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Chapter Two


Chanting the Holy Name


     1.Glory to Lord Chaitanya, to Lord Gadadhara, and to Lord Nityananda, the life of Jahnava-devi! Glory to Advaita, the husband of Sita! Glory to Shrivasa and all the devotees of the Lord!

     2. Haridasa wept with great love. With love Lord Chaitanya embraced him.

     3. Lord Chaitanya said, "Where is another devotee like you? You know all the truths of spiritual life. You are always beyond the touch of maya.


The Superiority of Pure Devotional Service


     4. "Descending to this world, you took birth in a lowly family. In this way you showed everyone that it is not by wealth, honor, noble family, or material virtues that one is able to meet Lord Krishna.

     5. "Anyone who has great faith in pure devotional service is a saint. He is more exalted than the demigods.


Shri Haridasa is the Teacher of the Holy Name (Namacarya)


     6. "You know the truth of the holy name, the best of all truths. You are an ideal example of saintly conduct. You are an expert preacher.

     7. "Speak, O Haridasa, the limitless glories of the holy name. Hearing them from your mouth, I will feel bliss.


The Qualities of a Vaishnava


     8. "Anyone who once says the holy name is a Vaishnava. A householder should carefully honor him. (1)


The Qualities of a More Exalted Vaishnava


     9. "Anyone from whose mouth one always hears the holy name of Lord Krishna is a more exalted Vaishnava. He is the abode of all good qualities.


The Qualities of the Most Exalted Vaishnava


     10. "Simply by seeing him one feels devotion to Lord Krishna and finds Lord Krishna's holy name in one's mouth. That is a most exalted Vaishnava.

     11. "How will the conditioned souls take up the chanting of Lord Krishna's holy name. What is the arrangement for that. Please tell that to Me."

     12. Folding his hands, Haridasa began to speak. Pushed by ecstatic love, his eyes were filled with tears and his voice was choked.


The Nature of the Holy Name


     13. Haridasa said, "Lord Krishna's holy name is spiritual.(2)  It has no beginning. It is a cintamani jewel. Lord Krishna is His holy name. They are one.

     14. "The holy name is the form of transcendental mellows. It is always liberated. It is eternal and pure. It is not different from Lord Krishna Himself.

     15. "Its form eternal, and its nature nectar for the rasikas who relish nectar, the holy name descends into this dull and lifeless material world.

     16. "Loed Krishna is known (3) in four ways: by His name, form, qualities, and actions. These four have no beginning.


The Holy Name Is Eternally Perfect


     17. "Lord Krishna exists eternally. He is nectar personified. He is free from material dualities. His four features (name, form, qualities, and actions) are all perfect.

     18. "These four features are manifest by His sandhini potency. These features are celebrated as being eternal, perfect, and always spiritual.

     19. "Lord Krishna attracts everyone in all the worlds. The great treasure that is Lord Krishna's name also has that same quality eternally.


Lord Krishna's Form Is Eternal


     20. "Lord Krishna is never different from His form. His name and form are the same. They are not different.

     21. "Anyone who remembers Lord Krishna's name, meets Lord Krishna's form. Lord Krishna's name and form are not different. They are Lord Krishna Himself dancing in different dancing-places.


Lord Krishna's Qualities Are Eternal


     22. "Lord Krishna possesses sixty-four qualities, qualities manifest in Him in limitless fullness.(4)  In His various incarnations these qualities are manifest only partially.

     23. "Brahma, Shiva, and the demigods possess only some of these qualities. Lord Narayana possesses sixty of them.

     24. "All these qualities are eternally present in Lord Krishna's holy name. Limitless numbers of these qualities fill the spiritual world of Vaikuntha.


Lord Krishna's Pastimes Are Eternal


     25. "Present everywhere in the waves of these qualities are Lord Krishna's pastimes. These perfectly spiritual pastimes are manifested in Goloka, Vaikuntha, and Vraja.


