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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Bhaktivinoda Thakura > Sharanagati by Thakura Bhaktivinoda > IX


1. With a mind so evil

In the midst of this world,

Forsaken I lay,

Thy own servant,

A superior person,

Thou didst send.

2. Pitying me,

Fallen as I was,

He came to me and said, -

'Thou seem'st humble,

Listen to Good words

That will cheer thy heart.'

3. To deliver Thee

Shri Krishna Chaitanya

Has appeareared in Navadwipa;

Many another like myself

As humble and as base,

He has conducted safely

accross the sea of the world.

4. 'The Promise of the Vedas

To fulfil,

The son of Brahman, of golden colour,

Bearing the name of Mahaprabhu

Fills with ecstacy Nadia

In the company of the super ascetic, His Brother.

5. 'The Supreme Lord Chaitanya,

Who is no other than the son of Nanda,

By the free gift of His Own Name,

Has wrought the deliverance of the World,

Go thou also

And receive thy salvation'.

6. 'Hearing those words

I have come O Lord,

For the shelter of Thy Feet'.IX

1. I have done no good,

I have had no knowledge,

I have never worshipped Thy Feet;

Given to worldly pleasures,


I am now encompassed by darkness on every side.

2. Thou, O lord, art the Fountain of Mercy,

At Thy Lotus Feet

I surrender my soul,

May Thou afford to be kind.

3. This is Thy promise -

He who seeks Thy protection

No harm will know;

Sinner as I am,

Finding no other way,

I now beg for Thy favour.

4. Every other desire

Wholly discarding,

O, when shall I be Thine ?

Thou art the Eternal Master,

I am Thy eternal servant, -

This is the sum of Bhaktivinode's musings.


Crying out in grief,

Narrates the story of himself.