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Malini Debi


The Supreme Lord's pastimes in Nabadwip, which comprise the Madhya lila are like an unending festival of frolic, fun and merriment. The most fortunate Shribas witnesses all this fun while sitting within his own house. Because he sincerely serves the Lord with all his soul, he and his family members are graced with the vision of the Lord's greatest revelations of ecstatic love.


Nityananda resided in Shribasa's house and affectionately addressed Shribas as Bap (Father). Day and night Nityananda was internally absorbed in the mood of a cowherd boy without any other external consciousness. He used to continuously drink milk from Malini Debi's (Shribas Pandit's wife's) breast. Though her children were all grown up and there was no milk in her breast whatsoever, by his (Nityananda's) touch milk immediately flowed therefrom. These inconceivable pastimes of Nityananda were personally witnessed by Malinidebi but she spoke of this to no one, as per the instruction of Shri Chaitanya.

Prabhu Biswambhar accosted him, "Listen Nityananda! Please don't display your restless behaviour here in Shribasa's house lest it lead to any conflict."

At hearing these remarks Nityananda remembered the Supreme Lord by uttering His name, "Krishna!" and replied, "I never act in such a way that You will be able to say that I am sensationalistic. You don't love anyone half as much as You love yourself!"

Biswambhar, "I know you very well."

Nityananda, "All right! So exactly what are my faults?"

Shri Gaurachandra laughed as He replied, "The foodstuffs with which you are served are cause to rain down from above by your impetuous motions."

Nityananda, "Well its not my fault if people get me excited by their own activities. Is this Your trick to arrange it so no one will feed me in their house? Then You will sit down in great happiness to eat what was originally meant for me. Is this Your motive in going about perpetrating my ill fame?!

Prabhu, "I am embarrassed by your disgraceful behaviour. For that reason I'm giving you these lessons."

Nityananda laughed, "Very good. Very good! Now that you have understood my fickle nature, You will continually instruct me with your teachings. Very good!"

Saying this much he looked at Prabhu and laughed effusively.

Nityananda was in such ecstasy that he was not externally aware of what he was doing. He took off his outer garment and binding it around his head jumped around the courtyard, laughing and laughing as he staggered this way and that. Gadadhar, Shrinibas and Haridas looked on at the result of Prabhu's lesson.

Biswambhar called to him, "Now what are you doing? This is not the proper way to behave in a householder's home. You just this minute finished saying, "What do you think I am, crazy?" Now we are directly witnessing the meaning of your words."

Nityananda however had no external consciousness and was therefore unaffected by anyone's words. He was independently floating in the ocean of ecstasy. The Lord personally caught hold of him and put his dhoti on for him. This is the inconceivable nature of Nityananda, that just after promising to the Lord that he would behave, he immediately began to cavort around like a mad lion. Nityananda wouldn't take his meals unless Malini would feed him with her own hand. The chaste wife of Shribas Thakur understood Nityananda's position and so she served him like a mother serves her own child.


One day a crow flew away with a brass cup which was used in the worship of the Deity. The crow took the cup to the forest in which it stayed and when Malini debi realized that there was no way to trace its whereabouts she became very worried. Then however the crow returned, but without the cup which it had deposited in its nest. When Malini saw the empty beak of that crow she could only think of Shribas Pandit's anger when he finds out that the brass cup used to hold ghee for Krishna's puja has been lost.

She thought to herself, "When he hears what has happened there will be trouble." Thus having no other recourse she began to cry.

Just at that time Nityananda arrived there and saw Malini crying incessantly. Nityananda smiled and asked, "Why are you crying? Please tell me what is the matter and I'll set everything aright."

Malini replied, "Hear me Shripad Gosai. A crow came here and took Krishna's ghee container."

Nityananda assured her, "Mother. Don't worry. I'll get the cup. Don't cry."

Then Nityananda laughed as he addressed that crow, "Crow! Bring that cup back immediately!"

As Nityananda is seated within the heart of all living entities, who has the power to transgress his will. Having received this order the crow flew off while Malini looked on in apprehension and worry. The crow vanished away but soon returned with the brass cup in its beak and deposited it near Malinidebi. Thus Malini knows very well the influence of Nityananda.

At first Malini fainted to see this surprising event. Thereafter she stood up and offered hymns and prayers to Nityananda.

"That Person Who brought back the dead son of His guru; That Person Who maintains all the worlds; He Who can bring someone back from Jamraj's abode, what is it if such a One brings a cup back from where a crow has taken it away. The unlimited universes rest on His head yet He feels no burden or weight and maintains them by His energies. Ignorance which is existing since before the beginning of time is destroyed by the utterances of His name. What is it that He brought back a cup which had been taken by a crow? Previously as Lakkan You protected Sita debi while residing in the forest. Yet You never looked at any part of her body other than her feet. By your arrows the dynasty of Raban was annihilated. You are the same person who has retreived this cup. This is only an insignificant display of Your prowess. Previously Kalindi, the Jamuna personified, after coming to understand His glories, came to offer her prayers at the lotus feet of He by Whose energies the fourteen worlds are maintained. What is the greatness in His bringing back a cup which was taken away by a crow? Nevertheless, your activities should not be taken lightly. Whatever activities You perform are manifestations of the Absolute Truth. This is the verdict of the Bedas.

Nityananda smiled to hear her prayers but at the same instant requested her as would a small child, "I want to eat now."

Just by seeing Nityananda, milk dripped from her breasts and Nityananda would drink that. In this way the character of Nityananda is completely inconceivable. What can I possibly say to describe His greatness. His fame is known throughout the worlds.