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Siddhanta Prakaranam


41. jnanasuryasyehi rasmayah sastrani


  Revealed scriptures are the rays of transcendental knowledge.  


42. sastramaksamesu valiyo vivekinam naitattanmula prapteh


  Rules and regulations are for regulating the ignorant conditioned  souls; those who have attained their constitutional awareness are not  limited by such conditions.  


43. bhakteyna sastram tadvidherjnanavirodhitvat


  Unnalloyed devotees of Shri Krishna are not to be limited by the  conditions of scriptural rules because their activities are based on  spontaneous attachment which is transcendental to rules and regulations.  


44. bhaktau na varnasramavidhih sa tasyajnanaparatvat


  Self-realized devotees of Krishna, due to attainment of knowledge of  their constitutional position, are beyond the codes of varnasrama.  


45. ajnahitartham grahyam karma na virodhi


  A selfless performance of activities for the welfare of ignorant  people doesn't create impediment in devotion.  


46. yathadhikaramavasthitirnoparyadhastvat


  One should perform devotional service according to one's acquired  nature and qualifications.  


47. kamyetarabhaktirnasasta cittaviksepatvadanitya phalatvac ca


  The original affinity of the living entities for Shri Krishna, when  degraded and misdirected toward others results in bewilderment of  consciousness and material attainments.  


48. pratyaksanumanabhyam bhagavata siddhanta eva gariyan vijnanamayatvat sarva siddhantasrayatvac ca


  Among realized knowledge and inference pertaining to the  conclusion of it, Shrimad-Bhagavatam is the highest because it is  transcendentally scientific and is the shelter of all conclusions.  


49. chaitanyasya sarvacaryasyavirbhave na gurvantaram


  At the manifestation of Shri Chaitanya, who is the universal acaryya and monitor of all souls, all other preceptors become secondary, for the soul is directly inspired by the Lord.     (In the absoluteness of the teachings of Lord Chaitanya, other  acaryas are absolved!) 


50. pare purnanurakti ritaresu tulya jade yukta vairagyanceti saragrahi matam


  Unalloyed love toward Shri Krishna, compassionate affection toward  others and dovetailing everything in the material existence in the service  of Krishna, constitute the cream of religious principles as far as the  essence-seeking transcendentalists are concerned.