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First Principle of Surrender: Dainya


- Seven Songs -

Song 1


bhuliya tomare, samsare asiya,

peye nana-vidha byatha

tomara carane,  asiyachi ami,

bolibo duhkhera katha

1) O Lord, I forgot You and came to this material world, where I have experienced a host of pains and sorrows. Now I approach Your lotus feet and submit my tale of woe.


janani-jathare,  chilama jakhona,

bishama bandhana-pashe

eka-bara prabhu!  dekha diya more,

vancile e dina dase

2) While still bound up tightly in the unbearable confines of my mother’s womb, O Lord, You once revealed Yourself before me. Appearing only briefly, You then abandoned this poor servant of Yours.


takhona bhavinu,  janama paiya,

koribo bhajana tava

janama hoilo,  podi’ maya-jale,

na hoilo jnana-lava

3) At that moment I thought, “After my birth, I will worship You.” But alas, after taking birth I fell into the entangling network of worldly illusions; thus I possessed not even a drop of true knowledge.


adarera chele,  swa-janera kole,

hasiya katanu kala

janaka-janani-  snehete bhuliya,

samsara lagilo bhalo

4) As a dear son fondled in the laps of relatives, I passed my time smiling and laughing. The affection of my father and mother helped me to forget You still more, and I began to think that the material world was a very nice place.


krame dina dina,  balaka hoiya,

khelinu balaka-saha

ara kichu dine,  jnana upajilo,

patha podi ahar-ahah

5) Day by day I gradually grew into a young boy and began playing with other boys. Soon my powers of understanding emerged, so I diligently read and studied my school lessons every day.


vidyara gaurave,  bhrami’ deshe deshe,

dhana uparjana kori

swa-jana palana,  kori eka-mane,

bhulinu tomare, hari!

6) Proud of my accomplished education, later I traveled from place to place and earned much wealth. Thereby maintaining my family with undivided attention, I forgot You, O Lord Hari!


bardhakye ekhona,  bhakativinoda,

kandiya katara ati

na bhajiya tore,  dina britha gelo,

ekhona ki habe gati?

7) Now in old age, this Bhaktivinoda very sadly weeps. I failed to worship You, O Lord, and instead passed my days in vain. What will be my fate now?

Song 2


vidyara vilase,  katainu kala,

parama sahase ami

tomara carana,  na bhajinu kabhu,

ekhona sharana tumi

1) With great enthusiasm I spent my time in the pleasures of mundane learning, and never worshiped Your lotus feet, O Lord. Now You are my only shelter.


podite podite,  bharasa barilo,

jnane gati habe mani’

se asha biphala,  se jnana durbala,

se jnana ajnana jani

2) Reading on and on, my hopes grew and grew, for I considered the aquisition of material knowledge to be life’s true goal. How fruitless those hopes turned out to be, for all my knowledge proved feeble. Now I know that all such erudition is actually pure ignorance.


jada-vidya jata,  mayara vaibhava,

tomara bhajane badha

moha janamiya,  anitya samsare,

jivake koraye gadha

3) All the so-called knowledge of this world is born of the flickering potency of Your illusory energy (maya). It is an impediment to the execution of devotional service to You. Indulgence in mundane knowledge verily makes an ass of the eternal soul by encouraging his infatuation with this temporary world.i*


sei gadha ho’ye,  samsarera bojha,

bahinu aneka kala

bardhakye ekhona,  shaktira abhave,

kichu nahi lage bhalo

4) Here is one person who has been turned into such an ass, who for so long has carried on his back the useless burden of material existence. Now in my old age, for want of the power to enjoy, I find that nothing at all pleases me.


jivana jatana,  hoilo ekhona,

se vidya avidya bhelo

avidyara jwala,  ghatilo bishama,

se vidya hoilo shelo

5) Life has now become agony, for my so-called erudite knowledge has proven itself to be worthless ignorance. Material knowledge has now become a pointed shaft and has pierced my heart with the intolerable, burning pain of ignorance.


tomara carana,  bina kichu dhana,

samsare na ache ara

bhakativinoda,  jada-vidya chadi,’

tuwa pada kore sara

6) O Lord, there is no treasure worth seeking in this world other than Your lotus feet. Bhaktivinoda abandons all his mundane knowledge and makes Your lotus feet the sum and substance of his life.