Lord Krishna's Spiritual Name, Form, Qualities, and Pastimes Are Not Different One From Another


     26. "Lord Krishna's name, form, qualities, and pastimes are not different from each other. The conditioned souls' material names, forms, qualities, and activities are different from each other. (5)

     27. "The pure liberated souls' names, forms, qualities, and activities are all one. They are not different from each other. However, when the soul takes shelter of a material body, he gets a name, form, qualities, and activities that are different from each other.

     28. "Lord Krishna never has even the slightest scent of anything material. Therefore His name, form, qualities, and pastimes are all one.


The Holy Name Is the Root of Everything


     29. "Of these four (name, form, qualities, and pastimes) ways You are known, Your name is the first. This is accepted by all.

     30. "By Your name alone the Vaishnava-dharma is manifest. By Your name Your form, qualities, and pastimes are made visible.

     31. "By Your name Your Krishna-pastimes are known. By Your name the supreme truth about You is manifest.


The difference Between the Vaishnavas and the Almost-Vaishnavas (Vaishnava-praya)


     32. "A conditioned soul may chant Your name with faith. When he becomes purified, he is called a Vaishnava.

     33. "A person whose chanting of Your name is namabhasa (the first faint light of the holy name) is called an Almost-Vaishnava (Vaishnava-praya). By Lord Krishna's mercy he gradually becomes purified.


Within Maya's World, Only the Indiviual Spirit Souls and Lord Krishna's Holy Name Are Spiritual


     34. "Nothing is like the holy name in this world of birth and death. The holy name is the greatest treasure in Lord Krishna's treasure-house.

     35. "In this world of birth and death the individual souls and Lord Krishna's holy name alone are spiritual. All else is made of matter. (6)


The Two Kinds of Holy Names: Primary and Secondary


     36. "Lord Krishna's holy names are of two kinds: primary and secondary. By taking shelter of the primary names, the individual souls attain the greatest benefit.

     37. "The names that describe the Lord's transcendental pastimes are Lord Krishna's primary names. They are the abode of all transcendental qualities.


The Primary Names


     38-40. "Govinda, Gopala, Shri Nandanandana, Radhanatha, Hari, Yashomati-prana-dhana, Madana-mohana, Shyamasundara, Madhava, Gopinatha, Vrajagopa-rakhala, and Yadava are examples of names that describe the Lord's eternal pastimes. By chanting these names the spirit souls attain Lord Krishna's abode.


The Secondary Names and Their Nature


     41. "The names that describe the Supreme Lord's relationship with the dull material world are secondary names. This the Vedas say.

     42. "Shrishti-karta (the Creator), Paramatma (the Supersoul) , Brahma (Brahman) , Sthitikara (the Maintainer) , Jagat-samharta (the Destroyer of the material worlds) , Pata (the Protector) , Yajneshvara (the Lord of Yajnas) , and Hara (the Lord Who Takes Away)  are examples of these secondary names.


The Different Results Brought by the Primary and Secondary Names


     43. "The secondary names are found in the karma-kanda and jnana-kanda parts of the Vedas. These names bring piety and impersonal liberation. This the scriptures say.

     44. "Tbe primary names bring the great treasure of pure love for Lord Krishna. Only by chanting these primary names do the devotees attain that treasure. (7)


The Different Results Brought by Proper Chanting of the Holy Name and by Namabhasa (the Faint Light of the Holy Name)


     45-46. "If the holy name once comes out from the mouth or once enters the pathway of the ears, whether its syllables are spoken purely or not, the soul speaking or hearing them becomes delivered. That is the scriptures' conclusion.

     47. "However, one thing should be said about this: Chanting with namabhasa will bring its benefit slowly.

     48. "Namabhasa is certainly auspicious, but with namabhasa chanting the great treasure of pure spiritual love takes birth only after a delay.

     49. "By namabhasa chanting sins are gradually destroyed and the pure holy name gradually appears. Then the chanter attains pure love for Lord Krishna (krishna-prema). (8)


The Fault of Distance or Separation


     50. "Separation is an offense. This offense blocks the attainment of pure love (prema).

