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Candrasekhar Acarjaratna;


Shri Candrasekhar Deb or Candrasekhar Acarjaratna was the uncle of Mahaprabhu, the husband of the sister of His mother. His mother's sister's name was Shrimati Sarbajaya Debi.

According to Gaur ganoddesh dipika, he was one of the nine Nidhis.

Along with other residents of Shri Hatta he came to live at Nabadwip, near the house of Jagannath Misra, in anticipation of the Lord's appearance, for which they had all been praying.

Candrasekhar and his wife were often present in the home of Jagannath Misra and Sacidebi since the time of the birth of their child Nimai and took part in his upbringing. Sometimes they would take Nimai with them to their house. As they had no children of their own, they considered Nimai to be their own son. After the disappearance of Jagannath Misra, Candrasekhar accepted the responsibility of looking after the family. Sacimata would always consult with him before undertaking any important activity. Later on, Shri Gaursundor used to hold congregational chanting at Candrasekhar's house as well as in Shribas Pandit's courtyard.


One day Shri Gaursundor expressed his desire to put on a play at Candrasekhar's house. Just before sunset all the devotees gathered at Acarjaratna's house. No one had ever before anticipated such happiness at the prospect of witnessing a dramatic performance. Adwaita Acarja, Shrivas Pandit, Hari das Thakur and Candrasekhar Acarja each appeared in various guises and acted out their parts on the stage with Shri Gaura Hari. Sacimata was present along with Bisnupriya.

Shri Gaursundor entered the stage dressed as Lakkidebi. Everyone was stunned by His appearance and thought that the goddess Herself had descended from Baikunthanagar.

Sacimata inquired, "Is this the goddess Lakkidebi herself?"

Acarjaratna's wife replied, "Can't you recognize your son Nimai?"

Startled, Sacimata wondered, "That's my Nimai? No it couldn't be."

For some days Mahaprabhu enjoyed this pastime of holding dramatic performances with his devotees and this increased their ecstasy unlimitedly.

Candrasekhar was also present during the Lord's pastime of holding a torchlit nam sankirtan procession in defiance of the Kaji.


Amongst the thousand names of Bisnu recorded in Mahabharata is found: sannyaskrt samah nistha santi parayanah.

Eventually the time came for the Lord to enact this pastime. It was as though the ocean of nectar became severely agitated by great waves. The devotees' hearts became greatly afflicted by anticipation of the pain of separation. Candrasekhar fell to the ground unconscious. As he regained his senses the earth became soaked with his tears.

Nityananda consoled him saying, "Candrasekhar, if you want to witness the further divine transcendental pastimes of the Lord, then try to get a hold of yourself. Prabhu will remain by your side, bound by your love for Him."


Candrasekhar came to the Lord's house in the evening. Unable to bear the pangs of impending separation, he broke into tears while gazing at the serenely pure face of the Lord. Mahaprabhu could understand everything and so He got up and embraced Candrasekhar very firmly. Candrasekhar asked Him, "Are you going to plunge Nadia into darkness by going away?"

Mahaprabhu replied, "Acarjaratna, just try to be patient. I am eternally bound by your love for me. How lovingly you raised me as a child. Do you think that I will ever be able to make up this debt to you?"

As He spoke, tears welled up in His eyes. Candrasekhar caught hold of Shri Gaursundor and held Him tightly to his chest. For some time the two of them silently shed tears. Finally Mahaprabhu said, "My pastimes are meant to deliver all living beings. Even though I may accept sannyas, I'll always remain bound within the temple of your heart. Please don't be impatient. You have to perform the requisite ceremonies for my acceptance of sannyas."

Hearing these words of Mahaprabhu, Candrasekhar was a little consoled.


As per the instructions of Mahaprabhu, Candrasekhar came quietly to Keshab Bharati's ashram. As his guardian, Candrasekhar, though his heart was splitting in two, performed the requisite rites. Then, after completing the ceremony, Mahaprabhu sent Acarjaratna back to Nabadwip. When the devotees heard from Candrasekhar what had transpired, they sent up a heart rending cry. Acarjaratna tried to console everyone and informed them of the Lord's future pastimes. [C.B.Antya 1]


After wandering in Rarhadesh for three days, Nityananda managed to bring Mahaprabhu to Santipur, and Candrasekhar, Sacimata and the other devotees from Nabadwip came there to meet Him. Returning to Nabadwip they spent a few months in great distress, but then came to Nilacal during the rainy season to again see the Lord of their life.

When they reached Atharanala, Mahaprabhu came to greet them and presented flower garlands from Lord Jagannath to Adwaita Acarja, Shrivas Pandit and Candrasekhar. Then He embraced them all while everyone shed tears of ecstasy.

After taking up their various residences there, they all began to extend invitations to Mahaprabhu. The first was from Sita Thakurani, then Malinidebi and then Acarjaratna's wife, whom Mahaprabhu considered as non-different from his mother. She herself had cooked many preparations and those preparations which Sacimata had sent were also fed to Him with great affection.

