offences on my part in this matter. Whoever hears these auspicious narrations will most certainly obtain the treasure of wealth, namely love of Krishna. Thus Brndaban das sings of the lotus feet of Shri Krishna Chaitanya and Nityananda Candra, Who are his life and soul.

[C.B. Antya 4]

In Jagannath Puri

Having enjoyed the candan yatra utsab on their arrival in Puri the devotees now proceeded to their respective residences. All of the Baisnab ladies of Nabadwip still remembered well what vegetable preparations Nimai was fond of in His youth. As they were all the expansions of Shri Lakki debi, they were very expert in cooking. So it was that in great love for their worshipful Lord they would prepare His favourite dishes. Prabhu relished their offerings, His own heart full as it was with love for them.

The Luncheon Invitation

One day, the noble minded and magnanimous Shri Adwaita Simha requested Prabhu, "Please accept your meal here today. I will personally cook a handful of rice for You. In this way my hand will become blessed by being engaged in Your service."

Prabhu replied, "Whoever eats foodstuffs offered by you must by all means attain devotion to Krishna. Acarja, Your foodstuffs are my life source. Whatever you serve is eaten by Krishna Himself. Whatever is cooked and offered to Krishna by you; I am ready to go there and beg in order to receive some of that prasad."

When Adwaita heard these words, spoken in great affection by the Lord to His devotee, he began to float in an ocean of ecstasy. He came back to his quarters in a very pleasant state of mind and began to collect the ingredients for cooking. Adwaita's chaste wife, who was an expansion of Lakkidebi, very joyfully began her work.

All of the items most dear to Mahaprabhu, which she had brought from Gaur desh (Bengal), she now brought out from their place of storage. Adwaita Mahasoy himself sat down to do the cooking after first installing Shri Chaitanya Candra in his heart. His devoted wife began to prepare the vegetables, cutting and arranging them to make as many preparations as her heart desired. "I know that green leafy vegetables are very dear to the Lord," she thought, and so she prepared about ten different kinds of spinach for cooking.

While the Acarja cooked she did everything else and in this way the two of them were floating in an ocean of joy. Adwaita addressed his wife, "Listen Krishnadas's mother! I was just thinking of something. As we are preparing a number of preparations, how will Prabhu accept them all? If He comes in the company of the other sannyasis I know He won't eat anything. Prabhu generally expects them to come with Him when He goes for accepting alms. They are also dependent on Him due to His great affection in taking them in His company."

Then he thought to himself, "The only way our efforts will be successful, is if He comes alone. Only then will I be able to feed Him properly. But how will this desire of mine ever be fulfilled?" In this way he contemplated as he cooked for Prabhu.

The Lord was engaged in chanting the Holy Name while maintaining a count of the number of Names completed, when it occurred to His mind that it was time to complete His midday duties. All of those sannyasis who were accustomed to accept alms with the Lord, immediately thereafter set out with Him for the purpose of receiving their midday meal.

All of a sudden however, an unforeseen rain storm began and so it appeared as though Debraja (Indra) was trying to abort Adwaita's luncheon invitation. Hail began to fall and make a clattering sound as it hit the roofs of the houses. The wind blew fiercely and there was no end to the rain. It became dark in all directions from the dust blowing outside so that no one could even find their way home. In such a storm as this who could maintain any calm or tranquillity? They couldn't find which way to go, or with whom.

Adwaita remained engaged in cooking since where he was the storm only slightly reared its head. Amongst those sannyasis who were with Prabhu none of them could trace out who had gone in which direction and with whom?

Meanwhile Shri Adwaita Simha finished cooking and after cleaning the kitchen, arranged the rice and vegetables neatly there. There were also separate pots of ghee, yoghurt, milk, cream, butter, cakes, puddings and various kinds of sweets, with sandesa and bananas. He put tulasi manjaris on top of all the different preparations and sat down in meditation to bring Shri Gaurahari. In his mind's eye he saw that Prabhu had arrived alone.

