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( The wish-yeilding tree of Transcendence and

eternal well-being of loving service to Shri Radha and Krishna )

By Seventh Goswami Shrila Saccidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura

Published by Gaudiya Mission.



( Ashim Chatterjee )—M.A, ( English ) A first class certificate holder of German language, Calcutta University.





"ShriKrishna Caitanya", as the very name connotes, is an ever-green Tree, that beautifies 'Vaikuntha'-the Supra-mundane Region, that bears the fruit of eternal servitude  in the Divine Love frolics of Sri Sri Radhakrishna ( Radha Krishnavilasesu dashyam ) that favours with such fruit and that renders itself accessible to the transcendentally  wise who take refuge under it Here, it is the most meaningful and significant title assigned to a collection of Divine Songs composed by Shqla Thakur Bhaktivinode. The  theme containted in, and the message conveyed by, each of these Divine Songs, consisting of words Transcendental, have been presented by the Great Composer in a  graded sequence of the stages involved in the God-ward march of a struggling sou I. The spiritual instructions, the realisation of the spiritual imperatives and the heart-felt  worshipful prayer to The Supreme Lord constitute the three principal branches of-thisTranscedental Tree (and therefore of this composition), serving as a perennial source of  unspeakable delight to the spritually-realised souls.


The Author-Composer, though a Divine Delegated Potency of The Lord, appeared before the wordlings, over a century ago, as a reputed philosopher-composer, a prolific  writer and a pioneer of the movement of pure devotion, at a critical juncture when the  Teachings of Shriman Mahaprabhu were facing obscurity on account of irreligious  proclivities-a necessary concomitant of the Kali-yuga. From the stand point of the three 'anubandhas' namely, Sambandha, Abhidheya and Prayajana, the praecognita of all  scriptual literature, these spritual songs have been so constructed, arranged and presented as to encompass the entire realm of Gaudiya Vaishnava theology as well as its  metaphysics. The exposition of intricate ontological principles through the lucidity of congregational songs in a manner intelligible to the masses, is itself a super­human  task and, naturally therefore, none else, but Thakur Bhaktibinode alone had to do it. These are priceless treasures that we have inherited from our illustrious Preceptors, and  their preservation and preaching is the   worthy   successors, solemn duty.With this end in view, His Divine Grace Om Vishnu-pad Astottara-Sata-Shri Shrila Bhakti Srirup  Bhagabat Maharaj—the present President Acharya of the Mission, considers it necessary to have an English rendering of this Great melodious composition of the abstruse  metaphysical principles. Under the spiritual guidance and with the active participation of His Divine Grace, the Mission has, in celebration of the quingentnary the advent of  Shriman Mahaprabhu, undertaken and imple­mented programmes of invaluable historic importance. This is another such singular service rendered by His Divine Grace to  ensure dissemination of the Transcen­dental Sound among a still wider section of the huma­nity in general, and the Seekers of Truth, in particular.


The Translator- Editor of this volume,   imbued   with the spiritual energy transmitted by   his   Divine   Master has already been raised to a position in   the ontolgical  hierarachy of the Mission, and therefore needs no fre<h introduction.       The     Master's   merciful   benediction, showered on  him intorrents,   has   energized his innate  intellectual calibre to measure up to   the   delicate   but arduous task of retaining the lyrical beauty,  the  refine­ment and resonance of expressions and   purity   of   the  poetic direction inherent in the Original,  to   an   extent not   normally    considered   possible,   because   of  the absence of a   comparable   literature   in   the    English-speaking world. This   is   his   second   publication-the earlier one   being -the 'Becon  Light of Transcedence' a garland of Transcendental Words being   offered   to  the Lotus Feet of Shri   Shriman   Mahaprabhu,   at   the behest of his Divine Master.    May the blesings of   the Lord be with him and crown his spiritual endevour with a  glorious success.


 B. H. Hrishikesh    Secretary Gaudiya Mission


Kalyana Kalpataru


Advice Song No. 1


Oh Mind, why do you worship rubbish ?

This elemental  worldly life is detrimental to Jivas and it is a vast ocean of ill.

Unalloyed pure Jivas beyond the reach of elements and ever blissful are the respository of transcendental love that is beyond the realm of illusion. So you are a pure spirit,


Why do you get infatuated again and again of this phenomenal world ?


 Once again take a look within and see that soul is the  receptacle of Ambrosia.    You  should  cudgel your intellect to it.


You are the  soul and  ever  reside in  Brindaban at the divine shelter of Shri  Chaitanya. From time  immemorial you belong eternally to the divine  damsels  and  in great  pleasure  of service make the  worship  of divine couple your ideal There is no way out for such an idiot as leaves aside the worship  of twin   images (Radha and Krishna).


Advice Song No. 2


Mind, you love to ride the crest of desire, Shun  the  inert desire behind, Serve the pure love and resort to the transcendental past time Transitory illusory desire, peaceless  and ceaseless, never satiates the appetite.You desire the  commodity of lust,  yet you do not get it and even if you get it, it leaves your company. One whom you   serve  cannot worship you, Binode burns in agony.Then leave the false desire, be a seeker of truth and worship Brindaban's Madan Mohan. Then  you  will  be saturated  with  waves of divine love at the stroke of His flower-arrow to your eternal body.


Advice Song No. 3


Oh Mind you are very suspicious at heart. You have come to this world, being covered by a pall of matter. You become addicted to matter ever and anon. Oblivious of your  place of eternal habitat you serve matter-coated lust and you find nothing other than matter. Your divine selfbeing covered, is about to lose its entity in human form. You are  always meditating on inert wisdom and with it creating a univeise. To whom I shall communicate   my   agonies   leaving my eternal master behind? You bank    upon    trifling theology, you never look for the'ontology, of the soul and leave aside the pure theology and take leave of the soul. Whether there is a soul or not you   nurture

this suspicion and matter gets   adored gradually   by you. Thus you become distant from yourself, being in the grip  of illusion of matter.


Now keep up my word--do not indulge   inself-delu-sion. Then be in the constant association of monks.Your suspicion will  melt away   by   the    mercy   of vaishnavas and    again you will be yourself. Then you will attain Brinbadandham and worship Shri Radha and Sham. The body is wet with tears of joy. Shri Radha   Krishna's feet are the  wealth of Bhakti Binode and I am ever addicted to these Divine Feet.


Advice Song No. 4


Mind, you are very mean. Why do you desert your God Hari making fetish of lust ?

Absolute Reality is a theology to which you devote yourself out and out and adore it in right earnest. And other gods of mixed entities innumerable are the lords of their own  activities. With due regard for those Gods worship only Hari   who is the God of Gods. Illusion is the  shadow   energy   of   Hari.   You   repose earnest faith in it. And you  kill time ceaselessly and unnecessarily. Watering the root strengthens   the   boughs and   twigs, watering the top is of no use. All gods   befriend   one   who   nurtures   an    unalloyed devotion to Hari, He ever adores all the devotees. Binode asks mind to worship the Divine Feet of Shri Radha and Krishna ever and anon.


Advice Song No. 5


Mind, why do you have this misgiving ?

With contempt for matter and while   worshipping   Hari you are afraid of watching your divine self. While meditating on your divine aspect lest the   matter

should  possess you  conceive of merging    with   the divine being due to this haunting fear.  Surely slowly you have made it amorphous,   colourless, omnipresent, eternal  and without any aspects. Due to the religion of want and the nature not settled at heart, there is a paucity of feeling. Leave this knot of polemics and indulge in supreme  bliss and have shelter at the lotus feet of Krishna Chandra. Being intelligence and bliss, make the Divine Aspect of Shri Krishna who becomes the repository of all joy   and

love. Everywhere his Divine Aspect is complete and unpara­lleled but it is not so with    Brahma. So the Brahma spreads the   beauty   of   Krisna's Divine Form.

It is called the greatest, Brahaman-Para   Brahman  is   what  makes the  Divine  Aspect of Shri Krishna where in lies the love of Binode.


Advice Song No. 6


Mind, what have you studied?