Mahaprabhu told his aunt, "Masima, please offer my obeisances to my mother and inform her that I come to visit her every day. She thinks that she is seeing a dream but I actually come there to take my meal."


NOTE: The main branch of Shri Chaitanya Math was established at Braja Pattan, the home of Candrasekhar, by Shri Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur.

The Drama At Candrasekhar Bhavan

All glories, all glories to the cause of all auspiciousness for the whole universe, Shri Gaurachandra. Please bless me by bestowing Your two lotus feet in my heart. All glories, all glories to the Life and Soul of Nityananda, Who is the identical form of the Lord. All glories, all glories to Bhakta Batsal, Who is very affectionate to His devotees, the abodes of all good qualities. All glories, all glories to Lord Gauranga in the company of His devotees. Whoever hears discussions of His pastimes will attain devotion to His lotus feet. Thus did Biswambhar Ray remain continually absorbed in drinking the nectar of His Holy Names, while residing in Nabadwip.


My dear brother, please give your full attention to hearing these pastimes of the Madhya khanda, when Prabhu assumed the dress and appearance of Lakkidebi and danced during a theatrical performance of the Lords Braja lila.

One day the Lord told the devotees, "Today I wish to dance, in accordance with the rules for dramatic performance."

He called Sada Siva and Buddhimanta Khan and instructed them to bring the required paraphernalia: decorations, conchshells, saris, blouses and ornaments.

"Everyone will play a part, according to his qualification. Gadadhar will play Rukmini and Brahmananda will be an old lady named Suprabhat. Nityananda will play the part of my elderly grandmother, Paurnamasi, while we will entrust Haridas to make the person of the police constable come alive within himself. Shrivas will of course be Narada and Shri Ram will play the part of a young brahmana boy who has just returned home after living under the care of his guru. Today I request that Shriman Pandit will be a lamp-bearer."

Then Adwaita inquired, "Who will play the part of the hero (the leading male role)?"

To this Prabhu replied, "We will enthrone Gopinath on the simhasan. So Buddhimanta Khan, you should go quickly and bring these things that I have requested. Today I will dance as I never have before."

Having accepted this order on their heads, Sada Siva & Buddhimanta proceeded on their way, barely able to contain the eager delight welling up in their hearts. While they had gone to bring the paraphernalia, the other devotees began to construct a pavilion by suspending a canopy overhead. In the meantime Buddhimanta Khan returned with many beautiful dresses and ornaments and placed them before the Lord.

Prabhu was very satisfied in His mind that Buddhimanta had brought such a nice selection of the articles which he had requested, and so he addressed all the assembled devotees, "Today I will dance, exhibiting a feminine form, and only those who are in complete control of their senses will be qualified to witness this event. Therefore only those who have the power to control themselves will be admitted within Candrasekhar's house."

When all of the Baisnabs received the news that the Lord would dance while exhibiting the form of Lakkidebi, their eager happiness multiplied manifold in anticipation of such a wonderful event. But when the Lord announced the condition prerequisite to being allowed to watch His dancing, they felt very dejected.


The chief of the devotees, Adwaita Acarja, came forward and while making some marks in the earth he declared, "Today I will not be able to see the Lord's dancing. Because my senses are not as yet totally conquered I shouldn't go there to attend this function."

Shrivas Pandit remarked, "I'm afraid I'm in the same position."

The Lord was pleased with their humility and so, smiling slightly, He assured them, "If you don't come to see My dancing then who will I take with Me to assist Me in this pastime. Don't be anxious in the least about this matter. All of you will today be great masters of mystic yoga (maha yogesvaras) and therefore free from becoming infatuated by seeing My form as Maha Lakki."

In this way, Chaitanya Gosai, to Whom no one can compare in His capacity to enjoy playful pastimes in sporting revelry, enlivened His devotees with the prospect of participating in this divine drama. Having received this order of the Lord, Adwaita, Shrivas and the other devotees became elated with joy.

Thus did the Lord Biswambhara proceed to the house of Candrasekhar Acarja, in the company of his devoted followers. Shri Gaursundor's mother, Shri Saci Debi, along with her daughter-in-law, Shri Bisnupriya, also accompanied them. In fact, all of the Baisnabs of Nadia, the internal associates of the Lord, converged at Candrasekhar Bhavan to witness this wonderful event. Candrasekhar thus realised the extreme limit of good fortune in that the Lord manifested this pastime at his house.

After they had all arrived at Candrasekhar Bhavan, the Lord took His seat in the midst of everyone and instructed them all to dress themselves according to the part which each was intended to play. With his hands joined importunately, Adwaita Acarja repeatedly requested the Lord, in all humility, as to which part He was to play.