In actuality Gaurachandra had really come there alone, according to Adwaita's desire. In the happiness of divine love, while chanting "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna", He appeared in front of Adwaita. With reverence Adwaita offered his obeisances at Prabhu's lotus feet and offered Him a sitting place. Upon noticing that the Lord was not accompanied by anyone, he became overwhelmed with joy.

Along with his wife he very excitedly began to serve Gaur Hari. After first washing Prabhu's feet they smeared sandalwood paste on His limbs and then fanned His body. Then the Lord sat down to take prasad and Adwaita served Him. As many of the vegetable preparations which Adwaita lovingly offered Him, the Lord accepted out of His great love for the Acarja. A small portion of each preparation however He left on His plate.

He smiled and explained to Adwaita, "You know why I'm leaving some of each vegetable preparation? Because I want to know at the end how many different ones I have eaten. Listen, Acarja! Where did you learn to cook so many different preparations? I think I have never before eaten sak (spinach) like this. You have prepared such a variety of things!"

Prabhu ate as much prasad as Adwaita gave Him, thus He is known as Bhaktavanchakalpataru. [Shri Gauranga Ray the wish-fulfilling desire tree of His devotees]. Yoghurt, milk, ghee, cream, sandesh, though such an unlimited amount of prasad was given to Him, still He accepted it all. Thus Shri Chaitanya Bhagavan took His meal and by so doing completely fulfilled the desires of Shri Adwaita Simha.

When the Lord's meal was complete Adwaita began to praise Lord Indra. "Today Indra, I have witnessed your compassion and I even think that you are a Baisnab. From today I will offer you flowers and Ganges water. Today Indra, you have purchased me!"

Prabhu asked him, "How is it you're so taken with Lord Indra's glories today? Come on tell Me!"

Adwaita replied," Just please take Your prasad. There won't be any benefit for You in hearing about this."

Now the Lord accosted him, "Why do you try to hide the truth Acarja?! That rainstorm was your work! There was no indication of a storm, yet unexpectedly, all of a sudden, a torrent of rain and hailstones fell to the earth amidst a great storm. By your desire this calamity has occurred and you have also directly perceived that you were the cause of it. Now for which purpose you have accomplished this through Lord Indra, that also I will inform you of. You thought that if I take My meal in the company of the other sannyasis, I won't eat anything. Therefore, if I were to come alone you would be able to feed me everything to your hearts content. Thus you have created this calamity by your own mandate, so that those sannyasis should be prevented from coming here. Indra is simply the one who carried out the decree, one of your personified energies. The good fortune belongs to him; that he has some devotion to You. To those who are so fully dependent on Krishna and whose resolution is so steadfast that they are prepared to make demands of Him, to such devotees Krishna is always personally present. When it is seen that Shri Krishnacandra Himself follows what they say, then what is it that this insignificant rainstorm took place. At the time of death, He whose order is accepted by Jamraj (the Lord of death) on his head; the shelter of Whose feet is desired by the masters of yogis and munis; by remembrance of Whom all obstacles are obliterated; to such a one as You, what is so wonderful about the appearance of this rainstorm?. Who is there in this world who knows You?

If You show Your mercy to anyone, only then can he grasp the fruit of devotion."

Adwaita submitted his reply to the Lord, "You are very affectionate to Your servitor. In my body, mind and words, the only source of strength is my devotion to You, and due to that, I am always like a lion. Please bless me by never forsaking me." In this way, the two Prabhus enjoyed the nectar of each others words and thus this luncheon ended on an especially sweet note.

All of these words spoken by Adwaita are the Absolute Truth, and should not be taken otherwise. Whoever does not feel any happiness by hearing these words of Adwaita is none other than a vile, despicable wretch, unfit even to be seen by Adwaita. It was as though Shri Hari and Shankardeb were delighting in hearing each others words of wisdom, but those who are ignorant, materialistic fools cannot understand this in any respect. If one of Them is seen disagreeable, then They both must be seen this way, as They are both inseparable. As are Hari and Hara, so are Chaitanya and Adwaita.

