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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Bhaktivinoda Thakura > Sharanagati > Goptritve-varana

(Goptritve-varana, acceptance of the Lord as Maintainer, 4 songs)

(1) jani ki bale, tomara dhamete,

   hoinu saranagata

   tumi doya-moy, patita-pabana

   patita-tarane rata

2. bharasa amara, ei matro natha!

   tumi to’ karuna-moya

   taba doya-patra, nahi mora sama,

   abasya ghucabe bhoya

3.amare tarite, kaharo sakati,

   abani-bhitore hani

   doyala thakura! ghusana tomara,

   adhama pamare trahi

4. sakala chariya, asiyachi ami,

   tomara carane natha!

   ami nitya-dasa, tumi palayita,

   tumi gopta, jagannatha!

5. tomara sakala, ami matro dasa,

   amara taribe tumi

   tomara carana, korinu barana,

   amara nahi to’ ami

6.bhakativinoda, kandiya sarana,

   lo’yeche tomara paya

   khomi’ aparadha,  name ruci diya,

   palana korohe taya



How has one such as I come to Your shelter? Surely it is by Your mercy alone, for You are everseeking the purification and deliverance of the fallen souls.

You are my only hope, for You are full of compassion and mercy. There is no one who needs Your mercy more than I. You will surely drive away all fear.

No one else has the power to deliver me. O merciful Lord, by Your declaration, kindly deliver this vile and lowly sinner.

I have given up everything and come to Your lotus feet. I am Your eternal servant, and You are my protector and maintainer, O Lord of the universe!

Everything is Yours. I am merely a servant, certain that You will deliver me. I have chosen Your lotus feet as my only shelter. I no longer belong to myself.

Weeping, Bhaktivinoda takes shelter at Your feet. Forgive his offenses, afford him a taste for the holy name, and kindly maintain him.

(2) 1.dara-putra-nija-deho-kutumba-palane

   sarbada bhakula ami chinu mane mane

2.kemone arjibo artha, yasa kise pabo

   kanya-putra-vivaha kemone sampadibo

3.ebe atma-samarpane cinta nahi ara

   tumi nirbahibe prabhu, somsara tomara

4.tumi to’palibe more nija-dasa jani’

   tomar sebaya prabhu baro sukha mani

5.tomara icchaya prabhu saba karja hoy

   jiba bale, — ‘kori ami’, se to’ satya noy

6.jiba ki korite nare, tumi na korile?

   asa matro jiba kare, taba iccha-fale

7.niscinta hoiya ami sebibo tomaya

   grhe bhalo-manda ho’le nahi mora daya

8.bhakativinoda nija-swatantrya tyajiya

   tomara carana sebe’ akincana hoiya



Within my heart I have always been anxious for the maintenance of my wife and children, my own body and relatives.

How will I earn money? How will I obtain fame? How will I arrange the marriages of my sons and daughter?

Now, through self-surrender, I have been purged of all anxiety. O Lord, surely You will provide for the maintenace of Your household.

Surely You will preserve me, knowing me to be Your own servant. O Lord, in Your devotional service I feel great happiness.

All events take place by Your will, O Lord. The deluded soul of this world declares, “I am the doer,” but this is pure folly.

If You do not act first, then what is a tiny soul actually able to do? By Your will he can only desire to act, and unless You fulfill his desire, he cannot do anything.

I will serve You free from all anxiety, and at home, if any good or evil should occur, it will not be my responsibility.

Bhaktivinoda thus gives up his independence and engages in the exclusive service of Your lotus feet with no other interest in life.

(3) 1.sarbaswa tomar, carane sampiya,

   porechi tomara ghare

   tumi to’thakur, tomara kukur,

   boliya janaho more

2.bandhiya nikate, amare palibe,

   rohibo tomara dware

   pratipa-janere, asite na dibo

   rakhibo garera pare

3.taba nija-jana, prasad sebiya,

   ucchista rakhibe jaha

  amara bhojan, parama-anande,

   prati din habe taha

4.boshiya suiya, tomara carana,

   cinitibo satata ami

   nacite nacite, nikate jaibo,

   jakhona dakibe tumi

5.nijera posan, kabhu na bhavibo

   rohibo bhavera bhore

   bhakativinoda, tomare palaka,

   boliya barana kare



Now that I have surrendered all I possess, I fall prostrate before Your house. You are the Supreme Lord. Kindly consider me Your household dog.

Chain me nearby and maintain me as You will. I shall remain at the doorstep and allow no enemies to enter Your house. I will keep them at the bounds of the moat surrounding Your home.

Whatever remnants Your devotees leave behind after honoring Your prasada will be my daily sustenance. I will feast on those remnants with great ecstasy.

While sitting up, while lying down, I will constantly meditate on Your lotus feet. Whenever You call, I will immediately run to You and dance in rapture.

I will never think of my own maintenance but rather remain transported by a multitude of ecstasies. Bhaktivinoda accepts You as his only support.

(4) tumi sarbeswareswara brajendra-kumara!

tomara icchaya biswe srjana samhara

taba iccha-mato brahma karena srjana

taba iccha-mato visnu karena palana

taba iccha-mate siba karena samhara

taba iccha-mate maya srje karagara

taba iccha-mate jiber janama-marana

samriddhi-nipate duhkha sukha-samghatana

miche maya-baddha jiba asa-pase fire

taba iccha bina kichu korite na pare

tumi to’ rakhaka ar palaka amara

tomara carana bina asa nahi ara

nija-bala-cesta-prati bharasa chariya

tomara icchay achi nirghara koriya

bhakativinoda ati dina akincana

tomara icchay ta’ra jibana marana



O youthful son of the King of Vraja, You are Lord of all. Creation and destruction take place in the universe according to Your will.

According to Your will Lord Brahma creates, and in accordance with Your will Lord Vishnu maintains.

Lord Siva destroys in similar obedience to You, and by Your wish maya constructs the prison house of this world.

By Your will the living beings take birth and die, and by Your will they meet with prosperity and ruin, happiness and sorrow.

The tiny soul bound up by maya vainly struggles in the fetters of worldly desire. Without Your sanction he is unable to do anything.

You are my protector and maintainerl Without Your lotus feet there is no hope for me.

No longer confident of my own strength and endeavor, I depend solely on Your will.

Bhaktivinoda is most poor, and his pride has been leveled. Now he lives or dies, as You wish