However, Prabhu simply replied that since all the various parts to play were various manifestations of Himself, he could choose any one He wished. So the Lord of Santipur knit his eyebrows in reflection and while looking this way and that, deliberated about the part which he would play. As His external consciousness receded far away, He began to dance in unlimited ways, floating on and swimming around in the ocean of ecstasy. Then all the Baisnabs began to raise a big ruckus of Krishna's name as they became overwhelmed in the ecstasy of the moment. Mukunda began to sing in his sweet voice, "Ram Krishna bolo Hari Gopal Gobinda!


"Now enters Prabhu Hari das, wearing a loin cloth and sporting a big moustache, with a great turban adorning his head. Carrying a stick in his hand he began to caution everyone, "Hallow! Hallow my brothers! Be attentive! Today the life and soul of the universe will dance before you in the garb of Lakki debi."

With his staff in hand he began to roam all over the stage. His body thrilling with ecstasy and hairs standing on end, he became intent on awakening ecstatic love within the audience, "Krishna bhajo! Krishna sevo! Bolo Krishna nam! / Worship Krishna! Serve Krishna! Sing Krishna's name!" In a boastful mood he challenged everyone.


In reciprocation to this some members of the audience laughed while the others retorted, "Who are you? And why have you come here?"

Haridas replied, "I am the police constable of Baikuntha. In order to awaken remembrance of Krishna I wander everywhere throughout eternal time. My Lord has given up His abode in Baikuntha and come here for the purpose of distributing loving devotion, by all means and in every respect. Today He Himself will dance here in the guise of Lakkidebi and thus squander loving devotion on all of you. So be vigilant and prepare yourselves to receive it."

As he addressed the audience in this way he twisted the ends of his moustache and then began to run hither and thither on the stage, taking Murari Gupta with him. These two were the dear, devoted servants of Krishna and thus they became completely overwhelmed by ecstatic love, their bodies having become the play ground of Shri Gaurachandra.


Now Shrivas, who within an instant had dressed himself as Narada Muni, entered the assembly in a state of great jubilation. With a long white beard and tilak smeared over his whole body he began to glance in all directions while holding his Bina on his shoulder, and kusa grass in his other hand. Ramai Pandit entered behind him with a Kamandalu (waterpot) in his hand and spread an asan on the floor. Then Shrivas sat down on that asan while the members of the audience commented that it was as though Narada Muni himself had arrived on the scene. Seeing the excellent appearance of Narada, everyone was smiling.

Adwaita Acarja however, let out a deep roar and inquired, "Who are you?! And for what reason have you come here?!"

Shrivas replied, " Please hear my words. My name is Narada and my occupation is to sing the glories of Shri Krishna, as I wander throughout the material and spiritual worlds. I recently went to Baikuntha to see Lord Krishna, but I was told there that He has come to Nadiya nagar. I saw that all of the houses and gates of Baikuntha have become vacant. Neither the ladies in their houses, their husbands or families were anywhere to be seen. I couldn't bear to see Baikuntha destitute and void of any life, so I have come here searching for my Lord. Since the Lord will dance here today, after having accepted the garb of Lakkidebi, for that reason I have come here."

When all of the Baisnabs saw the perfect portrayal of Narada Muni's devotion to Krishna, rendered by Shrivas, they smiled and sent forth shouts of ecstasy, " Narada Muni ki jay!!!"

Actually Shrivas Pandit is non-different from Narada, being his self same form. Therefore his appearance, his speech, his character and his behaviour, exactly resembled in every way that of Narada Muni.

In the midst of all of the devoted wives of the assembled Baisnabs, the Mother of the universe, Shri Saci Mata was totally absorbed in relishing the mellows of pure love for Krishna, while watching this divine drama. At this point she asked Malini debi ( Shrivas Pandit's wife), "Is that our Panditji?"

Malini replied, "That's what everyone is saying. They are positive that's who it is."

Saci Mata was the personification of devotion and by seeing Shrivasa's form as Narada Muni she became completely amazed.

In the ecstasy of that moment she fell down unconscious and there was not even a trace of a pulse beat within her body. Therefore all of the Baisnabs became very alarmed. The chaste ladies immediately gathered around her and chanted: "Krishna! Krishna!" at the base of her ear.

When the mother of Gaursundor got back her consciousness, she frantically tried to find out where the Lord of her life, Shri Gobinda had gone. Though those assembled ladies tried their hardest to restrain her fitful movements, they could not. Thus a great pandemonium had ensued, instigated by the ecstatic transformations of Shri Saci Debi. Whether they were seated within the rooms surrounding the courtyard or within the courtyard itself, everyone lost their external consciousness as they continued to shed tears of ecstatic love.


Meanwhile, within another inner apartment, the Lord and Maintainer of the universe, Prabhu Biswambhar, was becoming totally immersed in the mood and sentiments of Rukmini debi, as He dressed Himself accordingly. Finally He became so completely obsessed and possessed by her presence that He was no longer aware of any other identity. Then it became a simple matter for the daughter of Bidarbha to dress herself.