Adwaita continually says all of these things in the hope of delivering the world, being kind-hearted as he is. Who however, can understand the words of Him who is non-different from the Supreme Controller.

Whoever hears these narrations with devotion, attains Krishnabhakti and meets with prosperity wherever he goes. Having thus fulfilled the desires of Adwaita Simha, Shri Chaitanya Bhagavan returned to His residence.

Who Can Hide the Sun?

One day, Adwaita, who was overwhelmed with transcendental excitement, addressed all of the devotees, "Hear me, my brothers. All of you gather round. Today we should fill our mouths with the kirtan of Shri Chaitanya Ray. Today we won't sing of any other incarnation, but rather of the resting place of all avatars, Shri Chaitanya Gosai, Who has delivered the entire universe. For us only He has descended. Due to His mercy, now wherever we go we are worshipped. He has made such a valuable treasure, Hari Nam Sankirtan, known to all. I will dance while all of you sing the glories of Shri Chaitanya. If I sing like a lion, you might all get afraid."

The devotees' fear however, was due to their apprehension that Prabhu, Who always kept His real self hidden, might get angry at this. Still, the Acarja's words were not to be overstepped. Thus they began to sing of Shri Chaitanya avatar, while Adwaita Simha, who was overwhelmed with ecstatic love, danced. In all directions, they sang of the auspicious appearance of Shri Chaitanya, and by hearing the Name and glories of this `new' avatar, they became paralysed by intense ecstatic emotions.

Now Adwaita himself began to sing, describing how Lord Chaitanya has liberated the entire world by His dancing. "Shri Chaitanya Narayana, O Ocean of Compassion, Friend of the distressed, O Prabhu, please be merciful to me."

By singing this verse, it was now Adwaita Simha who was increasing the prosperity of the world. Someone chanted, "Jay Jay Shri Shachinandana€````@P@``€``PP@P€°`° `@```š`@°°`°°  @@P` ` P@ °P`0@````@`` P`€@ `P€PP```@`PP`°°°Ppppppp p````@@@@€p€€€€€€€pppp````````` P````    ```````€````````_›8œȰ_Ȱ_粜娈粜が粞〼粞!" while another sang, "Jay Gaurachandra Narayana! Jay Sankirtana priya! Shri Gaur Gopala! Jay Bhakta Jon priya (who is dear to the devotees) Pasandir kal (and death to the blasphemous atheists). Adwaita's dancing became totally unrestrained as everyone continued to sing Lord Chaitanya's Name, Qualities and glorious Activities.

"His bodily hairs standing on end, He sings and rolls on the ground in great happiness. Just see Chaitanya avatar. He is the Hero of Baikuntha, Lord Hari, Who has descended here in the form of a brahmana, to enjoy His pastimes of congregational chanting of the Holy Names of Himself (Hari). His bodily lustre defeats that of molten gold. His form is so charming and beautiful, with His arms extending down to His knees. He has assumed the form of the best of the sannyasis, and is Himself overwhelmed by ecstatic, devotional mellows. I don't know what happiness He feels when He dances."

Now Adwaita sang a song composed by himself, "Jay Gaursundor Karunasindhu (Oh Ocean of Mercy) Jay Jay Brindabana ray (all glories to the Prince of Brindaban) Jay Jay Samprati jay (All glories to the present) Nabadwip Purandar (the Prince of Navadvip) Carankamal dehi chaya (please give me the shade of Your lotus feet)."

While meditating on the lotus feet of Shri Gauranga, Adwaita continued dancing as the devotees sang such sweet kirtans. Hearing these verses in glorification of the `new' avatar, the devotees were elated with joy and let loose with roars of "Hari!! Hari!!" The unprecedented ecstasy of that kirtan can only be described by Nityananda Prabhu Himself.

