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To hanker for happiness is the natural characteristic of the human being.  Happiness is the state of mental pleasure.  According to the samskara of the mind human beings are trying to obtain happiness in different ways.  For the sake of happiness one man is killing another man and again for the sake of happiness one man is helping another man.  For the sake of happiness, to conquer  a kingdom or to accumulate wealth people are engaging in fierce battle with one another.  Again for the sake of happiness people are giving up the desires for kingdom and wealth without any agitationand accepting the renounced order of life.  In other words they are trying to keep their life and soul together with the alms that they receive through begging and persue for their desired happiness. There are two kinds of happiness namely material happiness and spiritual happiness. Most of the man and women of this illusory material world are always trying only for material happiness.  Only a few people  endeavour for spiritual happiness . Those who have voluntered to undergo hardships inorder to achieve spiritual happines are actually following the path of  attaining eternal peace.  Among the later only some rare fortunate souls attain eternal peace.           Attachment for material happiness is the cause of all our meseries.  It is the duty of every living entity to act in such a way that this attachment may not develop .  The amount of success one achieves in this endeavour, will determine the amount of lementations and miseries that he wll be freed from. In this world the more a person will contemplate in his mind the activities of the supreme lord , the more he will clearly realise the temporary nature of material hapiness and distress.  Such contemplation on the lords activities within ones heart will gradually and firmly help him realise the temporary nature of happiness and distress.  Then a living entity progress towards eternal piece living aside the lamentation and miseries.  There is no other alternatives besides this to achieve peace.  Those who wish to see this fact clearly manifested in a human life should  read the life of Devadas in this book.