With her tears which took on the attributes of ink, she began to compose a letter (to Krishna and which was to be delivered by one brahmana). The earth itself became as though a piece of paper on which to write that letter, and her finger was as like a pen. As Shri Gaursundor began to recite those seven verses from the Bhagavatam which describe that letter by Rukminidebi, an unrestrained flow of tears began to inundate the courtyard of Chandrasekhar's house.


Now please attentively hear those verses, which have been rendered into song and which caused the Supreme Lord, Bhagavan, to become her husband. "Oh most beautiful One, Who fascinates the whole world, Oh Acyuta, He who is imperishable and unchangeable and Who never falls down. When the nectarean words describing Your person entered through the holes of my ears, the burning fire within my body was completely extinguished. By hearing about Your wonderful qualities and Your enchanting beauty, which is the most desired object amongst all attainable goals for those who are endowed with the power to see, my immodest heart has become forcibly attached to You." (Bhag.10.52.37)


(To be sung in the raga, Karunyasarada)

"By hearing of Your qualities, the fire in my body produced from the threefold sufferings of this material world, although completely unavoidable, was nevertheless extinguished. To have the darshan of Your enchanting Form is to acquire the receptacle of all the hidden treasures of the world. Those upon whom Providence has bestowed the eyes to behold such a vision, they only can relish the happiness of seeing You. When I heard descriptions of the fame and prowess of the lion of the Yadus (Yadusimha), shyness has abandoned me and I have abandoned everyone and everything else as my heart has gone off to be with You only. Even amongst sober girls of high birth, is there anyone within the world who would not worship Your lotus feet if she got the chance? What are education and learning, high birth, noble qualities, wealth, beauty, good conduct, opulent dresses, ornaments and surroundings, if You are not present? Please forgive my shamelessness, Oh prince of the Gods, but I cannot restrain my heart which has merged with Your being. So You can understand that I have chosen Your two lotus feet as my only worshipful objects and in so doing I have placed my mind, my intelligence and my very life breath at Your lotus feet as an offering. By bestowing on me the position of Your wife, please make me Your maidservant. Please let it not be my fate to have to accept that wanton and foppish Shishupal as my husband."


My master, please show Your mercy and accept me as Your wife, so that what is meant for the lion is not dragged away by some jackal. If I have in fact executed vows and penances, given in charity, worshipped the Guru, brahmanas and demigods, and specifically served the lotus feet of Shri Accuta deb, then Oh my Lord, the Foremost bearer of the club, please accept Your role as the Lord of my life! Let that Shishupal be driven out of my life forever. You are the only bridegroom I will accept. This is the only benediction I want in life. Tomorrow is the appointed day of my marriage, therefore You must come very quickly today itself, without wasting a moment. Make Your approach very quietly and remain concealed just on the outskirts of Bidarbhapur. Then, just at the last moment, when those agitated kings like Caidya (Shishupal), Salba and Jarasandha arrive with their battalions, You should kidnap me and thus exhibit to them the power of Your two arms. At that time it will be realised by everyone, that although Shishupal is very vain and boastful, he is not even fit to become Your wife. After singlehandedly slaying those rascals You can carry me off without any opposition. Now I am just submitting this plan at Your lotus feet."

The day before my wedding there is a family custom which I have to observe, when the new bride goes to the temple of Bhabani. Just at that moment when I am proceeding there, You should capture me. Please take care that my friends who will be accompanying me are not hurt during any fracas that might ensue. Otherwise I will never be forgiven. The dust of Your lotus feet is desired by the husband of Uma (Lord Siva) and the other chief demigods, in order that they might bathe their entire bodies with such a refreshing substance. If for some reason You won't be able to benedict me with that dust, then I will have to succumb to the vow I have taken, which is to relinquish my life. So I have informed You accordingly. For as many life times as I am cheated from receiving the priceless treasure of those lotus feet, for that many lifetimes I will simply die needlessly. Please hear me Oh Lotus Eyed One."

"Therefore, go at once Oh brahmana and deliver this message to Lord Krishna."


When the Baisnabs heard Prabhu speak this soliloquy, totally possessed by the mood and sentiments of Rukminidebi, they shed joyful tears in ecstatic love and smiled to see the beauty of this performance. Such was the fun and merrymaking in Candrasekhar's mandir that day, that all the four directions resounded with the Baisnabs' loud shouts of joy, "Haribol! Joy Rukmimidebi Kijay! Haribol!"

After reciting the Premdhvani, Prabhu Hari das continued to chant, "Jag, jag, jag! Wake up! Arouse yourselves! There are even greater ecstasies in store for you!"

Shrivas Pandit, in the dress of Narada, began to dance, and thus the two of them awakened further ecstasies within the audience.


These joyful amusements comprised the first act, during the first prahar(three hours). Now with the beginning of the second prahar, Gadadhar made his entrance. Accompanying him was Brahmananda, in the guise of Suprabha, a prattling old woman who was his confidant and friend. Brahmananda was dressed in fine silk cloth; with a cane in his hand and carrying a basket full of fruits on his hip, he appeared just like an old grandmother.

