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Everyone happily recevied them including the wives of Shrinivasa, who rushed forward to greet him. Upon meeting Iswari, Ramacandra fell at her feet. Seeing her face dark with grief, he inquired as to the cause of her distress. Iswari explained that Shrinivasa had been lost in deep meditation for three long days which caused her great anxiety, but now, upon seeing Ramacandra, her anxieties had disappeared. Speaking to him like a son, Iswari explained that Shrinivasa had. Hearing this Ramacandra fell at Iswari's feet then stood before her humbly with folded hands. He then went to see Shrinivasa, who lay in a state of deep meditation. His body was stiff and no sign of breathing could be detetected. Ramacandra tried to feel his breath by placing his hand under Shrinivasa's nostril, but he felt nothing. Turning to Iswari, he explained that Shrinivasa was immersed in a deep state of meditation, similar to the ecstatic absorbtion Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu formerly manifested. Calling the name of Shri Radha and beseeching Her blessings, Ramacandra covered the boy of Shrinivasa with a cloth and slid under the cover along with Prabhu. By exercising the powers given to him by the grace of Shrinivasa, Ramacandra also entered into a deep trance and in his perfected spiritual body he came to understand everything about Shrinivasa's trance. Ramacandra then assured Thakurani that if after two hours Shrinivasa did not regained consciousness, she should chant the holy name loudly in his ear.


          Thereafter, Ramacandra, in his original spiritual body, went to the bank of the Yamuna where Shri Mani Manjari was searching for the nose-stud of Radha which was dropped on the foot prints of Radha Krishna under the water and was covered by the leaf of a lotus. Mani Manjari happily greeted her confidante, and together they continued the search for the nose-stud. They both entered the water and eventually picked up the lotus leaf which had been concealing the nose-stud. Mani Manjari praised him profusely for helping her to find the nose-stud. They then rushed to the spot were Radha and Krishna were taking rest.

          All of the confidantes of Radha were anxiously waiting for Mani Manjari to return with the nose-stud. When they caught sight of Mani Manjari and Ramacandra, they happily received them, relieved to hear that the lost ornament had been recovered. Shri Rupa Manjari took the nose-stud and skillfully placed it through the hole on Radha's nose. Back in its rightful position, the nose-stud throbbed slowly along with the breathing of Shri Radha.


          Shri Rupa Manjari gently grasped one of Radha's legs and began to massage it. After some time, Shri Guna Manjari requested Mani Manjari to massage the other leg of Shri Radha. With great ecstacy, Mani Manjari accepted this service. Later Shri Guna Manjari told her that she had kept for her the remnants of Shri Radha's chewed betel leaf. Mani Manjari happily accepted it and was most pleased to see that she had also kept a portion of it for her confidante (Ramacandra).


Shrimati approached Shrinivasa and very humbly submitted that being ignorant and unqualified she was complely dependent on the mercy of her husband to understand what was right and what was wrong. Dedicating herself fully to Shri Acarya, she begged that her husband take her into his confidence as he had done with Ramacandra.


          Pleased by her submissive spirit, Shrinivasa took her and Rmacandra to a secluded place and told them that he had kept tied up in the edge of his cloth a piece of betel leaf which had been chewed by Shri Radha. He took out the betel leaf and gave it first to Ramacandra and them to his wives. The taste and sweet smell of it swept them away into a state of divine ecstasy. They were unable to control their emotions and tears of joy flowed profusely from their eyes. Shrinivasa reminded his wives how extraordinarily fortunate they were to have obtained the chewed betel leaf, a boon which even Lord Brahma is desirous of achieving. He further explained that they were now elevated to the platform of devotion equal to that of Ramacandra. Shri Acarya stated that Ramacandra was his life, as was Narottama. These two disiciples he could not be separated from.