By studing at Mabadwip and   wearing   the   mantle   of  Nayaratna you make a parade of your learning. The knowledge regarding the substance   of matter and

the place of ruse,   privation-you   make a  comparative judgment. You never consider the deadly result of casuistry and its dangerous poison. Heart becoms obdurate. The  seed; of devotion did not develop.   How   will   you   get  across   the   ocean   of worldliness ? The Gods you have decided by means of surmises and direct evidence is the  source of origin.    How will he be  worshipped?

Rejecting easy meditation and worshipping the  surmise your heart becomes prone to  casuistry. The heart sheltering the Krishna wealth does not get its pleasures,

fie upon the sophistry. Drive away the injustice like justice ceaselessly, worship Krishna, the essence of essences.


Advice Song No. 7


Mind you desire to be an ascetic. Study of yoga, observance of strict   rules of asceticism, meditation, penance and renunciation will cut no ice. BV drying up.your   mind    and   form   and   suspending breath you think of oneness with Brahman.You attain eighteen material benefits by   forgetting   the-highest truth. And  you will crave for riches. Leaving  the gross matter aside and   entering   into   the subtle one you will again suffer misery. 'Soul is a pure immortal treasure and is a  mean servitor of Hari what it can derive out of yogic practices ? Have re­course to devotion mixed yoga and there will be no fear. There is an easy possibility of nectar. It is  Binode's supplication to worship Radha   Krishna leaving the other courses of yoga  behind.


Advice Song No. 8


Oh Brother why mind desires to be at one with Brahma, How wonderful to whom I shall communicate, Why it merges itself with one to be eternally worshipped as you form it  ? A drop does not make an ocean, a dwarf cannot   touch the moon.-Does the pollen resemble the mountain ? The only gain is offence and the summum bonum is

rejected. What a pity for those who   advocate   an   identification  with Brahma. Leave this evil design behind and making a pure entity, look for love. Identification with  Brahama and emancipation go into the making of Bhakti, if you   find   the   words    in   the scriptural literature. Krishna-Love results and the feeling of   being a   very close  associate of Krishna is eternal. The devotee   gets Krishna finally. Brindaban is the Abode of Krishna full of infinite bliss. It gives glimpses into the Divine Aspect of the  Absolute Reality. A gossamer   of   rays,   emanating   from   the  Absolute Reality, wears a beautiful look like Brahman,   and makes the world of illusion excellent. Jivas,      incarcerted   by     illusion,     want   to     remain contented with it— It is almost like   a   glowworm due   to   the   dearth   of sunlight, if ever at the stroke of good luck, it  appears to be pleasing like Brindaban,   in   the   divine   company   of Vaishnava preceptors. Then being attracted by Krishna and feeling a little divine flavour it runs towards  the   Absolute Reality,   deserting ithe Brahman. Have a discourse on the noble  lives   of   Sukhdev   and other hermits— this servitor holds your feet


 Advice Song No. 9


Oh Mind ! Why do you have the caste-vanity ?

When you die as a sinner, the Summoner of death or the Messenger of Yama takes you away without any regard for caste. If you do perform honest deeds,

then you enjoy the heaven. There the Brahamins and the populace of low caste stand on an equal platform. In hell both will be punished at the same place. The judgement  stands equal even in another existence after death. Then why do you nurture an ego with a trifling vanity of caste that stretches unto death.


Assuming a high caste and abhoring casteism, don't look for a hell. Let you remain a Brahmin with social respect and without insulting Baishnavas. Any intelligent being  never gets himself involved in a big affair, himself being an ordinary and mean  fellow. If you devote yourself  to Krishna with full  energy, you will earn a golden place.

Effective will be the thread and all benefit will accure from it — Binode will be eulogising you.


Advice Song No. 10


Oh mind I why you make a parade of your learning. The holy law book, Smriti, Grammar and discources in manifold languages will heighten the aroma of fame. But after a  careful thought you notice that if you do not worship Hari, your learning will be reduced to a terrible hell. Devotion sprouts out of the seed of Krishna-love. It is not possible  out of learning, It often does harm—I do feel it in this mundane world. The discourses on learning, that helps the addiction to Krishna develop is adored everywhere.

Genuinely give a kick to trifling learning where  •••    Krishna-love gets impeded  Krishna-devotion is the life of Krishna-beloved Saraswati. That is the glory of Binode.


Advice Song to. 11


Oh Mind ! Why you brag about the glory of your beauty."  Ephemeral is this mortal frame and it never gets steadier. This limb will cool down and eyes will be motionless.

It will be reduced to ashes on the funeral pyre. The face that you look at ever in the mirror will be the food of carnivores. Then where will remain the piece of cloth

you wrap yourself up with. when the summon comes, there appears nothing. Friends will all take you  to the crematorium and will return home  after your cremation.

Thus you realise the   essence to whom you belong and who is yours-your body will be  eternally destroyed. If you want the eternal recourse, sing the glories of Hari

and always chant the Divine Name of Hari. Mind, leave aside the casuistry. worship Krishna and that is the refuge of Binode.


Advice Song No. 12


Oh Mind I Wealth and insolence are mostly worthless.When the frame is undermined, wealh, kith & kin and resources  go to rack and ruin.


The earnest efforts of learning and the advice of the physician fail to keep up the frame. The life-air goes out  and there remains the mere  mortal frame.

A Jiva-soul never sticks to the perishable frame.

If wealth  would have infused life,then the wealthy kings would not have died. This universe would have been  full of immortal Rabans. Wealth does not keep the body up

and when the body is gone, there is none.What will you do with the riches ?

If you have untold wealth, be humble and do yeomen's job to the Baishanavas. Have piety in Jivas, worship Radha and Krishna  and ever practise the honest deeds.


(13)     Mind, why do you want to dress yourself as a hermit ?

The more the external make-up the greater the sham at heart. Worshiping arrogance you make a parade of  your ego. Pursue my words make your heart pure

and drink the nectar of Krishna ever. Look for the way in which life is simply lived and devotion gets no obstacle. Be contented with what you have easily

make no effort at pomp and grandeur. If you do not have full dress, be half-clad and wear winter garment, the loin cloth as an outer-dress. There is no sandal paste, there is  soil-tilak ; hold the beaded garland  instead of the chain. Thus give up the knot of hope and ill-wealth of pleasures and then give up the agonies of worldly  life. Never adore  the mere hermitism and aversion to  life.


14)     Oh I    brother, by indulging in such adoration you can not escape the worldly life. It always bears the symptom of a braggart. You are a servitor of Chaitanya. and your  only expectation is devotion to Hari does the hermitage yield any result ? Remove the establishment, you live in Santipur Hermit-mercy is the only sheet anchor. A Baisnav  requires no introduction. Never move into any grandeur. It is Binode's supplication that you sing the Attributes of Radha- Krishna


aloud. Mind!   You are ever busy with places of pilgrimage such as Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya, Kasi, Kanchi, Abantia, Darabati and so many others. You desire to visit  these Places time and again in order to achieve emancipation. It is your mere illusion and it is useless toil. Mere visit to a Place of pilgrimage never makes your heart stable.


The consequence of pilgrimage lies in hermit-association and the worship of Krishna is excellent. Where there is a monk, there is a pilgrimage. Making your heart stable,  make the constant Associatoin with the monks.


I do not visit the place of pilgrimage where there is no Baisnav. What is the use of walking to a far-off country ?

Where there are Baisnavas, there is a Brindaban. That place brims with inordinate joy. Where there is Krishna-devotion, emancipation is servitor there. The holy Ganges is  reduced to the ground—Hill becomes Gobardhan and becomes Brindaban there. Trancedental Krishna-gratification descends. So says Binode, "What fruits do I have

out of these visits ?  My Mission is to render service to the Baisnavas."