Haridas first called to them, asking them who they were, to which Suprabha replied, "We're going to Mathura."

Then Shrivas accosted them, "Whose wives are you?"

Brahmananda replied, "Why are you asking us so many questions?"

Shrivas retorted, "Are you trying to deceive us?"

Then Brahmananda began to roll his head while saying, "Yes!"

At this point Ganga das inquired, "Where will you stay today?"

Brahmananda replied, "Will you give us a place?"

Ganga das, "My my! During our first meeting, when we hardly even know each other, you are making such a request so soon. This indicates that you are of loose character."

Now Adwaita piped up, "Now I don't think that was a proper thing for you to say either. Why are you trying to shame this lady, who belongs to someone else and who is fit to be your mother."

Next Adwaita addressed the two ladies, "My Master is very fond of dancing and singing. If you will dance here, He will no doubt reward you with great wealth."

Gadadhar was very pleased with Adwaita's words and so he began to dance in ecstatic love. In the guise of Ramadebi, Gadadhar's dancing produced an enchanting vision while he sang appropriate songs to accompany the theme of his dancing. Does such a person exist who will not become completely overwhelmed, who can contain his composure even after seeing the dancing of Gadadhar? It simply is not possible for anyone to restrain their tears while seeing such a river of love flowing from the eyes of Gadadhar. When that river falls to the earth she considers herself to be blessed by that celestial stream, in the same way that she is blessed by the descent of the Ganges. Gadadhar now took on the appearance of Ganga debi herself. Really, in every way he totally personified the presence of the female energy of the lord (Prakriti).

All the while Lord Chaitanya was repeating again and again, "Gadadhar is my family relation from Baikuntha."

Whoever was singing or simply watching this performance, began to float in an ocean of Prema (love). By the mercy of Shri Chaitanya deb their external consciousness ceased to function.


The sounds of "Hari! Hari!" resounded throughout the heavens as the assembly of the Baisnabs lost all patience. Drowning in their tears of ecstasy, a great commotion ensued.

When Gadadhar, the son of Madhab, heard that in all directions everyone was crying in Krishna prema, he continued to dance in the dress of a gopi.

Just at this ecstatic moment, the Lord of all living entities, Shri Viswambhar, made His entrance, covered in the garb of His original potency, Yogmaya. Just in front of Him was Nityananda Prabhu, dressed as an old lady, who hobbled along bent with old age, but nevertheless floating in an ocean of ecstatic love.

All of the assembled Baisnabs who comprised the audience let loose with great roars of, "Joy! Joy!" No one however, could recognize Lord Biswambhar, dressed as He was in such an enchanting fashion. Simply they could understand that this person is following behind Nityananda Prabhu, who is playing the part of the lovely grandmother.

"Therefore this must be our Lord Himself!" By inference they thus guessed this to be Shri Gaursundor, but by appearance and dress no one could recognize Him.

They remarked, "Is this Kamala debi produced from the churning of the ocean of milk, or the companion of Raghusimha (Lord Ramacandra) Janaki debi? Or perhaps this is MahaLakki debi herself, or maybe Parvati? She might even be the very form of the fortune of Brindaban, Shri Barshabanabi. Then again, she could be Bhagirathi(Gangadebi) or maybe some beautiful woman come to show us mercy? Perhaps she is Mahamaya, the enchantress of Mahesh?

In this way all of the spectators murmured among themselves as to the identity of this enchantress who they were not able to recognize as their dearly beloved Lord, due to the influence of illusion which acted on each of them accordingly. Even those who had seen the Lord daily from the time of His birth, didn't have even a faint recollection of Him by seeing this form. What to speak of others, even His own mother couldn't recognize Him and so she exclaimed, "Has Lakki debi Herself come to dance here?"

She who is inconceivable and unknowable, the mistress of all mysticism, was none other than Shri Hari Himself, Who had taken on His own female form, the personification of devotion.


While gazing upon this form that even Lord Shiva, in the company of Parbati, had been totally bewildered by (Mohini debi), all of the Baisnabs assembled there were able to retain their composure. This is only attributed to the favour of the Lord, with which He had promised to protect them, at the beginning of the drama. Due to the Lords mercy, which is a veritable ocean of compassion, they all saw Him as their Mother.

Having completely forgotten themselves they all began to cry tears of happiness, feeling as though their own Mothers had returned from the afterworld. In this way, Adwaita Acarja and the other devotees began to float in and swim around in the ocean of love of Krishna, produced from this captivating and enchanting vision of the Lord's female form. Meanwhile, the Mother of the universe, Viswambhar, continued to dance while singing appropriate songs to accompany the theme of His dancing.