Having heard the intense and penetrating sounds of the kirtan, the Crest jewel of all sannyasis, arrived on the scene. When the devotees saw Mahaprabhu, their delight knew no bounds and this surpassed even that ecstasy in which they were presently immersed. They continued to sing as Adwaita danced in great joy. They were in such ecstasy that no one felt any fear of Prabhu. Rather, they continued to sing in His presence.

Prabhu however, was continually absorbed in the mood of servitorship and so thought of Himself as Krishna das (the servant of Krishna). He wouldn't refer to Himself in any other way. No one had the capacity to refer to Him in His presence as Krishna (the Supreme Lord) but instead only as das (servant). Now however, they had become inspired by Adwaita, and so fearlessly sang of Chaitanya Shri Hari.

When Prabhu heard in their kirtan glorification of Himself, the Crest jewel of all renunciants felt very embarrassed. Therefore, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Bhagavan, because He had accepted the position of instructing spiritual master, left that place after having remained only a moment or two, and turned back to His residence.

In spite of this, none of the devotees felt any fear in their hearts even now, rather they began to sing all the more. They were in such ecstasy that they had no longer any external consciousness. All of them saw, as they sang, that Prabhu was in their midst. By singing the glories of Shri Chaitanya, they had become completely intoxicated. Those who were sufficiently pious felt great happiness to hear that kirtan, but those who were wicked and sinful felt disturbed. What is the use of being a brahmacari or sannyasi if one doesn't feel delighted to hear the glories of Shri Chaitanya?

In this way the devotees spent their time in the ecstasy of Shri Hari Sankirtan. Whoever hears or reads of these ecstatic pastimes becomes eligible to enter into this association and also feel the ecstasy of Hari kirtan.

Still continuing their kirtan and dancing, the devotees came to see Prabhu. The Lord however, was lying down because He had become disaffected by hearing His own kirtan.

The virtuous Govinda informed Him, "All the Baisnabs have arrived at Your door," to which Prabhu replied that He might let them in. Seeing that Prabhu was lying down and would not look towards any of them, all the devotees became somewhat afraid and began to meditate on His lotus feet.

After a few moments however, Prabhu Shri Bhaktabatsal (Who is very affectionate to His devotees) sat up and addressed them, "Lo, all you Baisnabs. Oh most liberal Shrinivas Pandit, what have you done today with all this avatar business? Giving up Krishna's Name and Krishna's Kirtan, what were you singing? Please try to make Me understand this."

The great orator Shrinivas replied, "Gosai! The living entities have no free will or independence of their own. They do as the Supreme Controller causes them to and thus have I done today."

Prabhu asked him, "You are all very learned scholars. That which is meant to remain hidden; why do you want to now broadcast to everyone?"

In answer to this question of Prabhu's, Shrivas smiled to himself and lifted up his hand to cover the sun.

Prabhu asked him, "Which means what? Please just speak your mind and explain to me in detail!"

Shrivas replied, "I covered the sun with my hand. But can anyone ever, at any time, cover the sun with his hand? In the same way, it is not possible to keep You hidden. Even if the sun is ever covered by anyone's hand, still it will never, at any time, be possible to keep You hidden. He Who could not remain hidden within the ocean of milk, will remain hidden within this world of people? From the Himalayan mountains to Setubandha, Your glories have filled every place up to the horizon. The whole universe has become filled with the sound of kirtan in glorification of You. How many people can You punish in this instance? The Supreme Lord always tries to Himself glorify and see that His devotees are glorified by others. At what a strange time have I happened to come to Your door today."

Just then, thousands and thousands of people came from having darshan of Lord Jagannatha, wanting to see Prabhu. Some of them were from Tripura, some from Cattagram (Chittagong), some from places we have never even heard of. Some were from Shri Hattiya (Sylhet) and some from Bangadesh. Thousands and thousands of them were engaged in kirtan describing the avatar of Shri Chaitanya.

