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Sambandha Prakaranam


31. bhaktih purnanuraktih pare


  Bhakti is unalloyed full attachment to Krishna, the transcendental  Lord.  


32. tasyah svarupam phalamupayasceti


  According to the situation of the living entities (i.e.  conditioned or liberated) devotional service is also understood to be in  two stages (phala: end, fruition. upaya: means, regulative).  


33. phalabhakte nanyadangamekatvat svatasiddhatvac ca


  Spontaneous love of God is independent, unalloyed and  constitutionally the nature of the living entity and therefore does not  have any other limbs.  


34. upayabhakteh paranusilanam pratyaharascangah


  Cultivation of favorable devotion and retraction from sense  gratificatory activities are the two limbs of regulated devotion.  


35. sravana kirtanadini paranusilanopayogitvat tat pratyangani


  The nine processes of devotional service, beginning with hearing  and chanting, are the means by which one can develop such favorable  devotional love for Krishna.   


36. deharatham manah sarathi mindriya haya mastikyajnanena yuktavairanyena ca visayamargarcanai nivartayedesa eva pratyaharah


  The body is the chariot. The mind is the charioteer, the senses  are the horses. Driving this chariot back home (toward Krishna  consciousness) from the path of sense gratification by the help of  transcendental knowledge and proper engagement of everything i n  devotional service is known as pratyahara (retraction).  


37. jnananmuktih jnanadbandhas ca


  Transcendental knowledge is the cause of liberation and mundane  materialistic knowledge is the cause of bondage.  


38. vairagyanmuktih vairagyat bandhas ca


  Engagement of everything in Krishna's service is the cause of  liberation and pseudo-renunciation is the cause of bondage.  


39. pratyaharasampatteh parabhaktyasiddhavapi nadhah patanam


  If one is not fully free from sense gratification, the cultivation  of devotional practices will not award transcendental love for Krishna,  although there will be no downfall.  


40. pratyaharasamrddhya sadhanam bhavastayaiva bhavat prema


  To the extent of freedom from sense gratification, one can perform  pure regulated devotional service, which turns into 'bhava' bhakti which  will ultimately bloom into love for Krishna.