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Cit Padartha Prakaranam


11. cetanah paranugatastadvidhivasyatvat


The individual living entities are eternally subordinate to the Supreme Lord Shri Krishna and are subject to His rules.


12. tecanadhyanantah parasaktivisesatvat


These individual souls are eternal (beginningless and endless being), part and parcels of (the jiva-sakti) of Shri Krishna.


13. cidananda svarupa api parato bhinna nityasatyatvabhavat


Although constitutionally conscious and blissful, the living entities are certainly different from the supreme living entity Shri Krishna, who is the eternal Absolute Truth and Supreme Personality of Godhead.


14. tesam paratvam kecidaparebhedamitare tubhayam


The seers of the truth have established three views regarding the  living entity and the Supreme Lord, namely (a) oneness, (b) difference,  and (c) simultaneous oneness and difference.


15. sarvesam samanjasyam satvika vijnanasya bhramatvabhavat pramana satbhavac ca


There cannot be a mistake in the scientific evidence of  transcendental revelation. So, all these (three) views are in complete  agreement.


16. vicararagau cetana dharmau svarupa pravrtti bhavat


The constitutional nature and character of the living entity is  (transcendental) knowledge and love.


17. pare 'nurakti svabhaviki sreyaskarica itaresaupadhiki duhkhapradhac ca


  Love of Godhead is the natural and auspicious function of the  living entity. When that love is directed toward objects of material  existence it becomes the source of all miseries.  


18. upadhikrta hi klesah


  Miseries arise from attachments to material existence.  


19. anartha-nivrttir muktih svapada-prapakatvat


  Cessation of unwanted miseries brings one to the platform of  liberation where the constitutional position (as servant of Krishna) is  realized. 


20. jivanam itaranurakti heturisvara karunyam tata eva tesam svatantrya siddheh


  The material attachments of the living entities result from their  minute independence, awarded to them by the mercy of Shri Krishna, the  Supreme Personality of Godhead.