Song 3


jauvane jakhona,  dhana-uparjane,

hoinu vipula kami

dharama smariya,  grihinira kara,

dhorinu takhona ami

1) When I was young, I felt a boundless ambition for earning money. At that time, bearing in mind the codes of religion, I accepted the hand of a wife.ii*


samsara pata’ye,  tahara sahita,

kala-khoy koinu koto

bahu suta-suta,  janama lobhilo,

marame hoinu hato

2) Along with her I set up a household and therein wasted so much of my time. Many sons and daughters were born, and my spirit was totally crushed.


samsarera bhara,  bade dine dine,

acala hoilo gati

bardhakya asiya,  gherilo amare,

asthira hoilo mati

3) The burden of family life increased day by day, and under its weight I felt my personal progress in life forcibly come to a halt. Old age came and beleaguered me on all sides, making my mind incessantly disturbed.


pidaya asthira,  cintaya jwarita,

abhave jwalita cita

upaya na dekhi,  andhakara-moya,

ekhona ho’yechi bhita

4) Diseases trouble me, constant anxiety has made me feverish, and my heart burns with every want. I see no way out of this predicament, for all is darkness. Now I am very much afraid.


samsara-tatani-  srota nahe shesha,

marana nikate ghora

saba samapiya,  bhojibo tomaya,

e asha biphala mora

5) The current of this worldly river is strong and relentless; a frightening, gloomy death approaches. `Finishing my worldly duties, I will worship You, O Lord’—that hope is now fruitless as well.


ebe shuno prabhu!  ami gati-hina,

bhakativinoda koya

tava kripa bina,  sakali nirasha,

deho’ more padashroya

6) Now please hear me, O Lord! I am utterly helpless. Bhaktivinoda says, “Without Your mercy, everything is lost. Please give me the shelter of Your lotus feet.”

Song 4


amara jivana,  sada pape rata,

nahiko punyera lesha

parere udvega,  diyachi je koto,

diyachi jivere klesha

1) My life is ever given to sin; in it there is not a particle of good. I have caused others great anxiety, and have troubled all souls.iii*


nija sukha lagi’,  pape nahi dori,

doya-hina swartha-paro

para-sukhe duhkhi,  sada mithya-bhashi,

para-duhkha sukha-karo

2) For the sake of my own enjoyment I have never hesitated to perform sinful acts. Devoid of all compassion, I am concerned only with my selfish interests. Perpetually speaking lies, I become dejected upon seeing others happy, whereas the misery of others is a source of great delight for me.


ashesha kamana,  hridi majhe mora,

krodhi, dambha-parayana

mada-matta sada,  vishaye mohita,

himsa-garva vibhushana

3) There are limitless material desires within the core of my heart. I am wrathful, fond of exhibiting arrogance, intoxicated by vanity, and bewildered by worldly affairs. I wear the cherished ornaments of envy and egotism.


nidralasya hata,  sukarye virata,

akarye udyogi ami

pratishtha lagiya,  shathya-acarana,

lobha-hata sada kami

4) Ruined by laziness and sleep, I resist all pious deeds, yet am very enthusiastic to perform wicked acts. For the sake of worldly fame and reputation I engage in the practice of deceitfulness. I am victimized by my own greed, being always lustful.


e heno durjana,  saj-jana-varjita,

aparadhi nirantara

shubha-karya-shunya,  sadanartha-manah,

nana duhkhe jara jara

5) A vile, wicked man such as this, rejected by godly people, is a constant offender. Devoid of all good works, forever inclined toward evil, he is worn out and wasted by various miseries.


bardhakye ekhona,  upaya-vihina,

ta’te dina akincana

bhakativinoda,  prabhura carane,

kore duhkha nivedana

6) Now in old age, deprived of all means of relief, thus humbled and poor, Bhaktivinoda submits his tale of grief at the feet of the Supreme Lord.

Song 5


(prabhu he!) shuno mor duhkher kahini

vishaya-halahala,  sudha-bhane piyalun,

ab avasana dinamani

1) O Lord! Please hear the story of my sadness. I drank the deadly poison of worldliness, pretending it was nectar, and now the sun is setting on the horizon of my life.


khela-rase shaishava,  podhaite kaishora,

gowaolun, na bhelo vivek

bhoga-bashe yauvane,  ghara pati’ bosilun,

suta-mita badhalo anek

2) I spent my childhood in play, my youth in academic pursuit, and in me there arose no sense of discrimination. In young manhood I set up a household and settled down to the spell of material enjoyment while my children and friends quickly multiplied.


