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Saranagati, by Thakur Bhaktivinode

- the first English translation,

published in The Harmonist during the 1930's




1. Sree Krishna Chaitanya, the Supreme Lord,

out of Divine Pity for jiva,

With His Own Associates and His Own Abode descending

2. The Love of God that can only be obtained with the utmost

difficulty to give freely away,

Teaches to take refuge in Him; resignation that is the very

life of the devotee.

3. Lowliness is the spirit, dedication of self, loving

acceptance of Him as Protector,

Cherishing faith that Krishna will surely protect,

4. Assenting to only acts that are conducive to devotion,

Promising to renounce conduct that is adverse to it -

5. In these sixfold ways, whoever takes refuge in Him,

His prayer reaches the ears of the Gracious Child

of Nanda.

6. At the feet of Rupa and Sanatana, holding the straw

between the teeth,

Falls Bhaktivinode clasping both the feet with his hands,

7. Crying all the while as he says: 'I am the vilest I do realise,

Teach thou me resignation and make me the worthiest.'