Advice Song No. 15


Look, mind, don't get overwhel-rned with vows. Expecting Krishna-devotion, you observe many a vow to please Radha-Krishna. Devotion is an easy spiritual truth and has its  existence in the heart. Your desire is to enrich it.You will observe after consideration that you do  not spoil the easy one by having recourse to the very hard vow.Physical troubles are for krishna's sake and   the result comes at the end but that is not trifling. If it is an impediment to devotion, devotion never fructifies, but penance  yields result. But, brother, you think that penance is of no use  if Hari is worshipped. If devotion does not fructify trifling is the consequence of penance. Baisnava never  accepts it. The abstruse truth,lies in it, and then you realise the Baisnavism. Rights differ according to': the quality of the object- It is Binode's supplication to be ever free of  rites  and to fall at the feet of essence taking  Krishna.


Advica Song No. 16


Mind, you are very restless. You are not devoted to the simple-hearted devotees your addiction to the cunning   persons is strong. One who knows pretensions is your monk. The tune of his company makes you dance.

One who is in wicked attire becomes an object'of your respect. You drop at his feet out of devotion. If one is in the divine company of the devotees, devotion yields its result.  You will be quiet in the genuine circumstances. Mind, leave aside the restlessness and   worship the divine feet of Krishna and desert the company of the cunning.


Advice Song No. 17


Mind, I communicate this information to you that unfortunately in an immature age the deceived gets the swindler and that you lose your own originality. I know you become  careful to make the self-purification having community feeling having no garland of the holy clay of the Ganges and neglecting the agony of initiation you make a set of new  rules. Having discontinued the erstwhile views and circulating your own views you think yourself to be an Incarnation without observing vows and throwing over- board the  erstwhile path, you misunderstand the great monks. The cunning actadoritly with sectarian marks, initiation and beaded chain. So you are averse to this. At the sight of fault  with the great monks' way  of life your wrath results and you give up addiction to this path. Look, brother, now you get ashes instead of gold. Thus you spoil your life.

All will call you crafty. When did you get devotion ?


Advice Song No. 18


What will be the way at the end of your life ?

What should 1 tell you, mind ?

You utter love, love but give up its essence and tie up an empty knot. Out of habit you shed tears and suddenly you take a leap and often remain swoon'ng. You act to  deceive this world by disseminating, dishonest company and thereby gain money and woman. The worship of love is devotion  and no addiction lies there. How will the pure  devotion be available ?


Leaving the offences and continually chanting Name you will get Divine love when there will be mercy. You do not obey the good souls, you do not chant Krishana Name, in  the divine company of monks and you do not remember in solitude. Without climbing the tree and pushing and pulling by holding the fruit you have acquired the ill fruit.

Indigent Krishna love were as it were, a transperant gold. This fruit is rare in this human world. In riches there is a delusion and be fit object, then  love will be available. Look, brother, you confuse lust with love. Though there is no difference in symptom  yet lust does not become love. You accept lust  which is falsely known  as love

How does the good come  out of the imposition ?


Advice Song No. 19


Why mind, do you make the lust dance like love ?

It is all fleshy lust and there is continual mundane pleasure and you run always  after material objects. The innate quality of Jiva-soul lies in the significance of the  transcendental love. His subject is only Hari. Love is about to disappear, unfortunately, in the garb of lust. Awaken Love after removing lust. Faith if born out of divine  monk-association and out of the activities of worship.    Earnestness-taste-addiction are born in chronological order. Pre-condition of love issues out of addiction, there is an  out—break of love, and love is born in this order.


One who has taken care of it gets the essence of love. Love never grows out of the rejection of this order. There is a fear  in the observance of this order. Why do you have  evil designs ? Love never comes to the aid of lust. In a theatrical performance there is an active role of love. This amounts  to mere gratification of senses. Leave aside the  gratification  of senses and  give it up always.  Leave aside the offence-fault.




Song No. 1


I am very mean and wicked. What I have done ?

I have whiled away the invaluable life in the thraldom of nature. I killed many a day  in the matrix with ease. Boyhood passed off as per its nature. Meaninglessly sacrificed  this youth to the altar of material pleasures and at length descended  the decrepitude. There lies no pleasure in matter and the power of enjoyment is very much unfavourable

The last tooth stands  and weak is the body.


Life is painful and constant dread lurks in death.   Tell me to which shall I become addicted. So long as there was strength in body, there was an addiction    to matters of  enjoyment And power of enjoyment. At this the heart remains ever restive. while there was capacity in body, I did not worship Hari. What shall I do  at the impending time ?

Fie upon this life, I did not worship the eternal wealth and worshipped the enemy, leaving the friend behind. Unfortunately there was no association with the monks. Days  rolled by causelessly by earning the filthy lucre ; Where did the transcendental wealth lie ? Rejecting the gold  there was an addiction to the trifling pebbles, this is the  symptom of  an unfortunate being. Making an association   with the mean other than Krishna  and leaving the monks behind, spending the life  in utter pride of wealth.


Song No. 2


sighting the symptoms of devotion, ! used to laugh in my sleeve, taking it for a fit of insanity. Considering the civilisation to be the greatest, I lost the philosopher's stone.  Where did that remain at length ? By means of the pride of knowledge and devotion-like wealth I neglected the necessity of the soul. Wicked material knowledge thus  disappeared, leaving me in the enjoyment of karma. Now if the monks

give a drop of the ocean of devotion to this wicked being by the grace of his mercy, then easily, being freed from the fetters of the mundane world, I surmount the ocean of  the worldly life.


Ar'rfice Song No. 3


Oh mind, time went into the hole of Karma. With the expectation of celestial pleasure, wore the noose of Karma like the cob-web of a gossamer. With the vow of fasting and  suffering many a physical privation, I make an useless toil. Because of my own fault I suffered from the noose of decrepitude and death and could not free myself.


Abiding by the duties of the 4 stages as enjoined in the Vedas and caried and worshipping many gods and goddesses, passed life in the pride of wealth. The mind did not  become tranquil and did not come by the riches of peace and did not worship the divine feet of Krishna. Fie upon this life ,fie upon our wealth and man-power and fie upon  the ego of casteism. Fie upon the respect of lineage ;Fie upon the study of scripts ; Hari-devotion did not figure at all.Alas I I stand deprived of the divine company of monks.  The days rolled by causelessly. I earned the filthy lucre. where does the transcendental summon bonum lie?


Oh mind ! What a danger had defallen me Perversity assailed the Jivas owing to the tyrannical fever of illusion and in order to get rid of it I worshipped mono-theistic  philosophy.As a result, illusion was slain and perversity wore off because of taking of poison. But what an ill-luck for me ! Perversion died out; I was about to die

due to the burning sensation of poison. I am at one with divinity itself— my body burns due to the burning attack of this ism. Brother, what is the way out ?


Rather, the previous perversion was better and medicine was reduced to refuse. Where did I get the medicine of medicines ?


Ill-perversion begotten by IHusion and the poisonous monism are the two dangers that could be averted by drinking the nectar of Hari-Name and the good-advice given

by the monk-physician and by having recourse to the holy feet." of Shree Krishna-Chaitanya. i


Song No. 5


Oh mind I    I find the trouble-heat unending ; self-oblivion, other thoughts, irrepressible addiction to the second extraneous object, Love in matter other than Krishna and  impurity of the heart are the five trouble-makers. Self-forgetfulness, other thoughts, the deep-seated addiction to the second objects, blind in Love in matters other than  Krishna, malice and impurity of mind— these five troubles always afflict me. Getting oblivious of the Baikuntha (beyond cares and anxities) Principle and being agog with  enjoyment of matter I amble around, uttering "I", "I". "This is mine, this is his"— Ever this thought unsettles my heart. while unfortunately looking for the way of the cure of  this disease, immediately I get a physician as good as the Messenger of death- "I am at one with Divinity—an illusion" looking at this gradual order of this medicine

I am very much worried. There is agony of the disease on the one hand and there is a physician as much fallen as Yama on the other hand. How shall I be cured

of this affliction ? 

If you take refuge at the feet of munificent Chaitanyadeva,you learn to surmount this danger.




Oh mind, this mundane world is not to my liking. Tell me—what essence lies is an insubstantial world which is fraught with  birth, death and senility. Wealth—person—family None ever belongs to anybody. At the time of opulence this acts as summer weather friends but at the stroke of ili-time  they no longer remain friends. What I want to keep for good 2 (a) never lasts till eternity. it is all transient and perishable. The span of life which is very short,

gradually wanes.