"Jay jay Shri Krishna Chaitanya banamali, jay jay nija bhakti ras kutuholi (Who is eager to enjoy devotion to Himself), jay jay param sannyasi rupdhani, jay jay sankirtan lampat murari (Who specifically has a craving for engaging in kirtan), jay jay dvija raj baikuntha bihari, jay jay sarba jagater upakari (Who has benefited the entire universe), jay Krishna Chaitanya Shri Gaura nandan!"

In this way they danced and chanted in ecstasy.

Shrivas asked the Lord, "Prabhu! Now what will You do? The whole world is singing! Where will You hide? Have we taught them this? All of these people? In this way, the whole world is singing. Though You are unseen and unmanifest, O Lord, due to Your compassion, You become present before the living entities. You keep Yourself hidden, and again You reveal Yourself. Only those who have received Your favour know this fact."

Prabhu now spoke, "I know that you have revealed all of this by your own endeavours. I have heard from others what you tell them. Listen Pandit, I have caught up with you, don't try to evade Me. Anyway, today I have learned how it is that you are fully endowed with your own personal energies."

The Lord always tries to increase the victorious and glorious position of the devotees. This is the verdict of the vedas and Bhagavat.

Gaura Ray smilingly bade farewell to all of the Baisnabs who then returned to their residences. So it was that Chaitanya Deb Shri BhaktaBatsal was made synonymous with Krishna and His glories were sung as such.

A Warning

The chief devotees, such as Nityananda and Adwaita would say, `Shri Krishna Chaitanya Bhagavan'. But that does not mean now that we can now jump over their heads and decide on our own to call anyone Krishna. Then our position becomes very unfortunate. All of the signs and symptoms of Shri Krishna are known very well. He is reclining on Ananta Sesa, served by Lakki Debi, and on His chest is the sign of Shrivatsa. He is adorned with the Kaustubha gem, and He rides on His carrier, Garura. The Ganga flows from no other lotus foot than His own. It is not possible to see these attributes in anyone other than Shri Chaitanya. This is the conclusion of the Vedic scriptures and the Baisnabs. Whoever appreciates the words of these Baisnabs, must naturally succeed in his endeavours wherever he goes. In this way, Mahaprabhu Shri Gaurasundar, continually enjoys pastimes in the company of His devotees.

Adwaita's Mercy upon Rupa and Sanatan

All of the devotees were sitting, surrounding Prabhu in such a way that the scene appeared very beautiful, like the moon situated on the horizon. The Lord of Baikuntha, the Crest jewel of the renunciates, sat in their midst continually discussing Krishna katha and vibrating loudly the holy names of Hari!

Just at this time two greatly fortunate persons came into His presence, two brothers, Sakar Mallik and Rupa. Shri Chaitanya Gosai bestowed His merciful gaze upon them, yet they remained at some distance, falling to the ground like two statues. With straw held between their teeth, they plaintively addressed Him, "Joy Joy Mahaprabhu, Shri Krishna Chaitanya,(by Whose mercy everyone has now become very fortunate). Joy dina batsal jagat hitakari (Who is affectionate to the distressed and the benefactor of the universe), Joy Joy param sannyasi rupa dhani, Joy Joy sarba adi madhya anta (All glories to He Who has assumed the most beautiful and auspicious form as the youngest, but topmost of the sannyasis; who is the beginning, middle and end of everything).

Becoming Himself an incarnation of a Baisnab, He has delivered the entire world by distributing devotion to Himself. But, Prabhu, how is it that I haven't been saved? Am I not within this world too? Since my birth I am infatuated with worldly enjoyment. I didn't worship Your lotus feet, which would have been in my own self-interest. I didn't associate with Your devotees, neither I engaged in kirtan, nor even heard the kirtan of Shri Hari. By making me the minister of the king, You have cheated me. Still, why have You allowed me to take birth in the human species, an opportunity that even the demigods desire? In spite of giving me such a birth as this, still You have deceived me. Now, please be affectionate and show Your mercy upon me. At present my only shelter is the trees and Your Holy Name. Whoever is dear to You and can give You to others, I wish to become the receptacle for his remnants, outside his door."