vriddha-kala aolo,  saba sukha bhagalo,

pida-bashe hoinu katar

sarvendriya durbala,  kshina kalevara,

bhogabhave duhkhita antar

3) Old age soon arrived, and all joys consequently departed. Subjected to the torments of disease, I am troubled and weak. All my senses are feeble now, my body is racked and exhausted, and my spirits are downcast in the absence of former sense pleasures.


jnana-lava-hina,  bhakti-rase vanchita,

ara mora ki habe upay

patita-bandhu, tuhun,  patitadhama hama,

kripaya uthao tava pay

4) Devoid of even a particle of enlightenment, cheated of the mellows of devotion—what help is there for me now? O Lord, You are the friend of the fallen. I am certainly fallen, the lowest of men. Please, therefore, in mercy lift me to Your lotus feet.


vicarite abahi,  guna nahi paobi,

kripa koro, chodato vicar

tava pada-pankaja-  sidhu pibaoto,

bhakativinoda karo par

5) Were You to judge me now, You would find no good qualities. Have mercy and judge me not. Cause me to drink the honey of Your lotus feet and thereby deliver this Bhaktivinoda.

Song 6


(prabhu he!) tuwa pade e minati mor

tuwa pada-pallava,  tyajato maru-mana,

vishama vishaye bhelo bhor

1) O Lord! I offer this humble prayer at Your feet. I gave up the shelter of Your feet, which are soft as newly-grown leaves, and now my mind has become dried up like a desert, being scorched by the fire of absorption in horrible worldliness.


uthayite takata,  puna nahi milo-i,

anudina korohun hutash

dina-jana-natha,  tuhun kahayasi,

tumari carana mama ash

2) I find no strength to rise again, and thus I spend my days bitterly lamenting. O Lord who is called the master of the meek and humble! Your lotus feet are my only hope.


aichana dina-jana,  kohi nahi milo-i,

tuhun more koro parasad

tuwa jana-sange,  tuwa katha-range,

chadahun sakala paramad

3) There has never been a soul as forlorn as me. Please be merciful and award me the association of Your devotees, for by tasting the pleasure of hearing discussions of Your pastimes I shall give up all evils.


tuwa dhama-mahe,  tuwa nama gaoto,

gowayabun diva-nishi ash

tuwa pada-chaya,  parama sushitala,

mage bhakativinoda das

4) One hope animates my soul: To spend day and night singing Your holy name while living in Your divine abode. Your servant Bhaktivinoda begs a place in the supremely cooling shade of Your lotus feet.

Song 7


(prabhu he!)

emona durmati,  samsara bhitore,

podiya achinu ami

tava nija-jana,  kono mahajane,

pathaiya dile tumi

1) O Lord! With such a wicked mind as this I have fallen into the material world, but You have sent one of Your pure and elevated devotees to rescue me.


doya kori’ more,  patita dekhiya,

kohilo amare giya

ohe dina-jana,  shuno bhalo katha,

ullasita ha’be hiya

2) He saw me so fallen and wretched, took pity, and came to me saying, “O humbled soul, please listen to this good tiding, for it will gladden your heart.


tomare tarite,  shri-krishna-chaitanya,

navadwipe avatar

toma heno koto,  dina hina jane,

korilena bhava-par

3) “Shri Krishna Chaitanya has appeared in the land of Navadvipa in order to deliver you. He has safely conducted many miserable souls such as you across the sea of worldly existence.


vedera pratijna,  rakhibara tare,

rukma-varna vipra-suta

mahaprabhu name,  nadiya mataya,

sange bhai avadhuta

4) “To fulfill the promise of the Vedas, the son of a brahmana, of golden complexion and bearing the name of Mahaprabhu, has descended along with His brother, the avadhuta. Together They have overwhelmed all of Nadiya with divine ecstasy.iv*


nanda-suta jini,  chaitanya gosai,

nija-nama kori’ dan

tarilo jagat,  tumi-o jaiya,

loho nija-paritran

5) “Shri Chaitanya Gosai, who is Krishna Himself, the son of Nanda, has saved the world by freely distributing the gift of His own holy name. Go to Him also and receive your deliverance.”


se katha shuniya,  asiyachi, natha!

tomara carana-tale

bhakativinoda,  kandiya kandiya,

apana-kahini bole

6) Hearing those words, O Lord, Bhaktivinoda has come weeping and weeping to the soles of Your lotus feet and tells the story of his life.