As it wanes the nearing of the messenger of  comes into view. Disease and grief ransack my heart ever and an on Tragedy occurs at the demise of friend. Oh brother,  consider philosophy that there is no unmixed delight. What remains is the cause of tragedy. Why for this transient delight you will be enslaved by the illusory potency and  will lose the 'highest good' Think in your mind how much demonic evil design is yielded by the discourse on history. Only gratifying your senses and indulging in evil  practises, You will certainly court death at length. At the time of death they burn in fire of contrition finding no way out. Unfortunately they lead their life almost like dogs and  never think of the spiritual summum bonum, Kalyan Kalpataru Mind, why you remain insentient  with the matter Leave aside the desire for matter. By having recourse

to the feet of the spiritual Master you all will surmount the material life— This is the reliance of this servitor.


 Song No. 2


Oh Mind, why do you hope to soar upwards ?

The more the material uplift, the steeper is the downfall at length. Be tranquil and abide by my word. There is no end to expectations The way of hope is blocked

by the thorns of despair. Oh mind, you fly as much as the hope, the hope never gets slain and it never discriminates  between the eternal and the transient. Today you come  by one kingdom  and to-morrow you desire another- Thus you be the king of all the kingdoms. Yet the hope does not come to an end  and the last reguge is the feet of Indra,

the king of material heaven.


Leaving this, you will crave  the influence of Brahman (divinity)  Deserting oneness with Divinity Kalyan Kalpataru How to get the holy feet of Siva will be the only nagging  thought. Attaining oneness with Siva and affinity wi?h Divinity man hopes to be the follower of Shankar. Therefore keep the noose of hope away from the heart

which causes the destruction. with the indigent idea. Your ever reside in Santipur at the shelter of Chaitanya's feet.


 Song No. 3


Oh Mind, drive away the desire of enjoyment of celetial pleasure and emancipation. There is no end to enjoyment in which lies no pleasure and in which lie agonies galore.

It is nothing but gratification of senses. Where there is pleasure in enjoyment That pleasure lies  in fulfilment of want.The material  pleasure which is fraught with fear

is not known as pleasure. The wise call it agony, As per the words regarding Kalyan Kalpataru the fruits of duties enjoined in the script?,

hundreds of fools rush towards the enjoyment out of that avarice, Knowing ail this to be the object of deceipt and deserting the company of empiricists. The chief  consequence-the love for Krishna can be had.


The desire for salvation is so unscrupulous that it damages the gentle-brains. The desire for salvation is the chief of object deceipt. Illusory potency never leaves one who fails to give it up and its care yields no result. Therefore leaving behind the twin desires, purify your heart and never harbour any desire for lust. I desire neither  enjoyment nor salvation. I get the holy feet of Shree Krishna  This is the practice of Benode's devotion.


Song No.  5


Attaining a rare human-birth in this transient world, I did not worship Krishna. To whom shall I express my agonies ?

Being obsessed with worldly life I passed my prime moments of my life meaninglessly.    It yielded nothing but it was reduced to garbage. This worldly life is almost

like the magic lantern and reposing my attachement in it, 1 kill my days without any cause. If this frame of mine falls, what els© of mine will remain behind ?

Sons and the members of my family  none will offer you pleasure  and I toil hard like an ass. For whom I toil so much  this mistaken notion

does not ebb.


I pass my days in meaningless chores and in night slumber. I do not think death lurks in the vicinity. Having palatable dishes,  sighting the external phenomena and wearing  a good wear and having no stream of thought, I don't think I will leave this mortal frame some day. The cares of attachment to mortal frame, home and the other close  members of the family assail the spiritual cognitive faculty. A'as ! I do not think that all this is transient. While the life-light goes out where will remain the opulence ?

When my mortal frame will be on the funeral ground, birds and insects will hover around my dead body. Then being pleased, dogs and foxes will make a grand feast on my cadaver. The body is prone to this proclivity, in obedience to which the worldly opulence and friends follow suit. Therefore, the intellgent give up  illusion and infatuation  and look for the eternal philosophy of loving devotion of Krishna.


Song No. 5


Sacrifice your mind at the altar of physical pleasures, This frame is not yours :  rather it becomes an enemy at the time of devotional practice in transcendental frame. Always you become strong by dint of your physical strength.But oh mind, you are not aware that this mortal frame is insensate. Physical beauty and strength do not last for  good. Therefore you do not get puffed up with it. This is my entreaty to you. Pure souls remain evergreen in their transcedental frames. The conditional souls fall due to  attachment of meterial body and consequences of life-work.


So long as the soul is in contact with this mortal frame, the material desire of eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin afflict the Jiva-souls. Lo, Lo, what a horrible adversity has befallen the jiva-souls I Jivas desire to worship Krishna but they lose themselves in the enjoyment of matter and body. At length our Jivas lose their own entity.

why then the Jivas battle with the matter ?

Leave the matter behind, console the pure souls and worship through an easy process of devotional practice. Gradually the material entity wanes. Make your material body

Kalyan kalpataru obedient to the transcendental form and the 'highest good' will not be impeded,




Oh Mind, be all ears to the narration of the ism, the oblivion of which causes bondage to the conditioned souls. Theism, is one, unparallelled and infinite and that ism

is the acme of divinity, and the quintessence of all essences. That ism is the powerful and exquisitively beautiful. The power and the powerful are always one and same  entity. Eternal power nurtures all eternal opulence and it manifests Brindaban, Baikuntha and Goloka for the shake of His opulence. Names-places-attributes and Entourage,

country-time-objects are all subservient to the potency. The influence of potency and the Lord's opulence reveal themselves as the eternal manifestation of oneness, with the

highest point of divinity. Therefore one who makes this decision that divinity preceeds the action of the Energy, is a fool


in this worldly sphere. Full moon means, I know,the shining disc with all her beams and I accept nothing except the entity of the moon. Then I accept that divinity

and His concomitant potency are eternal at the same time. The infinite, opulent. Divinity is that Krishnachandra in transcendental Brindavan. That non-dual all-blissful entity

descends in my India out of mercy. Krishna is the greatest ism far beyond the reaches of Nature and He ever manifests His eternal opulence in Braja. Divine places come  within the rays of the Krishna-Sun and the infinite transcendental infinitesimal Jiva-souls  incessantly put up there. Kalyan Kalpataru


That Jiva-soul is loving by nature and he is a devoted soul to the loving service to Krishna. He is ever infatuated by Krishna and drinks the nectar of loving devotion. Drinking  the servile nectar of mixed feeling, he ever remains subservient to the infinite qualities of Krishna. In these different moods of Krishna being mother, father, friend and  husband he worships Krishna, Krishna is the only Supreme Enjoyer in divine Brindaban and the Jiva-souls-the fair sex, are transcendentally ravished by Krishna.

That stream of His blissful pastimes is perennial.   Therefore  Krishna pastimes are indivisible, unbounded, The Jiva-souls who are infected with a desire of enjoyment

enter into the Deluding Energy  with the ego of an enjoyer. The activities of Illusory potency are inert and are the perverted replica of the eternal power. It is true that she is

at the beck and call of Krishna, but still she is the deluding energy as the lady jailor of the jail. The Universe which is composed of all these components  by the  Enchantress  is full of travails.


When Jivas become aversed to Krishna, the Enchantress give them Pleasures. Being mad after the illusory pleasures, Jiva-souls dwindled into Krishna-oblivion and due to  the nescience other ideas than Krishna came into being. Out of the necleus of mean thoughts sprang the addiction to illusion and out of it came anger and malice. Thus  entering into the cycle of Karma, the Jiva-souls keep on moving  in and out of the matrix, as per the high and law birth. Where has gone the care-free supreme bliss

—the opulence of Krishna ?

Where have eluded  he illusory felicities —the agonies of life ?

Being a transcendental entity, Jiva-souls fondle the Deluding Potency. !t is a very trifling, condemned infinite downfall. Being servile to the feelings of the illusory mortal frame

the transcendental Jivas suffered too much.