     51. "To think that Lord Krishna is different from His holy name is the offense of separation. As long as this idea of separation is present there cane be no pure love (prema).


Two Kinds of Separation


     52. "The Vedas describe two kinds of separation: separation of syllables, and separation of identities.


The Mayavadis Think Lord Krishna Is Different From His Holy Name


     53. "The mayavadi fools think Lord Krishna is different from His holy name. This rubbish idea is not sanctioned by the scriptures. (9)


In Pure Chanting of the Holy Name the Chanter Is Free From the Idea that Lord Krishna Is Different From His Holy Name


     54. "Anyone who with his mouth purely chants Lord Krishna's holy name I accept as a Vaishnava. I happily serve him.


When Unwanted Things (Anarthas) are Destroyed and Namabhasa Is Thrown Far Away, the Spiritual Holy Name is Openly Manifest


     55. "When he leaves namabhasa behind, the chanter attains the pure chanting of the holy name. Then the soul carefully serves his spiritual master.

     56. "When the devotee's devotional service is free of all unwanted things (anarthas), the spiritual holy name dances on the devotee's tongue.

     57. "Then the devotee will never abandon the holy name, for it becomes to him like a flood of nectar. Intoxicated by drinking the nectar of the holy name, the soul dances without stop.

     58. "Then the holy name dances. The soul dances. The treasure of spiritual love (prema) dances. Together they make the whole world dance. Then Maya runs far away.


He Who has Faith in the Holy Name is Qualified to Chant. All Potencies Are Present in the Holy Name.


     59. "The Supreme Lord has given to every human being the right to chant the holy name. The Lord has also placed all His powers in the holy name.

     60. "He who has faith in the holy name is qualified to chant it. He is saintly and pious on whose mouth the holy name appears.


In the Holy Name There Are No Obstacles of Place, Time, Impurity, or Anything Else


     61. "Considerations of the proper time or place, of impurity, of rules and regulations, or of anything else have no bearing on chanting the holy name, for the holy name is very powerful.


Persons in the Kali-yuga Who Have Sincere Faith in the Holy Name Are Qualified to Chant


     62. "In giving charity, performing yajnas, performing ritual bath, and chanting japa of other mantras many rules and regulations must be followed. However, in chanting Lord Krishna's holy name faith alone makes one qualified to chant. (10)

     63. "Anyone who with undeviating faith takes shelter of chanting Lord Krishna's holy name, chanting that is the religion (yuga-dharma) for this age, attains everything.

     64. "The souls in Kali-yuga should make Lord Krishna their whole world and always sincerely chant Lord Krishna's holy name.


One Should Accept What Is Favorable for Chanting the Holy Name and Reject What Is Not Favorable for Chanting the Holy Name


     65. "One should accept everything favorable for devotional service and reject everything unfavorable for devotional service.

     66. "Making Krishna one's whole world, one should pass this life always remembering Lord Krishna's holy name.


One Should Chant the Holy Name with Determination


     67. "One should not follow other religions or other rituals. One should not worship anyone but Lord Krishna as the Supreme Lord.

     68. "One should always chant Lord Krishna's name and always serve His devotees. In this way one will certainly attain pure love for Lord Krishna (Krishna-prema).

     69. Weeping, Haridasa fell before Lord Chaitanya's feet, grasped them, and begged for the gift of love for the holy name.

     70. The cintamani jewel of Lord Krishna's holy name has become the life of Bhaktivinoda, who always stays at Haridasa Thakura's feet.