Such were the ecstatic transformations of the Lord's emotions, that no one could definitely ascertain in which particular manifestation Lord Narayana's energy was dancing. When the Lord would remark, "Oh brahmana, has Lord Krishna come yet?", then everyone could understand that He was in the mood of the daughter of the King of Bidarbha (Rukmini). Then again when a flood of tears of joy would flow from His eyes, they could understand that He was the embodied form of Ganga debi. Some times He loudly let loose with a roar of laughter at which time His personified form of Maha Candi could be recognized. When He would dance somewhat immodestly, full of charm and expression, then He was understood to be Rebati, slightly intoxicated from drinking honey. At another time He called out to Nityananda, "Come on Grandmother let's go to Brindaban!" By this it was understood that He was in the mood of Gokulsundori (Brajasundori Radha). Then He sat with His legs tucked under His buttocks, in the Birasan, and appeared as a great mystic yogini.

As many manifestations of His feminine potency as there are within the unlimited universes, were that day exhibited by the Supreme Lord, while dressed as Rukmini debi. Under the plea of a dramatic performance, the Lord's real purpose was to disseminate the instruction that no one should censure His energies, be they internal or external, because the Lord and His potencies are non-different. Those energies described in the Vedas, as well as those which are known through popular customs and traditions of various locations, should all be revered due to their unflinching devotion to the Lord. Anyone who harbours malice towards the debs (Demigods and goddesses) causes the Lord to be sorrowful. Rather, He is pleased when He is worshipped along with His associates. Whatever the Lord Krishnacandra teaches for the benefit of His devotees, should be regarded as the truth. Only those who are sinful and unfortunate will not accept these instructions.


Thus the Lord Biswambhar, assuming the identities of His various energies, danced in such an enchanting manner, the likes of which no one had ever seen before. Whoever watched or simply heard or sang in accompaniment to the Lords dancing, was carried away by the forceful waves produced from churning the ocean of ecstatic love for Krishna. Even the tears which fell from the eyes of only one Baisnab were sufficient to inundate all those who were present there.

In this way Lord Gaurasimha danced after assuming the dress of His original potency, Yogmaya, while the black bees who were His devotees hovered around His lotus feet drinking up the honey produced therefrom. This they accomplished by witnessing these pastimes which aroused in them the highest joy.

Trembling, perspiration, horripilation and tears manifested simultaneously in the body of Chaitanya Gosai, Who assumed the very form of the embodiment of devotion. The capacity to describe this event cannot but be defeated by the sidelong glances of the Lord, as He danced while catching hold of the hand of Nityananda.


Shriman Pandit was standing in front holding a lamp, while Haridas cavorted about warning everyone to be cautious. Just then Nityananda prabhu, the original carrier of the plow, fell down unconscious upon the earth, having completely forgotten about His part as the old grandmother, while reflecting on the unprecedented pastimes which He had just witnessed. He became overwhelmed as various ecstatic symptoms began to compete with one another, until finally He remained upon the earth just as He does in His form of Ananta Sesh Nag.

When the assembled Baisnabs saw this, their ecstatic emotions became further agitated and they began to cry due to love of Krishna. Everything that happened was perpetuated by the Cause of all Causes, Shri Sacinandan.

Someone caught hold of another's neck and cried very loudly while others caught hold of someone's feet, searching for a shelter during this storm of ecstatic emotions. Others, who had attained no shelter, rolled around on the ground blown by the winds produced from their heavy breathing.

At this moment Prabhu Viswambhar, as MahaLakki took shelter in the arms of Gopinath, who seated her along side himself on the throne of Lord Bisnu. As all of the Baisnabs came forward and stood before the throne with their hands folded, Gauranga Shri Hari instructed them to recite prayers and hymns in His glorification. So the assembled devotees began to praise the Mother of the universe according to their various sentiments, while Mahaprabhu listened attentively. Some of them recited prayers to Lakki and some to Candi, dependent upon their own devotional inclinations.


"All glories to the Mother of the universe, MahaMaya, Who awards the shade of Her reddish feet to the distressful living entities. All glories, all glories to the Controller of the unlimited universes, by Whose influence religion is protected during the different ages. When Lord Brahma, Lord Bisnu and Lord Siva cannot properly describe Your glories, how can their followers possibly conceive of the limits of your greatness. You are the very Form and Identity of this universe, the reservoir of all potencies. You are Faith, Mercy, Shyness and Devotion to Lord Bisnu. All departments of learning are simply different forms of Yourself. In fact the Vedas themselves state that You are the innate potency within all of material nature. You are the Divine Mother of all living entities within all of the unlimited universes. Who can possibly describe Your true identity? You are Yourself the embodiment of the three material modes of nature which are the cause of the three worlds. Even the demigods headed by Lord Brahma cannot know You in full. You are the Shelter and Support of all existence, the Refuge of all living entities. You are material nature in its original, unaltered and dispassionate state. Though you are non-different from the Cit sakti (conscious principle) in the manifestation of this material world, You have so mercifully accepted the position of its Mother and are thus maintaining all of the living entities herein.