While moving through the cycle of life and death, if one makes association with the saintly beings, the hidden eternal religion is against stirred up. If the spiritual discourse  on Krishna is held in association with saints, the previous idea of bondage wears off by and by-While the Jiva-souls tako glance at Krishna the transcendental Enchanting  potency cuts off the bondage. Transcendental wisdom is eternal Brindaban in the illusory world. Jivas think about the ways of devotional practice. Loosing themselves in the  loving cares of Krishna in that Brindaban, The jivas attain eternal loving service at the shelter of Chaitanya. Manifested pastimes and opulence  of Goloka are one and the  same ism  but the expression is two-fold.Eternal pastimes shelter the eternal servitors and these manifested deeds are the refuge of the conditioned souls. Therefore,  Brindaban is the eternal residence of the Jivas and the eternal theology finds its expression in this transient world. Oh Jivas !    have recourse to the pastimes of Brindaban,

where the dawning of loving devotion of the soul becomes eternal. The light of the glow-worm of the Deluding Potency is very mean and it is embalmed by the rising sun

of the soul's bliss.


All auspicious and inauspicious Actions emanated from the intercourse of the matter and these are the adjuncts about the conditioned Jiva-souls. The Jivas are engaged

in epicureanism ceaselessly out of the Deluding Energy and they danced to the tune of the self of the Enchantress. The material love and the material frame appear to be  the Lord and make the Jivas roll «n illusory material pleasures.Sometimes the Deluding Potency takes them to the Realm of Brahman and sometimes imparts lesson

as to the subject of  opulence of the Yogic practice. The riches of Yoga and the opulence of enjoyment are all marked by fear and in Brindaban the loving communion

with the soul stands fearless. Krishna-averse souls are shut by the bondage of ilfusory pleasures with the hope of riches. indigent souls flowing with milk and honey of  Krishna-love, I know, give up the hope of enjoyment and emancipation. I live my easy livelihood in this transient world and worship the self-effulgent Hari eternally with the

eternal mortal frame.


The ego of race, of force and that of beauty are given up by the Jivas who become engaged in the path of devotional life.  As per the vedic instruction, I know the only  Krishna-devotion to be without anger and malice. The Jiva-souls drink the harmony of the disports of Hari  in the divine company of saintsand kill their time by abiding

by the eternal religion. giving up the anger and malice the Jivas show their respect for the vedic decision eking out their existence.

The trifling Vedic religion yields perishable fruits and the attainment of desire out of the pelf is the fool's paradise. They admit of all that religion, all that pelf and all that desire

for living their life. With that they eke out their livelihood and the meaning of life is the stream of Krishna-devotion.


The monks are ever beyond the realm of race and creed and being without any shade of conflict, they worship Krishna.I do not while away time in the meaningless pursuit

of empiric knowledge Kalyan Kalpataru and worship the eternal wisdom by means of devotion. I live here and there, I don any piece of cloth  and maintain my mortal frame.

with easily available food. Being beside myself  with the supreme bliss of loving service of Krishna  and His votaries, I never make an outpouring of lyrical ecstacy of  Krishna-harmony. In Nabadwip Shree Chaitanya  is the descension of the Lord and Bhaktibinode sings  out of this Mercy.


Song No. 2


Unique is the philosophy of Vaishnavas and the fountain of bliss of soul, which stands unparalleled in this transient world. Listen to the description of the theology of one  which is known as the conduct of souls in this phenomenal world. The acme of divinity, eternal and supremely blissful, are nectar-like 3(a)  and the object of harmony.

Though He is the greatest,  paramount and infinite and boundless, yet His own entity lies in the ism of potency and the potent. The zenith of the harmony of the pastimes  are shelter-like. Can the polemics touch that theology ?

The theology of harmony is very deep and it is realised through meditation. What a wealth the meditation is ! Oh worshipper !   While in meditation, you observe in your  piacid heart the infinite bliss of the  harmony but in that there is an instruction of the taster and the tasted. That Eternal religion is pursued- It special manifestation is  Yogamaya  manifested in this mundane world at whose shelter the worshippers are attaining the ideal of  eternal loving service to Krishna, which is known as the well-being

beyond the realm of cares and anxieties. (Baikuntha)


Oh Jivas !    If you want to worship  the stream of eternal bliss unremittingly, then have shelter at the holy feet of the spiritual guide, Rejecting all the arid worshipping

and ail the thought of oneness with Divinity, always worship Krishna-love  in this blooming Brindaban and in the circle of Rasa. Your ego of virility is very feeble.

You are a pure Jiva-soul and you are to be relished by Bhaktas of your ilk.    You are an eternal companion of Shree-Radhika, I enjoy the highest harmony of supreme bliss-

the enjoyment of illusion brings about your fall.


b Song No. 1


The net of illusion confounds intelligence of one who establishes the dualism in matter and spirit by means of material casuistry but the light of force and the forceful do not  illuminate him.


i Song No. 2


One who knows the transcendental entity to be the ideal accepts the matter to be the perverted replica. I know I am able to worship the unalloyed mystery of the  transcendental wisdom. Therefore whatever is visible in this  mundane world is the material perverted reflection of Baikuntha.The faulty perverted reflection of matter issues  out of all immaculate entity of Baikuntha. That divine love extends up to the sweetest, highest point of transcendental

love, in the realm of no  cares, the trifle perverted reflection of which are the clouds of travails of mating pleasures of man and woman.


Having had recourse to the transcendental body and by means of easy meditation, the worshipper always woships Nanda's son curiously in the form of nature.

"At the fag-end of my life-span I will worship.    Now let me swallow in material pleasures" Never does a wise being say since his mortal frame  is about to fall.

"Oh Brother!    don't rest assured that today or after 100 years you are destined to die." As soon as you can, worship the holy feet of Shree Krishna.


There lies no certainty about life. There is no necessity of such hope that after making provisions for my worldly life I will repair to Brindaban and that I take a great care

to repay the three-fold debt. At length life will be extinguished by means of such ill-hope. There will be no worshipping of the holy feet of the comrade of the down-trodden.

If you want well-being then always make an out-pouring of the sacred Krishna-Name. The argument is useless regarding this— whether you remain at home or in the forest.




When Chaitanaya will be kind to me and when I will get the tranquil shadow of the divine feet of a Baisnava. When I shall give up the ego of matter and when I will pay  respect to the Bhaktas of Bisnu with a piece-cloth flung around my neck and most humbly and respectfully with folded hands. Holding a bit of grass between the teeth I will  take my stand without any guile and weeping I will apprise  Baisnava of a multitude of my agonies. I will seek recess from the fire of wordly-life and on hearing my sorrows,  the Baisnava Thakur makes prayer galore to Krishna  for me.


Krishna is full of kindness to the supplication of a Baisnava soul. He will be benevolent towards such a vile soul. Binode's submission is at the holy feet  of the Baisnava-soul  and out of mercy take this destitute along. I am vile and ever malicious. I do not have my redemption even through millions and  millions of births. Is there any such

a kind hearted soul who will redeem this base person and take him close to his heart ? ! have heard Shree Chaitanya is the saviour of the fallen Jivas and that he has

redeemed the infinite sinners. When such an ocean of kindness will distribute mercy and will redeem this poor soul with His divine feet ?

The only hope is your mrecy and as per the vedic script, causeless is that mercy. You are holy feet, I am wicked.    How shall I have refuge at your transcendental feet?


Weeping, weeping this fallen being says your name is renowned as the saviour of the fallen jivas. Falling into the ocean of mundane life, I am going to die and I find no

clue as to how ! shall get the bank. I have neither the energy of karma, nor the energy of spiritual wisdom, nor the religious sacrifice, nor the practice of abstract meditation  nor the religious penance I do not have any means. Indeed, I am a weakling, I do not know how to swim who will rescue me in this danger ?

The alligator of matter is horrible looking.   The waves of lust are ever exciting. I can not stand the momentum of the air of previous birth, the mind becomes restive and

1 do not behold any helmsman Oh ; the Goddess of Jahnabi, have mercy on this servitor and remove my pains to-day by dint of your own qualities.


