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Bhagavan Acarja;


Bhagavan Acarja Khanja was a partial expansion of Shri Gauranga.    [GGD 74]

He was born in Nabadwip but later came to live at Kumar Hatta. His father's name was Satananda Khan.

Their's was a wealthy family. Bhagavan was awarded the title Acarja due to his proficiency in logic. He was very dear to Mahaprabhu during the period of his residence at Nabadwip. His father married him at a young age after noticing his natural inclination towards renunciation. He was married with the daughter of Madhusudan Ghatak of Nabadwip. Bhagavan ran away to join Mahaprabhu in Puri, but Prabhu sent him back to his family. He had two sons, Raghunath and Ramanath. After some time he again went to Puri, leaving his sons and wife in the company of his disciples and his wife's brother.