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During the Honoring of Spiritual Food

- Six Songs -


[The first song is to be sung before honoring the Lord’s prasad]

Song 1

Song 1



sharira avidya-jal,  jodendriya tahe kal,

jive phele vishaya-sagore

ta’ra madhye jihva ati,  lobhamoy sudurmati,

ta’ke jeta kathina samsare

1) O brothers! This material body is a network of ignorance, and the senses are one’s deadly enemies, for they throw the soul into the ocean of material sense enjoyment. Among the senses, the tongue is the most voracious and verily wicked; it is very difficult to conquer the tongue in this world.


krishna bado doyamoy,  koribare jihva jay,

swa-prasad-anna dilo bhai

sei annamrita pao,  radha-krishna-guna gao,

preme dako chaitanya-nitai

2) O brothers! Lord Krishna is very merciful—just to control the tongue He has given us the remnants of His own food! Now please eat these nectarean grains while singing the glories of Their Lordships Shri Shri Radha and Krishna, and in love call out “Chaitanya! Nitai!”

Song 2

[The next two songs are to be sung while honoring the Lord’s prasad]

Song 2



eka-dina shantipure,  prabhu adwaitera ghare,

dui prabhu bhojane bosilo

shak kori’ aswadana,  prabhu bole bhakta-gana,

ei shak krishna aswadilo

1) O brothers! One day at Shri Advaita’s house in shantipura, the two Lords—Chaitanya and Nityananda—were seated for lunch. Lord Chaitanya tasted the green leafy vegetable preparation and addressed the assembly of His devotees, “This shak is so delicious! Lord Krishna has definitely tasted it.


heno shak-aswadane,  krishna-prema aise mane,

sei preme koro aswadana

jada-buddhi parihari’,  prasad bhojana kori’,

`hari hari’ bolo sarva jan

2) “At the taste of shak like this, love of Krishna arises in the heart. In such love you should taste these remnants. Giving up all materialistic conceptions and taking the Lord’s prasad, all of you just chant `Hari! Hari!’” [for more details of this pastime, see Chaitanya Bhagavata, Antya 4.234-299]

Song 3

Song 3



shacir angane kabhu,  madhavendra-puri prabhu,

prasadanna korena bhojan

khaite khaite ta’ra,  ailo prema sudurbar,

bole, shuno sannyasira gan

1) O brothers! Madhavendra Puri Prabhu sometimes honored prasad in the courtyard of Mother Shaci. While eating and eating he would become overwhelmed by symptoms of ecstatic love of God. Once he addressed the renunciates who were accompanying him, “O assembled sannyasis! Just listen to this:


moca-ghanta phula-badi,  dali-dalna-caccadi,

shaci-mata korilo randhan

ta’ra shuddha bhakti heri’,  bhojana korilo hari,

sudha-sama e anna-byanjan

2) “Mother Shaci has cooked many varieties of prasad, such as semi-solid delicacies made with banana flower, a special dahl preparation, baskets of fruits, small square cakes made of lentils and cooked-down milk, among others. Seeing her pure devotion, Lord Krishna personally ate all these preparations, which are just like nectar.


yoge yogi pay jaha,  bhoge aj ha’be taha,

`hari’ boli’ khao sabe bhai

krishnaera prasad-anna,  tri-jagat kore dhanya,

tripurari nace jaha pai’

3) “O brothers! All the results that the mystic yogis obtain by the diligent practice of yoga will be obtained today by taking these remnants of the Lord. Everyone come and eat the prasad of Lord Hari and shout His holy name! The three worlds are made glorious by the presence of the foodgrains left by Lord Krishna. Even Lord Tripurari dances in great joy on obtaining that prasad.ii*”

Song 4

[This fourth song is to be sung while eating the Lord’s sweets]

Song 4



shri-chaitanya nityananda,  shrivasadi bhakta-vrinda,

gauridasa panditer ghare

luci, cini, khir, sar,  mithai, payass ara,

pitha-pana asvadan kore

1) O brothers! Lord Chaitanya, Lord Nityananda, and Their devotees headed by Shrivasa Thakura relish different varieties of prasad at the home of Gauridasa Pandita. They take puris made with white flour and sugar, khira, solid cream, sweets, sweet-rice, and a kind of cake and condensed-milk preparation.


mahaprabhu bhakta-gane,  parama-ananda-mane,

ajna dilo korite bhojan

krishnaera prasad-anna,  bhojane hoiya dhanya,

`krishna’ boli’ dake sarva-jan

2) Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, in great ecstasy, gave the order to all of His devotees to eat. Becoming very fortunate by taking the prasad of Lord Krishna, everyone chants aloud, “Krishna! Krishna!”

Song 5

[This fifth song is to be sung while honoring the Lord’s khicuri]

Song 5



eka-dina nilacale,  prasad-sevana-kale,

mahaprabhu shri-krishna-chaitanya

bolilen bhakta-gane,  khecaranna shuddha-mane,

seva kori’ hao aj dhanya

1) O brothers! One day in Jagannatha Puri, at the time of honoring the Lord’s prasad, Mahaprabhu Shri Krishna Chaitanya said to all the devotees, “May you become blessed on this day by honoring the khicuri of the Lord in a pure state of mind.


khecaranna pitha-pana,  apurva prasada nana,

jagannatha dilo toma sabe

akantha bhojana kori’,  bolo mukhe `hari hari’,

avidya-durita nahi robe

2) “Lord Jagannatha has given you varieties of extraordinary and wonderful prasad, such as khicuri and pitha-pana (a type of cake and condensed-milk preparation). Therefore, take all of this prasad until you are filled up to the neck, and with your voices chant `Hari! Hari!’ In such a transcendental atmosphere, ignorance and sin cannot remain.


jagannatha-prasadanna,  virinci-shambhura manya,

khaile prema hoibe udoy

emona durlabha dhana,  paiyacho sarva-jana,

jaya jaya jagannatha jay

3) “These prasad foodgrains of Lord Jagannatha are worshipable even by Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. Upon the eating of it, love of God arises within the heart. All of you have obtained such a rare treasure. All glories! All glories! All glories to Lord Jagannatha!”

Song 6

[This sixth song is to be sung while honoring the Lord’s bala-bhoga]

Song 6



rama-krishna gocarane,  jaibena dura vane,

eto cinti’ yashoda-rohini

khir, sar, chana, nani,  du’jane khaowano ani’,

vatsalye ananda mane gani’

1) O brothers! Mother Yashoda and Mother Rohini were thinking, “Today our two boys, Balarama and Krishna, will go to a distant forest to tend Their cows.” Contemplating thus in the ecstasy of parental affection, they prepared a wonderful feast for the two boys, consisting of khira, solid cream, curd, and fresh yellow butter.


vayasya rakhala-gane,  khay rama-krishna-sane,

nace gay ananda-antare

krishnaera prasada khay,  udara bhoriya jay,

`ara deo’ `ara deo’ kore

2) All the cowherd boyfriends take lunch with Balarama and Krishna while dancing and singing in ecstasy. They eat the remnants of Krishna’s meal until their bellies are full, and still exclaim, “Give us more! Give us more!”