I have decided to cross the ocean of mundane life by having recourse to the boat of your devine feet. You are the energy of  Eternal Nitayananda beatitude and  divine  monitor of krisna and you make a boon of your divine feet to this humble servitor. You have rescued many a vile being and to-day this poor soul is at your feet.


The desire of matter-like transformation of heart is inceasantly enjoying in the domain of heart. I have taken a lot of care but the perversion never ceases.   At length

I am about to die. This deep-seated perversion makes me restive.    It yielded no place to peace and made my heart impatient when shree Rupa Goswamin will distribute  compassion  and when he will rescue me by bestowing the mixed-stoicism. When will Sanatan make me shun the matter and when will he submit me at the feet of  Nityananda out of piety ?


When will Shree Jiva extinguish the fire of polemics in the water of conclusion, which burns my heart ?

On hearing the Divine Name of Shree Chaitanaya a ripple of thrill will pass through me and drinking the elixir of Radha and Krishna, I will be free from grief.

I am the destitute of the destitutes.   This indigent soul asks for the divine shelter of a Baisnava. There is none in this mundane world as mean as myself.    Falling

into the ocean of mundane world, restive I feel. When will the deity of family, Jogomaya, the transcendental potentiality, unveil my veil ?    I have heard of your glory from the  traditional doctrin 3 of the Vedas.    You find up the Krisna-averse souls and drag them into the mundane world. Undaunted and happy you make one by giving emancipation,  who has got the proximity to Krisna by means of the stroke of luck. Oh Mother I    offer your unaffected kindness to this servitor.


Oh Jogamaya, (the transce-dental potency) arrange for my pied a terre in Brindabana Transgressing you whers the Jivas will get Krisna and Krisna manifested His Rasa  (amorous pastime) out of your mercy. You give company to Krisna and you are the (mother) of the Universe.    You exhibit Krisna-philosopher's stone to me. Qh mother,  cast your guileless glance at me and increase my faith in Baisnavas every moment. The worldly ocean can not be got across without the mercy of the holy Feet of

Baisnavas.    Binode can not cross. Brindabandhama will be my refuge—when that auspicious moment will come up in my life. The travails of worldly-life and the desire of  matter will be off. My desire will be fulfilled by the divine company of Baisnavas. Being smeared grey with dust in the full-throated chanting of Hari, I will be lying

intoxicated at the holy feet of a Baisnava. When I will sight the twin images of Radha and Krisna with the eyes of heart in the arbor of Kadamba trees on the bank of



When my friend (Baisnava) will employ me in the loving service of the twins and keep me at his holy feet out of mercy. When I will enjoy the divine sight of; the  in—disports  and when I will be unconscious by means of loving bliss. How long I will lie unconscious. When I shall be oblivious of my own mortal frame. During the period of my  unconsciousness f will get up and remember again As I saw the pastimes of Krisna, I was flooded with the tears of my eyes. I entreat the Baisnava to give this evil person

a drop of devotion. I take refuge at the holy feet of Shree Ananga Manjuri. Bhaktibinode ever desires this. How long it will take for the mercy of the spiritual monitor

and of Baisnava to descend on me and the title-free attachment to Krisna will sprout in my heart. when my transcendental body will be manifested and the great devout

soul will exhibit me the twin opulence.


While enjoying the sight of the Divine Beauty, I will go frenzied—shunning nationality and caste, repair I will to the garden of the Kadamba trees. When the sweat, tremor,  the tears of thrill, the pallor, the violent movement, stillness and horarse voice will arise. I will sight Brindaban in my mind's eye Being the servitor of the servitor, we two will  serve Him. When I will meet Narattoma and when the essence of Naratomma's supplication will permeate my heart. The servant of Chaitanaya's servant gives up the other  attachment and to-day entreats the attachment for Chaitanaya with folded hands. The Baisnava will know me as his own—when 1 shall be so lucky. I shall be inebriated

by taking wine, made of honey  of the elixir of the holy Feet of  the spiritual Master and shall pour forth the melody of the glories of Krisna. Abhoring Karmis, gnostics

malicious Krisna-averse beings, you will shun the undesirables.


The spiritually anaemic will make ill-duduction because of want of rituals, and are quite unquiet. Taking me for a lunatic the vain-learned, the monistically gnostics will  relinquish my company. Finding me devoid of evil company, the good-hearted Baisnava will give me a hug out of mercy. Touching the transcendental body of a Baisnava  when the wicked being will attain the eight symptoms of the qualities of goodness. Limitless is the ocean of Chaitanaya Chandra's Deeds I have no strength to realise the  essence of this word.


 My krisna  is insuperable to the theism script.    Who has the energy to comprehend this unbounded pastime ?

Then considering the script why does an idiot not accept the deeds of Guarchandra  finding no end to it. Which part of the shastric literature says that the infinite has the  finite ?   That Krisna is under script makes us laugh. Krisna desired to be Gora (fair-complexioned and descended in Nabadwip with all Entourage of Baikuntha (a place of no  cares and anxieties) When krisna descended to redeem the Jiva-souls, all His associates came down to this universe.His Janitor Joy and Bijoy appeared as foes in  Nabadwip in his Gora-Discession.In his previous descent demons were born.    Now the pseudo—intellectuals were born with the force of shastra (script). Ventilating  animosity by means of the strength of Hindu jurisprudance logic and scripts, they became engaged in waging a battle with Gorachand.


Therefore, the dwellers of Nabadwip nurture the Deeds of Sri Chaitanaya every moment. Now one who is an enemy born on the caste of Brahmin is known to me to be  nourisher of Chaitanay's deeds. I bow down to the feet of all his followers, irrespective of friends and foes. Have mercy on this servitor and strengthen Binode's inclination to  Chaitanaya. When my idiotic mind will have respite at the Feet of Shree Krisna, leaving aside the extraneous meditation. When I shall know myself to be indigent.   There is  none poorer than myself. When I shall make prostrated obeisances to all the persons irrespective of the reprobate and the Lowliest. I shall ask for Krisna-devotion  beseechingly.When my heart will be full of kindness towards all the Jiva-souls My tears will roll down at the sight of the distress of the jivas. —weeping, I shall move to

Brindaban and in that divine Braja I shall take shelter at the feet of the Baisnava I shall approach the inmates of Brajadhama with folded hands and ask for places of His

pastimes plaintively.


Oh the dwellers of Braja ! kindly point out the places where Hari made His Disports when some dweller of Braja, will usher me into the woods with merciful heart. He will say,  "Lo, this is the arbor of Kadamba Trees where the son of Braja made His amorous pastimes (Rasa-pastimes). Look, this is the village of Nanda, which is his dwelling place.

Look again, this is the place where Baladeva staged His Rasah dance. Oh look !    this is the place where Krisna stole the wearing apparrel of gopies  and where the demon  Baka was slain. Thus I will see the places of His Deeds with the inhabitants of Braja in Brindaban with wistful eyes.


Sometimes I hear the melody of His Flute on the bank of jamuna then being in a state of divine paralysis, I will seize the earth-chanting krisna, krisna' the indwellers of Braja  will make me drink water filling the folded hands with water. On hearing the Divine Name of Hari I get my senses back and I shall visit along with the inhabitants of Braja. I  shall go on asking for aims from door to door—when that auspicious day will befall me. I will drink the water of jamuna with hands cupped I shall lie sleeping by the door of  the God head during the night time.


