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Tattva Prakaranam


1. ekah paro nanyah


Shri Krishna is one without a second: He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.


2. agunopi sarvasaktirameyatvat


Although transcendental to material qualities, Shri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, posseses expansive, immense potencies inconceivable to mundane perception.


3. viruddha-samanyam tasminnacitram


Innummerable contradictory qualities simultaneously existing in Shri Krishna is nothing uncommon or wonderful.


4. sa saccidanando jnanagamyo bhakti visayatvat


The Supreme Personality of Godhead Shri Krishna, whose form is eternal, fully conscious and blissful, is not perceivable by mundane faculties but can be realized only by transcendental unalloyed devotional service.


5. sa ca satyo nityo 'nadirananto desa-kalaparicchedat


The Supreme Personality of Godhead Shri Krishna is the Supreme Absolute Truth, beyond the influence of time and space.


6. paropi cijjadabhyam vilasi visva-siddheh


Although transcendental to matter and spirit, Shri Krishna expands  through His diverse energies as the cosmic manifestation, consisting of  both matter and spirit, for His pastimes.


7. tacchaktitastatvadhikyamiticcenna tadabhedat


Shri Krishna's transcendental potency is not a separate principle, it  is identical with Him.


8. kartapyavikarah svatantryat


Shri Krishna being supremely independent, is never affected by His creation, although He is the cause of all causes.


9. sadaikarupah purnatvat


Shri Krishna is the complete Absolute Truth. (The cosmic manifestation or annihilation does not change His fullness.)


10. karunyam tat kriya heturnanyadaptakamatvat


Devoid of any material need and desire, Shri Krishna performs His transcendental activities only due to His causeless mercy.