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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Bilvamangala Thakura > Krishna Karnamrita > TEXT32



tvac-chaisavam tri-bhuvanddbhutam ity avehi

mac-cdpalarh ca tava vd mama vadhigamyam

tat kim karomi viralam murali-vildsi

mugdharh mukhambujam udlksitum iksandbhyam


tvat _Your; saisavam—early age; tri—bhuvana— within the (-forge worlds; adbhutam—wonderful; iti— thus; av/ehi—know; mat—capalam—My unsteadiness; ca any. tava—Qf YOu; va—or; mama—of Me; va—or; aanigarr[1yam—to be understood; tat—that; kim—what; karomi-__T ^Q. viralam—in solitude; murall-valasl— Uplayer. Qf the flute; mugdham—attractive; mukha-ambuJarm—lotuslike face; udlksitum—to see sufficiently; iksanabhyam-by the eyes.


O Krsna O flute-player, the sweetness of Your early age is wyon(jerfui wjthin these three worlds. You know My unstteadiness) and I know Yours. No one else knows about th-jjg J want to see Your beautiful, attractive face somewheere in a solitary place, but how can this be accomplished?