When the time will take away this elemental body. There will be a great feast of water animals galore. With the transcendental body at the Feet of Radha's companion  remaining eternally, I will serve the wealth of krisna. This mean person makes this supplication to Jahnaba to have mercy on me once. My attachment for a pellucid

Baisnava will be born and my desire will be getting feeble —Oh Hari !   when such a day will come off in my life. My conduct will remain equal both internally and externally

I will be meek and a giver of esteem. I will ever remain engrossed in the act of chanting and remembrance of the divine Name Sree Krisna. I will practise the functions

of this body for living my livelihood. I will be inclined towards that thing which is favourable to the worshipping of Shree Krisna.I will firmly shun what is unfavourable

to his worship.Worshipping while the time arrives, I will give up this mortal frame. Bhaktibinode nurtures His desire, sitting in the arbor of Godhrum. Craving for the Lord's  mercy with an anxious heart, he ever weeps secretly. Oh Hari, when I will recognise a Baisnava. The feet of a Baisnava are the mine of summum bonum. I will go  intoxicated, holding these divine feet in my heart. The Baisnava Thakura is ever transcendental, immaculate and blissful. He is pleased with the Name of Krisna, insouciant  towards matter and kind-hearted towards the jiva-souls. He is without any conceit, advanced in the act of worshipping and indifferent to matter, He is ever without any guile  both internally and externally and is attached to the eternal pastimes. The gradation of a Baisnava is three-fold—junior most, middle-ranking and the seniormost. I hear of  affection to the junior most Baisnava, obeisances  ¦ to the middle-ranking Baisnava and nursing service to the seniormost one.   When anybody will show respect to the  Baisnava, properly recognising him, the mercy of a Baisnava, accomplishment of all, will be then available.


The character of Baisnava is very: much hallowed. Bhaktibinode never addresses one who is full of contempt and malice and he always holds silence. Oh Baisnava Thakura,  have mercy on me.    Being aware of kinship, while I will be worshipping, let the ego be off. when this awareness will come that I am a Baisnava, I will not be mean. When  the desire for material fame will come and corrupt my heart, I will be an emigrant to the . hell. I will know myself to be your servitor, leaving aside the conceit of a spiritual  monitor. I ever worship your left-over and the dust of water of your Feet without any guile. Knowing myself to be the greatest and giving away the left-over the ego will be  inflated. I will ever be your follower and will not take adoration from anybody. When I shall be mean and a giver of esteem,  you will offer me right to the Chanting of krisna  Name. i shall be roiling at your feet on the ground, weeping   guilelessly.


I will give up the hope of matter and various bondages. I will relinquish the acute mundane life— When such plight will befall me.I will build a thatched hut in divine Nabadwip

dhama, non-distinct from Brindaban. Accepting the relation,I shall have resort to the feet of Sachi's son. I will be sitting through the forest of Jahnabi, the transcendental  arbor and the desolate place. I shall be ever drinking the elixir of krisna-Mame and I shall be calling, saying Gour". Oh, Gour and Netai I   you two brothers are the friends of

the fallen souls. I am mean, fallen and wicked, be an ocean of grace to me. I will be weeping and weeping along a stretch of about 32 miles on the both banks of

the Jahnabi. While peregrinating, sometimes I find some thing at the foot of the trees by stroke of good-luck. What a bewitching beauty I saw—saying this I shall be  swooning. Getting the senses back and weeping secretly and remembering the twins.   I will have the grace Oh my Adolescent Gour ! when you will give me the

sight of Gour divine appearance —Oh the pilferer of my mind.


Holding Gadhadhar in His left in the Divinely Blissful Bower and with golden complexion and dishevelled curled hair.   He dons a good attire of an actor. In the twinkling of an  eye, Shree Radha and Madhav will "illuminate with Divine Form He will be playing with His comrades with a hypnotic garland around his neck. Ananga and Manjari get hold  of the fingers of this servant out of mercy The two will exchange the sweetness I sha!l be enjoying the divine sight whole heartedly. Oh Gour and Netai !   when you, two  borthers, will give the sight of Divine Appearances to this fallen sou! out of magnanimity. By the grace of the twins I will enjoy the beauty of Braja in Nabadwipadhama The   blissful Grave is bewitching I shall see the beauty of the eyes. The Bower of Lalita stands by Him and there are gems galore.


Radha and Krishna extend their pastimas and amble ever along. The companions assist in the Deeds and attain various pleasures of loving service. There this servant moves  in Work here and there at the command of theSakhis. I will  wreathe a garland of Malati flowers bring it and give it to the fingers of the Sakhi. The sakhi will garland

Radha and Krishna. I will be prancing in joy. When I shall give up the care of my mortal frame in eating and slumber out of disgust, saying 'Gauranga' I shun my conceit,

moving from clime to clime in Nabadwipadhama. Taking alms from the dwellers of Nabadwipdhama, I will eat to my heart's content. Going to the bank of the river, I will drink  with hands cupped water of the Lord's Feet. Lying at the foot of trees and giving up indolence, I will gain the energy in my body. Crying beseeching I shall be calling aloud  'Gour- Gadhadhar and the Name of Radha-Madhab and I shall peregrinate all over divine places.Seeing a Baisnava, I shall drop at the feet, taking him to be a friend of my  heart. The Baisnava Thakur will exhibit me chanting of the Lord accepting me as his servitor.




Oh Gopinath I   be all ears to my submission. Engrossed in matter, wicked and lusty ever I am. Oh Gopinath I   you are my sheet anchor. Refuge I take at your Feet ; I am  your servitor. Oh Gopinath !    how you will rectify me.    Devotion I know, not having material attachment for Action, I am deeply steeped in mundane affairs. Oh Gopinath,  everything is your illusion.    No strength I have, nor my knowledge is transparent Independent is not this body. Oh Gopinath I   This poor soul ever craves room at your Feet,  weeping and weeping. Have mercy on this poor soul. Oh Gopinath I    you can do all. you exercise power to drive out the wicked soul. Who else can stand by the sinner ?  Oh Gopinath !   You are the ocean of mercy.   For the sake of Jiva-soul you have descended on this mundane universe and have extended your pastimes.


Oh Gopinath, of what offence I am accused All the demons got your feet only Binode remained behind.

Oh Gopinath !    remove the torments of my mundane desires, unfavourable to the loving sevice of God-Head No more can I endure the agonies of nescience and the cycle of  life and birth.

Oh Gopinath !   I am the servitor of lust.    The material desires are awakening in my heart and setting up a trap of action.

Oh Gopinath ! when I shall make up.     I shall shun lust like enemy in the distance.   You will manifest yourself on my heart.

Oh Gopinath, you are a being of my own leaving you aside, I worshipped mundane life, being forgetful of my own wealth.

Oh Gopinath ! you are aware of every thing.   You mete out punishment to your own devout soul and make room for him at your holy Feet. Finding your own person

averse, you give him up and you do not have mercy .on him.

Oh Gopinath ! I am verymuch idiotic I never realise how the well-being will accrue.   Such is my plight

Oh Gopinath ! you are the most enlightened.   You will look for the good of the idiots.   Don't take me as an alien soul.

Oh Gopinath I I have no way out. If You accept me out of mercy, I get deliverance from transitory life.

Oh Gopinath ! I have fallen into the clutch of the deluding potency. Surrounded I am with pelf, wife and son They have kept me within the grip of lust by force.

Oh Gopinath I   my mind is insane, it brooks no control and is ever unconscious.    It remains deeply engrossed in matter.

Oh Gopinath I    1 have at last given in.    Many an endeavour went a—begging. Now you are my only mainstay.

Oh Gopinath !    how will be my momentum ? Senses are very strong and mind is subdued. It never relinquishes the attachment for matter. Oh Gopinath !   sitting in my  heart and controlling my mind, you take me to yourself and my acute danger will be off. Oh Gopinath !   finding me an orphan, you, the king of senses, control my  sense-organs and deliver me from the mundane life. Oh Gopinath !    the noose sticks around my neck, holding the sword of mercy, cut through my bondage and make  Binode your servitor.


How mind will achieve the final submission at the lotus Feet of Radha and Krsna. Ever longing for these holy feet, His mean Kaiyan kalpataru servitor goes on waiting.

Oh Radha.    Oh Krishnachandra  the sou! of devotee ? You make a charity of tw^n devotion to His mean soul. Do not neglect me, as I am without devotion. Impart spiritual  knowledge and good lessons to this idiot. Offer right to the opulence of the twins to this servant afflicted with the thirst for matter. The stream of restive life goes on flowing  and rushing towards the final dooms-day. The day which went off will never return again.

Oh krisna !    what is the way out ?

You are the Comrade of the fallen souls.