In the form of water You are the life of all that lives. Whoever remembers You gets freed from the intricate web of Maya. In the homes of the virtuous and pious folk You incarnate Yourself as Lakki debi, whereas in the homes of the wicked and dishonest, You manifest Yourself as eternal time. You cover and throw those demented souls into the darkness of illusion and bondage. You are the cause of creation and maintenance of the three worlds. Whoever neglects to worship You feels the pricks of Your trident (suffers the three fold miseries). As You are the well-wisher of the faithful Vaishnavas and benedict them by helping their devotion to awaken, please Dear Mother, bestow upon us the shade of Your lotus feet. If You are not merciful to us then we are sure to get caught up in unlimited desires. Then we will forget Your real position and simply will approach You as our wish-fulfiller. We don't wish to enjoy You, rather we want to serve You. Therefore, as our Mother please look after our real interests. You have accompanied us here simply to save us from ourselves. These souls, after suffering the kicks of unlimited desires are praying for deliverance. Oh Mother, please make them Your own servants and instruct them as to the real purpose of life. You are worshipful by all of the demigods including Lord Brahma. In Your manifestation of Gayatri debi You bestow intelligence within our flickering minds and thus by remembering You we are freed from dualities of illusion."


In this way, all of the Lord's principle devotees offered their hymns and prayers and so the Lord wanted to bestow upon them some benedictions. Again and again they stood up and then fell down like sticks, to offer their obeisances while reciting verses of praise all the while.

"Our dear mother, we have all taken shelter of You, please benedict us by Your glance of mercy that, with our minds steady, we can remain in the shelter of Your lotus feet."

Having thus made this final supplication, all the devotees raised their arms and began to cry in helplessness. Within the rooms surrounding the courtyard the exalted and chaste wives of the Vaishnavas all began to cry and in this way Chandrasekhar's house became filled with ecstatic joy. Due to being preoccupied with the delightful performance that night, the devotees were not externally conscious of anything else, and so were not even aware that the night had ended.

When morning, however, in her ostentatiousness began to obtrusively flash her reddish garments, they could not help but notice. When they thus realized that the Lord's dancing would now be concluded it was as though their hearts were pierced by poisonous darts. Having been very much startled by the sudden appearance of morning, they began to look this way and that while exclaiming, "The night has ended?!!"


Their crying resounded throughout Candrasekhar's house. Even if one were to imagine the weight of the grief accumulated due to the death of ten million sons, that would not equal the sadness born within the breasts of those devotees. It was only due to Lord's compassion that they did not turn into ashes. Such was their anguish while looking towards the intrusion of the reddish eastern horizon.

While feeling greatly dejected, their only thought was that the performance might go on. Therefore Shri Gaurachandra continued a little while longer. Feeling greatly depressed and distressed the devotees' only outlet was to cry. Inside the rooms the Vaishnavas good wives fell down on the floor crying, though they themselves are the Mothers of this universe, being expansions of Narayani debi Herself. Who could console another, as they were all terribly aggrieved? Ultimately their only shelter was to hold on to Saci debi's feet.

Chandrasekhar's house became transformed into an ocean of love produced from the tears of the devotees. Those tears were a manifestation of their devotion to Lord Bisnu and so it is only natural that Baisnabs cry very easily. In every life they are in knowledge of Krishna's personality.


Someone remarked, "Why has the night ended? Why has Krishna deprived us of such sublime sweet mellows?"

When Shri Sacinandan saw that in all directions the only movement was the ebb and flow of the tide of tears, He conceded to bestow His favour upon them.

As His heart began to pour out to them with the tenderness and affection that a mother feels for her sons, He simultaneously instilled in them the sentiments that young boy's feel for their mothers. Then the Lord Biswambhar, in great motherly affection, went and held each one of them very tenderly, while She fed them Her breast milk.

The Lord Himself manifested the forms of His various potencies, such as Kamala (Lakki), Parbati, Daya and MahaNarayani, the universal Mother. In this way He fulfilled His statement in the Bhagavad Gita: "I am the Father, the Grandfather, the Creator and the Mother of this world. The assembled Baisnabs, those whose great fortune is inestimable in tens of millions of lifetimes, then drank that breastmilk to their great delight. Naturally their feelings of impending separation were driven far away and they became greatly intoxicated by the mellows of pure love. All of the pastimes of the Lord are in no way affected by any limitation, including the time factor. The words appearance and disappearance are simply the utterings of the scriptures. In this way the Lord Biswambhar, Who is the controller of all the Raja's and Maharaja's, enjoyed some fun with the residents of Nadiya Nagar.


[Whatever gross and subtle bodies exist within the universes are all simply transformations of consciousness. Their distinctiveness is apparent only after transformation, which takes place according to His will. By His whims, the creation and dissolution of unlimited universes is occurring. In the same way, that Supreme Controller, whose slightest whim is instantaneous reality, desired to adorn Himself and His devotees in various roles and enact a theatrical performance of dancing. "Is it possible that any thing can take place without His will?" Therefore His appearance in these roles should not be taken as illusion or dreaming, rather, it was the greatest reality; created by Him simply for the purpose of delivering His separated parts and parcels. This is the real significance of this pastime. Whatever sinful idiots cannot understand this, call the Lord a gopi and thus, missing the whole point, simply bring on their own ruination.