In this way the two brothers, Rupa and Sanatana offered their prayers, while Prabhu Chaitanya Gosai listened.

Feeling very sympathetic and favourably disposed towards them, Prabhu bestowed His merciful glance on those two brothers and addressed them thus, "You two brothers have transgressed the limits of good fortune. You have managed to break the fetters of material bondage and escape into freedom. The whole world is caught up in worldly bondage, yet you two have managed to get free. Now, if you desire loving devotion to the Supreme Lord, you have simply to catch hold of the feet of Adwaita. Shri Adwaita Mahasaya is the store-keeper of devotion. By his mercy one can obtain Krishnabhakti."

Having heard this instruction from Prabhu, these two great souls offered their dandavats at the feet of Adwaita, while entreating him, "Joy Joy Shri Adwaita patitapavana (deliverer of the fallen), please deliver us, the fallen souls."

Prabhu spoke to Adwaita, "Hear Me, Oh hear Me, Acarja Gosai. In Kali yuga there is no one more renounced than these two. Having renounced royal happiness, they now reside in Mathura with only a torn quilt and a water pot and the nectar of Krishna's Names. Being affectionately disposed, please bestow upon them Krishna bhakti, so that birth after birth they may never forget Krishna again. You are the store-keeper of bhakti. If you don't help them, then where else can Krishna bhakti, Krishna bhaktas and Krishna Himself be obtained?

Adwaita replied, "Prabhu, You are the bestower of everything. If you give the order, then only am I capable of doing anything. By the order of the proprietor, the store-keeper distributes goods. As far as I have anything to say in the matter, may loving devotion always manifest itself in the body, mind and words of these two." When Prabhu heard these compassionate words of Adwaita, He loudly resounded with the transcendental vibration, "Hari! Hari!"

Prabhu addressed Dabir Khas, "Now you have received Krishnaprem bhakti. This devotion to Shri Krishna you have received by the mercy of Adwaita; therefore, you can understand that he is fully imbued with Krishna's potencies. After remaining here for some days and taking darshan of the lotus face of Shri Jagannatha, you two brothers should go to Mathura and continue to reside there. To the people of those western lands, who are heavily influenced by the modes of passion and ignorance, you should distribute the mellows of devotion. I will also come there to have darshan of Mathura mandal so you should keep one solitary place for Me to reside when I come there."

(To Rupa's elder brother) "You can give up the name Sakar Mallik. From now on, you will be known as Sanatana avadhuta." Thus to this day these two brothers, by the mercy of Shri Chaitanya, are renowned as Rupa and Sanatana. Whatever fame, liberality, magnanimity, or purity of devotion was attained by His devotee, Shri Chaitanya Candra would take great pride in proclaiming that. Whether it was the glories of Nityananda or Adwaita or any of His other dear devotees, Chaitanya Prabhu was always very satisfied to be able to publicize some news about His devotees. He would characterize His devotees as the personification or incarnation of eternal truths and devotional qualities or as expansions of His own inseparable energies. Their transcendental realizations, their purity of worship, all of their glories, Chaitanya Prabhu expressively stated.

The Glories of Adwaita

One day, Prabhu was seated in a very good mood, surrounded on all sides by His devotees like Adwaita and Shrivas. He asked Shrivas Pandit concerning Adwaita, "Shrivas! Please tell Me. Just what kind of Baisnab do you think Adwaita is?"

After thinking to himself for a few moments, Shrivas Mahasoy replied, "I think we can compare him to Sukadeb Goswami or Prahlad."