Oh Lord !    I know you you are the Ocean of mercy. I am without luck, and very improvident I am not aware of a drop of devotion

Oh Lord !    by dint of your attributes you take me to yourself, removing the troubles of worldly life Giving me divine body-in the midst of Brindaban you offer me the loving  service. By making me drink the divine love and making me inebriated, you listen to the chanting of your attributes. Employ me in the loving service of the twins in the  amorous  circle. I am an underserving servitor of Lalita sakhi.    Benode holds your feet.




If you desire the end of all troubles of the Iron age (Kaliyug)„ sing of the son of Sachi, the saviour of the Iron Age and the Annihilator of the  fright of the Iron Age.

He is the beloved of Gadhadhar, the life-wealth of Netai. Gora is worshiapped by Adaitaya. Nemai is all-pervading, He is God of Shrea Niwas ; He is the pilferer

of the devout hearts He is the moon of Nadia, the Godhead of Mayapur and the symphony of the Name-introduction He is a teacher to the inmates of His house, a Hero of

the surrendered souls and Madhab full of sentiments of Radha. He is the rectifier of Sarbabhaum, the saviour Gajapati Pratap Rudra and the preserving Hero of Ramananda.

He adds to the bliss of Rupa, He nurtures Sanatana He is the sublime delight to Haridasa.


He reflects upon the harmony of Braja, removes evil opinions and annihilates the cunning lust. He preserves the pure devotees, drives away dry knowledge and also removes  the pollution of false-devotion. Oh Jiva-soul !    The night is over, the light filters ; get up from slumber. Chant Hari, Hari, and Mukunda and Murari,

 Rama and Krisna become anxious. Man-cum-lion, Shree Madhusudhan are all Shyama, the son of Braja. Killer of Putana—Annihilator of Kaitava—cheers for  Rama, the  son of Dasaratha. Son of Jasoda, Gobinda Gopal—He is the thief of Brindabana. Beloved of Gopis (milk-maids) the divine Ravisher of Radha —He is all-betwitching



Killer of Ravana, The thief of butter.   He is the pilferer of the wearing apparrel of Milk-Maids, cow-boy of Braja, the protector of the herd of cows.   The holder of Flute,

the stealer of the hearts. He is being worshipped by the King of yogis, Shree Sukh- deva Goswamin—The son of Shree Nanda, remover of fear of the inmate of Braja

He is as fresh as clouds  the Enchanting Beautiful and the Ambler with the delightful flute. The son of Jasoda—the  Killer of Kansa the enjoyer of Nikunja rasa player of  amorous game in the arbour of Kadamba Dweller of the grove of Brinda. The Lightener of delight and the Arbour of love.   He is the transcendental cupid of love of Brindaban,

You are the enticer of the milk-maids and you are the Repository of all attributes. He is the elan vital of Jamuna ;   He is ever engrossed in the amorous sport.

He is the partridge of mind's moon. Drink the elixir of Name and sing the glories of Krishna Oh mind I    keep up my  word.


The life of one who has seen the divine form of Krisna once luckily has bun successful. By opening the inward eye the jiva-soul enjoys the divine sight of Krisna and sheds

the perversions of his heart. He is adept in the amorous game of Brindaban and He is the Gardner of the Forest. He is crooked in Shree parts of the body and He is the

matchless beauty as He pipes His flute.    He is full of mellow quality ; He is the Repository of all qualities. His complexion is like new clouds. the plumes of pea-cock crown

His Head and His face smeared with sandal-paste.    Looks beautiful. His wearing affire is a yellow loin cloth, a sweet smile beams on His lips and He is of such form as  betwithes the universe. Seeing the matchless form of Krisna surpassing the emerald at the foot of Kadamba trees and with mind restive and feet almost

stationary, I get into oblivion of my mundane life. Oh my comrade, that sweetness of form is nectarine, when the eyes eve the beautiful form, they get unconscious and the  loving tears roll down. Whether He has a soft of hair or He has the flute on his fingers or He stands, crooked in three positions As the lotus-feet move, there is the jingling of  a Tinkling anklet. 1 do ever crave room at the lotus feet, assuming the aspect of a bumble-bee. 1 easily get it, I sing the glories of Krisna and I will no more worship any other  deity. Being averse, I worshipped the delusion and entered the worldly life passionately. The mercyful Krisna appeared on His mundane realm for my sake.


Oh Master!    you are the ocean of attributes. You are timid in distributing your mercy to the offenders and rectifying them. Coming to his mundane life and worshipping  hedonism, I die of conceit of being the enjoyer myself. Out of conceit Krisna Himself, descends and takes away my conceit with the dulect note of flute. Ever worship such  diamond with special care. Here is Binode bound to the holy  feet of Shree Krisna with attributes and He is ever stooping low. Oh the Divine Connoisseues listen to the  attributes of Krisna unnumbered Even Ananta (infinity) can not ascertain.


Krisna is the spiritual Monitor of the world, He ts the all-desire yielding tree and He is the Navigator in the ocean of mundane life. Krisna is the physician of one whos heart is  afflicted He is cunning in curing the mundane ailment. While distributing the nectar of love to the Krisna-averse souls. He takes them gradually to His own inner apartment.

Man is blind under the influence of Karma and spiritual bondage.   To him He is the ocean of mercy. Dispelling my blindness with the honey of your holly feet, you make

me your servitor. Giving liberty to those engrossed in the regulative principles of devotion you give them engress into the domain of spontaneous loving service Being under  the spell of such spontaneous desire and being in the shelter of alinated pure passion the jiva-soul attains to the spell of Krisna-love. Krisna is the Friend, the Master of  those who are ever engrossed in drinkrng the nectarine water of love. Those indwellers of Braja are the Arbour of well-being which is the refuge of the destitute, poor Binode.




With mercy towards the jivas, Hari of Goloka manifested the divine impression of Braja. He is the connoisseur of passion and is eligible for Brindabana. There was no  material intelligence in that. The pastimes of Krisna are the boundless ocean.    His promenading of Baikuntha is tantamout to it. You are never aware of its essence.

Krisna is in human form  and is the Repository of all harmonies, specially of the erotic sentiment. The worshipper of Baikuntha is unable to make friendly relation and is not  engaged in the sweet eroticism The wealth of Krisna in Braja is the the new eroticism. He is transcendental harmonious.


The attributes of Krisna are fit for eternal pastimes with jiva-souls. To-day what a divine sight 1 sighted in the shoal of Yamuna, in the grove of Kadamba, the kind of  harmonious Shyma, holding and piping his flute a top the Rostrum of jewel embark upon Disports. Amourous Deeds of Krisna are the fountain of elixir. On the top of the  eight Petals are Radha and Krisna encircled with eight sakhis All the sakhis are pleasing the twin-wealth with good  chanting and dancing. Having seen the pastimes

of Krisna, the beautiful nature  spreads her beauty all over the forest, I will not go home, I will enter the forest for the sake of   those Divine Leelas. Shuning the shame of  caste, worship the king of Braja. —Binode beseeches. Listening to the dulcet note of Krisna's flute and seeing the painter's canvas and hearing the attributes through

the hearsay, Shree Radhika rushes along with her sakhis with the signs of first amorous heart and those of lunacy. She makes her love-tryst in the arbour of Nikunja.


Defying order and untold house-hold chore and without any consideration for religion or irreligion, she goes to the beach of Yamuna and adressing the chums, asks them in  respect of the Beloved. Giving up the fear of life She enters the forest in pursuance of the note of the flute. Just as theriver rushes with great momentum towards the ocean,

so rushes the chaste queen of harmony. Rushing very fast in the l/icinity of Shree Krishna in the arbour, she makes a self-surrunder to Him. Why does my weak pen not  budge ?

starting love-tryst with tremulous heart I narrate communion, spiritual intercourse and a note of despondency My mind does not move to give vent to all this This unfortunate  does not comprehend the principle of amarous Deeds (Rasalila) just as the swine fails to appreciate the value of gold necklace, so pondering over the well-being of those  souls without the eligibility to delve deeper, I burst into the melody of the swan-song. taking time into account..