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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Bhaktivinoda Thakura > Sharanagati by Thakura Bhaktivinoda > XIII


1. Lord, there is now nothing left that may be called mine,

Thou alone art my father, friends, brother.

2. Friends, wife, sons, daughters, are now Thy servants:

My efforts for them are on Thy account.

3. Wealth, followers, house, way,- in as much as they

belong to Thee,

4. For Thy service, I earn riches,

And bear the expenses of Thy household.

5. I know neither evil nor good, I only serve,

A watchman set to guard the properties of Thy household.

6. My senses I exercise according to Thy direction

And desire to hear, see, smell and taste.

7. Nothing I do for my own pleasure,

"Thy pleasure is the essence" says Bhaktivinode.