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SL. No          NAME                                                                     SOURCE



E. 1.   EBADOLLA                                                                        GVA

E. 2.   EKACAKRAVASI VRIDDHA BRAHMAN                                      GVA

E. 3.   EKANTI GOVINDA DASA                                                      GVA






          He was a Vaishnava poet. (See Bangiya Sahitya Sevaka)




          Jahnava Devi, accompanied by her devotees, went on pilgrimage to Ekacakra, the village where her husband, Nityananda Prabhu, was born. It is recorded in Bhaktiratnakara 11.408 and 11.697-608, that when the pilgrims arrived at Ekacakra they met an aged brahmana, to whom they offered their humble obeisances and inquired from about the history of Ekacakra.


          Thus the brahmana spoke: "Knowledge of the significance of this sacred place has been passed down through the ages. The Pandavas, during their exile in the forest, visited Ekacakra and killed a demon named Vaka."


          "Formerly this was a charming, prosperous village filled with people. It was extremely beautiful with its numerous temples lining the banks of the wide river.  It was the abode of `Ekacakresvara', Siva and Parvati. But now, even what I had witnessed in my earlier days has completely disappeared."


          The brahmana went on, giving an account of Nityananda Prabhu's ancestry, His birth, His childhood days, and finally His acceptance of sannyasa.  At that point his voice cracked, choked with emotion. Jahnava Devi burst into tears, and all the devotees cried pitifully. The brahmana went on to explain that after Nityananda Prabhu left Ekacakra, the village gradually lost all its charm.  Because of Ekacakra's deteriorating condition, a wealthy Yavana who lived there, left the village and settled on his own land on the opposite side of the river.  Gradually all the residents of Ekacakra followed suit.  Even the childhood companions of Nityananda Prabhu deserted Ekacakra. Only he, the poor brahmana, remained, hoping that Prabhu would once again visit Ekacakra. Saying this the old brahmana uttered "Oh Nitai!" and began to cry loudly.




          Vaishnavas of Vrndavana gave this name to Baladeva Vidyabhusana. (See `Baladeva Vidyabhusana')