The point is that the Lord is always the Bisoybigraha, the Supreme Subject. The Asroy, or supported energies, are meant to serve Him.

A baby on the lap of his mother is only capable of accepting service, not of rendering service. Until his consciousness becomes further developed, this is his only position. But even with the dawning of consciousness, most living entities become obsessed with the task of becoming Lord and master of all they survey and so it happens that accepting service remains as their only business. With this consciousness, those who profess to be somewhat religious devise some design in which the Lord becomes their order supplier. However, the Lord is eternally Prabhu, the Master, and Bhokta, the Enjoyer. Serving and carrying out orders is the function of His potencies (Shakti). Therefore those misguided souls who attempt to coerce the Lord into accepting the position of shakti, as opposed to Shaktiman, or who try to enjoy the kingdom of God without God; only become bewildered by the Lord's Bisnumaya and find in the end that their hands and feet are bound tightly with the energies which they sought to control, but which are meant for serving the Lord. All energies and potencies have their shelter and support in the Lord only. The internal energy is serving Him directly, whereas the external energy works in an opposite direction or indirect manner. To illustrate these points was the esoteric reason behind the Lord's staging of this performance.]


[Translator's Note: The internal(antaranga Shakti) is controlled by Shrimati Radharan, whereas the external energy (bahiranga shakti) is controlled by Durga. Though the current of the external energy flows very forcefully in this world and can pull one along even contrary to his will, if one takes proper shelter of the internal energy (Radha), then he can be carried in the opposite direction, towards the shelter of the service of Shri Shyamsundor's lotus feet.]


This dancing of the Lord and His associates as gopis, is the greatest wealth of the four Bedas. Whoever even hears of this attains Krishna bhakti (Devotion to Krishna).

Prabhu Nityananda took the role of a grandmother simply to compliment Shri Gaursundor's mood as Lakki debi. Whatever form the Lord Gaurachandra takes in His unlimited pastimes, Nityananda accepts a complimentary form simply in order to assist Him. That the Lord became a gopi and Nityananda an old grandmother cannot be understood by those who have no feelings or perception.

Only those who have been blessed by the grace of the Lord can penetrate these mysteries. Those who are unfortunate cannot realize the real identity of Nityananda Prabhu. Nityananda prabhu is the greatest jogi and the wisest sage in devotional knowledge.

"Why don't I hear any of your pert and precocious remarks now? Lord Chaitanya and Nityananda are one and the same! Why anyone should say that Nityananda is not of Lord Chaitanya? Even though you say such things I pray that His lotus feet remain in your heart. If after refuting all of your misguided opinions, anyone still wants to make some ill remark, then I will simply have to kick him in the head."


These narrations of the Madhyakhanda are like a waterfall of nectar for the ears. Herein the Lord Narayan Himself danced in the dress of Lakki debi.

The purpose of His dancing in the mood of the Mother of the universe was simply to impart His teachings regarding devotion. In this connection He completely fulfilled the desires of the devotees by breast-feeding them.

Thus for seven days, within the temple of Shri Acarja Ratna, the most strange and wonderful happenings continuously unfolded with such lustrous brilliancy and spiritual strength, with such a mettle and might, that the participants minds were astonished and their hearts drowned in unfathomable ecstasies.


With curious wonder, those fortunate souls who had amassed such pious merits as enabled them to be present there, witnessed scenes which appeared like the simultaneous presence of the sun, moon and lightning, shining and sparkling, gleaming and glittering all together in one place.

Whatever outsiders came to the Acarja's house during this time found that they had not the power to open their eyes. They began to talk among themselves, "Why is it that at Candrasekhar's house we can't open our eyes?"

Then the Baisnabs would simply smile to themselves without revealing anything further. Such is the impassable, impervious and impenetrable nature of Chaitanya Maya, the illusory energy of Lord Chaitanya; that no one could guess the mysteries of these occurrences. In this way Shri Gaurachandra enjoys His inconceivable pastimes with His associates in Nabadwip.


Oh My brother, please hear these topics about Lord Chaitanya. In the Madhyakhanda, His Divine activities and where they took place is being described. Thus Brindaban das, while singing something of the glories of the lotus feet of Shri Chaitanya and Nityananda Cand, comes himself to know something of Their secrets.


{It was in vogue at this time for eminent scholars from various countries to open their own private schools in Nadia.}

[As Narottam das is known as Thakur Mahasoy, Shrinibas as Acarja Prabhu and Raghunath das Gosvami as Das Gosvami, similarly Gadadhar Pandit is known as Pandit Gosvami].


In those days copies of books were obtained by paying a scribe to copy all of the verses by hand.