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Kabi Karnapur Gosvami / Shri PARAMANANDA SEN;


The very dear devotee of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Sivananda Sen had three sons: Shri Chaitanya das, Shri Ram das and Paramananda. The guru of Paramananda was Shrinath Pandit who was the disciple of Adwaita Acarja. In the beginning of Shri Ananda Brindaban Campu, Kabi Karnapur has offered prayers to his Shri Gurudeb, who was a resident of Kancra Para, one-and-a-half miles from Kumar Hatta.

His (Shri Natha Pandit's) Deity of Shri Krishna Ray is still residing there. The Kesto Ray temple can be reached by rickshaw from either Kancra Para rail station or from Halisahar.

In his Gaur Ganoddesa Dipika, Kabi Karnapur states, "He who was previously known as the gopi Bira, the messenger (duti) who brings the gopis (Radharani) to see Shri Krishna, has now become my father, Sivananda Sen. My mother was previously known as Bindumati."


After spending the four months of the rainy season (Caturmasya) with Mahaprabhu, the devotees were preparing to return to Bengal. At that time, Mahaprabhu called Sivananda and told him, "You should name your next son Puri das."

Having received that benediction, Sivananda very joyfully proceeded on the way back to his home. A few months later a son was born to him and after consulting with an astrologer the boy was named Paramananda das.


The following year Sivananda again brought the devotees, along with his wife and new born son, to Puri, to see Mahaprabhu.

Mahaprabhu asked Sivananda, "What did you name your newborn son?"

Sivananda replied, "Paramananda Das."

Mahaprabhu laughed, "His name is Puri das."

Sivananda's wife induced her son to offer his dandabats to Prabhu by placing him at His lotus feet. The boy was simply looking at the lotus feet of Mahaprabhu, Who laughed gently and placed His foot in front of the baby. Then the child in great ecstasy, caught hold of Prabhu's foot with both hands, and began to suck on His toe, while the devotees resounded in joy, "Hari! Hari!"

This boy later became known as Shri Kabi Karnapur Gosvami.


It was Mahaprabhu's standing instruction that as long as Sivananda's family, his wife and sons, remained in Puri, they should get the remnants of His prasadam.


One day, some years later, Sivananda brought his son Puri das with him to see Mahaprabhu. The young boy very reverently offered his obeisances at the lotus feet of Prabhu. Prabhu placed His hand on the boy's head to bless him and asked him, "Krishna, Krishna bolo. (Say Krishna, Krishna)!"

However the child remained silent.

Then Sivananda requested his son, "Krishna, krishna bolo."

Still no reply. The other devotees present also tried to get him to chant but to no avail.

Mahaprabhu exclaimed, "I have induced the whole world to chant, not only moving but non-moving living entities as well. Yet I could not cause this child to say Krishna's name.

Swarup Damodar offered his explanation, "As You have given him Krishna mantra, he has accepted it as his initiation, and therefore will not repeat the mantra to anyone else. His is chanting within his mind. This is my theory."

When Sivananda took his son back to their residence all those present asked him, "When Prabhu asked you to say Krishna's name why didn't you answer?" The child remained silent.


On another day Sivananda took his son to see Mahaprabhu. Prabhu addressed him, "Puri das! Let Me hear you recite something."

The boy replied,

Sravasoh kuvalayam aksnor anjanam uraso mahendra mani dam |

vrndavana ramaninam mandanam akhilam harir jayati ||

"The intoxicating, fragrant smell of a blue lotus flower, an ointment for the eyes, a necklace of Indra nila gems for the chest, and the crest jewel of all ornaments which adorn the damsels of Brindaban, Shri Hari (Lord Shri Krishna) is all of these. All glories to Shri Hari."


Everyone was astonished that a seven year old boy with no education could recite Sanskrit verses. All the devotees remarked that surely he has received the Lord's mercy. Mahaprabhu was moved to ecstasy by hearing this verse and embraced the boy in great love, showering His blessings upon him, "May you always be enlivened in the ecstasy of Krishna's pastimes."

Svarupa Damodara remarked "This verse that he has recited is the prime object of satisfaction for the ears of the devotees. Therefore one of his names will be Karnapur.

Thus the son of Sivananda later became famous as Kabi Karnapur, the poet who is expert in satisfying the ears of the devotees.


He compiled the following literatures: Shri Chaitanyacandrodayanataka, Shri AnandaBrindabancampu, Shri Chaitanya Charitamrita Mahakavya, Shri Gauraganoddesadipika, Shri RadhaKrishnaganoddesadipika, Shri Krishnahnikakaumadi, Alankarakaustubha, Aryasataka, Dasam skandha tika, and Chaitanya sahasra nam stotra.


According to Baisnab Acara Darpan, Kabi Karnapur's identity in Brajalila was Guncura sakhi. In Shri Chaitanya Ganoddesh (also known as Swarup Varnon or Swarup Nirnoy), attributed to the pen of Krishnadas Kabiraj Gosvami, it is described that Kabi Karnapur was Godhika sari, of SariSuk, the moyna and parrot who assist in Radha and Krishna's pastimes in Braja.

He has personally described in his own Gaur Ganoddesh Dipika that his two brothers Chaitanya das and Ram das were the two parrots Daksa and Bicaksan.