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1. (Lord of my life) How tell Thee the story of my shame.

There is no sin

That I did not commit

Thousands of times and more, O Lord.

2. The fruit of those transgressions

Weighs me down in this life, -

Who is now to blame ?

At the time knowing well,

Deliberately I refused to consider the end, -

Yet now I want to be saved.

3. According to the offence

Punishment Thou wilt award,

And I shall be put into the bondage of this world:

Even so, through the cycle of those births,

In the company of Thy devotees,

May my mind ever repose at Thy feet.

4. This wise, cunning, desire of mine

I lay at Thy Feet;

The pride of my heart is gone;

Kindest to the humble,

Thy un-alloyed Mercy

Is now Bhaktivinode's only hope.