By hearing this answer, Prabhu made a display of false anger and came to beat Shrivas in the way that a father affectionately instructs his son. In this mood He gave Shrivas a slap. "What did you say? What did you say, Pandit Shrivas?! Our Nara is being compared with Suka and Prahlad? Suka is known as a `mukta' purusa, (not as a bhakta), a liberated soul. Why he is only a boy of a few years before Nara. Such a statement you have made concerning my Nara, Shrivas! Today you have really upset me." Thus saying, He took a stick in His hand and came at Shrivas. Adwaita Mahasoy got up and respectfully and humbly caught hold of Prabhu's hand.

"Bap! The father teaches his son by showing mercy. Who can there be within the three worlds who is the object of Your anger?" Adwaita's words had their effect and Prabhu threw off His anger. Inspired by ecstatic emotions, He began to profusely praise him (Adwaita).

"All of you are like my children, therefore I cannot maintain any anger against you. Who is there who knows my Nara, who brought Me here after breaking My sleep (yoga nidra)?! Oh Shrivas Mahasoy! You have remained submissive to My Nara and thus you have put these boys like Suka and others in his company. However, you should know that they all come after Nara. Because of Adwaita, I have incarnated Myself here. His loud cries pierced My ears while I was lying within the ocean of milk, and thus I woke up."

Shrivas was by nature very affectionate towards Adwaita. Hearing Prabhu's statements made him feel very joyful, yet externally he showed great fear and his body trembled as he spoke, "I have made a great offence. Please excuse me, My Lord. Only You know the real truths regarding Adwaita and only if You make them known to us can we, your servants, know them also. Today is very auspicious for me as I have become greatly fortunate. You have taught me the truth and made me realize the essence of that. By hearing your words of veneration, which have actually imparted something of divinity to the subject which we are discussing, my mental strength and determination have greatly increased. From today my resolve is steadfast; even if I see Adwaita with a Yavana woman or with a wine bottle in his hand, still I will offer my devotion to him. This I have spoken before You, my Lord, the full truth and nothing else but." The Lord was very pleased to hear Shrivasa's statements and so the three of them sat down together and the mood was practically as happy as it was before all this discussion started.

All of these discussions are very mysterious, but one who listens attentively must certainly get the association of Krishna by all means. According to the degree of one's influence and devotion, he may be compared to others. The all-omniscient Prabhu Gaura Ray however, knows everyone; and specifically knows with how much sincerity they worship Him. As it is not possible to know Lord Bisnu through the Vedas, similarly, I have not been able to learn the truth about Baisnabs.

Prabhu's Affection for Adwaita

On another day, Prabhu was seated in a happy mood when Adwaita arrived before Him. After offering his obeisances he sat down and Shri Gaurahari cheerfully asked him, "Tell me Acarja, from where are you coming, and on what business?"

Adwaita replied, "I have come, from seeing Lord Jagannatha to see You."

Prabhu, "So, you have seen Lord Jagannatha's lotus face, but tell Me, what else did you do?"

Adwaita, "After taking darshan, I circumambulated the temple five or seven times."

When Prabhu heard mention of `circumambulation', he laughed while remarking, "You have lost! You are defeated!"

Acarja replied, "What do I have to lose? Anyway, first show how I have lost, then it can be said that You have defeated me."

Prabhu, "What you have lost I will tell you. Listen! As you were engaged in circumambulation of the Deity; during the time that you were behind Lord Jagannath, you couldn't see Him. However, when I am having darshan, My eyes don't stray anywhere from His lotus face. Which way is right (south); which way is left; what is a circumambulation; I don't see anything but His lotus face."

Adwaita folded his hands in supplication and replied, "In this way, I am prepared to lose everything in Your association. But it should be known to be the Truth, that within these three worlds there is no one but You Who has the right to say what You have just stated. You are the Master (of devotion), the only One Who has the full right in this domain. As far as this (devotion) goes, I am completely defeated by You."

The Baisnabs present Who heard this discussion laughed and raised an auspicious ruckus of "Hari! Hari!" In this way the Lord performed His various pastimes, always showering great affection on Adwaita.