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Chapter Ten

Shraddha-hina-jane Namopadesha

To Instruct a Faithless Person About the Glories of the Holy Name


ashraddadhane vimukhe 'py ashrinvati

     yash copadeshah shiva-namaparadhah


     "To Instruct a faithless person about the glories of the holy name."*


     1.Glory to Lord Chaitanya, to Lord Gadadhara, and to Lord Nityananda, the life of Jahnava-devi! Glory to Advaita, the husband of Sita! Glory to Shrivasa and all the devotees of the Lord!

     2. Folding his hands, Haridasa said, "Now please hear another offense to the holy name.


Firm Faith in the Holy Name Makes One Qualified to Hear the Glories of the Holy Name


     3. "Even nondevotees in whose hearts no faith in the holy name rises are not qualified to hear the glories of the holy name.

     4. "A person in whose heart faith in the holy name has taken birth is qualified to hear about the holy name. Faith is the only qualification for hearing the truth about the holy name.

     5. "Noble birth, good family, learning, strength, and a wealth of knowledge do not make one qualified to hear about the holy name.

     6. "Firm faith alone makes one qualified to hear the glories of the holy name. That is the opinion of the scriptures. That faith is described everywhere in the scriptures. (1)


To Give the Holy Name to Faithless Persons Is an Offense to the Holy Name


     7. "A saintly devotee will not give the holy name to a person in whom faith in the holy name has not taken birth. That is the right behavior for a Vaishnava.

     8. "If he gets the holy name of Lord Krishna, a faithless person will show disrespect. This all the scriptures say.

     9. "If one gives a jewel to a pig, the pig will only trample it in the dust. If one gives fine garments to a monkey, the monkey will only rip them to shreds and throw them away.

     10. "The faithless person will only perish from his offenses to the holy name, and the devotee who gives him the name will quickly become a nondevotee.


What is the Proper Response When a Faithless Person Requests the Holy Name?


     11. "A faithless person with dishonorable intentions may approach a Vaishnava and request from him Lord Krishna's holy name.

     12. "Understanding his dishonorable intentions, the saintly devotee will never give him Lord Krishna's holy name.

     13. "The saintly devotee will say, `O my brother, please renounce your dishonorable intentions. Throw far away your desire for fame. Have faith in the holy name. (2)

     14. " `He who has faith in the holy name easily attains the holy name. By the power of the holy name he escapes this world of birth and death.

     15. " `O my brother, for as many days as you have no faith in the holy name, you are not qualified to accept the holy name.

     16. " `Therefore please renounce the desire for fame. Be humble and hear the glories of the holy name from the mouths of the scriptures and the saints.

     17. " `When you have faith in the holy name a saintly spiritual master will give the holy name to you, O my brother. the holy name is a great treasure.'

     18. "If, out of greed for money, someone gives the holy name to a faithless person, by that offense the giver goes to hell. (3)


The Remedy For This Offense


     19. "If a devotee foolishly teaches a faithless person the glories of the holy name, he should be very afraid.

     20. "Speaking in an assembly of Vaishnavas, that saintly devotee should formally reject his wicked disciple.

     21. "If he does not, then that spiritual master, by the power of his offense, will lose his devotion to the Lord. Bewildered by maya, he will act badly."

     22. "Then the Lord gave an order to preach the glories of the holy name."


The Lord's Order in This Matter


     23. The Lord said, "To faithful persons you should teach the glories of the holy name. Fill every country with the glories of the holy name.

     24. "Louldy perform sankirtana. Faithfull preach. When they become faithful, the people will approach a bona fide spiritual master.

     25. "From the bona fide spiritual master the people will accept the holy name. Then they will easily attain the great treasure of pure love for Lord Krishna (krishna-prema-dhana).

     26. "Make the thieves, swindlers, prostitutes, and others attached to sin give up even the thought of sin. Give them a great treasure of faith.

     27. "When they become very faithful, then teach them about the holy name. In this way give the holy name to every country.


The Result of This Offense


     28. "If one does not follow this way of distributing the great treasure of spiritual love, and if one commits this offense, then he will fall into hell.

     29. "If he gives the holy name to a faithless disicple, the spiritual master commits this offense. The spiritual paster's ability to taste the nectar of devotional service is then blocked.

     30. "Because of this offense the spiritual master and the disciple both go to hell. This offense is very serious."


First One Should Instill Faith, Then One May Teach About the Holy Name


     31. O Lord Chaitanya, You were merciful to Jagai and Madhai. (4) You first made them faithful and then You gave them the gift of the holy name.

     32. O Lord, Your activities are all wonderful. Every person in the world should faithfully follow Your footsteps.

     33. A person whose pleasure is devotion to the devotees' feet decorates himself with the cintamani jewel of Lord Krishna's holy name.



Chapter Ten Footnotes by Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura


     (1) The holy name of Lord Krishna is a great treasure for the individual souls. A personj who takes shelter of Lord Krishna's holy name performs all pious deeds. In this way one should have faith in the holy name. A person who does not have this kind of faith in the holy name is not qualified to receive the holy name.

     (2) "The holy name removes all sins. Therefore, when I commit sins, I no longer need fear anything. I will always chant the holy name of Lord Krishna, everyone will call me a Vaishnava and offer dandavat obeisances to me. I will be free from having to work to maintain myself. By chanting the holy name I will destroy all my sins. The result of my chanting the holy name is that I will be very happy in this world of birth and death." A person who thinks in this way about his acceptance of the holy name has dishonorable intentions. He is a cheater.

     (3) When a faithless cheater approaches a spiritual mater to receive the holy name, and when the spiritual master knows the prospective disciple is unworthy, but out of greed for money or fame accepts him anyway and gives him the holy name, then the spiritual master is guilty of this offense to the holy name. However, in the beginning a spiritual master may think the prospective disciple is truly faithful and may thus give him the holy name. Later the spiritual master may learn that the disciple is in truth a faithless cheater. Then the spiritual master must adopt the remedy described in the following passage.

     (4) Born in a family of Mayapura brahmanas were two brothers named Jagadananda and Madhavananda. At that time they lived in Navadvipa-mandala. Seeing these two sinners, everyone called them by the nicknames "Jagai" and Madhai".