Chapter Two Footnotes by Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura


     (1) To the questions of the people of Kulina-grama, Lord Chaitanya gave these replies (Shri Chaitanya-caritamrita, Madhya-lila 15.104, 15.106, 16.72, and 16.74):


prabhu kohena krishna-seba baishnaba-seban

nirantara koro krishna-nama-sankirtana


     "Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu replied, `Without cessation continue chanting the holy name of Lord Krishna. Whenever possible, serve Him and His devotees, the Vaishnavas.' "*


prabhu kohe janra mukhe shuni eka-bar

krishna-nama sei pujya shreshtha sabakar


     "Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu replied, `Whoever chants the holy name of Krishna just once is worshipable and is the topmost human being.' "*

krishna-nama nirantara janhara badane

sei baishnaba-shreshtha bhaja tanhara carane


     "A person who is always chanting the holy name of the Lord is to be considered a first-class Vaishnava, and Your duty is to serve his lotus feet."*


janhara darshane mukhe aise krishna-nama

tanhare janiha tumi baishnaba-pradhana


     "Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said, `A first-class Vaishnava is he whose very presence makes others chant the holy name of Krishna.' "*


     (2) A cintamani jewel can give anything. To persons who have material desires the cintamani jewel of Krishna's name gives material piety, wealth, sense pleasures, and impersonal liberation. To persons who have no material desires the cintamani jewel of Krishna's name gives pure love for Lord Krishna.

     (3) Lord Krishna is known by means of His name, form, qualities, and activities. Lord Krishna is the supreme object of knowledge. His name, form, qualities, and pastimes are the four things that reveal him. Nothing can be said about any object of knowledge that is absent these four things. For example, the qualityless impersonal Brahman is devoid of these four things. That is why nothing can be said about it. Because He possesses these four things, the Supreme Personality of Godhead is different from the impersonal Brahman.

     (4) Please see in the fifth chapter of this book a garland of words describing this topic. In Lord Krishna all sixty four qualities are fully and splendidly present. In Lord Rama and the other avataras manifested from Lord Narayana, down to the amsa-avataras and vilasa-avataras, sixty qualities are manifested. In Lord Shiva and the demigods fifty-five qualities are manifested. In ordinary individual souls fifty qualities are seen in the form of droplets of a drop. Lord Krishna possesses four qualities even the other vishnu-tattva forms do nto possess. Therefore He is the best of all forms of the Lord.

     (5) Lord Krishna is the all-powerful conscious being. His name, form, qualities, and pastimes are not different from Him. The individual spirit soul is a tiny particle of consciousness. In his pure state his name, form, qualities, and activities are not different from him. However, when the individual spirit soul is imprisoned in the world of birth and death, and is given an external body made of gross and subtle matter, then the name, form, qualities, and activities of that material body are different from him. They are an imitation or a caricature of his original features. When, by Lord Krishna's mercy, the individual soul becomes liberated, he has a body where these features are not different from himself.

     (6) Everything in the material world is made of maya. It is dull and inert. By Lord Krishna's will some individual souls are imprisoned in the material world. They are the only spiritual entities in the material world. Assuming the form of His holy name, Lord Krishna has descended into the material world. The holy name is thus the second spiritual entity in the material world. Thus in the material world two kinds of spiritual entities are present: the individual spirit souls and Lord Krishna's holy name. The demigods headed by Brahma are all vibhinnamsha potencies of the Lord. Thus they are counted among the individual souls.

     (7) Lord Krishna's secondary names bring piety and impersonal liberation. Lord Krishna's primary names bring only pure love for Lord Krishna.

     (8) By namabhasa all sins are destroyed. When all sins and unwanted things (anarthas) are far away, the pure holy name (shuddha-nama) dances on the tongue. The pure holy name gives pure love for Lord Krishna (krishna-prema).

     (9) Separation of syllables is like this: In the word “hathikari" the first and last syllables produce the word "hari". Because the syllables "thika" intervene, the full benefit of the holy name is not attained. In the word "harama", however, there is no separation of this kind. Because all the parts of the holy name are together, the word "harama" brings liberation. Separation of identities is very bad. In truth the name Krishna and the person Krishna are not different from each other. If in their creative speculations the mayavadis say that the name Krishna is different from the Supreme Brahman, then they commit the offense of separation of identities. That offense destroys everything.

     (10) In giving charity and performing other pious deeds one must consider whether the time, place, and object are pure or impure. However, faith alone makes one qualified to chant the holy names of Lord Krishna. Nothing else need be considered.